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🎥 | Why "Top Gun" led Tom Cruise to become a top star and became a social phenomenon

Photo "Top Gun" Tom Cruise at the time Finally the sequel "Top Gun Maverick" has been released! – Paramount Pictures / Photofest / Getty Images

Why "Top Gun" led Tom Cruise to become a top star and became a social phenomenon

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Even in movie history, the moment when a video and a song match so much is a rare case.

The long-awaited release of "Top Gun Maverick" on May 5th.It's an unusual sequel for the first time in 27 years, but ... → Continue reading

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Movie history

Movie history(Eigashi) ismoviesHow was it born and developed in the world?History.

Movie history

the 1890s

The technology that leads to movies19st centuryFrom the second half,France OfMalay,America OfMy bridge,Germany OfAnschutzIt has been studied by many people.All of these studies were completed in the first half of the 19th century.写真It is an attempt to apply the technique to the recording and reproduction of real-life movements.

Through the accumulation of these people,1893/,America'sThomas edisonIs an automatic video sales machine (projector)KinetoscopeOpen to the public.In addition, in FranceLumiere brothers Cinematograph・ Developed a multifunction device (camera + projector + printer) called Lumiere, which has almost the same basic mechanism as the current cameras and projectors.1895/Published at the Science Promotion Association held in Paris in March.same year12/28ToParisThe name of the Grand CafeCafé(CurrentHotel Scribe Paris) Held a paid preview.

Another FrenchLouis Le PrinceWas also developing a projection device at the same time.But transparent and flexiblethe filmI couldn't get the material, and I was temporarily struck down.

EdisonDeveloped by looking into the box and watching a video in it.Lumiere brothersDeveloped the mechanism by improving the mechanism from a box to a screen, so that more people can watch the video at once.Considering the current form of the movie,Lumiere brothersIt is a more powerful theory to make the origin of the movie with the release of the first movie of.

Lumiere brothersThe world's first group of movies released by themstation OfplatformTosteam locomotiveA one-shot shot of the scene whereArrival of a train at La Shiota Station』) And the appearance of employees who have finished their work from the factory they run ("Factory exit]), A total of 12 works.Both are for the number of screening hoursShort filmwas.There is an anecdote that the audience watching the movie for the first time saw "the arrival of the train" and jumped out of the audience seats for fear of the approaching train on the screen.Many of these films were merely scene depictions, but eventually they began to produce staging works that included plots.for example"Sprinkler sprinkled with waterIn the work, when the sprinkler is sprinkling water with a hose, one boy steps on the base of the hose and the water does not come out, and when the sprinkler looks into the hose, the boy takes his foot off and the sprinkler soaks. The story is about getting wet and the sprinkler chasing the boy and punishing him, with a few minutes of video containing elements of storytelling and laughter.Comedy movieIt became one of the beginnings of.

Also around this timeCopyrightThere are several similar imitation works of "Sprinkler" made in England and other places other than France.

The first work isLumiere brothersIn the "factory exit" that captures the scene where employees come out from the factory that was run byLumiere brothersIs said to have been taken around the end of 1894, but details are unknown.Also, this work is a different version from one of the 12 films shown at the Grand Cafe ("Factory Exit" has 1 versions).

Early movies were images only, no audioSilent movieThis was called, and this continued until the appearance and spread of talkie films in the late 1920s.The cinematograph projector produced a loud noise, and the movie had no sound.To distract this, the format of screening with music accompaniment by playing the piano or stepping organ became widespread.Now in a silent movieFox trot,Cake walkIt is for that reason that the piano dance music that was popular at that time is often produced.In addition, many classical musicians who later became famous composers and conductors worked part-time as piano accompaniment in movie theaters during the silent era when they were young.[Annotation 1].

Japan's first movie was released to the public in November 1896 by the world's first projector "Kinetoscope" invented by Edison at the Shinko Club in Hanakuma, Kobe.[1][2], In January 1896OsakaA preview was made by Edison's projector "Vitascope" in January-February 1897.Kyoto CityThere is a record of the screening by the cinematograph held at[3][4].

Early movies are also known as "Activity photoThe movie theater was also called an "activity hut."As a screening method unique to Japan, we will explain according to the scene being screened.Activity beanA person called "was active.

