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🤖 | TV anime "Ya Boy Kongming!", 3D Virtual Eiko released a video "I tried to dance perfectly!"


TV anime "Ya Boy Kongming!", 3D Virtual Eiko released a video "I tried to dance perfectly!"

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In addition, the official TikTok account (@paripikoumei_) for the TV anime "Ya Boy Kongming!" Has been opened.

From the TV anime "Paripi Komei" currently being broadcast, Komei and Eiko dance in the opening video "Chiki Chiki Bang Bang" ... → Continue reading

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    Official TikTok account (@paripikoumei)

    Paris pi mei

    "Paris pi mei』(Paripi Komei) is based on: Yuto Yotsuba, drawing:Ryo OgawabyComicthe work. 『Comic days』(Kodansha), serialized from December 2019, 12 to November 31, 2021.After that, the company's weekly magazine "Weekly Young Magazine』Transferred to, serialized from the 2021nd issue of 52[1].


    Battle of GojoharaDied of illnessZhuge LiangIs in his youthHalloweenModern Japan in the midst ofTokyoShibuyaTransferred to, and the fledgling that I met thereSinger-songwriter-Eiko TsukimiMake your dreams come trueMilitary officerA story that depicts an active figure.The title "Paripi" is "Paripi".Party peopleIs derived from the abbreviated and slangized word in Japan[2].

    TV commercial when Volume 1 is released[3], Commemorative PV with voice when Volume 2 is released[4], And the digital voice comic of the first episode has been released[5].

    In 2020,Next Manga Award 2020Received the "U-NEXT Award", which is equivalent to the special award.[6].

    As of June 2022, the cumulative number of books has exceeded 6 million.[7].

    TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2022[1].



    The voice section is the TV anime version unless otherwise specified.Voice actor.

    BB lounge

    Zhuge Liang(Character Komei)[8](Shokatsu Ryo)
    Voice- Ryutaro Okiayu[1] / Junichi Suwabe(PV / Voice comic)[4] / Katsuyuki Konishi(Three Kingdoms War)
    One of the main characters of this work[9].Three KingdomsEra,Lizard OfPrime MinisterZhuge Liang Komei who served as the person.
    WuzhangyuanAt this time, he should have died of illness hoping to live in a world where there is no war or life exchange in the next world, but he reincarnated in Shibuya, a modern Japan in the midst of Halloween, in his youthful appearance. It ends up.He witnessed the strange clothes of young people enjoying Halloween and at the club.tequilaAt first, because I was forced to drinkhellI misunderstood that it had fallen to.
    Protected by Eiko Tsukimi who I met there, on Eiko's smartphoneウ ィ キBy seeing the section of Zhuge Liang in ("Wikimedia" in the anime), he realizes that he has reincarnated in the world 1800 years later.However, as soon as he adapted to modern society, he was impressed by Eiko's song in his second life, and as a warrior (essentially a manager), he realized his dream and could do it in his previous life. My purpose is to "create the world of Taihei"[10]Start the activity as.
    usuallyGameIt looks like a feather fan in the Hanfu of the Three Kingdoms era drawn in the above, and it is sometimes mistaken for cosplay, so it is very floating in modern Japan, but the person himself is completely concerned. do not have.Also, from his appearance and name, those who know Kobayashi and other Sangokushi are considered to be "people who have become Zhuge Liang."By the way, his Hanfu is sometimes washed in a laundromat, and during the laundry he is wearing a jersey by the laundry.
    Eiko Tsukimi(Eiko Tsukimi)
    Voice- Kaede Hondo[1],XNUM X cat(singing)[11] / Akira Kitou(PV / Voice comic)[4]
    One of the main characters of this work[12]..A woman who aims to become a singer / songwriter as a singer / EIKO.
    京都BB run by Kobayashi, who was born and divorced from his parents and was raised by his mother and grandmother.LoungeAn American diva who was a guest performer atMaria DieselAiming for a dream of regaining hope through the song and impressing people as a singer.Although she is certain of her ability as a singer, she was not well known and self-negative when she met Zhuge Liang, and although she was half giving up on her dream, she was boosted by Zhuge Liang. She inspires and grows gradually.
    He is ignorant of the Three Kingdoms and knows little about Zhuge Liang as a historical figure.He is also ignorant of old words such as "military master" and "folk grass".He doesn't really believe in the current story of Zhuge Liang's reincarnation, but he becomes more confident in his managerial skills.
    KABE Taijin
    Voice- Shoya Chiba[11]
    His real name is Taito Kawabe.MC battleA young man with the nickname of an invincible freestyler who won the championship DRM for the third consecutive year.Rapper..He has the talent to instantly rhyme and turn the words that passersby sing into rap.He is vulnerable to pressure and is acute in MC battlesStomach ulcerを患って倒れて以来、ラップから身を引いて燻っている。BBラウンジで聴いた英子の歌声と孔明とのMCバトルで熱い心を取り戻しラッパーとして再起、仲間とのCypherも楽しむようになる[13].
    BB loungeDJ..An old friend of Red Hare Kung Fu.
    Voice- Jun Fukushima[11]
    Owner of the BB lounge.He is a strong person, but he is an extreme nerd of the Three Kingdoms.GoTo taste.During the question and answer session at the interview, he hit it off with Zhuge Liang and hired him as a floor staff member.She also supports Eiko's singer activities, helping her get tickets and set up sets.
    Eiko's fan No. 1
    Voice- Natsuki Hanae
    One of the staff hired by Komei in the shadow.A person wearing glasses who is capable of editing images, collecting information, and working on the Internet, using Eiko's photographs as rewards for Komei's limbs.In the credit of the 1th episode of the animeSpyIt was.


