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🎥 | Noriyuki Higashiyama Action-packed "GAME OF SPY" notice to defeat enemies with ninja tools such as shurikens and blowguns


Noriyuki Higashiyama Action-packed "GAME OF SPY" notice to defeat enemies with ninja tools such as shurikens and blowguns

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The main visual released at the same time is designed with Noriyuki Higashiyama, who has a scratch on his face, looking straight ahead with a sky tree shining in the dark night and a helicopter in the background.

Starring Noriyuki Higashiyama, which will be exclusively distributed to Prime members on Amazon Prime Video from June 6th ... → Continue reading

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Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree(Tokyo Sky Tree,British: TOKYO SKYTREE) IsTokyoSumidaPush upLocated on 1-1-2radio tower(Transmitting station) And in TokyoLandmarkone of.2012/2/29It was completed in 5 and opened as a radio tower and tourist facility on May 22 of the same year.Tourist / commercial facilitiesoffice buildingIs attached, and the surrounding facilities including the radio tower are "Tokyo Skytree Town"It is called.Tobu Railwayas well as the Tobu GroupIt is a symbolic existence of.The nearest station isTokyo Skytree Station-Oshiage StationIt is directly connected to both stations.

Name, logo mark, silhouette design, and rendering of Tokyo Sky TreeComputer graphics such asIntellectual Property TheTobu GroupIs one companyTobu Tower Sky TreeCo., Ltd.CopyrightandTrademarkProtected by.For this reason, the official guide says "Tokyo Sky Tree ®".® markIs listed[2].


Of the existing radio towerTokyo TowerIs locatedCity centerIn the departmentSkyscraperIn addition to the fact that it was difficult for radio waves to reach the shadowed areas of the forestOne Seg,Multimedia broadcasting such asMobile deviceThere is also a purpose such as making it possible to comfortably watch the broadcast for[3][4],2000/From around that time, activities to attract new towers were being carried out in various parts of the metropolitan area.2003/In 12 monthJapan Broadcasting Corporation(NHK) andPrivate TV station in Tokyo5 companies (TBS TV,Nippon TV,Fuji Television Network, Inc,TV Asahi,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Is 600MetersIn search of a new class radio tower6 new tower promotion projects in TokyoWas launched.By promoting the new tower concept, progress has been made in the plan for construction.[3][4](How did you decide on the construction site?Later).

Located in Sumida Ward, Tokyo,Tobu Isesaki Line(Tobu Sky Tree Line)Tokyo Skytree Station(Former Narihirabashi Station)Keisei Oshiage Line-Toei Subway Asakusa Line-Tobu Sky Tree Line-Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line OfOshiage <Skytree Mae> stationThe site of a freight station owned by Tobu Railway (later Narihirabashi Station former line 3-5 platform, sandwiched between2003/Abolished), and2007/Up to rawconcreteWas manufacturing Tokyo SOC (Sumitomo Osaka Cement) It was built on the site of the Narihirabashi factory.This areaAviation lawUp,Tokyo International Airport(Haneda Airport)Restricted surfaceBecause it is an area covered by the outer horizontal surface ofAbove sea levelOnly buildings up to 295 meters were built,2005/4/28The height regulation area was reviewed and construction became possible.[5][6].

The business entity isTobu RailwayIs a wholly owned subsidiary ofTobu Tower Sky TreeIt is a joint-stock company, and the project cost is about 500 billion yen.For this reason, the company has a total of 500 billion yen.Euro bond OfCBIs issued to raise funds.The construction cost is about 400 billion yen.The total project cost is about 650 billion yen.Construction isObayashi team, The design isNikken Design.TV stationIt was expected to make a profit from the rent from and the entrance fee from tourists.

2008/Construction started on July 7, over a period of three and a half years.2012/2/29Completed in[7].. 20125ToObservatoryOpened as[8]From April 20112013/It was planned to carry out a test broadcast and a main broadcast of the broadcasting station through May.

At the time of construction of Tokyo Tower (1957/ - 1958/) Compared to steel quality, welding technology, and various typesStructural calculation(simulation) And other design technologies and special construction methods for foundations have made great progress, and the area is much smaller than the building area of ​​Tokyo Tower, but it is self-supporting at this height.Steel towerIt became possible to construct.Also, the entire main jointWeldingAlthough it is constructed by, it uses a branch joint that directly welds and joins steel pipes to reduce weight and increase earthquake resistance.The main steel materials areH steelnotSteel pipeWas used.Since the structure is a complexity that is rarely seen for a steel structure and the accuracy of dimensions required for each member is an order of magnitude higher than that of a general building, the factories that produce steel members have a high level in Japan. Many were temporarily busy making Skytree components.For this reason, there are many parts where manual craftsmanship contributes to some of the welding work.[9].

January 2006Dai-ichi Life Economic Research InstitutePrediction issued by[10] According to the report, it is assumed that 1 million people will visit in one year from the opening, and the economic effect is estimated to be 300 billion yen.In addition, according to the Sumida Ward "Survey Report on Regional Revitalization by the New Tower" published in January 473, the number of visitors to Tokyo Skytree is 2008 million per year, and the development block including commercial facilities attached to Tokyo Skytree. The total number of visitors is estimated to be 1 a year.[11].

Basic planning information

  • Plan name: Narihirabashi Oshiage district development plan (new tower plan)
  • Location: 1-1-XNUMX, Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, etc.
  • Architects: Tobu Railway, Tobu Tower Sky Tree
  • Construction: Obayashi
  • Design and supervision: Nikken Sekkei[Annotation 1]
  • Supervisor:Kiichi Sumikawa,Tadao Ando
  • Number of floors: 1 basement floor, 29 floors above ground, 4 floors of tower (excluding floorless floors)
  • Height: 634m[Annotation 2]
  • Site area: 36,844.39(Whole facility)
    • Building area: 31,832.60㎡ (entire facility)
    • Total area: 229,410.30㎡ (entire facility)
  • Construction site: AlmostparallelWith the Tobu Isesaki LineKitajuken RiverA triangular foundation with a side of about 100m in a place surrounded by the Toei Subway Asakusa Line with a width of about 68m.to East MalaysiaWestThe side facing the river is almost parallel to the Kitajukken River.
  • Structure: Steel structure, steel frame reinforced concrete structure, reinforced concrete structure
    • Steel frame: Maximum diameter 2.3m, thickness 10cm[12]
  • Foundation method: Cast-in-place concrete construction (partially steel-framed reinforced concrete construction) Proper name: Knuckle wall construction method
    • Foundation depth: 50m[12]
  • Ground weight: Approximately 41,000t[12]
  • Uses: Radio towers, exhibition halls, stores, museums, offices, halls, miscellaneous schools, district heating and cooling facilities, parking lots
  • Facilities inside the radio tower: Broadcasting facilities, observatory facilities (1st observatory, 2nd observatory), commercial facilities, etc.
    • There are restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. on the 350m high Observatory Tembo Deck.There will be a departure lobby on the 1th floor and an arrival lobby on the 4th floor.
    • A tube-shaped glass corridor called the Tembo Corridor is installed on the 450m-high second observatory.The Tembo Corridor has a slope of about 2m that connects the two floors of the 2nd observatory.
  • Elevator: From the 4th floor above the ground to the 350st observatory at the height of H1, about 50 seconds per minute 600m / 40 passengers 4 cars (Toshiba, 2 of them reach the 1st floor), 1 cars of 450m / 2 seats per minute for about 30 seconds connecting the 240st observatory and the 40nd observatory at the height of H2 (Made by Hitachi), Japan's longest lifting distance of 464.4m, 1m / min (emergency: 458m / min) 240-seater connecting from the underground parking lot (540st basement floor) to H27, which is the height above the Tembo Corridor. 2 units for business use (made by Toshiba)[13]In addition, there is one for moving inside the first observatory (made by Hitachi) and four at the facility at the foot of the tower (made by Hitachi).[14].
  • Capacity: Tenbo Deck (1st Observatory): Approximately 2,000, Tenbo Corridor (2nd Observatory): Approximately 900[12]
  • Number of emergency stairs: 2523 steps (number from the first floor above the ground to the H1 floor on the Tembo Corridor. The non-slip color is green for A stairs and red for B stairs)[15].
  • Around the towerTokyo Skytree TownIn addition to the 31-story office building above the ground, a middle-rise commercial building, a plaza, and a parking lot for about 1,100 cars were also constructed.
  • "H" indicating altitude / height isHeight It is indicated by the acronym of.For example, if the height is 350m, it is indicated by H350.

高 さ

As an existing radio tower, a branch line type towerKVLY-TV Tower(America) No. 628.8 in the world, exceeding 1m[Annotation 3].. 201111/17As the tallest tower in the worldGuinness World RecordsCertified by[16]..artificialBuildingasBurj Khalifa(United Arab Emirates-Dubai) Is the second largest in the world after 828m.

NHK and five commercial broadcasting key stations in Tokyo requested a number of "200m" as a height that is not affected by the 5m-class skyscrapers lined up in central Tokyo, and plans to increase the height to 600m at the beginning of construction. there were.The tallest in the world at that time in formulating a construction planCanadaOntario-TorontoIt is inCN towerExceed.AlsoAmericaIllinois-ChicagoWas planned to be built inChicago Spire(Construction canceled in 2008, plan canceled in 2010) The height including the antenna was about 2,000 feet (about 609.6 m), so it was said to be "610 m".[17][18]..At the conceptual stage, it was aiming for the tallest building in the world, but Burj Khalifa, which had been constructed with the height at the time of completion kept private, was completed at a height of 828 m.

2009/10/16Announced that it would revise the plan and aim for a height of 634m.The numbers are the old country names near TokyoMusashi countryHe also considered the puns ("Musashi" no Kuni).[19][Annotation 4][Annotation 5]..Initially, the plan was 2m, which is twice the height of Tokyo Tower, but the designer told me that it should be a little lower.Sensoji TempleWas founded628/There was also a plan of 628m in connection withKasumi NezuTobu Railway President 20125/14Told a secret story at a press conference after the opening ceremony[20].

Tower design lighting

200611/24The design was published in.It is designed based on the following three concepts.

  • Creating a cityscape that transcends time and space: A fusion of traditional Japanese beauty and futuristic design
  • A detonator for revitalizing the town: 3 gates and 2 observatories where you can feel the bustle and familiarity
  • cityDisaster preventionContribution to "Safety and Security": Ancient Japanese Architecture "Five-storied pagodaA new structural system that leads to

The inside of the tower is a cylinder (H375 made of reinforced concrete with a diameter of about 8 m, and the inside of the cylinder is a staircase), which is structurally independent of the outer truss part.EarthquakeSuppress shaking due toSeismic control structureIt has become.Nikken Sekkei, which designed the tower, uses this vibration control system.Five-storied pagodaIt was reported by the media as if the five-storied pagoda technology had been used because it was called "shinbashira vibration control" by analogy.However, the seismic control structure of the five-storied pagoda has not been clarified, and it is actually an application of modern vibration control technology.[22]..In addition, a vibration damping device (total weight of about 100 tons, which suppresses the shaking of the antenna with a weight on a spring) is installed on the "gain tower" to which the antenna is attached, and is added together with the weight of the pillar itself. Form a mass mechanism.Gain towerPerimeter Of直径Approximately 6m, antenna outer diameter approximately 8m[23].

The horizontal cross section of the tower is just above the groundEquilateral triangleHowever, the higher it is, the more it changes to a rounded triangle, and it becomes a circle at H320.The appearance is "getting up" (mukuri)Japanese swordJapan that makes use of the gentle "warp" curve ofTraditionbuildingThe aesthetic element of warpage is also included by making full use of the idea of[17]..For this reason, depending on the direction in which the tower is viewed, it looks like it is tilted or the hem is asymmetrical.

20092/26The color design was announced in Japan, and it was decided to be "Skytree White".This is the traditional Japanese "Indigo white"(Aijiro) is the original color with a unique name, and it is bluish white.The elevator shaft is gray, the observatory is metallic, and the top is bright white.[24].

The lighting design was announced on October 2009, 21 (Heisei 10).The spiritual "" that has been nurtured in EdoSmart, And the aesthetic sense of "Ya", which alternates between two different writings every day.This lighting equipment and dimming control in general are made by Tokyo Skytree's official partner.Panasonic(at that time·Panasonic Electric Works) Undertakes all the lighting upLED lightingAnd[25].

  • "Iki" isSumida RiverLighting that illuminates the pillars that penetrate the tower with a pale blue light with the motif of water.
  • "Miyavi" isEdo purpleThe theme color is, and the lighting is studded with glittering light like gold leaf in a well-balanced manner.