The first "activity photo" production in Japan was made in FranceGormonBy the cameraShiro AsanoAfter many failures, 2 live-action films such as "Asakusa Nakamise" and "Geisha Hand Dance" were made in 11 years and released at Tokyo Kabukiza Theater from July 1899, 32 (Meiji 7).A feature film using an actor arrested a pistol robber who devastated various parts of the Kanto region in the same year.Yokoyama Unhei"Lightning robbery / Sadakichi Shimizu" starring Tsunekichi Shibata, shot and released in September of the same year.

In 1898, the world's first Christmas movie "(English: Santa Claus)] Will be announced.For the first time in history, it incorporates parallel actions, a technique that makes events in different locations appear relevant in editing.Multiple exposureIt is a movie shot by a method called.

the 1900s

1902/In addition, the movie "The movie", which has the world's first story composition and is composed of multiple scenesMoon world travelIs produced in France.The director is formermagicianAnd is also the first professional filmmaker in the worldGeorges Mellies..This work is the first in the worldScience fiction movie.

Next year1903/In America,Edwin PorterA story-like work by the director "Big train robberyWill be produced and released.World's firstWesternAnd for the first time in this workCross-cuttingWas used.

1906/To(English edition)By the director(English edition)] Is produced.The world's first using pictorial expression instead of live-actionAnimeIt is said to be a movie.

the 1910s

I hate the restrictions and control of the movie production companies that were becoming major, andNickel OdeonYoung filmmakers who sought new expressions without getting tired of short films that were only consumed in the movie city moved to the west coast.HollywoodBegins to form.

America'sFilm directorIsD.W.GriffithBut,"Creation of the people』(1915/), "Intolerance』(1916/), "Scattering flowers』(1919/) Etc.Close-upInvented various movie techniques (also called movie grammar) such asAnd complete the prototype of the movie in the modern sense.This made Griffith later known as the "father of the film."Also,"Creation of the people』Recorded the number one movie box office revenue at that time.

Political power pays attention to the influence of movies,propagandaIt also came to be used as a means of.In World War I, propaganda works were produced in the United States and Germany.Weimar RepublicGermany below is a national policy studio with a merger of multiple movie companiesUfa(UFA) was set up.

1910s-1920s, in the United States and Europe, "FantomaSeries and "" series (both in France)Continuous playIs in fashion.

the 1920s

In the 1920s,Charles Chaplin,Buster Keaton,Harold LloydComedy actors such as "" have emerged.

In 1920, the world's first national film school was founded in the Soviet Union.KuleshovWas invited as the professor.Kuleshov runs a workshop at the school called Kuleshov Film Experiment Studio (generally abbreviated as).Montage theoryAnd conducted the experiment.

1921 in GermanyHans RichterByDadaismAs an expression, an animated film called "Absolute Movie" is made that reflects the transformation of geometric patterns.Late 1927,Marcel DuchampIn France as well, a "pure movie" was attempted by transforming the geometric pattern (Duchamp's work is a rotation of a disk).DadaismThe group also makes a movie "" with a live-action storyline (but not a consistent story), including Duchan himself.Erik SatieEtc. are appearing.The incidental music for the screening was composed by Sati, which became Sati's last work.

In 1925, he was a student of the Kuleshov workshop.Sergey Eisenstein TheMontage theoryBased on "Battleship Potemkin』Produced.He was from the Kuleshov workshop with EisensteinVsevolod Pudovkin,Boris Barnet,Ziga VertovEtc. produced works based on montage theory,Russian avant-gardeBecame a leading film director in.

In 1927metropolisWas released, and many since thenSFThe world's first to have a great influence on the workScience fiction movie"Moon world travelIt is said to be a masterpiece in the early days of science fiction movies, which dramatically improved the possibility of "science fiction in movies".Also, the previous year1925/Produced in "Battleship PotemkinAlong with 』, at that time資本主義とCommunismIt is also a work that depicts the conflict between.

1927 in the United StatesWorld's firstTalkie movies"Jazz singer』(Alan CrosslandDirector) Published.It was not a talkie throughout the movie, but a partial talkie (part talkie), but this work was the triggerTalkieHas been accepted worldwide and has spread rapidly.But in AmericaCharles Chaplin, A filmmaker such as Eizenstein of Russia, a musician of film accompaniment, and a film profession peculiar to Japan.Activity beanWas in the maturity period, such as people who live inSilent movieThere are many people who stick toTalkieIt wasn't until the 30s that the artistry of the film was recognized.

1928 years,デ ィ ズ ニ ーThe short animation work "Steamship willy] Is released.Generally, this workMickey MouseとMinnie MouseIt is said to be the debut work of, and it is the first in the worldsoundtrackIt is said to be a movie that adopts the method.

