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🎭 | The trial version of the romance adventure "Lupercalia of the Meiken" set in the student theater company has been released!


A trial version of the romance adventure "Lupercalia of the Meiken" set in a student theater company has been released!

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Advance reservations are also available at the Nintendo eShop, so be sure to check it out.

Entergram is the PS2022 / Nintendo Switch software "Mei ..." scheduled to be released on June 6, 23. → Continue reading


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Advance reservation reception

Nintendo e-shop

Nintendo 3DS > Nintendo network > Nintendo e-shop
Wii U > Nintendo network > Nintendo e-shop
Nintendo Switch > Nintendo e-shop

Nintendo e-shopWhat is (Nintendo eShop)?Nintendo Ofgame machineIsNintendo 3DSSeries (hereinafter, 3DS),Wii U,Nintendo SwitchDigital distribution for (hereinafter referred to as Switch)Download sale) And software information / videos can be viewedOnline StoreIs. 3DS is2011/6/7More than Wii U2012/12/8From Switch2017/3/3Each service has been started.


Purchase of "download software", software (Package software(Including) information, introductory video, and TVCMYou can view videos such as, evaluate software, and download trial versions.

WiiThen, the sale of "download software" is "Wii Shopping Channel, And viewing software information is "Everyone's Nintendo ChannelIt was a separate service (software), but at the Nintendo eShop, these are integrated into one service (software).

Wii's "Wii Shopping Channel"Nintendo DSiof"Nintendo DSi ShopIsブ ラ ウ ザSince it was based software, it had the drawback of slow response (operation speed) such as page switching, but the Nintendo eShop has realized a light response by changing the structure of the software.

Incidentally,Wii UYou can also see information about 3DS software at the e-shops, but you can only purchase the software at each e-shop.Also, sharing the charged balance2013/12/10(Ver7.0.0-13J[1]) Possible by registering the same ID by updating[2].

The whole serviceUI/UXDesigned by Nintendo's UI / UX designer,Hirosuke FujinoIs in charge of[3].

Nintendo 3DS

To use the Nintendo eShop, you need to update the version of the 3DS main unit.If the version is not the latest, use the 3DS main unit.インターネットIt is necessary to connect to and perform "update of the main unit".When the version of the main unit becomes Ver.2.0.0-2J or higher, the software of "Nintendo eShop" will be added to the HOME menu of 3DS.Also, due to the nature of the online store, it is necessary to connect the 3DS main unit to the Internet even when using it.You can use various services of the Nintendo eShop by connecting to the Internet and starting the "Nintendo eShop" in the HOME menu.

E33D promotion video exhibited for a limited time immediately after the conference[Note 1]Is downloaded and delivered.The software's notification function has been added to the video delivered after the Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011.

With the update on December 2011, 12Additional contentPurchase, trial version (limited number of activations)[Note 2]After the offer and download,Communication before you know itIt became possible to select the receiving method.In addition, a notification mark has been added to the credit card information storage function and the news (updated information) page when there is the latest update.

Nintendo and other manufacturers often offer discount sales of software for a limited time.AlsoNintendo Network IDIf you start the Nintendo eShop with the registered status, you will need to log in to use the eShop after that.

Wii U

The basic system is the same as the 3DS e-shop, but it is always displayed in the HOME button menu, and each software can be started while it is running.

Nintendo Switch

You can use it by connecting the Switch to the Internet and updating to Ver2.0.0.

Switch does not use Nintendo Network ID,Nintendo accountWill be used.

Distribution is a download version of Switch dedicated software and download dedicated software.Virtual console service is not supported,Nintendo Switch OnlineFor subscribersNES,Super Nintendo,NINTENDO 64There is a service that allows you to play the above games on Switch.

Balance sharing with 3DS and Wii U is possible by linking and sharing your Nintendo Account and Nintendo Network ID.[4]..If you subsequently cancel the link, all your balance will remain in your Nintendo Account.

Software download sales

The following software is on sale at the Nintendo eShop.

