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🎥 | Tsuyoshi Kusanagi starring "Sabakan" scene photo release 2 types of movie tickets will be released

From the photo movie "Sabakan SABAKAN" – (C) 2022 SABAKAN Film Partners

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi starring "Sabakan" scene photo release 2 types of movie tickets will be released

If you write the contents roughly
The shooting was mainly done in Nagasaki from August to September 2021.

The movie "Sabakan SABAKAN" (released on August 8), starring the child actor Banya Ichiji and co-starring Tsuyoshi Kusanagi ... → Continue reading

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    April 2021

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    9(Kugatsu, Kyugatsu)Gregorian calendarYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 30 days. Summer: Fall:It is the season that marked the border.

    JapanThen,Lunar month septemberTheLong moonCalled (Nagatsuki), and nowadaysNew yearAlso used as an alias for September. The most powerful reason for Nagatsuki is that it is an abbreviation for "Yonagatsuki". In addition, there is a theory that "Inakari Tsuzuki" became "Nekazuki" and became "Nagatsuki" and that "Inatsuki Tsuzuki" was abbreviated. There is also another name for "sleeping moon".

    EnglishMonth name in September It is,LatinSame as the notation, which means "seventh" in Latin septem The inconsistency arises from the word, because in 153 BC, the name was not changed, even though the convention that had previously started in March was changed to January. Therefore, it is a myth that the name of the Roman emperor was entered and shifted in July and August.this is7 Gaius Julius CaesarBy Julius Before changing to QuintilisThis is the Latin word for "fifth" fifth It is derived from the word, and it can be understood from the fact that the deviation has already occurred.[1].

    Japan OfSchool year,fiscal yearMost start in April, but looking around the world, many countries have adopted September (The United States of America,Canada,Europe,People's Republic of ChinaSuch).

    September is the year12Same asDay of the weekBegins with.


    • Irodorizuki (Ayatsuki)
    • Iwaizuki (holiday)
    • Eigetsu (Eigetsu)
    • Kikusakizuki (Kikusakizuki)
    • Kikuzuki (Kikuzuki)
    • Kure no Aki (late autumn)
    • Gengetsu (Gengetsu)
    • Kenju Tsuzuki (Kenjutsuki)
    • Seijozuki (Aojozuki)
    • Chikusuizuki (Takesuitsuki)
    • Nagatsuki (Nagatsuki)
    • Nezamezuki (sleeping moon)
    • Banshu (late autumn)
    • Boshu (During Autumn)
    • Maple (Autumn leaves moon)

    September annual events

    Sports held in September

    Works with the theme of September

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    1. ^ Similarly, October, November, and December of the general calendar are the 10th, 11th, and 12th months of the Roman calendar, respectively, meaning the Latin words "8,9,10th," "8th," and "9th." "octavius", "nonus", "decimus" Derived from
    2. ^ "Prepare for an earthquake! Join Stretch Man Rescue!" "Prepare for a disaster! How to spend time in an evacuation center".
    3. ^ The title is "September," but it is a song that reminds me of September in December.

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