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🤖 | Voice actor Inori Minase releases jacket & photo from 4th album "glow"


Voice actor Inori Minase releases jacket & photo from 4th album "glow"

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It is finished in one piece that you can feel the nostalgic color and warmth unique to the film.

Inori Minase, a voice actor and artist, will release her 2022th album "..." on July 7, 20. → Continue reading

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Especially in the case of printed matter, it is easily affected by the color of the finished product due to factors such as the plate making process, the characteristics of the output machine, the temperature and humidity at the time of printing, and the paper used.Color proofAt the time ofart director,グ ラ フ ィ ッ ク デ ザ イ ナ ーIf the finish is not as intended,ColorIs different. "

Also, in the video fieldTriquiriThe colored screen of "Color","Blackness(Kuromi) ".


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