"Miyavi" ispinkNot too muchtagNot too elegant purple (multiple colors)LEDThe aim is to express it as a single unit rather than a mixture of these), and since there is no LED with such a color in the past, it says "to develop a new original LED".In addition, 2010 (Heisei 22)10/13Was lit up for a few hours with 51 lighting fixtures for LED experiments.[26]..At the time of completion, 1995 lighting fixtures were used.

2017/(29)5/18In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the opening of the business, a new writing "NoboriWas added, and since then it has been changed to a method that alternates between three lightings every day.[27].

  • "Nobori" isOrangeLighting that emphasizes the verticality divided into three sides by vertical lines.

2019/(First year of Reiwa)5/16から2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)2/19The number of lighting equipment was increased from 2,075 to 2,362 by carrying out lighting enhancement work.The gain tower part can now be lit in full color, and a continuous lighting effect has become possible in the middle part between the tower body around 250 m and around 150 m. 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)2/27The designs of "Iki", "Miyabi", and "Nobori" have been renewed as follows.

  • "Stylish": Added a gentle movement of "blisters" that imaged the fluctuation and sparkle of bubbles.
  • "Miyavi": Added a gentle movement in which the light spirally rises in the image of the graceful movement of Hagoromo.
  • "Nobori": Added an impressive slow movement that makes the flag of Nobori flutter in the breeze.

In addition to this, a special light-up will be held on specific days.The following is a light-up done in the past.Some have become customary.

  • Disaster Preparedness Day,Tokyo air raid-Great East Japan EarthquakeMourning (every year3/10 - 11 days,9/1) - CompleteWhite(Only the upper part lights up), March 2014, 26 (Heisei 3) is Akika.
  • Tanabata・ Night sky (every year7/1 - 7/7) --It's blue, but it's different from "Iki".
  • Winter style, winter style (every yearWinter:) --Only the difference in white.
  • Olympic-ParalympicBid (2013 (Heisei 25))9/9 - 9/16) --Olympic color illumination.
  • Pink ribbon (every year10/1)- Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building,Tokyo TowerIs also lit up in pink.
  • Champagne Three (Christmas) --On a golden base绿
  • White Tree (Christmas)-Green on a white base
  • Candle Tree (Christmas)-on a white basered
  • Brown Chocolat, Lovely Chocolat, White Chocolat (every year from Valentine's Day to White Day)
  • New Year Special Lighting (December 12st 31:23 --50:25 every year)
  • Sakura special lighting (every year3/16 - 4/10) --Lighting inspired by cherry blossom trees. It consists of two parts, "Saki" and "Mai", and changes to directing every 2 minutes.
  • Three primary colors of light (2014/(26)12/11 - 12/18) --Japanese with blue light emitting diode (LED)Nobel Prize in PhysicsBlue, green and red lighting to commemorate the award.
  • Tricolor(2015/(27)11/15) --It occurred on the 13th of the same monthParis terrorist attacksMourning[28].
  • Japanese food day writing (2015 (Heisei 27))11/20 - 11/24) --Official partnerKikkomanWith the cooperation of "cooked rice""Hot pot""Tamago kake gohanLighting with the image of three types[29].
  • movies"Awakening of Star Wars/Force』Public commemorative writing (2015 (Heisei 27))12/17 - 12/20) --The red of the new villain Kylo RenLightsaberLight-up that reproduces the appearance of standing up with a production using the movement of red and blue lights[30].
  • Momoiro Clover ZMember color (2018/(30)5/7 - 5/13,7/17 - 7/31) --Writing conducted as part of the collaboration project "Sorakuro Festival" to commemorate the group's 10th anniversary[31].
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake(2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)2/6-2/8 - 2/12) --Special lighting inspired by the color of the devil[32].
  • Earth (2020 (2nd year of Reiwa))3/27 - 4/5) A special blue lighting with the image of the earth, with the idea that the world will come together to confront the new coronavirus infection that is spreading worldwide and overcome it together.
  • Flame (2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)10/11,16 days - 18 days)-"Movie version Devilish Blade: Infinite TrainIn commemoration of the release, it is the theme song of the movie, "Hono", the breathing and sword of one of the characters, Anjuro Jigoku.LiSAof"Flame (Homura)Special lighting with the image of[33][34].
  • 「鬼滅の刃」 天空への願い TOKYO SKYTREE(2021年(令和3年)10月21日から2022年(令和4年)1月16日) - 当ツリーで実施される同名イベントに合わせ、同年10月21日から23日及びイベント期間中(2022年1月2日を除く)の日曜日に実施。アニメに登場する7キャラクター(竈門炭治郎、竈門禰豆子、我妻善逸、嘴平伊之助、煉獄杏寿郎、胡蝶しのぶ、宇髄天元)をイメージした特別ライティング[35].
  • Sorakara-chanColor(2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)4/12 - 5/22) --To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the business, the image of the official character Sorakara-chan, the gain tower part has a yellow hair color, the tower body part has a white lattice pattern on a blue background of one piece, and Sorakara-chan has in the center of the tower body. The color scheme is purple for the telescope.[36].
  • JOJOTREE JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in TOKYO SKYTREE --Like Tokyo Sky Tree, "10th Anniversary"JoJo's Bizarre AdventureAn event of the same name in collaboration with the animated series[37]を記念したライティングで、アニメに登場する6キャラクター(ジョナサン・ジョースター、ジョセフ・ジョースター、空条承太郎、東方仗助、ジョルノ・ジョバァーナ、空条徐倫)6人をイメージした特別ライティングを2022年5月10日、13日から15日及び5月21日から8月6日までの毎週土曜日に実施。


The tentative name until the official name was decided was "New Tokyo Tower".The official name was narrowed down to six from the 1 proposals submitted by the general public, by the "New Tower Name Review Committee" consisting of 8,606 experts.Based on the beauty and familiarity of words, "Tokyo Sky Tree""Tokyo EDO Tower""Rising tower""Mirai Tower""Dream Miyagura""Rising East TowerWas selected as a name candidate, and in the spring of 6インターネットA general vote was held through.As a result, the highest number of votes, "Tokyo Sky TreeHas been decided[38].

The most popular "Oedo Tower" in the open call for participants is near the planned tower construction site.Japanese sweetsYa (Morihachi Honpo Co., Ltd.) has already acquired the trademark in anticipation of deciding the name of the tower, and the third place "Sakura Tower" has been around for a long time.Takanawa Prince Hotel"Sakura Tower" was already registered as a trademark, so it could not be used.[Annotation 6].."New Tokyo Tower", which was used as a tentative name, is similar to the existing Tokyo Tower, and the building has nothing to do with Japan Radio Tower Co., Ltd. (currently TOKYO TOWER Co., Ltd.), which manages Tokyo Tower. It was removed.When it was a candidate site, the name "Sumida Tower" was used on the project homepage, but it was linked with the Taitung area.2007/It has disappeared since summer.

"Tokyo Sky Tree" is a registered trademark of Tobu Railway and Tobu Tower Sky Tree (No. 5143175 and others).

Degree of attention

Due to the great topic of being the best building in Japan and the best radio tower in the world, it was widely covered in various mass media even before its completion.Since the special program covering the Sky Tree under construction has been broadcast on TV from time to time, it has become a "new attraction in Tokyo" during the construction period, and people who shoot the tower on holidays The area is crowded with spectators.

In addition, it will be the first in Japan for overall heating and cooling.Underground heatUsedDistrict heat supplyThe system has been adopted, and it is attracting attention from that point as well.[39].

Tokyo Sky Tree as a radio tower

There are 1 terrestrial digital TV broadcasting antennas for one station at the top of the gain tower for eight stations (for NHK and five wide-area commercial broadcasters in Tokyo (hereinafter six TV companies in Tokyo), one of which is a spare antenna) Is installed, and a broadcasting antenna for TOKYO MX is installed under it.An FM radio antenna is installed near a height of 80 m, and a multimedia broadcasting antenna is installed below it.TransmitterThe room is located on the H350 floor above the heavenly deck floor 360[44].

Digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission equipment

In the plan, the previousTokyo TowerSince it was supposed to secure an area almost the same as that of Tokyo Tower, the antenna power is the same as the output transmitted by all stations Tokyo Tower.Saitama[45],Chiba[46],Kanagawa[47] Then, even after moving to Skytree, for independent stations,IbarakiThen.NHK Mito Broadcasting StationTo use[48] In some cases, additional measures for the mixer were required due to the need to install multiple UHF antennas.

Six TV companies in Tokyo other than TOKYO MX have undergone the test broadcast described later.2013/5/31The main broadcast started from.

On the other hand, about TOKYO MXNHK Mito Broadcasting StationOverlaps with the physical channel of terrestrial digital broadcasting, and accompanies itSpilloverDecided to change the physical channel to prevent interference caused by[49]..In order to switch between them, from October 2012, 10, with Tokyo Tower (1 channels)Simul broadcastingTo start[50][51],same year11/12The radio waves from Tokyo Tower are gradually weakened from 2013.5/12Transmission from Tokyo Tower ended at noon, unified to transmission from Sky Tree[Annotation 7][52].

Incidentally,Open UniversityTV broadcast (JOUD-DTV) is transmitted from Tokyo Tower as before, but not from Skytree.[53](License expires on October 2018, 10[54] ).Also, broadcasting in the event of a disasterbackupAs a system, on September 2010, 9, Japan Radio Tower Co., Ltd. and 27 TV companies in Tokyo signed a contract to use Tokyo Tower as a spare radio tower in case the broadcast radio waves cannot be transmitted from Tokyo Sky Tree due to a disaster or the like. Is tied to[55].

FM radio broadcast transmission equipment

Two FM stations in Tokyo, J-WAVE and NHK Tokyo FM, applied for the relocation of the transmission station from Tokyo Tower, and permission to change was granted on February 2, 2011.[56],Year 20124/23ThanFMMain broadcast started[57][58]..At the same time, VICS using NHK-FM broadcastingTeletextThe Vehicle Information and Communication System Center has also applied for this, and has obtained permission to change it together with the previous two stations.[56].

The antenna power at the time of broadcasting at Tokyo Tower was 10 kW, but due to the installation at a high placeSpilloverTo prevent this, the antenna power at Tokyo Skytree has been reduced by 3% to 7kW.However, since the height of the transmission point is much higher than that of Tokyo Tower (ground clearance 540m) and the ERP is transmitted at 3kW, which is about 57% higher, the actual coverage area is wider.

on the other hand,InterFMAnd The Open University of Japan Radio (JOUD-FM),TOKYO FMWill be transmitted from Tokyo Tower as before, but not from Tokyo Sky Tree (The Open University of Japan Radio (JOUD-FM) will be abolished on October 2018, 10.[53]).Of these, TOKYO FM is 20132/11The transmission antenna has been moved to the top of Tokyo Tower, which is 333m above the ground and vacated at the end of analog TV broadcasting, and with this, the output is equal to or higher than the two stations transmitting from Skytree (antenna power 2kW, ERP10kW). It is possible to send[59].. InterFM too2015/6/30After changing the frequency more, the antenna is installed at a higher place than before and transmission is started.[60][61]..In addition, the NHK-FM transmission equipment at Tokyo Tower is left as a spare.

On the first day of the move, J-WAVE and NHK-FM broadcast a special number to commemorate the move from the Tenbo Deck.Also, on the first day of the opening of Skytree, with J-WAVENippon Broadcasting System, Inc.TogetherTokyo SolamachiIt is inSatellite studio, Broadcast from TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN STUDIO.Nippon Broadcasting System is broadcasting from the same studio on the morning of the same day (Masashi Kakihana Happy with you!(In the program), Nippon Broadcasting System will come first on the air.

2014/9/3To TBS Radio & Communications (currentlyTBS Radio),Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.For 3 Kanto wide area AM radio companiesFM complement relay station OfPreliminary licenseWas granted[62][63]..Third in Japan,Kanto regionThen it will be the first license grant[Annotation 8] An FM complementary relay station for AM broadcasting, and the three companies jointly installed an antenna on Skytree in 3.10/5More test broadcast[64],Completion inspection-This licenseAfter the delivery, the same year12/7The main broadcast starts at 13:XNUMX, and on the same day from the Tenbo DeckCommemorative special number of 3 stations jointlyWas broadcast[65][66][67]..After the opening of the station, when a disaster occursAM master station transmission stationFor the purpose of countermeasures when it becomes difficult to continue broadcasting in the city center and elimination of hearing loss and noise in the city centerAMWithSimul broadcastingIs performed.