In the same year, the world's first all-talkie movie "Lantern lightIs released.

1929 in the United StatesAcademy awardsBegins.The first year work award isWilliam A. Wellmanof"Wing』.Two works have been selected for Best Picture only in the first year, which is another work.FW Murnauof"SunriseIs given an award in the name of the Best Picture Award.

From the 1920s to the 1930sJack fedee,Rene Clair,Julien Duvivier,Marcel CarnetThese French writers appeared and achieved commercial success, forming the golden age of French cinema.Later, these writers and works were described as "Poetic realismIs called.

At about the same time in GermanyFritz Lang,Robert Wiene, Murnau, etc. are active, this is "German expressionismWill be called.

1929 years,Avant-gardeThe origin of the movie,シ ュ ル レ ア リ ス ムReputed to be the masterpiece ofExperimental movie"Andalusian dogIs released.

the 1930s

Hollywood golden age

Second World WarAffected byFritz Lang(Germany) AndJean Renoir(France) And many other filmmakers go into exile in the United States.I went to the United States by being invited instead of asylum or by myselfMax Ophüls,Ernst Rubich(Germany),Rene ClairIncluding writers such as (France), many famous filmmakers gathered from all over the world in the United States from the 1930s to the 1940s.

Studio systemAs a result, the number of movies produced exceeded 400 a year, and the United States was at the top of the world movie industry in terms of both mass and mass.Due to this, from the 1930s to the 1940s, "HollywoodGolden period"It is called.note that,the 1940sAt the end ofStudio system TheAntitrust lawWhen,tv setWas destroyed by the appearance of.

Also, in the global recession, the era of talkies has arrived in earnest, and music and sound effects can be utilized.Musical movie,Gangster movieBecomes the mainstream of movies.In the United States, religious conservatives and others have raised concerns about the impact of movies and comics on young people and criminals, and in 1934Haze codeA filmmaking ethical code was created that constrains the depiction of violence, sex, and society.Extreme violence and sexual scenes have since disappeared, tying up Hollywood movies until they were abolished in the late 1960s.

1932 in ItalyVenice International Film FestivalBegins.

In the same year, the world's first ensemble movie "Grand Hotel] Is released.later"Grand hotel methodThe story composition, named "", received high praise and received high praise.5th Academy Awards AtWork awardIt was the only work in history that was nominated only for Best Picture and won only the Best Picture Award.

Published in 1934Frank Capraof"Event of one nightIn the United States, starting withScrewball comedyIs fashionable.Also, "Events of a certain night"7th Academy AwardsAt5 major departmentsNominated for the first time in history and won all five categories (Work award,Director Award,Best Actor Award,Best Actress,Screenplay Award).To control all five divisions is the 5 "On the cuckoo's nestIt was such a big record that it wouldn't come out until it was achieved.

1935, the world's first color movieRuben Mamulianof"City of VanityIs released.Technicolorby.

same year,Jean RenoirDirector'sToni] Is released.Inspired by this work, which draws with thorough realism, in Italy from the end of the 1930s to the 1940sNeorealismoExercise occurs.The main writer was the assistant director of RenoirLucino Visconti,Roberto Rosselliniand so on.

1937 years,デ ィ ズ ニ ーThe first feature film produced and the world's first color feature filmAnimated movieBecomes "snow WhiteIs released.RotoscopeAndMultiplane cameraUses animation technology that is rare at that time, such as the use of.Recorded an extraordinary blockbuster, it is still known as a masterpiece in the history of anime.

1939 years,Victor FlemingDirector'sWizard of Oz"When"Gone with the windIs released.Judy GarlandStarringMusical movieIsWizard of OzWas common at the timeMonochrome filmIt was shot on both color films, which were still extremely rare, and the video production received high praise.Although not commercially successful, it is considered the most watched and beloved movie of all time.

On the other handGone with the windIs an epoch-making feature at that time, with a production cost of around $ 400 million.TechnicolorWith the help of being a movie, it became an unprecedented worldwide blockbuster.The number of spectators in the world is the highest in history, XNUMX billion.

the 1940s

1940 years,デ ィ ズ ニ ーAnimated movie "FantasiaIs released.stereoIt was the first movie to take advantage of the effect, and yetSurroundThe stereo reproduction method, which can be said to be the prototype of, was generally introduced for the first time in the world and put into practical use.It has become a very important historical film in sound technology.

