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🎥 | "Kingdom 2" Kento Yamazaki & Ryo Yoshizawa & Kanna Hashimoto, etc.

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"Kingdom 2" Kento Yamazaki & Ryo Yoshizawa & Kanna Hashimoto et al.

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Why are Mr. Changwen and Mr. Hajime side by side?

From the sequel to the movie "Kingdom", "Kingdom 2 To the Far Land", a cast of Kento Yamazaki and others from the series ... → Continue reading

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Lord Changwen

Lord Changwen(Lord Changwen,270s BC[1] - 226 BC) IsChugokuSengoku period Of秦General or politician.Chu OfKing QingxiangCalled Kimiko[1].Last name The羋,Mr Thebear..名はname is顛[2].


The older brother who was the hostage of QinTaishi complete 黄歇With the wit ofKing ZhaoxiangI returned to Chu without permission.King Zhaoxiang, who was furious, was impressed with the attitude of betting on the death of Huang, but instead, during the hostage era of King Qingxiang, he offered the Kimiko 顛 that King Qingxiang's concubine had as a hostage, and it was said that he was completely cured.[1].

238 BC,Lao AiWhen he turns away, his nephew[1] OfChangping JunSuppressed with (Keiko Kimiko).Due to this achievementQin Shi HuangからLord ChangwenSealed in[3], Qin's leftPrime MinisterBecomes Also,SogokuwasLu BuweiWas dismissed.

226 BC,平輿Died at.1975/ToPeople's Republic of ChinaHubei ProvinceTakashi districtYunmeng CountyFound in ShuihudiBamboo stripGroup "Shuihudi Qinqin"[4]According to the report, there was a tendency for the people of Chu to support Lord Changwen as King Chu.


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historical data

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Appearance work

Qin KingGaozhengHe was a guardian and had a career of being transferred from a military attaché to a civilian official for the sake of politics.Former Qin Kingdom Six GeneralsOne ofKingIt is set that he was a comrade of.


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