Multimedia broadcast transmission equipment

mmbiandJapan Mobile CastingMobacas, a multimedia broadcast for mobile terminals (VHF-HIGH band), installed a 4-stage 16-sided antenna on Skytree, and said that it could cover about 1600 million households throughout the Kanto region by transmitting from Skytree.[43].2011/March 9Radio Control CouncilReceived a report from the government that it is appropriate to issue a preliminary license[68], Next day15 daysWas issued a preliminary license[69].. 20124/1NOTTV operated by mmbi started broadcasting and became the first main broadcasting transmission station of Skytree.[70].2015/November 11, Mobacas andNOTTVService2016/Announced to end on June 6[71][72], The broadcast ended at noon on the same day[73][74].

The VHF-LOW band multimedia broadcasting is available in Japan, which is the operating company of Tokyo Tower, along with TOKYO FM and JFN affiliated stations, along with Tokyo Multimedia Broadcasting Co., Ltd. The radio tower has invested[75],Year 201512/7This license was issued to VIP Co., Ltd., which was established with the investment of TOKYO FM, etc., using Tokyo Tower as the transmission station.[76], On March 2016, 3i-dioStarted broadcasting under the service name of[77].2020/Operation ended and closed on March 3st.

Taxi radio centralized base station

Special wards, Takesan transportation area(special area-Musashino-Mitaka City) In the business areaTaxiEach companyMinato-kuAkasaka OfInternational New Akasaka Building West BuildingConcentrate on the towerbase stationHowever, dead zones were increasing due to the construction of skyscrapers in various parts of Tokyo.Therefore, it was decided to relocate to Tokyo Sky Tree.[78]..An antenna is installed at a position 300m above the ground and a test radio wave is transmitted during the daytime for one month from October 2011.[79], Started operation of business radio from March 2012[80], The actual operation started on April 4[81].

Transmission frequency / output

Terrestrial digital television broadcasting

IDBroadcasting station namecallsignphysical
Antenna power
Effective radiant powerBroadcast target areaBroadcast areaNumber of householdsChannel used
JOAK-DTV 27 ch 10 kW68 kW[82]Kanto wide area
(Ibaraki prefecture, Tochigi prefecture and
Gunma prefecture is not included)[83]
About 1400 million households011-012
JOAB-DTV 26 ch Nationwide broadcasting021-023
Nippon TV
JOAX-DTV 25 ch 69 kW[84]Kanto wide area041-042
TV Asahi
JOEX-DTV 24 ch 051-053
JORX-DTV 22 ch 061-062,268
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
JOTX-DTV 23 ch 071-073,077
Fuji Television Network, Inc
JOCX-DTV 21 ch 081-083
Tokyo Metropolitan Television
JOMX-DTV 16 ch 3 kW[85]11.5 kWTokyoAbout 1430 million households

FM radio broadcast

Broadcasting station namecallsignAntenna powerEffective radiant powerBroadcast target areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaOpening date
81.3J-WAVEJOAV-FM[88]7 kW[88]57 kW[88]Tokyo-2013/4/23
90.5TBS Radio-Kanto wide area2015/12/7
91.6Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.
93.0Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • Callsigns are for the main broadcast only.
  • TBS Radio, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Nippon BroadcastingFM complement relay stationBroadcast as.

Abolished broadcasting station

Multimedia broadcasting

Abolition date: 20166/30[89][90]

Broadcasting station namecallsignAntenna powerERPNumber of households in broadcasting areaOpening date
214.714286[Annotation 9]J MobaSumida MMHJOMZ25 kWUp to 105kW[68][91]About 1600 million households2012/4/1
J Moba Sumida DTVJOMZ-DTV[92]2015/4/1
  • MMH ... Multimedia broadcasting (NOTTV) Distribution license, DTV ... License for standard television broadcasting for mobile terminals (6 channels distributed from the opening date).

Tokyo Sky Tree as an observation facility


In order to elucidate the mechanism of lightning strikes, a logoski coil of a measuring device that constantly monitors the occurrence of lightning strikes and records changes in current magnitude and waveform is installed in a hexagonal shape at the base of the gain tower at 497 m above the ground. Being, Tobu Tower Sky Tree,Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo,Central Research Institute of Electric Power IndustryThe joint research of the three parties started in March 3.It is expected that lightning strikes 2012 to 3 times a year near the height of 500 m where the gain tower extends, and more data can be accumulated than on the ground.An example of installing a measuring device in a skyscraper with a height of more than 20 m is from Canada.CN towerIn the future, we can expect rare research results in the world, and based on these results, we hope to lead to the development of electronic devices that are resistant to lightning and prevent lightning damage.[93][94][95].

Program aired on TV TOKYO on June 2017, 6 ``Sunday big variety/ Shooting permission, I got it! ~ Gachi negotiations! According to the explanation of the person in charge of the Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry in "SP for the first time on TV", there were 5 lightning strikes in 62 years from the start of observation.[96].

Cloud observation

Disaster Prevention Research InstituteEstablished an observation facility at H458 and occurred in the sky(I.e.Collecting data[97].

Greenhouse gas observation

National Institute for Environmental StudiesEstablished an observation space at the location of H250, basically in the atmospherecarbon dioxideWe are collecting data that captures emissions.According to statistics, the amount of oil and coal used is also calculated.

Theory of relativity

"The flow of time is different on the ground than in the ultra-high altitude including outer space. In the ultra-high altitude, the action of gravity is weakened, so it is slightly faster."General relativityWas chanted inTokyo UniversityThis was demonstrated by the experimental group of Tembo Corridor Floor 450 and two optical lattice clocks installed on the ground respectively.Time difference is 2/450 billion seconds a day[98][99][100][101].

Tokyo Sky Tree as a tourist / commercial facility

Tokyo Skytree TownFacilities (in addition to Tokyo Sky Tree,Tokyo Solamachi,Tokyo Sky Tree East Tower,Konica Minolta Planetarium "Tenku" in Tokyo Skytree Town,Sumida Aquarium) Is expected to contribute to the formation of tourism and industrial bases in the Tokyo area, the revitalization of local communities, and the realization of the international tourism city of Tokyo.[102].

Lower floor

1F Tokyo Sky Tree Group Floor

    • We sell Tokyo Skytree limited goods such as Japanese and Western confectionery, miscellaneous goods, stationery, and fashion items.
  • Group ticket counter

4F Tokyo Sky Tree entrance floor

  • Ticket counter
  • information
  • Skytree archives

5F Tokyo Sky Tree Exit Floor

    • We will sell limited products in collaboration with Japanese brands and Tokyo Sky Tree.
  • information


It consists of the first observatory with a height of 350m and the second observatory with a height of 1m.If a large-scale earthquake occurs, or if there is concern about weather deterioration due to typhoons or strong winds, business may be suspended to prioritize safety.If the business is suspended, the business is closed, or the ticket sales on the day are closed, a notice will be given on the website (even in this case, the 450st observatory and the lower level will be open as usual as long as it does not interfere with the business.[Annotation 10]).After purchasing the ticket on the day, you will be forced to enter the Tenbo Deck.In addition, once you leave the venue, you cannot re-enter the venue. The admission fee from April 2019 will be sold separately on weekdays and holidays.Holiday charges are weekends, holidays, and Obon holidays (8/13-16 days)·New year holiday season(12/30-1/3) Applies to the busy season of the period.

Tokyo Sky Tree Tenbo Deck (1st Observatory)

  • Floor 340
    • "Glass floor" (Lookdown window with a total of 8 cm by stacking 5 tempered glasses with a thickness of 4 mm)
  • Floor 345
    • "Sky Restaurant 634 (MUSASHI)"
  • Floor 350
    • "Panorama screen"
    • "Tokyo space-time navigation"
    • "Edo Ichimoku Folding Screen" (Kitao MasayoshiFull-scale reproduction panel of brush, Tsuyama City Museum collection)

Tokyo Sky Tree Tenbo Corridor (2nd Observatory)

To enter the Tenbo Corridor, purchase a separate ticket at the ticket counter on floor 350 and use the dedicated elevator to enter.

  • Floor 445
    • "Tenbo Corridor"
  • Floor 450
    • "Tenbo Corridor"
    • "Sorakara Point" (maximum reach 451.2m)

Skytree terrace tour

2018/10/23(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays2019/11/30From) Business start. Guided tour to see the outdoors at H155.While feeling the wind, not only the view through the dynamic steel frame of the Sky Tree, but also the structure of Tokyo Sky Tree, LED lighting for lighting, inspection corridor for equipment inspection, hoistway for 3 elevator shafts to Tembo Deck A tour to introduce with an exclusive guide.Same-day sales that cannot be reserved in advance. Conducted 1 times a day.Held every day except on specific days and busy seasons.

2019/10/2A morning tour will be held from the beginning, and at the same timehelmetNo need to wearNeck strapPassed throughSingle-lens reflex cameraEtc. can be brought in.

Tenbo Shuttle (elevator)

An elevator that connects the entrance, exit floor and Tembo Deck, and the Tembo Corridor.Inside the shuttle, panels with themes such as cherry blossoms and the Sumida River will be installed by local designer Masami Takahashi of Sumida Ward. Units 1-6 (including 2 for business use) are made by Toshiba, and Unit 7-13 (including 4 at the foot of the tower and 1 for exclusive use in the Tembo Deck) is made by Hitachi. From April 2013, Toshiba / Hitachi announced that an automatic boarding / alighting promotion broadcast was added, and after "Door opens, please be careful not to get your fingers caught", "Please be careful about the steps at your feet" 4 Announcements have begun to flow. Since March 3, four elevators bound for Tembo Deck have been sequentially renovated, and the elevators are being constructed to withstand strong winds.Both elevators are designed to accommodate passengers to the maximum capacityElevator girlIs not placed.

Stop floor
  • Usage Guide
■: Stop setting floor, □: Passing setting floor, |: Passing, ▲: Skytree Terrace Tour can be stopped only on tour dates (excluding specific days and busy seasons)
  • Shading in the column of Unit
: Made by Toshiba (same for 2 commercial units)
: Made by Hitachi (4 units at the foot of the tower and 1 unit dedicated to the Tembo deck)
UnitUnit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6Unit 7Unit 8
Of the panel
Spring:Summer: Fall:Winter:--
Sakura snowstorm
I imagined
Cherry blossom sky
Fireworks color
Sumida River sky
The phoenix shines
Festival sky
Sky of the city bird
: ||
: |||
: ||||
: ||||
  • Commercial and emergency use (2 units) * Each is operated independently, and the stop floor differs depending on the unit.An IC card is required to use it.In an emergency, the speed is 540m / min (= 32.4km / h) and it takes less than 1 minute to reach the Tembo Corridor H450 floor from the 1st floor above the ground.Not available to the general public.
Unit 1 (mainly used by big guests and VIPs. You can find it by going through the door from the parking lot on the 1st basement floor.)
1st basement floor-6 floors above ground, H150, H155, H250, H255, H315 --H335, H340 --H350 (Tenbo Deck), H355 --H440, H445, H450 (Tenbo Corridor), H458
Unit 2 (Used by Skytree staff and related parties. The operation panel is on the side of the door.)
1st basement floor --6 floors above ground, H75, H145 --H155, H200, H245 --H260, H308 --H335, H340 --H350 (Tenbo Deck), H355 --H440, H445, H450 (Tenbo Corridor), H458
  • For moving inside the Tenbo Deck (Unit 9)
H340 / H345 / H350
  • For the feet of the tower (Units 10-12 and 13 are used by Skytree staff and related parties)
1st basement floor-5th floor above ground (Only Unit 12 for general customers can seat 24 people. Units 10 and 11 can seat 40 people.)

Staff uniform

ス タ ッ フHas the following 6 occupations,uniformIs designed by Megumi Higashiyama. We started using the new uniform from October 2020, 10.According to the change of clothes, it is divided into autumn / winter (October to March) and spring / summer (April to September).

  • Ticket counter / guidance staff (men and women)
  • Information staff
  • Fast Skytree Ticket Counter Staff
  • cleaning
  • Parking lot guidance



  • 12/17 Broadcasters in Tokyo (NHK・ 5 commercial broadcasting key stations) launched the "600 companies in Tokyo new tower promotion project" in search of a new tower of 6 meters class.


  • 10/25 The landowner in the area around Oshiage / Narihirabashi Station established the "Oshiage / Narihirabashi Station Area Town Development Council".
  • 12/5 Sumida Ward ・ Local officials request cooperation from Tobu Railway and Oshiage Narihirabashi Station area town development council to attract new towers.