Download version of package software
3DSでは2012年7月28日から、Wii Uでは本体発売と同時(2012年12月8日)に、Switchでも本体発売と同時(2017年3月3日)にパッケージソフトのダウンロード販売が開始された[5]..You can download by purchasing the download number at the retail store and entering the number at the Nintendo e-shop (the download expiration date is 150 days from the download number purchase date or the software release date (downloadable date), whichever is later. ) In addition, it can be purchased directly at the Nintendo e-shop.[6].
The packaged software released by Nintendo after the above download sales start date is also available as a download version with the same contents, with some exceptions.
In Wii U, by applying the compatibility function with Wii, some Wii package software will be released from January 2015, 1.Wii disk software download versionIt was launched as.
Virtual console
In 3DSGame boy,Gameboy color,NES,Super Nintendo(New Nintendo 3DSOnly available in),Game gear,PC engineSoftware for Wii U, Family Computer, Super Nintendo, PC Engine,MSX,Gameboy AdvanceSoftware is distributed. Not currently distributed on Switch.

3DS version

Nintendo 3DS download software
"Completely new software and software released in the past are compatible with 3D stereoscopic viewing.3D ClassicsA group of software called "is delivered.
Nintendo DSi wear
Nintendo DSi wear(Distributed at the Nintendo DSi shop on the Nintendo DSi) can be downloaded at the Nintendo eShop as it is, except for some software.
New3DS download software
New Nintendo 3DSDedicated download software

Wii U version

Wii U download software
In addition to game softwareYouTube,Nico Nico,HuluVideo viewing software such as is distributed free of charge.

Nintendo Switch version

Download version of Switch software
Following the Wii U / 3DS, the download version of the package software will be delivered.
Switch download software
Some software (such as "Snipperclips with Snippers") does not have a package version and is download-only software.


Most of the software distributed at the Nintendo eShop is charged[Note 3]The payment method is as follows.

  1. Launch the Nintendo eShop.
  2. Select "Add Balance" on the top screen.
  3. Add an appropriate amount of balance to the main unit (only in units of 500 yen to 1,000 yen).
  4. Choose software and buy it.
  5. The software price will be deducted from the balance already added to the main unit.

The method for adding the balance is as follows (all prices described below include consumption tax).

Credit cardAdded using
There are four types of balance units that can be added: 500 yen, 1,000 yen, 3,000 yen, and 5,000 yen.However, only the method described later can be added in detail.
Also, unlike the Wii / DSi, you can register the information of the credit card you used once in the main unit, and after that, you can make payments with just a password. If you make a mistake in the password three times in a row, the registered information will be deleted. In 3DS, this password could only be entered as a number when the registration function was added, but from the main unit version Ver.3-4.2.0J, it is also possible to enter English.For this reason, the credit card information registered at the time of updating to this version has been deleted once.
With the Nintendo 3DS series or Wii U, credit card additions will no longer be possible after 2022 am on January 1, 18 (Tuesday).Also, due to this, New Nintendo 9DS, New Nintendo 3DS LL, and New Nintendo 3DS LL had an internet browser filtering function, but credit card authentication will not be possible, so from 2 am on January 2022, 1 (Tuesday) The filtering function setting can no longer be canceled.In addition, it was possible to automatically renew the purchase of tickets at Karaoke JOYSOUND for Wii U by using a credit card, but from October 18, 9, the automatic renewal purchase of tickets will end, and it will be automatic. Services that accompany continuation (such as the posting function to YouTube) are no longer available.
Purchase and add a Nintendo Prepaid Card
Nintendo product stores andconvenience storeBy purchasing the "Nintendo Prepaid Card" sold at, and entering the number written on the back scratch part, the balance for the purchased amount will be added.
As of February 2022, there are four types of face value for regular cards: 2 yen, 1,500 yen, 3,000 yen, and 5,000 yen.
If you need 1,000 yen or 2,000 yen, which was available on regular cards in the past, you can use the prepaid card described below.numberAvailable with purchase of.
In addition to the above, the types of cards are designed for some stores and for a limited time, and you can shoot and play with the camera of the 3DS main unit.Photo together], And there are many variations, such as those with an appendix where you can get specific game-specific items.
Purchase and add a Nintendo prepaid number at a convenience store
By purchasing a "Nintendo prepaid number" from a convenience store and entering the number written on the form, the balance for the purchased amount will be added.
The convenience store chains that sell Nintendo prepaid numbers are as follows.
Purchase and add Nintendo Repaid Numbers from our online shop
ONLINE SHOPIt sells Nintendo prepaid numbers.
By purchasing on the web and entering the notified number in the Nintendo eShop, the balance of the purchased amount will be added.
SettlementMobile phone-Smartphone(au-docomo-Softbank) Usage fee andWeb money,Credit cardIt is possible with.
In the past, a dedicated "soft shop" was opened on the mobile phone site, and numbers could be purchased (currently closed).