1941/Participated fromSecond World WarInside, "Mrs. MiniverAnd 'Casablanca''Yankee Doodle DandyPatriotic movies aimed at raising the fighting spirit, such asWar propagandaMany works were produced.

Also, in the same year, it was highly evaluated as the greatest masterpiece in movie history.Citizen cane] Will be released.Even now, it is always ranked first or higher in the movie rankings of past works by movie magazines and critics.

1946 in FranceCannes International Film FestivalBegins.

same year,"The best year of our lifeIs released.19th Academy AwardsInWork awardAt that timeAcademy awardsMost records (Irving G. Thalberg AwardIf you include)[5]It won the award in 9 categories. Box office recordEven inTalkieAs a movie after the era, "Gone with the wind』It has been a big hit since.

the 1950s

1950,RashomonIs the first Japanese movieVenice International Film FestivalGolden Lion AwardとAcademy awardsHonorary award[Annotation 2] Won theAkira Kurosawa,Japanese movieBecame an opportunity to be recognized and evaluated in the world.

1951 in GermanyBerlin International Film FestivalBegins.

In 1953, although television became a new pastime,Parisian American"or "If you sing in the rain"such as Musical movieThe heyday of the entertainment blockbuster that used a large number of stars by making full use of a large-scale set centered around was continued. On the other hand,Birth of Star], [Applause], [Oklahoma!, Etc., a musical that emphasizes storyline was born in the mid-50s, and created the prototype of a musical film that continues to this day.

Red picking(Red Purge)Many American filmmakers are banished due to the influence of.actuallyCommunismHave been involved in activitiesJoseph Rosie,Nicholas Ray,Dalton TrumboEtc. refused to testify at a hearing in the US Congress and were forced into exile and exclusion from the film world.But someArea KazanSome of them could not refuse the testimony because they were immigrants, and they had no choice but to testify and eventually sell their former companions. Many of them rehabilitated and returned to the film world after the 70s, but Rosie died in exile in England without responding to the repeated calls of his former ally Elia Kazan to return home. bottom.

tv setThe American film industry, which was worried about the decrease in the number of spectators due to the spread of TV, aims to be impossible to realize on TV.Screen sizeExpansion (Cinerama) AndMasterpieceStart reaching for.In particular, blockbusterism swept Hollywood for a while, which caused mental and physical exhaustion to the production team including film directors, and also robbed new directors of the opportunity to debut due to the decrease in the number of productions. It is had.

In addition, the 1930sからAntitrust law(Antitrust law) Was questioned, the Supreme Court ruled illegally regarding the distribution of major movie production companies and the serialization of theaters by supervising the entertainment, and the major companies were forced to separate production and entertainment.

Red pickingTemporarily lost many of the talented writersMasterpieceHollywood, which exhausted the remaining writers and blocked the opportunity for new writers to appear, and was deprived of a stable entertainment system (management base) by antitrust law, eventually reached the end of the golden age. Oops.

Red pickingHas a great influence on the content of the work, not in the United States,Europe,AfricaThere are many cases of shooting with,Roman HolidayAnd 'Ben Ha] Is a representative work."Ben-Hur" won the Academy Awards in the same year in 11 categories, the highest number in history.

In 1954, in Japan, "Godzilla] Is released.Japan's first full-scale production by TohoMonster movieAnd since the hit of this work,Special effects moviesIs established as a popular genre of Japanese movies.

the 1960s

In France from the late 1950s to the early 1960sNouvelle vagueA movie movement called is happening.To put it simply, it was an attempt to break the standard of traditional movies with endless stories and improvisational productions that made use of the chances of the moment.SuchNouvelle vagueThe theme of anarchism and anarchism was to solidify the evaluation ofJean-Luc GodardDirector'sSelfish(1960).This work isJump cutWith a handheld cameraLocation ShootingWe have succeeded in overturning the conventional concept of movies, such as the use of high-sensitivity film and high-sensitivity film.

Also in the same yearSuspense movieThe monumental tower "PsychoWas released, and laterAlfred HitchcockThe director saidNouvelle vagueIt was called "God of God".

At the same time, in the United States, Hollywood companies that burned a sense of opposition to television continued to become huge capitalization and blockbuster-oriented.Nouvelle vagueIndependent films inspired by the buds began to sprout rapidly.Jonas MekasBy etc.American avant-gardeA movement called occurs.