  • 1/27 Established "New Tower Invitation Promotion Council" composed of local organizations such as neighborhood associations and related companies.
  • 2/7 Announced to broadcaster Sumida Ward that Tobu Railway will work on the new tower business[103].
  • 2/10 The "New Tower Invitation Promotion Council" holds a rally.
  • 3/7 City planning decision regarding the area around Oshiage / Narihirabashi Station (Land readjustment projectArea / city planning road).
  • 3/28 Broadcaster selects Sumida Ward Oshiage district as the first candidate site.
  • 7/22 The Sumida / Taitung New Tower Attracting Promotion Liaison Committee was formed in collaboration with local attracting organizations in both Sumida and Taito Wards.
  • 12/15 Land readjustment associationEstablishment approval (business approval).


  • March 3 Final decision as new tower construction site[104].
  • 5/1 Operating company "New Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd."Main officeLocation: 1-2-XNUMX Oshiage, Sumida-ku, TokyoCapital4 million yen (Tobu Railway full amountInvestment) Established.
  • 6/19 Local officials launch the "New Tower Construction Promotion Council".
  • 7/4 - 24 days We are soliciting questionnaires, ideas and opinions from various people entitled "Delivery! New Tower I Think".The number of applications is 5,079.
  • July 7 Tadao Ando (architect, architect) supervises the new tower designTokyo UniversityHonorary professor) ・ Kiichi Sumikawa (彫刻家・OriginalTokyo University of the ArtsPresident) Decided.
  • 10/10 The following three points, "Complex development business centered on the new towerConceptAnnounced "Rising East Project-A friendly future begins here"[105].
    • Manufacturing in downtown JapanDNA"Atelier community" where people's exchanges create a new urban culture[105]
    • A "friendly community" where people can live in a safe and secure manner that is kind to the earth and resistant to disasters.[105]
    • Advanced technology, An "open community" centered on a tower that gathers media and sends new Japan and new Tokyo to the world[105]
  • November 11 Design announcement.Nikken Sekkei is in charge of the basic design.Approximate construction cost is about 24 billion yen <.
  • 12/4 Submitted environmental impact assessment survey plan.


  • 8/30 New Tower Lighting DesignerHirohito TotsuneDecided on.
  • On September 9, after competitive bidding by several companies, the main contractor of "New Tokyo Tower" was decided to be Obayashi and a contract was signed.Obayashi's contract amount is not disclosed.Construction will start in the summer of 28, and the construction period is expected to be 2008 years and 3 months.
  • On October 10, nine searchlights were used at the planned construction site, and a bundle of light that looked like the legs of the new tower was emitted toward the sky.First, the light was crossed at the height of Tokyo Tower (about 6 meters), and then the light was extended and crossed over 9 meters to express the height of "New Tokyo Tower".This was planned by local residents in the fall of the previous year and was realized by soliciting donations from residents and groups.
  • 10/26 - 11/25 Call for proposals for the name of "New Tokyo Tower".The number of applications is 17,429. After being narrowed down to several proposals by the Name Review Committee in April 2008, it was decided in June after a general vote.
  • 11/29 Established "Oshiage / Narihirabashi District New Tower-related Town Development Liaison Committee" centered on the neighborhood association around the construction site.
  • 12/11 Tobu Railway and its subsidiary, Shin Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd., announced that they have signed a "reservation contract" for the new tower on the same day with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and six broadcasters of five commercial broadcasters in Tokyo.After completion, it will sign a "formal usage contract" with each broadcaster.


  • 3/12 City planning decision regarding the area around Oshiage / Narihirabashi Station (change of restricted area, district plan, etc.).
  • 3/19 The name of "New Tokyo Tower" has been changed from the general public to "Tokyo EDO Tower", "Tokyo Sky Tree", "Mirai Tower", "Yumemiyagura", "Rising East Tower", and "Rising Tower". Announced that it was narrowed down by the "Tower Name Review Committee".The official name will be decided by a general vote.Voting period starts from April 6st5/31Until.
  • Announced a policy to raise the current capital of 5 million yen from broadcasting companies etc. to 14 billion yen on May 4[106].
  • 5/30 Submit environmental impact assessment report.
  • June 6 Submission of post-survey plan for environmental impact assessment.
  • June 6 The official name is decided as "Tokyo Sky Tree".Along with that, New Tokyo Tower Co., Ltd. changed the company name to "Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., Ltd."
  • July 7 Safety Prayer Festival[Annotation 11] The groundbreaking ceremony was held and construction started.The total project cost of the tower part is expected to be about 650 billion yen.
  • 9/2 WebcamThe relay of the state under construction started at.
  • 12/1 Concluded a reservation contract for the new tower with Tokyo Metropolitan Television (TOKYO MX).
  • 12/6 Foundation work (pile work for concrete walls 50 meters underground) has been completed.
  • 12/26 Construction of the elevator shaft has begun, and steel frames have begun to rise above the ground.


  • 2/5 Started how to build a steel frame for the underground foundation of the tower, and made three dings (Kanae) And prayed for safety.
  • On February 2, the color design was announced and it was decided to be "Skytree White".
  • 4/6 The work of installing the steel frame of the main body (weight about 29 tons, height about 4 meters, diameter 2.3 meters, thickness 10 cm) on the foundation in the ground and fastening with gold and silver bolts "Tacking" The construction to assemble the steel frame of the main body of the above-ground part was started.[107].
  • May 5st Official from a height of 1 meters under constructionサイトAnnouncement started in sequence.
  • 6/8 Construction was carried out to combine the three legs that support the tower body, which is the first mountain area of ​​the main body steel frame assembly work, 3 meters above the ground.
  • 8/7 It exceeds 100 meters in height and reaches 105 meters.
  • October 10 Announced the change in height to 16 meters and lighting design when completed.
  • 11/10 Reached a height of 200 meters (press release).
  • 11/22 The inside of Sky Tree is open to the public (#External linkreference).
  • December 12 Aquarium and aquarium in the commercial facilityplanetarium(Konica MinoltaAnnounced the opening of the planetarium "Tenku" in Tokyo Skytree Town).
  • 12/20 Surround the tower above groundscaffoldIs removed and the tower pillars show the whole picture.
  • December 12st-21th As Christmas time, all construction lights are turned on until 26 pm and lit up[108].


  • 2/16 Reached a height of 300 meters (press release).
  • 3/1 Panasonic Electric Works has been selected as a partner company for lighting equipment.It was announced that it would aim for all-LED lighting design.
  • 3/29 At 10:17, an elevator shaft with a height of about 10 meters was installed at the top, which exceeded 332.6 meters of Tokyo Tower and reached 338 meters, making it the tallest building in Japan.
  • 4/24 Tobu World Square(Tochigi PrefectureNikko)so,1/25The exhibition of the size of Tokyo Sky Tree begins.About 26 meters high, with steel pipe columnsFRPMade, total construction cost about 2 million yen[109][110].
  • 5/5 Start of steel frame construction work for the 1st observatory starting from the diagonal pillar at the bottom[111].
  • 6/5 Start assembling the antenna gain tower in the cavity of the central axis of the tower[112][113].
  • 7/2 Tower craneThere will be a total of 398 units, from 3 units on the side of the tower tip (1 meters) to 1 unit on the roof of the 4st observatory.
  • July 7 The machine room (4 meters) where the air conditioner is placed is unveiled to the press for the first time.Steel frame construction work for the 150st observatory was completed[114][115].
  • 7/26 After the system of 7 tower cranes on July 2, disassembly, installation position change, and assembly were repeated to establish a system of 4 tower cranes at the outer yard position on the 1st observatory.[116].NorthTheAnalog clockの12時に例えればクレーン4基の設置位置は目算で3時15分、5時30分、8時45分、11時45分[117].
  • 7/30 Over 400 meters high and reach 408 meters[118].5/29Extends 398m from 2m at the time for the first time in 10 months.
  • September 9 Reached 11 meters in height.It was the tallest building in Japan, including past buildingsTsushima Omega Station(455-meter branch tower.1998/Dismantled) exceeded.
  • 9/13 Construction of the shaft steel frame that houses the elevator etc. is completed.
  • 9/29 Established "Tobu Town Soramachi Co., Ltd." as a commercial facility management company of Skytree.
  • On October 10th, for the performance test of the LED lighting used for lighting only on the day of the event, the lights were turned on and off about 13 times for 18 minutes from 30:21 to 10:160.[26][119].
  • 10/23 The final height will be 497 meters depending on how the pillars are built.After that, push up the antenna gain tower to make it the final height.[120][121].
  • 10/27 Started building the pillars of the 2nd observatory.
  • 10/28 Official character "Sorakara-chan"Decision[122].
  • November 11: Facility security work for Tokyo Sky Tree and surrounding large-scale complex facilitiesIntegrated security guaranteeTobu Building Management receives an order[123].
  • December 12 Reached a height of 1 meters.The vibration damping device, which was temporarily placed at the top of the tower on November 500, and the gain tower lifted up from the tower are docked to a height of 11 meters.[124][125].
  • 12/16 NHK and five commercial broadcasters in Tokyo are granted permission to change the installation of radio equipment for broadcasting stations on Skytree.
  • 12/18 Terrestrial digital TV broadcastingAntenna installation start[126].
  • 12/24 --On the 25th, the construction lights will be turned on until 8 pm as Christmas time.
  • 12/27 The name of the entire development district centered on Skytree is Tokyo Skytree Town, the name of the commercial facility on the lower floors and the top floor of the office building is Tokyo Solamachi, and the name of the office building to be built on the push side is Tokyo Skytree East Tower. Announced that[127]..In addition, the station name of Tobu Isesaki Line Narihirabashi Station will be changed to ""Tokyo Skytree StationAnnounced that the station facilities will be renewed.[128].
  • 12/3123:45-20111/10:30 Turn on the same construction lights as during Christmas for 45 minutes from New Year's Eve to the New Year.


  • 1/28 TOKYO MX is granted permission to change the installation of broadcasting station radio equipment on Skytree[129].
  • 2/3 NHK TokyoFM,J-WAVEandRoad traffic information communication systemPermission to change the installation of broadcasting station radio equipment on Skytree is granted to the center[56].
  • 2/17 The pillars that rise from the ground in front of the tower, which can be seen over the Kitajukken River, begin to be blocked by steel frames.
  • February 2, although it was planned to exceed 28m in heightRainfallLight windOr soft windweatherCarried over after the next day[130].
  • March 3 The Gain Tower was lifted up and reached 1 meters at 13:7.Furthermore, at 600:13, it reached a height of 29 meters, surpassing the Canton Tower to become the tallest free-standing radio tower in the world.Reached 601 meters on the same day[131].
  • Reached 3 meters on March 12. March 625Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) ByTokyo Tower OfantennaInspected whether the Sky Tree was damaged in a hurry due to the damage caused by bending.3/14Announced that it was confirmed that all the workers were safe and that there was no damage to the tower structure.[132]..Reported that there was a crack inside at a later date[133] Although there was a false alarm, it turned out that it was a false alarm, and the daily Gendai who reported this4/22"Cancelled" and "Apologized" on the paper[134]..On the other hand, due to the delay in material delivery due to the impact of the earthquake, the completion schedule at the end of the year was extended by two months.[135].
  • At 3:18 on March 13, the height reached 34 meters at the time of completion.[136][137].
  • 5/23 Sequential removal of construction-only cranes, which had been in a system of four since July 2010, 7[138][139][140].
  • June 6 Announced the opening date of Tokyo Skytree Town and the entrance fee to the observatory[141].
  • September 9 A preliminary license for the Sumida station of multimedia broadcasting for mobile terminals is issued to Japan Mobilecasting.[69].
  • Early October NHK and 10 commercial broadcasting stations in Tokyo started transmitting test radio waves with a weak radio wave of about 5/700 of the main broadcast.The Kanto Automobile Radio Association's Experimental Testing Bureau also conducted a radio wave emission test for taxi radio.[79].
  • 10/31 Completed removal of 4 cranes dedicated to construction and 3 cranes for dismantling that were subsequently installed[142][143].
  • 11/4 Announced 7 types of uniforms worn by staff.Designed by Akira Minagawa's Mina Perhonen[144].
  • 11/17 Guinness World RecordsCertified as "the tallest tower in the world" and published in "Guinness World Records 2012"[145][146][147].
  • By this December, the installation work of radio equipment by the broadcaster will be completed, and the test radio wave period of one year will begin.[51].. FM broadcasting will also enter the test radio period at the same time, but it will be shorter than TV broadcasting.
  • December 12 NHK and 5 key stations in Tokyo will be in the broadcasting suspension time from Tokyo Tower from the early morning of this day (3 o'clock)Test radio waveFor about 40 minutes, the full power (10 kW) of the same level as the terrestrial digital main broadcast is launched for the first time[79][148][149].
  • 12/23 The light-up is lit only after reaching 634 meters.


