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📺 | Yoshitsune (Masaki Suda) Lacrimal glands loosen in "glittering eyes" Two people with Yoshitoki are sad [2 people in Kamakura]


Yoshitsune (Masaki Suda) Lacrimal glands loosen in "glittering eyes" Two people with Yoshitoki are sad [2 people in Kamakura]

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After that, Yoshitsune and Yoshitoki talk about what they are talking about at the end.

NHK Taiga drama "13 Lords of the Kamakuraden" broadcast on May 5 (22). Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Suga ... → Continue reading

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Hojo justice

Hojo Yoshitoki(When it ’s good,Chang'anNew Year (1163/)- GenninNew Year (1224/)) isHeian periodFrom the endKamakura PeriodEarly onsamurai.HojoA family.Kamakura ShogunateThe 2thCustody.IzukuniWhereaboutsAustralian-Hojo ToseiSecond son of.Masako HojoBrother of.ProfitThe second head of the house.

1219/ToGeneral GenjiWhen is cut off[Annotation 2],ProfitYoshitoki became the actual leader of the Kamakura Shogunate[Annotation 3]..When the conflict between the shogunate and the imperial court intensifies,1221/ToEmperor GotobaMore timely follow-upDeclarationIs promulgated nationwideMorning enemyHowever, the Shogunate army attacked Kyoto and conquered the imperial court.Three people including Go-TobaEmperorTheDistributionThen,PracticeAfter that, Toba's grandson, Kanenari-shinno (Kujo abolished emperor. In the Meiji era)Emperor NakayasuRumor) Was abolished (Seku no Ran).


After genpuku "Hojo (small)ShiroAfter callingEmaAfter moving to, he was called "Ema (Small) Shiro" and was called "Emaden".SagamiIt was called by official names such as "Ukyocho" and "Oshu" (Azuma mirror[5].. on the other hand,Last nameFrom (Mr. Taira)NameDue to the transition period to (Hojo), the surname was originally (Family name), A researcher's claim that he was calling himself Hojo Yoshitoki by including the "no" that is attached only in the case of).[6]There is also.However, in the custom of avoiding real name designation in the Middle Ages, it is considered that the scenes actually called as such were limited.[7](諱 #History of 諱 in Japanreference).

Pre-modernPseudonym (common name)"Kotaro", which is often seen in Japan, means Taro's son.[8]Therefore, "Koshiro" means Shiro's son, not the fourth son. About "Shiro"Name of employeeSee also



Chang'anNew Year (1163/),Hojo ToseiBorn as the second son of (Hojo Shiro).Mother is"Ito entranceDaughter of".My sister's when Yoshitoki was 15 or 6 years oldMasakoWas a drifter of IzuYoritomo GengenIs the wife of.18 years oldApproval4 years(1180/) On August 8, Yoshitoki was my father, Tokimasa, and my brother.MunetokiFollows Yoritomo's recruitment, butIshibashi Mountain BattleKeiko OhbaDefeated by Munetoki and killed in action.Yoritomo,Mihei DohiEtc.Mt. HakoneからManazuru PeninsulaEscape to 28th,Cape Manazuru(KanagawaManazuru town) Depart fromAwakuniEscaped to.Tokimasa Toki Parents and children will go to Kai Province after the war and act together with Kai Genji, although the progress differs depending on the literature.[Annotation 4].. On October 10, Kai Genji advanced to Suruga with Tokimasa and Yoshitoki (Battle of Hachida),Battle of Fuji RiverTo win.After that, Tokimasa and Yoshitoki parents and children return to Yoritomo. On December 12, Yoritomo performed a relocation ceremony at the newly built Okura-tei, and lined up with Tokimasa and other gokenins during Yoshitoki.