For the purpose of distributing art films in Japan in 1961Japan Art Theater Guild(ATG) is established.Jerzy KawalerowichAt first, the distribution of overseas works was mainly done, starting with "Mother Joan of the Angels".the 1960sIn the second half, he began to invest in the works of independent production companies.He left ShochikuOshima NagisaWaitShochiku Nouvelle VagueMany writers, including those of the above, have worked on works with the investment of ATG, and have released many masterpieces, masterpieces, topical works, and problematic works.

1965 years,Musical movie"Sound of music] Is a big hit and rewrites the world box office revenue at that time.

1968,Monkey planet"When"2001 Space Journey』Hit two works, attracted attention to science fiction movies, laterス タ ー ウ ォ ー ズIt leads to a boom.also,Stanley KubrickThe director is called "SF Trilogy"Dr.'s unusual affection(1964),2001 Space Journey(1968),Clockwork orange(1971), and with these successes, critics around the world recognized his talent as a filmmaker.

Until now, the golden age of Hollywood has focused on giving dreams and hope to the audience.Happy endOccupied a lot.but,Studio systemCollapse andRed pickingBecause the wound was deep,HollywoodThe number of production and the scale of the industry are sluggish. The 1960s are stillJournalismCoupled with the high enthusiasm ofVietnam WarOf the youth who witnessed the actual situation ofhippieBecomingDissidentThe change was seen. From the late 1960s to the mid-1970s, such Vietnam anti-war movementsCivil rights movementA group of works that project the social situation of young people at that time, which originated fromAmerican new cinemaIs outbreak.His representative work is "We have no tomorrow(1967)graduate(1967)Easy rider(1969) and so on.

the 1970s

the 1960sGerman writers who appeared from the end ofNew German CinemaIt is whispered as.Straub-Huille,Volker Schlöndorf,Werner Herzog,Wim Wenders,Rainer Werner FassbinderEtc. correspond to this,Nouvelle vagueIt was a general term given to writers of the same generation who appeared at the same time, rather than having something in common in their styles or doing joint activities.

1968'sBaby rosemary』From the origin, in 1974William FriedkinBy the directorexorcist] Is an explosive hit.Starting with that, "carryAnd 'Omen], [Susperia"such asOccult movieThe boom has begun.

At the same time, a panic blockbuster boom occurs in Hollywood, USA.1972/of"Poseidon Adventure』Starting with1974/Public20th Century FoxとWarner BrothersCollaboration with "Towering infernoThis boom, which culminated in the movie, regained the confidence of Hollywood, which had been declining due to its great commercial success, and formed the basis of the new Hollywood movies that followed.the 1950sIn his epicism, the focus was on stories and human dramas, and the heavy use of gorgeous sets and star actors was a means to effectively express them.However, in the panic blockbuster, the subject has shifted to the video expression that makes you feel flashy special effects and peculiarity, that is, the element that catches the eye of the audience, and the bloated details and the separation of the story and the screen expression continue to this day. It forms the hallmark of Hollywood movies.

1972,Godfather] Will be an explosive hit that will break the box office record at that time.Of the same year45th Academy AwardsWon the Best Picture Award in the sequel "Godfather PART II"AlsoAcademy AwardIn the regular and sequelAcademy AwardIs the only example of winning.

same year,Adult movieIsdeep Throat] Will be released.This work is said to have recorded box office revenue of about 6 million dollars, which is more than 1/3 of "The Godfather" at that time.Pop cultureCaused a social phenomenon.

In 1975, after the panic blockbuster boom mentioned above,Stephen SpielbergBy the directorJaws] Is released.It became the prototype of a blockbuster movie that became a turning point in movie history, and at theatrical release in the United StatesThe first $ 1 million earned workIt became.Eventually, it recorded box office revenue of $ 4 million worldwide, making it the number one in the world.

1976,RockyIs released. Happy endWorks that denyheroThe work that did not draw was extremely popular, but this work and the following year's "Star WarsWith the big hit of "Individual possibility" "American dreamRekindled the longing forAmerican new cinemaMade the end of the decisive.

1977 years,George LucasDirector'sStar Wars Episode 4/New HopeIs a big hit and becomes a worldwide science fiction movie boom.After this work, special effects (SFX) Will be treated as an important element of the movie.In addition, Lucas, who succeeded in the business of character product rights in the same series, has invested the funds in technological development centered on the digitization of video and audio, and has made great achievements in the movie world. In 1978, "Jaws』Break the national record of the world's highest box office revenue.

1978 in the United StatesRobert Redford Sundance Film FestivalTo start.

the 1980s

1982 years,Stephen SpielbergAn American movie directed by the directorNA] Is released.It records the largest box office revenue in the history of movies at that time, about $ 3 million in the United States.