  • 2/9 The 350-meter-high first observatory is named "Tenbo Deck," and the 1-meter second observatory is named "Tenbo Corridor."
  • Late February Start of partial test lighting of night illumination[150].
  • Completed on February 2[135][151].Great East Japan EarthquakeUnder the influence ofBuilding materialMaterials such asProcurementWas delayed by two months from the original plan[152]..Integrated security is the largest in JapanResident securityStart[153].
  • 3/2 Completion ceremony.About 70 people involved in Tobu Tower Sky Tree, construction, broadcasting, etc.ShintoismPerformed with[154].
  • March Started lightning strike observation with sensors installed at the base of the Gain Tower[94].
  • 3/8 Of the TV stations installed 240 meters above the ground and above the first observatory (1 meters above the ground)Weather cameraStart of operation[Annotation 12][155].
  • 3/10・ 11 days Tokyo air raidIn 67, a memorial light-up was carried out at night (1:18 to 22:XNUMX) on both days, one year after the Great East Japan Earthquake.[156].
  • 3/17 Tobu Isesaki LineRenamed Narihirabashi Station to "Tokyo Skytree Station".At the same time, due to the timetable revision, the station will become a limited express stop.[157] In addition, "Tobu Sky Tree Line" is given as a nickname between Asakusa and Oshiage on the Tobu Isesaki Line and Tobu Animal Park.[158].
  • 3/23 Started partial operation of taxi radio of Kanto Automobile Radio Association[80][159][160].
  • Late March Started experiment of lighting up clouds near the observatory in stormy weather[150][161].
  • April 4 For mobile terminalsMultimedia broadcasting"MobacasAnd used the same broadcastSmartphoneBroadcasting station "NOTTVMain broadcast started[70].
  • 4/17
    • The second observatory "Tenbo Corridor" is open to the press for the first time.
    • Two brothers from Tochigi Prefecture are in an adjacent facility to climb the Tokyo Sky TreeTrespassHowever, an incident occurred in which the current offender was arrested[162].
  • 4/19 "Miyabi" and "Iki" will be lit up for the first time.
  • April 4 NHK Tokyo FM (23 MHz) and J-WAVE (82.5 MHz) transmission stations are relocated from Tokyo Tower and the main broadcast starts from Sky Tree.[57][58]..At the same time, VICS using NHK-FM broadcastingTeletext, And the Kanto Automobile Radio Association's taxi radio operation has also started.[81].
  • 4/26 Emperor and Empress (at that time, nowAkihito-Empress MichikoMr. and Mrs.) visited the Tembo Corridor[163].
  • 5/3 - 5 days Held a preview for Sumida Ward residents.Published for the first time to non-celebrities and the press.
  • On the morning of May 5th, about 14 people concerned will attend the opening ceremony at the "Tenbo Deck".[164].
  • Opened on May 5nd.at the same timeOshiage StationIntroduced "Skytree Mae" as a sub-station name of[158].. It was scheduled to open at 10 o'clock, but it was opened 30 minutes earlier at 9:30 because it was crowded with many people.Also, in the evening, the elevator stopped due to strong winds and admission to the Tembo Corridor was cut off.As a special production on the opening day, "Iki" and "Miyabi" were written alternately every 30 minutes.[165].
  • 7/7 Tanabata light up. It is the first time to carry out lighting up other than "Iki" and "Miyabi"[166].
  • 7/11 Started selling same-day tickets for the Tenbo Deck, which had only accepted reservations until then.
  • 7/28 For the first time since openingSumida River fireworks displayIt will be a special sales system.Also released the movie "Tokyo Sky Tree World's No. XNUMX Secret".
  • 8/1 At 8:54, the total number of visitors (cumulative visitors to the "Tenbo Deck") reached 100 million.[167].
  • 8/27 From this day, TOKYO MX emits test radio waves on 16 physical channels every day with full power (3 kW) at the same level as terrestrial digital main broadcasting. Until September 9, radio waves were emitted without video and audio signals, but after September 27, radio waves with the same content as Tokyo Tower (so-called)Service broadcasting) Fire[168].
  • 9/7 2020 Summer OlympicsOn this day, one year before the venue was decided, a special light-up was held.
  • At 10 o'clock on October 1st, with Tokyo Tower due to TOKYO MX physical channel switching measuresSimul broadcastingStart[50]. Also,Pink ribbonAs part ofRainbow BridgeAnd Tokyo Tower,Tokyo Metropolitan Government BuildingLights up in pink as well.
  • November 11 NHK ChairmanMasayuki MatsumotoIn a monitor survey by sending test radio waves at midnightReception failureAnnounced at a press conference[169].
  • December 12 Prompt general viewers to confirm reception of TV broadcast waves from Skytree "Tokyo Sky Tree reception confirmation test』Broadcast on NHK and key stations[170][171].


  • 2/28 The number of visitors to the observatory reached 283 million on the 500rd day of opening[172].
  • 5/12 At noon, TOKYO MX stopped sending from Tokyo Tower and switched to sending from Tokyo Sky Tree.[52].
  • 5/13 TaiwanSkyscrapers,Taipei 101Conclude a friendly relationship with[173].
  • 5/20 The number of visitors to the observatory reached 363 million on the 634rd day of opening[174].
  • 5/22 1st anniversary of opening.In commemoration of this, all the special light-ups of the past were done[175].
  • 5/31 At 9 o'clock, the main broadcast from the TV broadcast Sky Tree of 7 NHK commercial broadcasting key stations in Tokyo started[176][177][178][179].
  • 12/6 The number of visitors to the observatory exceeded 1 million in about a year and a half after opening.[180].




  • 5/22 4th anniversary of opening.Along with this, the monitor at the top of the elevator for the Tenbo Deck (H350) will change to a spring / summer / autumn / winter production.
  • 6/30 Broadcasting of Mobacas and NOTTV ends at noon[71][72].


  • 5/18 Added a new light-up "Nobori".
  • 5/22 The 5th anniversary of the opening of business.


  • 5/22 The 6th anniversary of the opening of business.
  • 10/23 The Skytree Terrace Tour at H155 is open (until November 2019, 11, it will be held only on weekdays except Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, specific days, and busy seasons).

2019 (Heisei 31)ReiwaFirst year)

  • 4/1 Revised the admission fee for the Tembo Deck and Tembo Corridor.With this revision, weekday charges and holiday charges will be set, and set tickets will also be newly established.Free for preschoolers.Advance tickets (reserved-seat tickets) can be purchased cheaper than same-day tickets[184].
  • 5/22 The 7th anniversary of the opening of business.
  • 11/30 The Skytree Terrace Tour is also held on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (not held on specific days or busy seasons).

2020 years (Ryowa 2 years)

  • 3/1 - 5/31 Temporarily closed for 3 months to prevent infection and spread of coronavirus disease.
  • 5/22 The 8th anniversary of the opening of business.
  • 7/22 Announced a new uniform worn by staff.Designed by Megumi Higashiyama.The new uniform will be available from October[185].

2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)

  • 1 --From the Government of JapanTokyoAgainstEmergency declarationDue to the announcement (2nd), the closing of the museum has been advanced by 20:20 in response to the request from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to shorten the business hours by XNUMX:XNUMX.
  • 3/19 ――In response to the cancellation of the state of emergency and the request from Tokyo to shorten the business hours to new restaurants, the closing of the museum will be advanced by 21:XNUMX.[186]
  • 4/12 --Since the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has designated it as a priority measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases (designated period, until May 5), we have requested a shorter business hours to further advance the business hours to restaurants by 11:20. Along the way, the closing will be advanced again by 20:XNUMX[187]
  • 4/25 --The Government of Japan issued a state of emergency (3rd), and as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government requested that large commercial facilities, including restaurants, be closed, some specialty stores such as food floors were opened. Except, the entire building was temporarily closed[188]
  • 6/1 --Based on a request from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for emergency measures, etc., business resumes with reduced business hours until 8:6 pm only on weekdays, which is the weekday rate application date.It will be temporarily closed on Saturdays and Sundays until June 20, and will resume business on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on the days when the holiday fee is applied from the 26th.

2022 years (Ryowa 4 years)

  • 4/12 ――From this day, the development of the 10th anniversary commemorative project started.At the same time, as an actress's official ambassador "Real Sorakara-chan"Haruka FukuharaAppointed[36][189][190].
  • May 5-22th anniversary of opening.

Attracting activities and the process until the construction site is decided

"Six companies in Tokyo new tower promotion project" is the construction site of the new tower The first candidate site is "SumidaTaito"Area", the second candidate site is "Saitama ShintoshinHowever, it was decided on March 2006, 3 as "Sumida / Taitung area".[191]..By the time the decision was made, a number of activities were carried out in various parts of Tokyo.



The "Narihirabashi / Oshiage district" in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, which was the first candidate site, is on the Tobu Isesaki line.Narihirabashi StationIt is an area centered on the site of a freight station located between a part of the premises and Oshiage Station (Keisei Oshiage Line, Toei Asakusa Line, Tobu Isesaki Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line).The owner of the site is Tobu Railway, and the company will bear the construction cost of about 500 billion yen as the business entity.

20058/25, The companyNHK・ Since the six companies in Tokyo and Sumida Ward exchanged a "three-party confirmation letter" to discuss the construction decision and agreed to make a final decision at the end of December, Sumida Ward could be decided as a candidate site. It became influential.However, due to the fact that the plan to renovate and use the current Tokyo Tower has not disappeared and the negotiations over the rent at the new Tokyo Tower have been difficult between the broadcaster side and Tobu Railway, it will be within the year on December 6th. The decision was abandoned and changed to the decision by the end of March 12 (Heisei 12).

Sumida Ward and Tobu Railway explained that the decision time was postponed because the consultation time was insufficient. 2006 (Heisei 18)3/25NHK and 6 companies in Tokyo officially decided to build in Sumida Ward,31th of the same monthA press release was made in.


The operating company of Tokyo TowerJapan Radio TowerIt is,2004/In the summer of (16), the height of Tokyo Tower was raised by about 30 meters from the current level to broadcasters, and after the end of analog TV broadcasting, the analog TV antenna was removed and replaced with a digital TV antenna, and the transmitting antenna position. The plan was to install the TV at 90 meters above the ground, which is about 350 meters higher than the current one.In the case of this plan, the repair cost is about 500 billion yen, which is cheaper than the construction cost of about 40 billion yen for the new Tokyo Tower, and it is said that there is a big difference in the rent of broadcasting facilities compared to the new tower of each station. ..The company earns about 6% of its income from rents such as broadcasting-related equipment, and when the new Tokyo Tower is completed, all the equipment of the broadcasting company will be moved to Tokyo Sky Tree, resulting in a significant decrease in income. ..

Although these movements were not widely reported, the company announced in 2007 (Heisei 19).9/21It was reported that the antenna would be raised from 80 meters to 100 meters to support the complete transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting.


The 1,008-meter-high "Tokyo World Tower" is separate from the New Tokyo TowerNerima"Tokyo World Tower Promotion Council" (Chairman Norio Okuda)Seibu RailwayAmusement park affiliatedToshimaenSite of about 2m2With Seibu, aiming for constructionLotte GroupWe were engaged in attracting activities in collaboration with.The tower was designed by living on the Seibu line.manga artist OfReiji MatsumotoWas in charge of[192].


East Japan Railway(JR East)Shinjuku StationSouth exitYamanote Line,center laneEstablish a base over the railroad tracks[Annotation 13], What JR East was planning to build a 600-meter class tower[193]..Estimated construction cost is about 500 billion yen[193].

It was selling the closeness to each broadcasting station, but at that timeMinistry of Transport(CurrentMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)But,Aviation lawIn the future due to the revision ofHaneda airportThe ministry said that it was planning to lift the ban on the route over Shinjuku for takeoff and landing aircraft.airplaneThe plan disappeared after being pointed out that it would hinder operation.[193].


Sunshine CityAdjacent toIndependent administrative agencyMintActivities to attract a 600-meter-high tower to the site of the Tokyo branch officeSpecified nonprofit corporationTokyo Urban Create 21 was doing it.In addition to the Sunshine Square, it was also a disaster prevention square.In addition, it should be notedToshimaWas also participating in the aforementioned Tokyo World Tower (Nerima Ward) attraction activity[192].


Shopping districtThere was also an activity to attract "Taitung World Tower" led by the private sector such as the Tourism Federation.The place is Taito WardSumida ParkThe plan was to build a 600-meter-high tower in the area around the city hall.