    Mia Iriomote (Mia Iriomote)
    Voice- Yuu Kobayashi
    InstagramA popular female singer with over 10 followers. She is 26 years old.She is a singer with a certain ability that Zhuge Liang admits. When she appeared as the main at the Z2O event, she accompanied Eiko to Zhuge Liang, who visited for information inspection.Reliable horseWeekend event where you will appearLRNSame on stagetimetableSet and perform at.However, due to Komei's plan, he was used as a stepping stone for Eiko, and he felt a resentment toward Eiko.[15].
    A group of three who lived at the Yoyogi Art Festival at a booth diagonally opposite with the same time schedule as Eiko.Indie band..Growth stock on the verge of major debut.During the live, a guest was taken by Eiko's booth, who was pretending to be in trouble with the equipment, and he came to ask a question about Komei's method, but at the end he was offered anti-van revenge and medicine to Eiko and Komei's words. I thanked him and went away.
    Voice- Kenji Akabane
    Guitarist and vocalist.A person who is a little nervous and planned in the appearance of Zhuge Liang, who wears a slender, black costume and a scarf around his neck.He has a problem with his throat and is a popular song in the band until he gets warm and his throat opens."MID DAY"Can't sing.
    Voice- Shogo Sakata
    drum.A person with two-block hair and a slightly quarreling personality with hanging eyes. He visits Komei with three people, but he is a straightforward person who likes him because he was provided with a medicine that works for RYO's throat.
    Voice- Kaneko Makoto
    keyboard.On the drooping eyebrows鬚A dark and refreshing person.He is a moderate person who likes MASA who is angry and asks to hit Komei, and who first eats the decoction offered by Komei.
    Red Hare Kung Fu (Sekitoba Kung Fu)
    Voice- Kimura Subaru
    A young charismatic rapper from the street who was undefeated in the MC battle until the appearance of the KABE Tadashi. He was also a longing person for KABE,Red rabbitKung Fu himself is dissatisfied with the fact that KABE, who has attached soil to himself, is smoldering, and is eager to play in the MC battle again.He's a bad guy, so he speaks quickly, but he's quick.He rematched with the resurrected KABE in an MC battle and admitted his defeat on the spot.
    In fact, he is a highly educated person, and in the battle between Zhuge Liang and KABE, he explained to Eiko the meaning of the Chinese poetry that Zhuge Liang had created.As a result, Eiko was initially recognized as a "commentary person."
    Also, for unknown reasons, he works at the seaside park in the early morning to pick up trash and take care of drunk people.He says, "I'm just paying for the old days."
    A trio of women popular with the younger generationGirl band..Large summer festivalSummer SoniaBet on the appearance of10 likes planningOne of the rival groups of.Major office"KEY TIME"The most vigilant opponent among the rivals of the 10 like project, which is said to belong to Zhuge Liang.
    Nanami Kuon
    Voice- Hibiki Yamamura[11], Lezel (singing)[16]
    AZALEAbassistCum vocal.She meets Eiko when she is in a slump because she is having trouble making an original song, and she hits it off. Through a live performance on the street, she created an opportunity for Eiko to recover.In addition, Nanami himself confided her identity, and Eiko knew that it was a hostile relationship as her group, but even after her confession, she is a good rival and best friend who recognizes each other. Relationship continues.
    A group was formed as a feature of the high school 1 cultural festival, and after graduating, he went to Tokyo with the members aiming to become a professional, and while working part-time, he enjoyed band activities, but he was having a hard time selling as expected.While meeting Karasawa who came to the scout for the first time, "We want to sing freely", but the days of buying unsold tickets on his own continue, he can not bear the financial and mental burden of the members, he follows Karasawa with a bitter decision is what happened. After joining KEYTIME, he established himself as a popular idol under the guidance of Karasawa.However, she suffered from a style that attracted the audience with her ideal hard rock-based music, such as her highly exposed costume and the line that prioritized stage performance over music.After that, she was strongly stimulated by a live battle with Eiko and decided to return to her origin.The mask was removed, and Karasawa's songs were fused with the band-based ideal style to restart as a new AZALEA.