From the 80's to the 90's, action movies reached their heyday,Sylvester Stallone,Arnold Schwarzenegger,ブ ル ー ス · ウ ィ リ スSo-calledAction actorIs emerging. In the representative work of this time, "Rambo], [Commando], [タ ー ミ ネ ー タ ー], [Die hard"and so on.

1983 in JapanKazuhiko Hasegawa,Shinji Aiume,Kiyoshi KurosawaDue toDirector's CompanyIs established.the 1960sからthe 1970sInATGIt was hoped that it would play the same role as the ATG, but it couldn't keep up with the times like the ATG and did not achieve great commercial success.

In 1984, "Yellow Earth" was released.Served as the director of thisChen Kaiko, Served as a cinematographerZhang technicianThe fifth generation of Chinese movies has emerged, centered on.At the same time,Taiwanese New WaveThe development of the movement started. In the 90's, he will release one after another works that make you feel a new wave.Houtakaken, Is the main writer.

In the same year, 1984, "Ghost BustersHas become a social phenomenon, with billions of dollarsMultimedia franchiseWas launched.The box office revenue was $ 2 million, the highest boxing revenue in comedy film history at the time.

In 1985, in JapanTokyo International Film FestivalWill start.

1985,Back to the futureWas a big hit, and a future phenomenon occurred in the United States.

1986/Tom cruiseStarring "Top gun] Will be a big boom in the United States.Later, it came to be called Tom Cruise's great success.

1988,AKIRA] Will be released.With a production period of 3 years, it costs 10 billion yen, which is unprecedented for a Japanese animated film at that time, and is highly evaluated overseas.

In 1989, in JapanYamagata International Documentary Film FestivalWill start.

the 1990s

Until now, we have reached a period of stagnation in feature-length animation.デ ィ ズ ニ ーHowever, in 1989, "The little mermaid, And "Bianca's Great Adventure Save the Golden Eagle!(1990),beauty and the Beast(1991),Aladdin(1992),The Lion King(1994),Pocahontas (movie)(1995),Bell of Notre Dame(1996),Hercules(1997),Moulin(1998), and "Tarzan』(1999) produced and released 10 works, and many works were highly evaluated and achieved good results, so it came to be called" Disney Renaissance "to refer to the era during this period.especially"beauty and the BeastIs the first in the history of animated filmsAcademy awardsWork awardNominated for (64 times) It became a work.

1991 years,Jody FosterとAnthony HopkinsStarring "The silence of the sheep"But,64th Academy Awardsで5 major departmentsWon thehorror filmFirst everAcademy AwardIt achieved the feat.

1993 years,Stephen SpielbergBy the directorAmerican movies"Jurassic Park"Release.Photo-realistic in moviesComputer graphicsInnovative as a use of, and had a great influence on subsequent films.It was also a big hit, breaking his own world box office revenue record.

First in Japan in 1993Cinema complexOpens.

1994 years,Quentin TarantinoDirector'sパ ル プ ・ フ ィ ク シ ョ ン] Is released.This work received high artistic praise for being composed of a method that was rare at the time, in which four stories intersected while changing the time axis in a different order.

In the same year, "Forest Gump/One time meeting] Will be released.ILMWas in charge ofVFXIn the leadTom HanksTheジ ョ ン · レ ノ ン,John F. Kennedy,Richard NixonIt became a hot topic by co-starring with the deceased.

As you can see from the above, 1994 is said to be "the richest year in Hollywood movie history", and in the same year, "Shawshank in the skyIs released, but at the time of release, "Forrest GumpAnd 'パ ル プ ・ フ ィ ク シ ョ ン], [The Lion King''speed''レ オ ンIt was not well known because it was buried in the shadow of popular works such as.However, it received high praise from critics and thenVHSFor salerental videoWith the spread of, it gradually gained popularity and is now one of the most acclaimed movies.

1995, the world's first full-length featureCG animation"Toy story] Is released.America'sデ ィ ズ ニ ーとPixarBy co-production.

1995 years,DenmarkでLars von TrierByDogme 95The movie movement called is started.It continues even now.

In 1997, in Japan, "Princess MononokeWas released and recorded box office revenue of 193 billion yen at that time.Japanese movieI broke the box office record.

