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🎥 | Squid crazy due to virus infection ... "THE SADNESS" scene photos released at once

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Squid crazy due to virus infection ... "THE SADNESS" scene photos released at once

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In addition to being officially exhibited in the Midnight X-Treme category of the Sitges Catalonia International Film Festival, which is an authority on genre films, the Fantasia International Film Festival has won the Best Film Award in the New Flesh Award for Best First Feature category for the first director's work. Was awarded.

The release date of the horror movie "THE SADNESS" has been decided on July 7, and the infected people who have become violent at the same time ... → Continue reading

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    NewFleshAwardforBestFirstFeature category

    Fantasia International Film Festival

    Fantasia International Film Festival(English: Fantasia International Film Festival)Canada-MontrealHas been held since 1996Genre movieIntended forFilm festival.. It claims to be "the biggest genre film festival in North America"アクション,Fantasy,ホ ラ ー,SF,Anime,B-grade movieGather up to the kind of[1]..Initially, it was written as "FANT ASIA" and started as an Asian film festival that screens many action films from Hong Kong and Japanese anime and special effects films.[2]..The feature is that about half of the exhibited works are occupied by Asian movies every year.[1]..There are two types of competitions, the Jury Prize and the Public Award (Audience Award), and the Jury Prize is treated as an official award (Official Award).The Jury Prize for Best Work is called the "Kurouma Award (Cheval Noir Award)".Most of the works are in MontrealConcordia UniversityWill be screened at[1].

    Judge Award

    賞Award-winning work / personSource
    Work awardJapanese flag"Mind games』(Masaaki Yuasadirected by)[3]
    Director AwardJapanese flag Masaaki Yuasa ("Mind Game")
    Japanese flag Gen Sekiguchi("SURVIVE STYLE 5+])
    Actor AwardRepublic of Korea flag Choi Min Sik("Crying Fist")
    Actress awardCanadian flag Kate Greenhouse ("The Dark Hours")
    Screenplay AwardJapanese flag Masaaki Yuasa ("Mind Game")
    Photography awardJapanese flag Kosuke Matsushima("Taste of tea])
    Special prize (visual art)Japanese flag Masaaki Yuasa ("Mind Game")
    Work awardJapanese flag"Strange Circus Strange Circus』(Sonoko Onsendirected by)[4]
    Director AwardDanish flag Nicolas Winding Refn("Pusher 3")
    Actor AwardDanish flag Zlatco Bourich ("Pusher 3")
    Actress awardJapanese flag Miyazaki Masumi("Strange Circus")
    Screenplay AwardUnited States flag David Mamet("EDMOND")
    Photography awardRepublic of Korea flag Kim Ji Young ("Sweet life])
    Work awardJapanese flag"Hatred Matsuko's life』(Tetsuya Nakajimadirected by)[5]
    Director AwardFlag of the People's Republic of China Feng Xiaogang("Empress [emperor]])
    Actor AwardRepublic of Korea flag Song Gan Ho("Elegant world")
    Republic of Korea flag Ryu Deok-hwan ("Yokozuna Madonna])
    Actress awardUnited States flag Mary McCormack("Crisis")
    Screenplay AwardRepublic of Korea flag Han Jae-Rim ("The Show Must Go On")
    Photography awardFlag of the People's Republic of China Zhang Li ("The Banquet [Emperor]")
    Work awardSwedish flag"My Eri 200-year-old girl』(Tomas Alfredsondirected by)[6]
    Director AwardSwedish flag Tomas Alfredson ("Let the Right One In 200")
    Actor AwardUnited States flag Ben Siegler ("Rule Of Three")
    Actress awardRepublic of Korea flag Park Jin-hee ("Gungnyeo")
    Screenplay AwardJapanese flag Satoshi Miki("Turning around])
    Photography awardDutch flag Hoyte van Hoytema("My Eri 200-year-old girl")
    Work awardRepublic of Korea flag"Can't breathe』(Yang Ikujundirected by)[7]
    Director AwardUnited States flag David Russo ("The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle")
    Actor AwardRepublic of Korea flag Yang Ikujun ("I can't breathe")
    Actress awardJapanese flag Mitsushima Hikari("Bare love])
    Screenplay AwardFrench flag Nicola Alberni & Jean Meish ("8th Wonderland")
    Photography awardJapanese flag Hideho Urata ("Clone aims for hometown])
    Technology AwardHong Kong flag"Ip Man Preface"
    Judge special prizeJapanese flag"Love Exposure" (Sonoko Onsendirected by)
    Work awardJapanese flag"Hello from the bottom of the river』(Yuya Ishiidirected by)[8]
    Director AwardRepublic of Korea flag Lee Jun-ik "Blade of Blood Like the Moon Through the Clouds"
    Actor AwardAustralian flag Noah Taylor("Red White and Blue")
    Actress awardJapanese flag Hikari Mitsushima ("Hello from the bottom of the river")
    Screenplay AwardSerbian flag Mladen Jorjevic ("LIFE AND DEATH OF A PORNO GANG")
    Judge special prizeRepublic of Korea flag"Castaway on the Moon" (Director Lee Hae Jun)
    Work awardDanish flag"CLOWN" (Director Mickel Norugard)[9]
    Director AwardJapanese flag Yoshimasa Ishibashi("Milocrorze])
    Actor AwardRepublic of Korea flag Hwang Jung Min("The Three Transactions to Survive")
    Republic of Korea flag Ryoo Seung Bum ("The Three Transactions to Survive")
    Actress awardJapanese flag Norie Yasui ("Unnamed women])
    Screenplay AwardRepublic of Korea flag Park Hoon Jung ("The Three Transactions to Survive")
    Work awardRepublic of Korea flag"Doomsday Book" (Kim Jee Woon, Director Il Pilson)[10]
    Director AwardUnited States flag Jason Banker ("Toad Road")
    Actor AwardUnited States flag James Davidson ("Toad Road")
    Actress awardDanish flag Mariana Jankovich ("The Beast")
    Screenplay AwardItalian flag Alberto Marini ("Sleeping Tight: An Abnormal Night of a White-Skinned Beauty")
    Work awardIsraeli flag"Big Bad Wolves" (Aharon Keshales, director Navot Papushad)[11]
    Director AwardTaiwan flag When a Wolf Falls in Love ("When a Wolf Falls in Love")
    Actor AwardRepublic of Korea flag Cho Jae Hyun("The Weight")
    Actress awardFrench flag Nathalie Boutef ("LES GOUFFRES")
    Screenplay AwardIsraeli flag Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushad ("Wolves lie")
    Work awardJapanese flag"Uzumasa Limelight』(Ken Ochiaidirected by)[12]
    Director AwardUnited States flag David Zellner ("Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter")
    Actor AwardJapanese flag Seizo Fukumoto("Uzumasa Limelight")
    Actress awardJapanese flag Miyuki Oshima("Fuku-chan of Fukufukuso")
    Screenplay AwardUnited States flag Billy Senese ("Closer to God")
    Judge special prizeUnited States flag"Cybernatural" (Director Leo Gabriaze)
    Work awardJapanese flag"Real tag』(Sonoko Onsendirected by)[13]
    Director AwardUnited States flag Malik Bader ("Cash Only")
    Actor AwardJapanese flag Shibuya Subaru("Misono Universe")
    Actress awardJapanese flag Reina Triendl("Real Tag")
    Screenplay AwardJapanese flag Tomoe Kanno("Misono Universe")

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