    Voice- Shizuka Ishigami
    AZALEAギ タ リ ス トresponsible person.Very short and boyish.The mood maker of the group.He was, like Nanami, opposed to accepting Karasawa's instructions because he was delighted to sing happily.However, he decided to accept Nanami's proposal because the vacant seats were conspicuous the next day and his life became difficult even if he worked part-time.However, he realized that Nanami was suffering from the gap between ideal and reality.He is fascinated by Eiko's songs and regains the desire that "we still want to do a band".
    Voice- Narumi Kaho
    AZALEAdrummerIn chargefrecklesIs characteristic.Group godfather.The flower language is "Joy of youthI came up with the name AZALEA because it has the meaning.He was confused by the changing group at Karasawa's direction, but accepted according to Nanami.As with Ichika, she noticed that Nanami was squeezed into the gap between ideal and reality.After the battle with Eiko, she was delighted to be able to walk again with Isatsu and Nanami as the original band.
    One of the rival groups of 10 likes.Zhuge LiangClub musicTheJPOPA popular duo with songs that have been dropped into.
    Salesio Empire
    One of the rival groups of 10 likes.Zhuge Liangrock band.
    Steve Kid
    Voice- Daichi Endo
    The strongest handsome DJ in the world who has also performed in Summer Sonia.He is Japanese. He is in charge of recording a new song made by Eiko for the 10 like project.Although he takes a laid-back attitude, his ability is high, and normally a reward of about 1000 million yen is required to request a job, but depending on whether Komei and Kido can make a song that they are satisfied with, the reward will be free or Komei will I'm betting on whether I'll be a warrior of Kido.Maria Diesel's song for Eiko"I'm still alive today"Let them sing and try to motivate Kido himself.MenmaHe likes pudding and has a taste for strange foods by sticking innumerable menma into pudding.Because of that, Eiko said, "PringejiiIt is also registered in the phone book of the smartphone by that name.
    Maria Diesel
    American diva.Her singing voice when she once appeared as a special guest in the BB Lounge saved her Eiko and inspired her to become a singer-songwriter.She likes sake (daiginjo).
    Wakatsuki three brothers and sisters
    The children of Kozo Wakatsuki, a world-famous composer who was asked by Komei to compose a new song by Eiko.Each is a brother-sister jazz unit with a genius talent, but the brothers and sisters have a bad relationship and regain the family ties by Zhuge Liang's plan.
    Takumi Wakatsuki
    The eldest son of three brothers and sisters.He is a brain sect who can do anything.It has been praised by Kozo as a clever song that incorporates trendy sounds and does not miss the point, and Komei also praises the song that perfectly combines the raw and electronic sounds of water and oil.
    Wakatsuki Toka
    The eldest daughter of three brothers and sisters.She is a pianist who excels in skill.She is described by her father, Kozo, as a versatile player who can understand what her opponent wants to do and change accordingly.She was jealous of Michiru's praise for her, while she appreciated Michiru's talent.
    Michiru Wakatsuki (Michiru Wakatsuki)
    The second daughter of three brothers and sisters.She is a saxophone player with genius skin.Because of her self-paced personality, she plays with originality that no one can catch up with.
    Kozo Wakatsuki
    The father of the three Wakatsuki brothers and a world-famous composer.He was worried about the children's misunderstandings and was trying to bring them together under the condition of giving up his property.In the end, the operation was successful and he succeeded in repairing his brotherhood, but he was ashamed of himself and tried to leave in front of the children because he could not guide his children and ended up losing money.

