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🤖 | Anime 10th Anniversary! "SKET DANCE" all 77 episodes + OAD broadcast


Anime 10th Anniversary! "SKET DANCE" all 77 episodes + OAD broadcast

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Broadcasted in all 2011 episodes from April 4 to September 2012, this work consists of a leader Bossun who does it when he does it, a former bad blonde Kansai Tsukkomi daughter Himeko, and an intelligent otaku switch of glasses. A slapstick struggle drama is depicted in which the Alliance Gakuen High School, the School Life Support Department, commonly known as the "Sket Team," handles various requests from students to help people.

In the final week of May, the new future TV "ABEMA" will receive new arrivals of featured works and broadcast them all at once "Anime Speci ... → Continue reading

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