Is it the site of the Nippon Broadcasting System antenna in Higashirokugatsu Town?Toneri ParkThere was also a plan to attract towers to two places on the site, both of which were planned to build a tower with a height of 2 meters.


Akihabara StationFront parking lot (rearAkihabara CrossfieldThere was also a plan to build an 800-meter-high tower (Akihabara Tower / Akiba Tower) in the vicinity), and it was planned as a complex facility that also houses offices and amusement facilities.Initially, it was reported that the east and west (Kanda fruit and vegetable market ruins) along the Yamanote Line, where the rotary and Akihabara Crossfield are currently located, were before redevelopment, and a 600-meter-class tower straddling the overpass was being planned.In front of the station, there was a tower model that was supposed to be 800 meters high.[194].



SaitamaSaitamaAs a "second candidate site"Omiya plateauSaitama prefecture located aboveさ い た ま 市 中央 区 OfSaitama ShintoshinHe was advocating the idea of ​​building a "Saitama Tower" in Block 8-1A. "Saitama Tower" was a candidate site next to "Sumida / Taito area" because it has an excellent backup function in the event of an earthquake in Tokyo due to the new tower promotion project of 6 companies in Tokyo.Officials in Saitama Prefecture and Saitama City worked hard to attract the "Saitama Tower" in an attempt to improve the image of "Saitama", but the radio wavesinterferenceIt is estimated that there will be about 14 households, which is about seven times as large as the "Sumida / Taitung area", and the cost of countermeasures will be even larger.

The 8-1A block in Saitama Shintoshin, which was the planned construction site for "Saitama Tower", is provisionallyParking LotIn March 2008 (Heisei 20), it is used as an office with a height of 3 meters.SkyscraperIt was officially decided to buildWorld financial crisisDue to the influence of the above, the company in charge of development requested a scale reduction, and Saitama Prefecture and Saitama City refused this, and in 2010 (Heisei 22) it became a blank sheet again. In 2011 (Heisei 23),Saitama Red Cross Hospital,Saitama Children's Medical CenterA plan to relocate an existing medical facility in the prefecture, whose building is aging, emerged, and the relocation was completed in 2017 (Heisei 29).[195].

Discussion on the pros and cons of the new tower construction itself and its location

The advantages and disadvantages of constructing a new radio tower in the Kanto area were discussed.

In northern Kanto, Utsunomiya (Utsunomiya) due to geographical conditionsUtsunomiya Tower) ・ Haruna (Maebashi Television Station) It will be possible to receive terrestrial digital broadcasting even in areas where waves cannot be received and even the reception level of tower waves is low.It is expected that the area will be substantially expanded by changing the TOKYO MX of the prefectural area station to 16 channels with less interference in Ibaraki prefecture and moving to Skytree without the current transmission output and directivity. Was there.On the other hand, TOKYO MX will be able to deliver broadcasts to the entire area of ​​Tokyo by moving the master station to Tokyo Sky Tree and transmitting from a position higher than Tokyo Tower, but spillover will occur on a large scale by that amount. It was repelled by an independent broadcasting station in a neighboring prefecture.

When considering the construction of a TV tower in the Akihabara area in the past, one of the reasons for the suspension of construction was that "a high-sensitivity receiver may generate noise directly under the radio tower."For this reason, there are similar concerns at Tokyo Skytree.[196].

Question that it may be necessary to change the direction of the TV antenna because it will be in a different place from Tokyo Tower[197] However, the opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the Engineering Department of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation, etc. is "no problem".[198] Is. According to the simulation up to 2009 (Heisei 21), sufficient electric field strength can be obtained even in the direction of 90 degrees, which is the most difficult to receive with respect to the Sky Tree.However, reception in the immediate vicinity will attenuate it.AttenuatorIt may be more stable to use.

Regarding the orientation of the antenna, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is the Information and Communications Council Information and Communications Policy Subcommittee "The 42nd Review Committee on Promotion of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting" (2009 (21))1/16At the event), he said, "The shift of the master station of terrestrial digital broadcasting in the Kanto area from Tokyo Tower to Tokyo Sky Tree will have almost no impact on viewers."The strength of radio waves is strong in the 23 wards of Tokyo, and there is a high possibility that you can watch terrestrial digital broadcasting programs even if the antenna is not facing the Tokyo Sky Tree, and it is located in areas far from Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree. There was a view that the relationship would not change relatively, so there would be almost no impact on the viewers.[Annotation 14]..However, in reality, radio interference as described later occurred, causing a large delay in the transition schedule.

Problems with Tokyo Sky Tree

Economic side

It is expected that the creation of the Tokyo Sky Tree will bring more tourists to the area and revitalize local commerce.However, when recruiting tenants, although priority was given to local shops, the rent was high (the unit price per tsubo in Sumida Ward is around 1 yen, but Skytree is 3 to 5 yen), so it was decided not to enter one. Tata[199]..As a result, Tokyo Skytree has a large-scale commercial facility, and in the short term, it is local.Shopping districtIs likely to put pressure on[196]..In the long run, as many tourist towers and tourist facilities built in the past in JapanTheme parkThe number of visitors is decreasing as time passes from the opening due to the decline in value and obsolescence.To secure a stable number of visitorsTokyo Disneyland,Tokyo Disney SeaincludingTokyo Disney ResortIt has been pointed out that relying heavily on the tourism value of the tower itself entails significant management risks, as huge reinvestments such as are required but the costs are not sufficiently secured.[200].

Entering 2018, the number of visitors is decreasing year by year[201](7% compared to the year after opening) Background[202] Announced a policy to reduce the price of group reservation customers from April 2019[202]..In addition, the number of visitors to Skytree Town has decreased from 4476 million in the opening year to 3078 million.[202].

Environmental and safety aspects

In the surrounding area, by a large number of tourists and spectators who visited Tokyo Sky TreeIllegal parking, GarbageLittering,Standing piss, Midnight / early morning noise, traffic jams,Walking cigaretteEtc. are also a problem[203][204].

It is also said that the wind hits the tower body and the wind noise becomes noise.[205].

Electromagnetic waveMedical research on the effects of electromagnetic waves on the human body is still underway, but electromagnetic waves have caused local residents toElectromagnetic hypersensitivityIt has been pointed out that the risk of developing the disease may increase.It has also been pointed out that electromagnetic waves may cause electromagnetic interference and affect computers, etc.[206].

Weather problems

From February to March 2010, it reached about 22 meters, and on April 2, it reached a height of about 3 meters, but at this time it was in Tokyo.SnowfallAnd stuck to the top of the towersnowA piece or lump of[207]..For this reason, a countermeasures headquarters is set up in the office during snowfall. In late January 2012, damage that was thought to be caused by snowfall occurred within a radius of 1 meters.

Structurally, the cylindrical pillars of the tower are slanted up and down, making it difficult for snow to accumulate, but because the material is metal, it is susceptible to changes in outside temperature.Furthermore, snow tends to accumulate on the observatory, and snow that has accumulated for a long time at a high position tends to become hard like ice, so in case a large lump falls, 2012 (Heisei 24)2/1112 daysToTobu TowerObayashi teamCalled passers-by to watch out for snowfall.In addition, Tobu Tower is responding to compensation for the damage.[208].. By the end of 2012, a total of 150 cameras will be added between 634 meters above the ground and 45 meters above the top, and about 60 guards on the ground will alert pedestrians and residents of falling snow by monitoring the snow cover. I do[209].. 20131/15Snow lumps with a diameter of 20 cm or more fell on the roof many times, some of them were regulated, and four damages such as holes in the roof of a private house occurred.

In this way, the problem of snowfall has often been pointed out before the opening of Skytree, but the problem of strong winds has also emerged since the opening.On the first day of opening, the elevator operation was suspended as early as the storm, and the second observatory was closed more than two hours earlier.[210]..Including this day, the observatory was closed on the 2012th in FY25.

In 2013 (Heisei 25), the observatory was closed for 40 days, and the annual number of visitors to Skytree was about 619 million, which was 25 less than expected.[211].

Radio disturbance

IbarakiKasumigaura CityThe TV watched at was receiving radio waves from Tokyo Tower, but there are areas where it is difficult to receive radio waves due to interference with the radio waves from Tokyo Sky Tree, so radio interference due to Tokyo Sky Tree Was alerting the public[212][213].

As mentioned above, it is thought that radio interference is unlikely to occur due to the move from Tokyo Tower to Tokyo Sky Tree, and the switching of the six TV companies in Tokyo was scheduled for around January 6.[51] Has stopped transmitting from Tokyo Tower at midnight between July and October 2012, and conducted a monitor survey of viewer participation using test radio waves transmitted from Tokyo Sky Tree.housing complexIt was found that 10.5% of households and 11% of detached houses could not receive radio waves correctly.Causes include problems with antenna orientation, use of indoor antennas, and installation in strong electric field areas.Receive boosterThere was a problem that the radio wave was amplified and was too strong to be received correctly.Reception failures are not unevenly distributed in the region, but are scattered in dots according to the installation situation, and it is estimated that it will affect about 1 out of about 6 million households and business establishments in 1500 prefectures in the Kanto region. NHK Chairman said that the transfer of functions is expected to be delayed due to the measures against the above reception problems.Masayuki MatsumotoIs 2012 (Heisei 24)11/1Revealed at a press conference[169][214].

For this reason, 2012 (Heisei 24)12/22Prompts you to confirm the reception of radio waves from Tokyo Sky Tree.Tokyo Sky Tree reception confirmation test』Broadcast started at 6 TV companies in Tokyo, calling for consultation with the Tokyo Skytree Transition Promotion Center if there is a problem, and paying a total of 100 billion yen to take measures to avoid reception problems such as adjusting and replacing antennas in each home Was to be done[169][170][171][215]..In addition, if the reception of broadcasting stations other than the six TV companies in Tokyo (Tele-Tama, Ciba-Tele, tvk, The Open University of Japan, etc.) is affected, the Transition Promotion Center will handle it.Due to this problem, function transfer2013/(25)5/1After that, it was changed to around the end of May of the same year.

Then, as a result of repeatedly received confirmation test, carried out in consultation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications from the fact that number of consultations from viewers with the prospect of reduced corresponding construction, 2013 (25)5/24ToMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsYoshitaka ShindoHowever, in the same year, provided that reception failures do not increase sharply in future test broadcasts and that each station takes all possible measures for reception even after relocation.5/31Announced that it would allow the move to Skytree, and announced that the six TV companies in Tokyo would officially move on the same day.[176][177][178] did.Then, on May 5, the same year, it shifted to broadcasting from Skytree at 31:9.

なお、同年3月31日時点で16万4251件の相談があり7万1516件に対策が必要な事が判明し、同年5月28日までの要対策件数は12万5400世帯であった。さらに、同年5月31日9時の完全移行後、スカイツリーの地元である墨田・Taito-EdogawaApproximately 3 households receiving cable TV in the 2200rd ward suffered reception problems such as screen distortion or nothing being displayed due to strong radio waves from Skytree interfering with old terminals and cables. did[216]..In addition, from 9:22 to 1:7792 on the same day, there were 7664 consultations (including XNUMX consultations requiring countermeasure construction) at the reception consultation call center.[216], It has been announced that 5 new reception failures were found between May 31st and June 6th of the same year.[217].


  • The number of visitors in the first week after opening was 1, which was 164 times the initial forecast (about 3000 million).[218].
  • The singer who looked at the scenery from the observation deckLady Gaga"It's raining outside, but I've never seen such a beautiful view," he praised.[219].
  • Jobu UniversityProfessor of Faculty of Management InformationNobuo Ikeda"It seems that the world's most advanced technology is used for the construction of Sky Tree, but this useless long product is said to be the best engineer in the world but the worst manager in the world.CompanyIt is a "21st century pyramid" that symbolizes[220].
  • Writer'sAyako Sono"The height competition isLeast developed countriesIsn't it something to do?I want you to grow up.Any tall tower can be pulled out now. "[221].
  • AmericaHistoricalTravel magazine"Travel + LeisureWas selected as the number one tourist destination in Tokyo's seven disappointing tourist destinations.[222].


Distant view

Scenery from the observatory

Scenery under construction

Works dealing with Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree has received a great deal of attention since it was under construction, and has appeared in various novels and video works as a new symbol of Tokyo.However, since there are so many works that they may appear directly or just as a background, they are omitted.

Also, unlike Tokyo Tower, "Tokyo Sky Tree" is a brand name, so permission from Tobu Tower Sky Tree is required, so if the name cannot be used, avoid mentioning it, such as "Tokyo Sky Tower". In some cases, the name is changed to[Annotation 15].