    Industry people

    Takeshi Kondo
    Voice- Yoshitsuka Otsuka
    A big producer who handles many large music festivals in Japan and overseas, including Yoyogi festival.First appearanceYoyogi Art FestivalI liked Eiko who got the result at the unpopular booth at the booth, and the business card of the person in charge of the same scale (about 1 people mobilized) as the Yoyogi Art Festival to be held in Fukuoka as the next participation order and the largest summer festival in Japan beSummer SoniaBusiness card of the person in charge of booking (mobilization scale of 30 people)[17]Was presented instead of the participation ticket.It looks pure whitebeardAnd a strong gentleman-like appearance with sunglasses on all hair.At first, he made him speak for his secretary with a stuffy feeling, and when Eiko chose Summer Sonia, he spoke in English and mixed with slang, but he can speak Japanese normally.
    Kondo's secretary
    Voice- Rina Sato
    ChignonA woman with a characteristic hairstyle, glasses, and high stature.She spoke for Kondo until Eiko got the ticket.
    Voice- Mitsuaki Sanden
    Producer of a major music agency, KEY TIME.He criticized AZALEA, who had been vacant at live concerts until then, saying, "Please quit the band." She declares, "If you follow me, I'll make you big," and offers her own songs that are strong in the members with racy costumes and choreography for sale.Furthermore, he prioritized performances such as dance rather than as a band.With that, it grows into a popular group that attracts many fans.
    Guidance to the idols in charge is strict and high-pressure, but there is a strong desire for idols to succeed rather than their own prosperity due to past failure experiences, and basically a person with a passionate heart.On the other hand, she has a cruel part that tries to make money talk more than the band, regardless of the means for success. In the battle over the 10-like project, Komei's strategy, which exploited the weaknesses of the player's mental consideration, and Eiko's song, which appealed to the heart, struck the leg.
    In the end, the 10-like project was defeated by Zhuge Liang's plan and lost to Eiko and his friends.Still, another Komei's plan was addicted and succeeded in gathering fans who wanted to see AZALEA as the original band.With the appeal of Nanami and others, he promised to make it big as an original band that does not rely on costumes and performances.
    In the anime version, it is clear that he once belonged to a visual kei band.