The same year 1997,James CameronDirector'sTitanic] Will be released.$ 18 million worldwide,For the first time in history, a work that has exceeded $ 10 billionBy recording the highest world box office revenue in movie history,Guinness BookTo be registered in.also,70th Academy AwardsHe was nominated for a maximum of 14 categories and won a maximum of 11 categories including the Best Picture Award.

1998 years,Stephen SpielbergBy the directorPrivate Ryan] Is released.The 20-minute "Invasion of Normandy" scene received high praise, and later "The history of war moviesPrivate RyanIt has revolutionized the depiction of war so much that it is said to be divided into before and after.

1999 years,Keanu ReevesStarring science fiction movie "matrix] The first work in the series will be released.Not in conventional CG,Wire action,Bullet timeSuch asVFXThe novel video expression that fused the above became a hot topic as the "video revolution."

the 2000s

HD24PWith the advent of the digital video cameraDigital cinemaThe trend of is beginning to become active.Before this, the digitization of movies by utilizing CG had progressed, but the difference in the basic display method between film and video (film is 24 frames / sec, video is 30 frames / sec).Interlace)telecineThis had to go through the processing stage, which was a big shackle.However, the HD24P was an epoch-making product that could record in the same format as film, so no telecine processing was required, and direct digital processing was possible. ""Star Wars Episode 2/Clone Attack』(2002/) Has been used and its practicality has been proved, and it has been adopted one after another, and it is even observed that most of them will be shot and produced by digital video cameras in the future.

LCD,DLPDevices that project electronic media such as these have become widespread, and projection devices that use laser irradiation are being put into practical use.Experimentally released at the Science Expo, further improved,Aichi ExpoThe laser projector released in was to break the limits of resolution, color reproduction area, and dynamic range of conventional electronic projection devices.It is expected that laser projectors will become more widespread at home in the future.

2000 years,Tom cruiseStarringMission Impossible 2Is a big hit worldwide.Produced many famous scenes.

In 2001,Studio GhibliAt “Spirited AwayWas released, and the box office revenue exceeded 300 billion yen, at that timeJapan's box office revenueAchieved first place.The following year,52nd Berlin International Film FestivalIt was exhibited in the competition section of, and was the best work award.Gold bear awardWas awarded.It was the first time in history that a feature-length animation won the highest award at one of the world's three major film festivals.

In addition, JK rollingThe original fantasy novel "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone』At the top,Harry Potter SeriesHas been a worldwide hit for a long time.

In the 2000s,Computer graphicsWith the development of (CG) technology, "TransformersAnd 'Lord of the Ring], Many blockbuster series are made.Above allLord of the RingThe final chapter of the trilogy, "Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingThe worldwide box office revenue is "TitanicThis is the second work in history that has exceeded $ 2 billion.76th Academy AwardsThen,Ben Ha"When"Titanic』Achieve the most awards in 11 categories in history.

Also released in 2006, "Pirates of the Caribbean/Deadman's Chest』Breakthrough $ 1 million, $ 2 million, $ 3 million, the fastest in history, and the fastest world box office revenue of $ 10 billion in history, the blockbuster series set many world records.

In 2005, it was considered taboo in the Hollywood movie world.HomosexualityThemed work "Brokeback Mountain] Is released and calls a topic.Of the directorAnne LeeHe himself described this movie as "universal.Love storyThe theme is widely accepted and popular by the audience.

2008 years,バ ッ ト マ ンWas the subjectChristopher NolanDirector'sdark Knight] Is released.Previous work "Batman Begins"followed by"Dark Knight TrilogyIt was the second work of ", but at the time of release,"Titanic』, Recorded the second highest in the history of box office revenue in the United States.Died that yearジ ョ ー カ ーUsefulHeath ledgerHas been recognized worldwide and has swept numerous film awards.It is still said to be the best movie in the history of the American comics.

From 2009,Stereoscopic movieI started to put more effort into it.HollywoodProduces many XNUMXD films, and sometimes remakes existing works as XNUMXD films.Among them, James Cameron's "Avatar"But,3D imageTheatrical release byTitanic』Recorded $ 27 million, well above the record.

the 2010s

2008'sIronman』After the hit, variousMarvel comicsLive-action movie of the same world viewcrossoverTreat as a work "Marvel Cinematic Universe』(MCU) series shows the rise.Has the greatest box office success in the worldMovie seriesAs the second place "Star Wars』The world's number one in history, making a big difference to the seriesperformance incomeRecord. In 2019, it will be the 22nd work in the series.Avengers/End Game"But,"Avatar』(2009) broke the record and set a new record at that time[6][7]. Also,Marvel Cinematic UniverseFollowing the hit of "DC Extended UniverseAnd 'Monster berth] Of series worksMedia franchiseas well as the Shared universeThe transformation was prevalent.