Many Tokyo TowerSpecial effects movies,Special effects TV dramamonsterI dealt with monsters in recent years, probably because I was defeated byNovel,Comic, In anime, there are many works in which Tokyo Sky Tree is attacked by monsters as a landmark of Tokyo instead of Tokyo Tower.[Annotation 16].

Appearance in special effects works

In addition, the special effects work itself in which Tokyo Sky Tree appearsKawasaki MinoruDirector'sElectric ace"[223],Super squadron seriesof"Machinery squadron Zenkaiger], But the number is small.

The special effects movie released in theaters on July 2019, 7 ``Movie version Kamen Rider Zio Over Quartzer]HeiseiQuartzer, who resets the times and tries to start over, swallows all the humans and goods born in Heisei into the space-time holes in the air, and finally even the Tokyo Sky Tree breaks at the root and is sucked in. ,Tokyo TowerWas safe because it was made in the Showa era.The staff seemed hesitant about this development, so when I asked the Tokyo Skytree side if it was okay to inhale, it seemed that there was no problem if it broke and broke, and replied, "It's okay if it doesn't turn into a monster." Was done[224].

In addition, the special effects TV drama "Ultra Q dark fantasy], A radio tower called "666nd Tokyo Tower" with a height of 2m appeared.Recum peopleThe work itself was four years before the construction of Tokyo Sky Tree began (2004/) Was produced[Annotation 17].


Documentary movie "Tokyo Sky Tree World's No. XNUMX Secret"
Until the opening of the business based on the construction record videoDocumentary movie[225].2012/7/28Release. Inspired by the fact that a pigeon stopped at the top when it reached the completion target of 2011 m in March 3, two pigeons John Pee and Crook explained the whole story of the construction from the perspective of the pigeon. However, as the construction progresses, the relationship between the two birds deepens.[226].
ス タ ッ フ
  • Voice appearance:Hiroshi Kamiya(Crook),Yoko Hikasa(John Pee)
  • Director: Junichi Nogami
  • Production:Shinichiro Inoue
  • Planning: Tomomichi Kitao, Koji Mizukoshi
  • Producers: Akemi Sugayama, Osamu Shimizu
  • Production Supervisor: Tsutomu Tsuchikawa
  • script:Hirotoshi Kobayashi
  • Music: Manabu Nagayama
  • Arrange programming: Go Sato
  • Edited by: Kunimitsu Nojima, Ikuo Iwamine
  • Sound effects: Masanobu Kuroda, Takahiro Tanuma
  • Acoustic Advisor: Takeshi Nishina
  • Mixer: Nobuhiko Shimbashi
  • Interview: Tomohiro Okamura, Yosuke Sato, Hiroya Ikebe
  • CG production (character): Digital Frontier
  • CG Producers: Suguru Matsumura, Shun Shimizu, Hideki Kogaku
  • CG Director: Shiina Politics
  • CG Production Manager: Keitaro Hamabe, Takahiro Tamura
  • CG designers: Kazuhiro Uchida, Morie Toshima
  • CG production: Digital Garden, NHK Art
  • Promotion: Kaori Sakano, Ai Sasaki, Kiyoka Taki
  • Theme song:Asako Toki"Connected future" (lyrics:Shinji Kakijima, Junichi Nogami / Composition: Manabu Nagayama, Go Sato)
  • Special cooperation / video cooperation: Tobu Railway, Tobu Tower Sky Tree
  • Supervision cooperation: Nikken Sekkei
  • Video cooperation: Obayashi Corporation, NHK
  • Production: NHK Enterprise
  • Distribution: Kadokawa Movie Film Ink
  • Production Committee: Kadokawa Shoten, Obayashi,NHK Enterprise, Hakuhodo,Sony pcl
Anime movie
"Detective Conan Another sniper"
Television Animation"Detective Conan』Theatrical version 18th work.2014/(26)4/19Release.Appear in the workBell Tree TowerIt is a model of, and the height has been changed to 635m.In addition, Bell Tree Tower is "Lupine the XNUMXrd VS Detective Conan THE MOVIE』(2013/(25)12/7As one of the stages of (public), it has appeared a little earlier than "Sniper of another dimension".





Transit Bus

Highway bus / direct bus

Busta Shinjuku,Toki StationDirection(Chiba Chuo Bus) Does not stop in front of Tokyo Skytree Town on February 2019, 2 due to route change[228]..After that, it has been abolished.

Regular sightseeing bus

More informations

  • About 180 years ago, when the Tokyo Sky Tree was completed1831/Around (13th year of Bunsei / XNUMXst year of Tenpo)Ukiyo-eTeacherKuniyoshi UtagawaIn the "Toto Mitsumata no Zu" drawn by, a tower similar to the Sky Tree is drawn in the same place where the Sky Tree stands (right image).Koin-inSumo SumoThere is a theory that it is a sumo turret that is erected when the is opened, or a theory that it is a well digging turret, but the details are unknown.[229].
  • February 2010, 22 (Heisei 4),TochigiNikko OfTobu World SquareToScale1/25"Tokyo Sky Tree and Peripheral Complex Development" has been added as a new exhibit.It is announced that this exhibition, which was completed a little earlier than the actual one, has a total height of 26 meters and a total construction cost of about 2 million yen.On the day of the facility's opening anniversary, it was a free day for admission.Tobu 350 seriesbyAsakusaDepartureKinugawa OnsenGoingGallery列車, It was the first day of operation of "Skytree Train".
  • On August 2010, 22, the Koto branch of the Social Affairs Department of the Yomiuri Shimbun opened the "Tokyo Skytree Mae Branch", which specializes in interviews, across the Kitajukken River. Posted at any time, including the latest situation in the neighborhood[230]..In addition to reporters, it also accepts spectators, and exhibition panels and related publications were sold, and 45 people visited, but the room was closed on July 2012, 7.[231].
  • On March 2011, 23, the "Gain Tower" of Tokyo Sky Tree was pulled up to a height of 3 meters, but when the height was announced, it was first changed to the tens place of 18 meters. The height was displayed as "634m" for a moment and made a noise to the gathered press.[232].
  • Official Tokyo Sky Tree in facility information etc.ChineseThe notation is "Tokyo Sky Tower / Tokyo Sky Tower(However, some "TOKYO SKYTREE"WhenEnglishIt may be written).Initially, the meaning of "Sky Tree" was changed to Kanji as it is.Tokyo Skytree / Tokyo Sky TreeI was planning to useChugokuAlready inTrademark registrationTobu Railway unavoidably abandoned the registration of the Chinese name with this name because it turned out to be[233] However, it was changed to the current name.


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Noriyuki Higashiyama(Higashiyama Noriyuki,1966/<Showa 41>9/30[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor,singer,talent,chairperson.Boy corpsMembers.Johnny's OfficeBelongs.Blood Type TheA type[2]..The real name is the same.Nickname is Higashi[6].

Wifeactress OfKimura Yoshino[7].. As of May 2021, he is the oldest artist and talent in Johnny & Associates.[8].



Kanagawa[2]Kawasaki City[1][3]Koku-kuFrom Tsukagoshi[4].. Paternalgrandfather RussianBlood[9].. Have a sister[10].

Born in Kawasaki,OkayamaAfter immigrating toAichiNagoya cityAfter moving to[11], When Higashiyama was 3 years old,divorce[5].. After that, I was raised in Kawasaki under my mother[11][9][12].. Then the motherRemarriageBut divorced again[12][13].


Kawasaki City Oshima Nursery School ⇒ Kawasaki City Higashisakuramoto Elementary School (now Kawasaki City Sakura Elementary School) → Kawasaki City Furukawa Elementary School ⇒ Kawasaki City Tsukagoshi Junior High School[14].

In elementary school, 3 years from the 3rd grade,kendoGo to the classroom. When I was in 6th grade横 浜 市Achieve the victory at the district competition of Kendo competition[14].

From middle school to high school, club activitiesbasketballBelong to the department. From the time I was in the first grade in middle schoolregularEntered, runner-up in Kanagawa Prefecture when in 2nd grade, when in 3rd gradecaptainAct as[14].

To the entertainment world

In the early spring, when I graduated from elementary school in another monthNHK Broadcast CenterFrom a mother who worked in a barber shopLet's Go YoungReceived the ticket for the public recording of ", and with three friendsNHK HallI went to see. On the way homeShibuya scramble intersectionThe figure of Higashiyama, the shaved head who was waiting for the traffic light, was the president of Johnny's office, which happened to pass by by car.Janie KitagawaCaught in the eye[3][15], Johnny Kitagawa himself got out of the car and called out to Higashiyama immediately[12][16].. Direct scouting from the president is a rare case at Johnny's office[17].

Entered Johnny's Office in 1979[3][18],Nakano High School attached to Meiji UniversityStarted camp life at the same time as enrollment[18][19].. At that time, the training camp was in Harajuku,Kawasaki Mayo,Toshihiko Tahara,Masahiko KondoAndNishikori Kazuki,Uekusa KatsuhideAbout 10 people lived[20].. While receiving lessons from singing and dancing as a lesson student, he acts as a back dancer for senior talent. Later high school dropped out[19].

1982/Became a member of the Boy Squadron,1985/As a boy group on December 12MasqueradeRecord debut[18].

Since his debut, he has also been active as a solo as well as a group activity. Since 2008, focusing on solo activities, he has been active in various fields such as television, stage and film, mainly in the actor industry.[3].. On the other hand, in the same yearTV AsahiSeries TV drama "Deadly Workman 2009The theme song ofKyoka SuigetsuTo singMasahiro Matsuoka-Tadayoshi OkuraAnd a limited time unitThe SHIGOTONINAre formed[21].

On September 2020, 9, it was revealed that Kazukiyo Nishikiori and Katsuhide Uekusa would leave Johnny's office within the same year.[22]..Regarding the Shonentai, "there are no plans to work as a group" after that, but the name will continue as a group belonging to the same office.[22]..Higashiyama remains in the office and continues activities[22].

2021 year 5 month,Masahiko KondoBecame the oldest artist / talent agency belonging to Johnny & Associates after leaving Johnny's office.

Private life

2010/10/23To2008/March Stage “Farewell, my love, BetsuhimeWas associated with the co-starringactress OfKimura YoshinoAnd got married after about two and a half years of dating[7].Kenichi EndoBecame Cupid[23].2011/11/4The first daughter is born[24]Then,2013/5/29Had a second daughter, the second child[25].


body fat percentageKeeps 9%[26].. He says that running 1km a month is a rule he has imposed on himself. Abdominal muscles continue 100 times a day for over 1 years[27].

With my dance numberBack rollThey show off the sideways back, the back from the hill, and the wall.

2003/Stage performed inPLAYZONE 2003 Vacation], I broke my instep during the performance immediately after the performance began,[1], Without a day offChiakiDanced up to the role[28].

NHK taiga dramaStarring (Ryukyu WindIt's also Johnny's talent who first served on January 1993-June 1, 10).[3][18].

Performs a wide range of roles from serious second roles to comical roles[6].Historical dramaSo far, I played in the first challenge historical dramaOkita SojiBegins withYoshitsune Minamoto,Asanouchi Takumi,Matsudaira Yoho,Fujiwara,Yoshimitsu Ashikaga,Ooka EchizenHistorical figures such asLight sourceIs playing.

Fashionable since 1987Soy sauce faceThe name is mentioned as a representative. In 1988, as a representative of soy sauce faceBuzzword AwardHas won the popular word category / popular award.

When I was trying to live alone for the first time in relation to junior office junior talent, I was asked by the office to "keep me".[3], TOKIOTatsuya Yamaguchi,Taichi Kokubun,Masahiro MatsuokaHave been present[29][30][31]. Also,20th Century OfMasayuki SakamotoHad a time when he was an attendant of Higashiyama[32]. Besides this,KinKi Kids OfKoichi DomotoNot only do I have friendships with many juniors, but I also serve as a lecturer at a new training session at Johnny's office.[33].

CuisineIs good atDuet』I also had a serial page showing off my own cooking on the magazine[34].


1999 year 9 month,scuba divingTo start. Obtain advanced license[35].

Was the moderatorNippon TVInformation live program "@Suppli!], after a month and a half2005/Held in AprilJALHonolulutriathlonAnnounced to participate in "2005".triathlonCompleted the first challenge in 4 hours, 3 minutes, and 3 seconds, exceeding the goal of 11 hours[36].

2009 year 6 month,boxingTo start. For the reason why you started,James Brown,Jackie WilsonRagaboxerIn addition to being interested in it, he said that he began to think that it was important to keep a sense of distance with the other person and how to match his breath when performing a play.[37].