    More informations

    Shoko Tsukimi
    Eiko's mother who lives in Kyoto and is a teacher at a cram school.After her divorce from her husband, she strongly opposed Eiko to pursue her singer's dream.
    Takaka Oizumi(Kyoka Izumi)
    Appeared in the bonus manga "Zhuge Liang's Room Exploration" at the end of Volumes 1 and 2.An employee of GOGO Home, a rental shop visited by Eiko and Komei, to find a room where Komei lives, which has no place to live and is rented to Lounge BB.He introduces various properties, but is rejected before the repeated requests of Zhuge Liang.He always keeps his smile on his face, but in the second episode of the manga "Koumei, Introspection.", He was so angry at Komei's excessive request that he destroyed the 蜀 in the video game three times a night.
    Soba Ogasawara(Kyoko Ogasawara)
    He lives with Takaka Oizumi and works for a travel agency.Takaka inadvertently slipped her mouth, causing Zhuge Liang to stay in a cheap luxury hotel suite.Private and cartoonDoujinshiAfter meeting Zhuge Liang, he was so indignant at him that he wasZhuge LiangI write a douujin manga called.
    Voice- Yukihiro Nozuyama
    KABE Tadashi's classmate when he was a student.An obese person who is the same as me in class for KABEShadowの底辺と思われていた。その実、ラップを嗜んでおり街の高架下で仲間たちとサイファーをしていた。赤兎馬カンフーのCDをKABEに聴かせたことで、KABEをラップの世界に誘った友人でもある。

    People and terms of the Three Kingdoms

    Person of the Three Kingdoms

    Characters and anecdotes and terms appearing in the Three Kingdoms are used to explain and develop the story at key points.[18].

    Liu Bei Gentoku
    Voice- Namikawa Daisuke
    Former lord.It was drawn in Komei's recollection, but in episode 6, it appears in front of Komei like a phantom for a moment, suggesting the way to go.
    Guan Yu Unchou
    Appeared in Zhuge Liang's recollections, illusions seen in episode 6, and explanations in episode 8.He was the main character in the novel "'Kuan Yu @ 5km''', which was written as a bonus by the original author, Yuto Yotsuba, at the end of volumes 7 and 9-50000 of the book.Easter islandSouth AmericaチリAnd his figure traveling around the world is depicted.
    Zhang Fei Tsubasa
    Zhuge Liang's recollection, the illusion seen in episode 6, in episode 2BPMAppeared when explaining.
    Zhao Yun Child Dragon
    Zhou Yu
    Appeared in the anecdote of episode 24 "Kusafune Borrowing".
    Lu Xun
    Voice- Hayato Kaneko
    Appeared in the explanation of Ishihei Hachijin in episode 3.
    Cao Cao Mengde
    Appeared in the explanation of the total of counterfeit assassination in episode 50 "Counterfeit assassination".
    Zhang Liao Wenyuan
    Appeared with Guan Yu in the explanation of the rival of episode 8.
    Zhang Xiu
    Appeared in the explanation of the total of counterfeit assassination in episode 50 "Counterfeit assassination".
    Jia Xu Bunwa
    Appeared in the explanation of the total of the murderous slaughter in episode 51.

    the term 

    Strange gate
    In episode 1, Zhuge Liang noticed that he had reincarnated in Shibuya instead of hell.His reincarnation technique was not mentioned.
    Stone soldier eight team
    The measure used by Zhuge Liang to attract customers in episode 4.

    Bibliographic information

    Television Animation

    From January to March 2022TOKYO MXWas broadcast elsewhere[11]..Serve as a producerPAWORKSFor, it will be the first animation work of the original manga[1].Yasuyuki MasutaniIs in charge of narration.

    It depicts the process from the reincarnation of Komei, who died of illness in Gojohara, to Shibuya until the conclusion of the "10 Likes Project".The animation production period of this work is one year and several months.Episode 1 The fastest delivery 1 months before the end of 3, the production of all episodes was completed and delivered.[28]..Also, as "Eiko and Nanami's best friend sang a real J-POP hit song! Planning", the cover song video will be released from May 2th of the same year.[29]..Each singing cast is in charge of singing. On the 26th, "Cherry(Eiko) "and"survival dAnce ~no no cry more~(Nanaumi) ”, but on the 27th,“real Emotion(Eiko) "and"DEPARTURES(Nanaumi) ”was delivered.

