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🤖 | Netflix domestic ranking, animation "Pow Patrol The Movie" is popular!Movie version "Ghost in the Shell ...


Netflix domestic ranking, animation "Pow Patrol The Movie" is popular!Movie version "Ghost in the Shell ...

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"Anna Rasmanara-Magic Rhythm-", which first appeared in 7th place this week, is the latest drama directed by "Itaewon Class" starring popular cast members such as Ji Chang Wook and Choi Sung Eun.

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Itaewon class

"Itaewon class(Itaewon class, original title:이 태원 클라쓰) Is a Korean cable TV stationJTBCBroadcast from January 2020, 1 to March 31, 3TV drama..A fierce battleground for restaurants in SeoulItaewonSet in (Itaewon), it depicts young people struggling with their peers to succeed in the food and beverage industry.[1].Park Seo Junstarring[2].


The original was serialized from December 2016, 12 to 27(Korean versionBy the same name in KoreaWeb cartoon[3].

The final episode had a viewer rating of 16.5%, the third highest in JTBC history and the seventh highest in cable TV history in Korea (as of 3).[4].

Video on demand serviceNetflixHas been distributed to the world including Japan as a Netflix original work since March 2020.[5].

Original web comics translated in JapanLocalizationEdition "RoppongiClass-a story of a one-shot reversal that pierces the belief- "PiccomaPublished in[Note 1].

And then, the translated manga "Roppongi classIs made into a TV drama based on.TV Asahi OfThursday dramaIn the frameRyoma TakeuchiScheduled to be broadcast in the July 2022 period, starring.


Park Sae-ro-joon, a third-year high school student who moved to the countryside, where his father, who works for the largest restaurant company in Japan, Chang-ga Group, is called "God" at Gwang-jin High School. Meet Jang Geun Won (Ahn Bo Hyun), the boss of the Nagaya group.Seroi, who has a strong sense of justice, couldn't stand Gunwon's unmanned words and deeds, so he hit him and dropped out.His father ends up leaving the company he worked for for 3 years.In addition, Seroi, who lost his father in a car accident caused by Gunwon, violently attacks Gunwon and goes to jail.Seven years later, Seroi decided to defeat the Nagaya group and opened a small tavern called "Tambam" in Itaewon, aiming for a comeback with his friends.