PeaceNew Year (1181/) In April, Yoshitoki was selected from among the 4 guardians of Yoritomo's sleeping quarters ("Azuma mirror』April 4, the first year of Yowa)[Annotation 5]..This Yoritomo's personal aide / guard is "HomeCalledKadoha(GenjiRelatives) and the general publicLordIt was positioned in the middle of the above, and was regarded as "Ienoko's exclusive one" at the time of Yoshitoki ("Azuma Kagami" Houji 2nd year leap December 12th article).ToshinagaNew Year (1182/) In November, Yoritomo is a loverIn front of the turtleTheHirotsuna FushimiI put it in my house and loved it, but this was my stepmother'sMaki no kataMasako was infuriated and was informed by Maki's older brother, Maki.Maki MunechikaAnd cause an incident of destroying Hirotsuna's house.Yoritomo, who was angry, summoned Munechika and rebuked him, and cut off his sword and humiliated him.Knowing this, Tokimasa was angry at his brother-in-law's treatment of his parents and led his clan to Izu.Yoshitoki remained in Kamakura without following his father and was praised by Yoritomo.

Because my brother Munetoki died in the warLegacyIt is said that it became, but at the time of Yoshitoki, it is often written in the surname of Ema, which was the territory of "Azuma Kagami" instead of Hojo, and it can be said that it was the first generation of the Ema family of the branch family.[9][10].Bunji5 years(1189/) Of a half-brother born to Tokimasa's second wife, MakiMasanoriAt the age of 16SubordinateIt is possible that Tokimasa was thinking of Masanori as a future prince, as he was in the same position as Yoshitoki, a 26-year-old senior.[Annotation 6].

Lunar calendar2 years(1185/),Minori NoriLeadTairaBelonging to the pursuit armyWestern countryGo toBattle of AshiyauraI made a martial art in.Bunji5 years(1189/)June,Oshu BattleServe.TakehisaNew Year (1190/) When Yoritomo went upGeneral KonoeHe was selected from among the seven soldiers of the worship and served in the Upper House.[Annotation 7]..Yoshitoki is the eldest son at the age of 21YasutokiI hadCommon childIt is 3 years since Kenkyu (1192/) September 9, with the mediation of YoritomoHiki AsamuneWas the daughter of the shogunateIn front of the princessWelcome to the regular room.And the next yearMorning timeTo earn.

It didn't show up so much during Yoritomo's life, but after Yoritomo's deathKamakura ShogunateWhen the power struggle within the country intensifies, it becomes more prominent.

Government struggle

ShojiNew Year (1199/) The second shogun who succeeded Yoritomo's deathSource sourceTo suppress the dictatorship ofXNUMX-person consensus systemJoined.Kajiwara KeijiWas defeatedKajiwara Kagetoki's strangeAnd the same mother and sister at the time of righteousnessAwa stationWas involved.Kennin3 years(1203/), When Yoriie fell ill in July, Tokimasa was Yoriie's nanny and father on September 7.Hiki YoshikazuTo his own residence and murder him, Yoriie's sonIchimanHe sent troops to the small palace, which is his residence, and destroyed Mr. Hiki.Next, Izu Province abolished Yoriie's general positionShuzenjiExile to (Hiki Yoshikazu's strange).Tokimasa is a 12-year-old younger brother of Yoriie and Awa no Tsubone was a nanny.Real morningTo the 3rd Shogun, on October 10thHiroe OeAlong with that, he took office as a mandokoro betto and took control. ""IdiotAccording to the report, Ichiman, who escaped from the attack in November, was captured and killed by Yoshitoki.MotohisaNew Year (1204/) On March 3th, Yoshitoki was appointed to Mamoru Sagami.[Annotation 8].. On July 7, Yoriie died at Shuzenji Temple in Izu Province. "Foolishness" and "MasukagamiAccording to the report, Yoriie was assassinated by the forces sent by Yoshitoki.