    ス タ ッ フ

    Theme song/Insert song

    Theme song

    "Chiki Chiki Bang Bang'[31]
    lol OfhibikiAnd moca,FAKY OfAkinaとTaki,GENIC OfMaria KaneyaThe opening theme by the unit "QUEENDOM" consisting of.HungaryIt will be a Japanese cover of the song "Bulikirály" by the singer JOLLY.Composed by Tarcsi Zoltan, arranged by MOR (Eurobeat Union), Japanese lyricsRUCCA.
    "Feeling good ↑↑'[11]
    mihimaru GTThe ending theme that will be the cover of the song of the same name.The lyrics arehiroko(Lyrics),mitsuyuki miyake, Composed by mitsuyuki miyake, Hibino Genki, Shifo, ArrangedGenki Hikoda.
    The song is EIKO Starring XNUM X cat, Zhuge Liang (Ryutaro Okiayu), KABE Tajin (Shoya Chiba), Nanami Kuon starring Lezel. KABE Tajin will participate in the singing from the 5th episode, and Kuon Nanami will participate in the singing from the 7th episode.
    EIKO Starring 96 Episode 4 ending theme by cat.The lyrics areBOUNCEBACK, Composition and arrangementats-..Until the song title is decided in episode 10, "Roppongi Udon restaurant (provisional)"was.

    Song in the play

    "I'm still alive today acoustic ver."
    EIKO Starring 96 A song by a cat.The lyrics areKenn Kato, Composed by Katsumi Onishi, Arranged byHirofumi Hibino.
    "Be Crazy For Me"
    EIKO Starring 96 A song by a cat.The lyrics are Kenn Kato, the composition is Katsumi Onishi, and the arrangement is Hirofumi Hibino.
    "Shooting Star"
    EIKO Starring 96 A song by a cat.The lyrics areleonn, Composed by BOUNCEBACK, arranged by Hirofumi Hibino.
    "Make it real"
    MIA (Yuu Kobayashi) Music.The lyrics are Kenn Kato, and the composition and arrangement are ats-.
    "Find the way"
    EIKO Starring 96 A song by a cat.Written by Rena Komatsu and composed by Lena KomatsuKunio Tago, Arranged by Hironori Yoneda.
    "I'm still alive today Nanami ver."
    A song by Nanami Kuon Starring Lezel.The lyrics are by Kenn Kato, and the composition and arrangement are by Hidetoshi Iwata and Daisuke Nagano.
    "I'm still alive today EIKO & Nanami ver."
    EIKO Starring 96 A song by Neko and Nanami Kuon Starring Lezel.The lyrics are by Kenn Kato, and the composition and arrangement are by Hidetoshi Iwata and Daisuke Nagano.
    EIKO Starring 96 A song by a cat.The lyrics are BOUNCEBACK, and the composition and arrangement are ats-.
    The official title of "Roppongi Udonya (tentative)".
    EIKO Starring 96 A song by a cat.The lyrics are kenko-p, and the composition / arrangement is ats-.
    A song by AZALEA (Kuon Nanami Starring Lezel).The lyrics are kenko-p, and the composition / arrangement is ats-.
    "Chaco Pate"
    A song by AZALEA (Kuon Nanami Starring Lezel).The lyrics are leonn, and the composition and arrangement is Hirofumi Hibino.