main character

Park Seroy (Park Seoji)
Performance- Park Seo Jun, Japanese dubbing- Takahiro Sakurai[6]
The main character of this work.He is the founder and president of the izakaya "Tambam" (sweet night).He later became CEO of ic Co., Ltd.At first, he was a lone wolf with few friends, but he is a noble young man with a firm belief and justice.He is therefore often in trouble, and this personality causes him to be in trouble many times.He is a fairly stubborn person, and although he sometimes speaks and acts in conflict with the profits of business, he eventually sticks to his beliefs and overcomes numerous obstacles.He is basically a good man, but there are many similarities to Chairman Chan, such as the occasional violent side showing his face and forcing things to become strangely dry.He is not aggressive towards women and has never kissed.He has been fond of Sua since high school and often expresses it in words and attitudes.Only among the characters, the hairstyle does not change from the beginning to the end.
Cho Iso (Zhao Rui)
Performance- Kim Dami, Japanese dubbing- Sara Matsumoto[6]
Popular with over 70 followersBloggerAnd unmannedSociopath.IQ162.He quit college and started working in Tambam.She always keeps her eating attitude and has a habit of incitement and fraud, and she has a habit of getting smoked in conversations that are hard to grasp her true intentions.His self-centered behavior often bothers Seroi and his friends, but he has a genius brain and a young, brilliant and reliable observation eye.MarketingThe ability is bought and it is appointed as the manager of Tambam.Later, he became the managing director of ic Co., Ltd.The full-scale appearance starts from three episodes, but the story begins when she is receiving counseling.
Jang Dae Hee
Performance- (Korean version, Japanese dubbing- Kazumasa Takemoto
Archenemy's nemesis.Founder and chairman of the Changa Group.Gunwon and Guns' father.Born as the eldest son in a turbulent era, his poverty causes his brothers to starve to death.He vows not to starve his family again, starting Changa from a food stall and raising him to the top of the Korean food service industry.His outstanding management sense is just ruthless, and his profitable scandals are forcibly rubbed off even with illegal hands.In addition, the target prey will not escape and will be beaten so thoroughly that it cannot be revived by the opponent who has decided to crush it once.The outer road swallowed by the authority that has kept wealth, status, and honor as desired by its powerful management power.He has a strong stubborn aspect, such as prioritizing pride over rationality and sticking to "first", and there are many parts similar to Seroi.According to Sunle, there is a line that says he had a time when he was young and loved.
Oh Sua
Performance- Kwon Nara / childhood - (Korean version, Kim Ji Young, Japanese dubbing- Yukiyo Fujii[6]
Seroi and Hirotsu High School's classmate and first love partner.She was abandoned by her parents in her childhood and supported by her eldest family groupOrphanage・ Grow up in Kenari Garden.Park, who was in charge of support (Father of Seroi), had a close relationship with his parents.He is the head of the planning team of the Nagaya group.
Jang Gunsu (Hide Zhang)
Performance- Kim Dong Hee, Japanese dubbing- Mutsuki Iwanaka[7]
Dehi's son (second son) and Gunwon's half-brother.Dehi's classmate.Tambam staff.
Jang Keun Won (Zhang Nehara)
Performance- Ahn Bo Hyun, Japanese dubbing- Hiroaki Okuda
Dehi's son (eldest son) and Guns' half-brother.He is a classmate of Seroi and Hirotsu High School.Perpetrators of school violence and hit-and-run accidents.Managing Director of Nagaya Group.
Kang Myung Jung
Performance- (Korean version, Japanese dubbing- Rie Ishizuka
He is the managing director (senior managing director) of the Nagaya Group and a major shareholder.Seroi's partner.
Choi Seung Kwon (Cui Ascension)
Performance- Ryu Kyung Soo, Japanese dubbing- Masayuki Akasaka[8]
Tambam hall staff. I am from a gang. Synchro of Cerroy. General Manager of ic Co., Ltd.
Ma Hyoni
Performance- Lee Joo Young, Japanese dubbing- Akari Kikunaga[9]
Tambam chef.Transgender.. Ic employee.
Kim Tony
Performance- (Korean version, Japanese dubbing- Murai Yuji[10]
A part-time job at Tambam.(I.e.I'm from Sunre's grandson.
Park Sung-yeol
Performance- (Korean version(Special appearance), Japanese dubbing- Satoshi Shimada[11]
Seroi's father.Former director of the Nagaya group.
Lee Ho Jin
Performance- (Korean version, Japanese dubbing- Yu Miyazaki[12]
Hirotsu High School student to which Celloy transferred. Victim of school violence. Fund manager. Cello's business partner.
Oh Byung Hun
Performance- (Korean version
Former detective.Animal husbandryThe president of. Haewon's father.

People around

Cho Jung Min
Performance- Kim Yo Jin(Special appearance), Japanese dubbing- Fumiko Takekuma[13]
Iso's mother.
Kim sun lee
Performance- (Korean version
Tony's grandmother.She is a real estate tycoon who has a good face at Itaewon.
Kim Hyung
Performance- (Korean version(Special appearance)
The boss of the organization to which Sung Kwon belongs. Synchro of Cerroy.
Oh Hye Won
Performance- (Korean version
Byung Hun's daughter. Middle school students.
Performance- (Korean versionJapanese dubbing- Yasuhiro Kikuchi[14]
Chairman's secretary of the Nagaya group.
Kim Sung Ae
Performance- (Korean version
Chairman's secretary of the Nagaya group.
Fan San Ho
Performance- (Korean version
Headmaster of Hirotsu High School.
Celoy's homeroom teacher
Performance- Baek Sung Hyun
Hirotsu High School 3rd grade 1 class teacher attended by Seroi, Sua, Gunwon and Hojin.
Kuku Bukki
Acting-Han Ye Ji
The mayor's daughter. Bad.

