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🤖 | Sony Group Announces Metaverse Enhancement Games / Music / Animation


Sony Group Announces Enhancement of Metaverse Games / Music / Animation

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Regarding "Metaverse", giant companies such as Microsoft, a major IT company in the United States, and Meta, which operates Facebook, are entering the market one after another.

Sony embarks on strengthening the "Metaverse".The Sony Group held a briefing session on future management policies and went in ... → Continue reading

 FNN Prime Online

FNN Prime Online is a media that allows you to "new ways to interact with TV." Fuji TV's FNN28 station will do its utmost to deliver content such as articles, videos, live broadcasts, and the latest news that go beyond the boundaries of conventional TV and news.

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    IT giant

    Giant company

    Giant company(Megacorporation,mega-corporation, ま た はmegacorp) Is(English edition)Is a coined word by[12]But,William GibbsonIs a word spread by[Source required],prefixmega-とcorporationDerived from the combination of.cyber punkWidely used in the field of.This term isSyndicate,Globalist,Transnational CapitalIs synonymous with.Hugeconglomerate(Usually a private company), with multiple marketsMonopolyOr refers to a company that controls in a manner close to a monopoly (usually a fictitious company) (hence the indication of both a cross-sectional monopoly and a vertical monopoly).MegacorpIs very powerful and governmentlawHigher than and heavily armed (often)軍隊Of scale)Private militaryOwns, operates, and "sovereigntyHolds a territory with "" and also functions as.In addition, he exercised great control over his employees and said, "Corporate cultureThe concept of "" is raised to the limit.Such organizations even before cyberpunkPhilip K. Dick("Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?』, 1968),Thea von Halbow("metropolis』, 1927),Robert A. Heinlein("Galactic citizen』, 1957),Robert Asprin("』, 1977),Andre Norton("』It has appeared in science fiction works such as novels). SF released in 1977Role playing games"Traveler”, The term is used explicitly, before Gibson used it.[13].

    Actual example

    The term (Megacorporation) itselfSFWas born from[Source required], ColonialCharter company,ChaebolSome real-life companies have acquired or approached the status of megacorporations / megacorporations in various ways.For example, a private companyDutch East India CompanyOperated 40 warships, had 1 private troops, and monitored countries that were distant hubs for the spice trade.on the other hand,British East India CompanyIn the mid-19th century, until the company was disbanded and its territory was absorbed by the British Empire, it dominated a large colonial empire and maintained a standing army of 30.Hudson bay companyOccupies 15% of the North American continentRupert's LandHe was the largest landowner in the world who legally controlled the territory called, and monopolized trade.

    Currently in many countriesCompetition Law (Antitrust Law)Has been enacted to prevent actual companies from having the characteristics of megacorporations.On the other hand, some countries require only one state-owned enterprise to do business in order to protect important industries.for example,Saudi ArabiaSo most of the government's income is a huge companySaudi AramcoIs occupied.



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