To be a longing personSadaharu Oh,Bruce Lee,Michael jacksonAre listed. Sadaharu Wang's spirit, Bruce Lee's body, and the lightness of Michael Jackson are his goals[12][38].

For Higashiyama, when he was in 4th grade, the king made home run No. 700.Kawasaki StadiumI've been a longing since I saw[18], In my column, I am spelling that feeling under the title "I'm the most admired person in the world"[12][38].. Broadcasted on TBS system on July 2009, 7, he is the host and narrator.BirthdayThe talk (Sadaharu Oh vs. Noriyuki Higashiyama) was realized at the special of the 200th broadcast[18].

Since I was a kid, I've been longing for Bruce Lee, and one of the reasons why Higashiyama woke up to train his body was the existence of Lee.[12][38][39].

To Michael Jackson, when Higashiyama was 13Johnny's OfficeSince I first watched the video at the training camp[40]After being shocked by the dance performance, he continues to love and love him as the "god of dance" for a long time, and says that it is the cornerstone of his own entertainment activities.[41].. Being a choreographer of Michael with a member of the Boy ScoutsMichael petersTake lessons from[42],Tokyo DisneylandI also enjoyed the attraction with Michael himself[40][43].. In his serialized column, he talked about Michael's awesomeness under the title "The Impact of Michael Jackson".[44]Publishes a memorial column over two pages even after Michael's death[45]Spells episodes when face-to-face[12].

May 2011, 5 in OsakaUmeda Burg 7His starring movie "Side of the stream] At the stage greeting of the charity screeningHanshin TigersConfessed to be a fan of. A sports newspaper visited for coverage reported on the next day's page.[46].





Solo song

Shonentai CD songs

  • HEARTS (Shonentai's first album "Sho SHONENTAI])
  • Eternal Lover (Shonentai's first mini album "WONDERLAND])
  • On the night when everything starts (included in Shonentai's second album "PRIVATE LIFE ~ Light & Shadow ~")
  • I don't have you (Shonentai's third album "TIME ・ 19])
  • Don't be afraid, Angel (Angel (included in Shonentai's third album "TIME ・ 3")
  • Alone Christmas (Shonentai's second mini-album "PARTY])
  • It doesn't matter (Shonentai's fourth album "Heart to Heart 5years Shonentai ... and 1991])
  • Christmas without you (Shonentai's fifth album "Love makes sense to continue』Recorded in)
  • Be COOL (Shonentai's 6th album "Prism])
  • TOUCH MYSELF (included in Shonentai's 6th album "Prism")
  • Fiesta de VENUS (included in Shonentai's 24th single "Romantic Time")
  • I can't help (Shonentai's second best album "Shonentai 35th Anniversary BEST』Recorded in the complete build-to-order limited edition)
  • Before Fight (included in the limited edition of Shonentai's second best album "Shonentai 2th Anniversary BEST")
  • Millennium Medley (Ever Dream ~ All The World Is A Stage) (Included in the limited edition of Shonentai's second best album "Shonentai 2th Anniversary BEST")

PLAYZONE related songs

Unless otherwise specified, the name of the song is Shonentai.

titleLyricsCompositionCollection workRemarks
Two barefootsoundtrack"PLAYZONE'86 MYSTERY"
Love garden loversSoundtrack "PLAYZONE '88 Capriccio -Angel and Devil's Fantasy-"
kitchen!soundtrack"PLAYZONE'89 Again"
Dirty hero
Millennium Medley (Thousand Year Season ~ Ever Dream ~ She's Woman)soundtrack"PLAYZONE'90 MASK"
All lost yesterday
CRESCENT ~ Crescent Moon ~soundtrack"PLAYZONE '94 MOON"
Longing for Andalusiasoundtrack"PLAYZONE'96 RHYTHM"
Unforgettable ~ Still early for Charlestonsoundtrack"PLAYZONE'97 RHYTHM II"
DaydreamSoundtrack "PLAYZONE '98 5night's"
back to BACKsoundtrack"PLAYZONE'99 Goodbye & Hello"
Crazy gearsoundtrack"PLAYZONE2000 THEME PARK"
FABULOUS DAYsoundtrack"PLAYZONE2001 "New Century" EMOTION"
Bad Luck, Good Lucksoundtrack"PLAYZONE2002 Aishi"
get lost
Gi ☆ Mi amorsoundtrack"PLAYZONE2003 Vacation"
Forbidden MadrigalOriginal title "Don't Lover"
Mysterious Dancesoundtrack"PLAYZONE2005 ~ 20th Anniversary ~ Twenty Years ... and to the unseen future"
Sleepless nightSoundtrack "PLAYZONE2006 Change"
MIDNIGHT DANCING ~ Heat of Night ~Takeshi AidaDale SandersVHS "PLAYZONE'91 / Shock"
SHOW MUST GO ONHiroyuki MorizumiHitomi Kobori
Don't forget the brillianceHiromi MoriBob SakumaVHS "PLAYZONE'92, Farewell diary"
Today has goneHiromi MoriNagaoka ShigemuVHS "PLAYZONE'93 ・ WINDOW"Noriyuki Higashiyama
Love has already begunHiromi MoriBob SakumaVHS ・ "PLAYZONE'95 ・ KING & JOKER"
Destiny is non-stop Go Go


Nozawa TozawaKenji HayashidaVHS / DVD "PLAYZONE2003 / Vacation"Original song: Kenji Hayashida
HeavenKaku WakakoShinji Yasuda

More informations

titleCollection workRemarks
I'm sorry, tonightVHS / DVD "SPRING TOUR 92"Original song: Shonentai
StepperVHS / DVD "Shonentai Tire Presents SHONENTAI SELECT SONGS"
BE MY BABYOriginal song: COMPLEX
The start is always rainyOriginal song:Ryo Asuka
I'm in loveOriginal song:Southern All Stars
Rock'n'Roll WindOriginal song:Momoe Yamaguchi
dancing all nightOriginal song:Monta & Brothers
automaticallyOriginal song:Hikaru Utada


Only personal appearances are listed. 『PLAYZONE, Etc.Shonentai # AppearanceSee.

TV drama




Television Animation


TV program

  • The whole world is visible! TV special investigation department(October 1998, 4-March 13, 2012,Nippon TV)-Semi-regular appearance
  • areas(January 2000, 1-September 13, 2004, TBS)-Navigation Actor <Moderator> / Narration
  • ASIA SUPER LIVE (March 2001, 3, Fuji TV)-Moderator
  • One Chance! (April 2003, 4, TBS)-Moderator
  • The latest trip to London by Romeo Higashiyama & Juliet Seto (December 2003, 12, Fuji Television Network)
  • @Suppli!(April 2004, 4-September 4, 2005, NTV)-Moderator
  • 24-hour TV27 "Love Saves the Earth"-Your dream is everyone's dream- (August 2004, 8-August 21, 8, Nippon TV)-Special Supporter
  • Birthday(November 2005, 4 -,TBS) --Celebrator <Moderator> / Narration[124]
  • Tsuru tele!(April 2005, 10-September 2, 2006, NTV)-Moderator
  • Superb! Belly Peco Travel Recipe(March 2006, 3-September 5, NTV)-Moderator
  • Mozart250th anniversary of birth (November 2006, 11, NTV, Dai-ichi Life 3th Anniversary)-Navigator / Narration[125]
  • ZERO CULTURE Special edition stage “Farewell, my love, Hao Betsuhime” Noriyuki Higashiyama's challenge (March 2008, 3, NTV)
  • Humanity aimed for space! Kitano Takeshi x NASA 50 years Miracle challenge! Complete live-action file (March 2009, 3, NTV, NTV opening 15th anniversary programCanon special)-Navigator
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama Challenges Comedy!-Spreadway Musical "Curtains" 200 days SP!! (January 2010, 1, TV Asahi)
  • Sadaharu Wang Running Life (December 2011, 12, TBS,RKB60th anniversary program)-Navigator / Narration
  • A man who keeps on challenging ~ Noriyuki Higashiyama, 45 years old ~ (September 2012, 9, NHK BS Premium)
  • Educatio!~ #0 What do you do? Digitization of Education ~ (November 2012, 11, NHK E Tele)-Moderator
  • Educatio!(October 2013, 4-March 27, 2015,NHK E Tele)-Moderator
  • Sunday LIVE!!(October 2017, 10 -, TV AsahiAsahi Broadcasting → Asahi Broadcasting Television-Me ~ TeleCo-production[126])-Main caster
  • The Shonen Club(April 2018, 4 -, NHK BS Premium)-"Noriyuki Higashiyama presents special stage" corner produced[127]
  • Melody of memories(August 2019, 8, NHK General)-Moderator[128]
  • BS Fuji 20th Anniversary Program "Mitsuko Mori Only I Know-The First Confession of Gorgeous Star Tears and Laughter-" (March 2022, 3, BS Fuji)[129]


  • I like Mommy's face ~ Mother and child Hiroshima (August 1990, 8, NHK,NHK Special・Documentary drama)
  • The Great Voyage! A Mysterious and Dreamy Tour of Columbus (September 1992, 9, NTV, NTV 11th Anniversary Special Program)-Crew's Diary
  • Raging Life Special-Actress Mitsuko Mori 83, "I am happy even if I die now" (March 2004, 3, TBS)
  • Men who have been proclaimed to be out of professional baseball strength(2005 -, TBS)[124]
    • 2005 (July 2005, 12)
    • 2006 (July 2007, 1)
    • 2007 (July 2007, 12)
    • 2008 (July 2008, 12)
    • 2009 (July 2009, 12)
    • 2010 (July 2010, 12)
    • 2011 (July 2011, 12)
    • Professional Baseball Force Notification-Special Edition-(June 2012, 6, TBS)
    • 2012 (July 2012, 12)
    • 2013 (July 2013, 12)
    • 2014 (July 2014, 12)
    • 2015 (July 2015, 12)
    • 2016 (July 2016, 12)
  • (August 2006, 6, TBS,Money Spee!)
  • Fierce life document-we were professional baseball players(2007 -, TBS)
    • 2007/9/13
    • 2009/12/30
    • 2011/3/24
    • 2013/10/8

Delivery drama


Music video



Book alone. Books in a groupShonen Corps # PublicationsSee.

  • HIGASHIYAMA-STYLE Noriyuki Higashiyama Photobook (Published December 1990, 12,Fusosha)Photo/
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama (Published December 1998, 12,Magazine house
    • magazine"』Based on "Noriyuki Higashiyama's MY favorite scene" series, a photo essay reconstructed with new photos and articles
  • NORIYUKI HIGASHIYAMA talking about MAKOTO (Published February 2005, 2,Pia
    • Starring movie "MAKOTO』Dialogue & Photobook
  • SHOW LOVERY RIVER (Sho Aikawa / March 2005, 3, Pia)
    • Appeared in Sho Aikawa's book as one of the guest guests. "Interview 3 Noriyuki Higashiyama x Sho Aikawa Two people keep running"
  • Kawasaki Kid (Published June 2010, 6,Asahi Shimbun Publishing / August 2015, 8, Asahi Bunko[10]
    • magazine"Weekly AsahiIn the series "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" in the series, a document about a new visit to his hometown of Kawasaki was added and reorganized. Essay that spelled half life

Magazine serialization

  • Higashiyama Chef's Cooking Adventure King (Shueisha"Duet" (later "duet』), December 1986 issue <first issue> --November 12 issue)
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama's DANDY TALK (Shogakukan"CanCam』, April 1990-September 4)
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama talks with superstar (Azabudai Publisher"Popolo』, April 1994-September 4)
  • Higashiyama Noriyuki's New Superstar Interview (Azabudai Publisher "Popolo", December 1994-March 12)
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama talks about beauty "A man and a woman become a flame in one word" (Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd."Women themselves, January 1995, 1, 17 issue-December 24, 1998 issue)
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama's MY favorite scene (Magazine House "Raku", July 1996 issue <first issue> --September / October 7 merged issue)
  • Exercise for fashion of Noriyuki Higashiyama (Kobunsha "VERY』, June 2002-July 7)
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama Exercise for New Fashion (Kobunsha "VERY", October 2004-June 10)
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama's "Yoga that can be done right away" (Kobunsha "VERY", July 2005-July 7)
  • Noriyuki Higashiyama's World Healthy (Kobunsha "VERY", August 2006-July 8)
  • Past and future (Asahi Shimbun's "Weekly Asahi", January 2009, 1th, 2 merger issue-April 9, 2010 issue)
  • Eden's Higashi (Kodansha"Grace, May 2012 issue-August 5 issue <final issue>)
  • A little adult culture guide It's fun to know the "real"! (Kodansha "With』, April 2014-September 1)


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