Special appearance

Jung Eun-byul
Performance- (Korean version
A high school friend before Celloy transferred to another school.
Radio dj
Performance- Kim So Young
Kim Sung Hyun
Performance- (Korean version
An acquaintance of Guns.
Mrs. Mayor
Performance- (Korean version
Hong Suk Chang
Performance- (Korean version
Iso's high school classmate
Performance- (Korean version
A man who came to an interview for a part-time job in Tambam
Performance- (Korean version
Daughter of a pharmaceutical company
Performance- Jung Yoo Min
Park Jun Ki
Director of Nagaya Group.Chef of Changa stand.
Strongest stall MC
Performance- (Korean version
Doo Jun Myung
Performance- Jeon No Min
Representative director of Junmyeong Holdings.
A male part-time job coming to an interview in Sua
Performance- Park Bogum, Japanese dubbing- Keisuke Kawamoto[15]


original sound track


April 2020, 1 release
1."Still Fighting It"Ben FallsBen FallsLee Chang Sol
2."Still Fighting It"(Inst.) Ben Falls 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."Beginning (시작)"Seo Dong SonPark Sung-ilgaho
2."Beginning (시작)"(Inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."Stone (돌덩이)"Gwang Jin, Lee Ji HoonPark Sung-il(Korean version
2."Stone (돌덩이)"(Inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."Our night (우리의 밤)"Lee Ji HoonPark Sung-ilsondia
2."Our night (우리의 밤)"(Inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."You Make Me Back"Oh Hyun Ju, Kim Jin HoonKim Jin HoonKim Woo Sung
2."You Make Me Back"(Inst.) Kim Jin Hoon 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."That child is (그때 그 아인)"Seo Dong SonPark Sung-il(Korean version
2."That child is (그때 그 아인)"(Inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."Are we the only friends (우린 친구뿐일까)"Seo Dong SonPark Sung-ilsondia
2."Maybe"Sondia, MiriamPark Sung-ilsondia
3."Defence" Park Sung-il, Fraktal 
4."Are we the only friends (우린 친구뿐일까)"(inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."Say"Seo Dong-sung, Lee Ji HoonPark Sung-ilYoon Mi-rae
2."Say"(Inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:


April 2020, 2 release
1."With Us"TypionTypion, Park, CHKmateVERIVERY
2."With Us"(Inst.) Typion, Park, CHKmate 
total time:


April 2020, 3 release
1."Go straight (직진)"Lee Ji HoonPark Sung-ilThe VANE
2."Go straight (직진)"(Inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:


April 2020, 3 release
1."Any words (Vocabulary)"(Korean versionHong So JinCrash
2."Any words (Vocabulary)"(Inst.) Hong So Jin 
total time:


April 2020, 3 release
1."Sweet Night"Hiss noise, V, ADORA, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” SchulzHiss noise, V, ADORA, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” SchulzV (BTS)
2."Sweet Night"(Inst.) Hiss noise, V, ADORA, Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz 
total time:


April 2020, 3 release
1."Brand New Way"DamonPark Sung-ilDamon
2."Brand New Way"(Inst.) Park Sung-il 
total time:

Broadcast schedule

Average audience rating
Each storyAirdateAudience rating
Episode 11/314.983%5.283%
Episode 2201 days5.330%5.634%
Episode 3207 days8.013%8.253%
Episode 4208 days9.382%10.692%
Episode 52/1410.716%11.986%
Episode 62/1511.608%12.636%
Episode 72/2112.289%13.215%
Episode 82/2212.562%13.990%
Episode 92/2813.965%14.903%
Episode 102/2914.760%16.160%
Episode 11306 days13.798%15.496%
Episode 12307 days13.398%14.817%
Episode 133/1313.101%14.344%
Episode 143/1414.197%15.568%
Episode 153/2014.661%16.012%
Episode 163/2116.548%18.328%
  • Free broadcasting station (SBS,MBC) And public broadcasting (KBS,EBS), The broadcast was on cable TV, which has fewer viewers.
  • The final episode (Episode 16) recorded a national audience rating of 16.548%, becoming the third highest rating drama in JTBC and the eighth highest rating drama in Korean cable TV history.[4].
  • Time MagazineCalled Itaewon ClassNetflixShould see inKorean dramaTo the best 10 "[18],ForbesWas published in "Best 2020 Korean Dramas of 13"[19].Google TrendsReveals that the series is No. 2020 as a drama and entertainment program in 1 and No. 2020 in domestic search terms in 4.[20][21].


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