    List of stories

    Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorFirst broadcast date
    #01Komei descends to ShibuyaYoko YonaiyamaOsamu HommaOsamu Homma
    • Yuji Miyashita
    • Sachi Ito
    • Toshiaki Yamamura
    #02Komei, use a strategyMotoki Nakanishi
    • Yuu Ogasawara
    • Jang Sang-mi
    • Yoom Seung-hyum
    • Ham Kyung-mi
    • Ho Sung Jin
    • Lee Jong Man
    #03Komei knows the way to goTemple West SouthOikawa KeiYasuo Fujii
    • Asuka Kojima
    • Miyuki Hanawa
    • Kim gi-nam
    #04Komei, illuminating the roadYoko YonaiyamaMasayoshi NishidaBoard
    • Akira Takahashi
    • Miyuki Hanawa
    • Tatesaki University
    • Kaori Saito
    • Mamoru Kurata
    • Jang Sang-mi
    • Yoon Seung-hyun
    • Ham Kyungmi
    #05Komei, stepping on the rhymeHideaki ShirasakaKenichi ImaizumiYuki Morita
    • Sachi Ito
    • Shunsuke Igarashi
    #06Zhuge Liang's FreestyleOsamu HommaAya Kobayashi
    • Yusuke Inoue
    • Toshiaki Yamamura
    • Maki Fukui
    • Akira Takahashi
    • Ho Sung Jin
    #07Taihei Tenka's total vol.1Temple West SouthMasayoshi NishidaAkira Takahashi
    • Asuka Kojima
    • Sachi Ito
    • Yuu Ogasawara
    • Asumi Kato
    • Miyako Kamiya
    • Hwang Mi-jeong
    • Hong In-su
    • Park yeong-hee
    • Bae geun-young
    #08Find yourselfYoshiyuki AsaiYasuo Fujii
    • Asuka Kojima
    • Yuji Miyashita
    • Miyuki Hanawa
    • Park Aeri
    • Song Jin-hui
    #09For tamperingHideaki ShirasakaNorihiro NaganumaShigenori Awai
    • Aya Tanaka
    • Miyuki Nakayama
    • Toshiaki Yamamura
    • Lee Sang Jim
    • Yoshi Sato
    #10DREAMERYoko YonaiyamaMasayoshi NishidaTakuma Suzuki
    • Kazuko Amano
    • Akira Takahashi
    • Yoshi Sato
    • Park Ae-Lee
    • Song Jin-Hee
    • Hong Yu-Mi
    • Lee Jong Man
    #11Grass Boat Borrowed ArrowCongAkira Takamura
    • Yusuke Inoue
    • Toshiaki Yamamura
    • Hiroaki Kawaguchi
    • Yuu Ogasawara
    • Lee Sang Jin
    #12Eiko's songOsamu Homma
    • Asuka Kojima
    • Kazuko Amano
    • Yuji Miyashita
    • Sachi Ito
    • Yoshi Sato
    • Lee Sang Jin


    Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[32]
    Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [33] Remarks
    May 2022-June 4, 5 Tuesday 23:00-23:30 TOKYO MX Tokyo
    May 2022-June 4, 6 Wednesday 0:00-0:30 (Tuesday midnight) BS Nippon Television All over Japan BS/BS 4K broadcast /Anime nimuchu"frame
    Wednesday 2:30-3:00 (Tuesday midnight) Every day broadcasting Kinki wide area Production participation /Anime Special Zone] Part 1
    May 2022-June 4, 7 Thursday 21:30-22:00 AT-X All over Japan CS broadcasting / Subtitled broadcasting[34] / With repeat broadcast
    May 2022-June 4, 9 Saturday 1:55-2:25 (Friday midnight) Tulip TV Toyama
    October 2022, 7-Wednesday 1:00-1:30 (Tuesday midnight)Tohoku BroadcastingMiyagi"Sleeping anime "frame
    Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[32]
    Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
    2022/3/31 Thursday 23:00-23:30 ABEMA
    2022/4/7 Thursday 23:00 update
    2022/4/10 Sunday 23:00 update
    Sunday 23:00-23:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
    Updated after 23:00 on Sunday Disney +
    2022/4/11 Updated Monday 0:00 (midnight Sunday)
    Monday 10:00 update DMM.com
    Monday 12:00 update HAPPY! video


    rollRelease date[35]Recording storyStandard product number
    First total2022/6/29Episode 1-Episode 4EYXA-13727
    Second totalScheduled for December 2022, 7Episode 5-Episode 8EYXA-13728
    Third totalScheduled for December 2022, 8Episode 9-Episode 12EYXA-13730


    Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14
    Koei Tecmo Games OfThree KingdomsWas the subjectSimulation games..Zhuge Liang of this work as a privilege collaboration military commanderDLCDelivered by[36]..Character performance and compatibility are slightly different from conventional Zhuge Liang.
    Three Kingdoms War
    The theme of the Three KingdomsSega Ofarcade game..Ogawa is participating as an illustrator, and Zhuge Liang, modeled after Komei of this work, will appear on March 2021, 3.The voice isKatsuyuki KonishiIs in charge.


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