The balance that can be saved in the main unit is up to 70,000 yen.

However,2011/5Previously sold "Nintendo Points Prepaid Cards" and 20116/1Previously sold "Nintendo Points Prepaid Numbers" cannot be used to add balance to the 3DS / Wii U / Switch.In addition, it is charged to Wii and Nintendo DSiNintendo PointCannot be migrated to 3DS / Wii U / Switch[Note 4].

Payment by transportation electronic money
For all models except Wii U and Switch after New Nintendo 3DS, transportation electronic money (transportation electronic money) to add balanceKitaca-Suica-PASMO-TOICA-sense of-ICOCA-nimoca-SUGOCA-Hayakaken9 types of cards could be used (however)PiTaPaCannot be used).If you settle with Suica, you will earn 200 JRE point for every 1 yen.This feature was discontinued on Tuesday, January 2022, 1 at 18:9 am.
Addition of insufficient balance
After selecting a product, you can add the shortfall only if the balance is less than the price of the product.
Payment method is credit card orPayPal[Note 5].

Save destination for 3DS software

As for the downloaded software, only the DSiware software is saved in the main unit storage memory.Other software is saved on the SD card, so you cannot download the purchased software without the SD card.The saved software will be added to the items in the HOME menu. The save data of DSiware, virtual console, and 3DS download software is saved together in the downloaded software, and when the software is deleted from the main unit, the save data is also deleted.Some 3DS download software, trial version, and movie software are separate from the additional data, so even if you delete the software, the additional data will not disappear.

DSiware softwareSD memory card-SDHC memory cardCan be copied to[Note 6]However, the copied software cannot be started directly or copied to another DSi main unit.Other software is saved on the SD card, so you can start it directly but you can't copy it.However, since all 3DS-related data is basically stored in a folder called "Nintendo 3DS", it is possible to take out the SD card and move it to another SD card, or make a batch backup to a PC.

Browsing software information

You can browse information about software that has been released or will be released.Streaming of videos is also carried out, and some videos of Nintendo 3DSEveryone's Nintendo ChannelIt was delivered at the same time as.

List of distribution titles

Nintendo 3DS download software

Wii U download software

Virtual console

Nintendo DSi wear

Ninetendo Switch download software


Nintendo Switch

As in Japan, you can purchase software from the Switch itself in North America, Europe, and Australia.

On December 2018, 12, we also supported purchases from the main unit in South Korea and Hong Kong.

In other areas, purchases from the Switch itself are not supported, so you need to purchase the software from the Web version of the e-shop, get the download number, and enter the download number on the Switch itself.

In Hong Kong, there are parallel e-shops operated by Nintendo and e-shops operated by outside companies.


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

  1. ^ "Bravely default] Was a promotion app that allows AR experience play.
  2. ^ Depending on the software, the save data of the trial version can be carried over to the product version.
  3. ^ "Radio Human RPG FREE!''Pokemon shuffle''Everyone's Pokemon Scramble], etc.,Item charge(Download itself is free). ""Rusty's Real Deal], The purchase price of additional content fluctuates by "discounting" in the game.
  4. ^ However, it is possible to transfer to the balance of the Nintendo eShop of 3DS / Wii U / Switch at the time of refund procedure due to the termination of the Nintendo DSi shop service."Nintendo DSi / DSi LL About refunds due to the termination of "Nintendo DSi Shop" service”. Nintendo (September 2017, 3). 2017/3/28Browse.
  5. ^ There is a description that "when the balance shortage is added by credit card or PayPal at the time of purchase"."Nintendo eShop | Nintendo Switch Support Information | Nintendo". Nintendo. 2020/5/24Browse.
  6. ^ Some software may have restrictions on copying, such as not being able to copy save data or copying itself.


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