2010 years,FacebookFoundedMark ZuckerbergThe movie "Social network] Is released.It was still rare at that time4K resolutionOf the cameraRed oneIn the conversation scene between Mark and Erica at the beginning of the movie, 99 takes were shot, and the challenging shooting method became a hot topic, and it was highly praised by various critics and spectators.From the high evaluation, "21st centuryCitizen caneIt was even commented.

2013 years,デ ィ ズ ニ ーFromFrozen] Is released.This work is an American movie "AvatarIt became a big hit since then, and in each countryAnime movieIt became a social phenomenon by breaking the mobilization record of.

In the late 2010s, movies and TV shows onlineStreamingI will provide aSubscription methodService "Flat-rate video distribution service』Starts,Netflix,Amazon Prime VideoAlso focuses on making his own movies.Above allNetflixWork of"ROMA/RomeIsモ ノ ク ロA beautiful 6mm image taken with the 65K camera Alexa 65 on a home TV, even though it's a small movie.4K resolutionIt became a hot topic that you can watch it at.

In addition, it can be used as a new movie experience in movie theaters, and it is possible to record and screen images of a size larger than the film used in ordinary movies.IMAXYou can experience seating and environmental effects according to the technology and the video and audio of the movie.4DXEtc. have become widely known.

In 2015, the previous work "Mad Max/Thunder Dome"Since then, it has been produced for the first time in 27 years.Mad MaxThe first work in the seriesMad Max Angry Death Road] Is released.This work attracted a great deal of attention as an action movie representing the 2010s, and became one of the most acclaimed movies of the year.

2016 years,Xin HaichengDirector'sAnime movie"What is your name?Was released, and it became a hot topic in word of mouth, and the box office revenue in Japan recorded 250.3 billion yen in a blink of an eye.at the timeSuccessive box office revenue rankings in JapanThen, as a Japanese movie, "Spirited Away』It became the second place after.

In the same year, the musical movie "La La Land] Is released.The homage to the musicals of yesteryear attracted a lot of attention.74st Golden Globe AwardsWon all seven nominations and recorded the most awards in history[8].70st British Academy AwardsReceived nominations in 11 categories and won 6 categories.89th Academy AwardsThen,Titanic(1997),All of Eve』(1950) recorded the highest number of 14 nominations (13 categories) in history[9].

In March 2019, Disney will acquire 3st Century Fox, who produced Titanic and Star Wars.

December of the same yearバ ッ ト マ ンThe work "The villain ofジ ョ ー カ ー"But,R designationIt is the first work in history to exceed $ 10 billion.In addition, the stairs in the Bronx district of New York, which was the location, became a tourist attraction.

same year,Pon JunhoDirector'sParasite Semi-underground family"But72th Cannes International Film FestivalでKorean movieFirst timePalm DollWon the award.92th Academy AwardsSo, it was the first foreign language movie to win the Best Picture Award in history.Academy AwardAnd the work that won the highest award in Cannes at the same time is "Marty』(1955), it is the first time in 65 years.In Japan it was called a parasite whirlwind.

the 2020s

In 2020, the TV anime "Demon BladeAs the movie version of ""Movie version Devilish Blade: Infinite Train] Will be released.Global pandemic of new coronavirusBelow, the fastest box office revenue of 100 billion yen has been achieved.On December 73th, the 12rd day after the release, the number of spectators was 27 million and the box office revenue exceeded 2404 billion yen.Spirited Away], Achieved the number one box office revenue in Japan.MoreoverMovie released in 2020 OfAnnual box officeIt also recorded the number one in the world.

June 2021, 3, ``AvatarWas re-screened in China on a large scale,Avengers/End GameIt surpassed the difference of 782 million dollars with ”, and returned to the number one position in the world's box office revenue.[7].

In the same year, while the new coronavirus was rampant, "Spider-Man: No Way Home] Is a big hit.It has become a social phenomenon in the United States, surpassing $ 10 billion for the first time in the Korona-ka.

XNUM X Year X NUM X MonthTHE BATMAN-Was released, and the opening box office revenue exceeded $ 1 million for the second time in Korona-ka.

At the same time, the cumulative worldwide box office revenue at IMAX exceeded 1 trillion yen.

The sequel for the first time in 36 years, "Top gun maverick] Will be a big hit worldwide.


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