During this period, Hojo's exclusion of influential gokenins was carried out by Tokimasa and Yoshitoki as one.Motohisa2 years(1205/)ofHatakeyama Shigetada's Ran,ContinueMaki caseThen the father and son will be in conflict. In June, Tokimasa is a son-in-lawAsahi Hiraga-Shigenari InageIn response to the complaint ofShigetada HatakeyamaHe destroyed (also his son-in-law) on charges of rebellion.LeapJuly, with TokimasaMaki no kataPlans to abolish the real morning and support his son-in-law, Asa, as a shogun.In Yoshitoki, he cooperated with his sister, Masako, and became a leading gokenin.Yoshimura MiuraWith the cooperation of (mother's cousin), Tokimasa and Maki were banished to Izu Province on their priesthood, and further.Shutoshi YamauchiI ordered Michimoto Koga to kill Asahi Hiraga in Kyoto.At the time of righteousness, he took the position of a mandokoro on behalf of his father.[Annotation 9].. In "Azuma Kagami", Tokimasa murdered Shigetada, who had a lot of hope, by the praise of his second wife, Maki, and bought the opposition of the gokenins. There is also a theory that this is a adaptation of "Azuma Kagami" that justifies the immorality of Yoshitoki who exiled his father (Azuma Kagami #Shigetada Hatakeyamareference).However, recent studies have suggested that it is also necessary to consider that Yoshitoki, who is considered to be the first generation of the Ema family, a branch family, rather than the Hojo Soke family, is unlikely to have refused the will of Tokimasa. ..Musashi countryIn the background of Mr. Maki's case that occurred at the same time as Hatakeyama was excluded, which was the most influential agency ofMotohisaNew Year (1204/), The successor to the Hojo head family, which triggered the turbulenceMasanoriIt is probable that there was a feud between Tokimasa and Maki, who tried to make his son-in-law, Asamasa, a general after the death of Masanori, and Yoshitoki and Masako, the sons of his ex-wife.

Musashi Province is a younger brother trusted by Yoshitoki by eliminating the influential people Shigetada Hatakeyama and Asamasa Hiraga.TokifusaIs in the countryGuardian-KokujiWill be.After the murder of Asamasa, the order in the ritual was for many years as Gokenin's head as Genji Kadoba.Mr. Hiraga(Satoshi Ouchi), Yoshitoki will occupy the first place.While always having Masako and Minamoto no Sanetomo on the surface during Yoshitoki, Mandokoro Betto, Hiromoto Oe, and a close vassal since Yoritomo's era of drifting people.Adachi KagemoriIn collaboration with others, he took control as the chief executive officer of the shogunate.Since Tokimasa's hasty monopoly of power caused a lot of opposition, he showed a flexible stance at the time of righteousness, and the document format of the letter of confiscation signed by Tokimasa alone disappeared temporarily and responded to the requests of the family members. The territory that has been worshiped since Yoritomo will not be confiscated at all unless he commits a serious crime. "On the other hand, we will promote measures to suppress the influential gokenins who hinder the Hojo clan system.In August, immediately after the fall of the government, Shimotsuke ProvinceUtsunomiya Yoritsuna(Son-in-law of Tokimasa) guarded as suspected of rebellionAsamasa KoyamaOrdered a revenge, and the priesthood was resigned as the priesthood was innocent.Acceptor3 years(1209/) In November, Tokoro Osamu (a vassal of Mr. Hojo, a resident of Izu Province,MiuchibitoIn the prototype), he requested that he be a samurai, but he gave up because of the opposition of the real morning.In the same month, he tried to change his tenure to a regular shift system by taking advantage of the negligence of the guardians of each country.Chiba-Miura-Mr. Koyamaな どAustralianI have given up because of the fierce opposition of the family members.From around this time, the position of YoshitokiCustodyIt came to be called, and gradually developed dictatorship and laid the foundation of politics of authority.After that, the attacks on the influential samurai continued, and he was a heavyweight since the establishment of the shogunate.SamuraiWas in a special positionYoshimori WadaTheKenpoNew Year (1213/)June,Wada battleDestroyed in.At the time of Yoshitoki, he replaced Yoshimori with a samurai-dokoro, and together with the mandokoro, monopolized the most important positions of the shogunate, and Hojo's position as a shogunate leader was decided.3 years of Kempo 4 years after the turbulence1216/)SubordinateIn May of the following yearUkyo Daio,In SeptemberMutsu no KamiyoshiI also exceeded my father's official position.

In his private life, he divorced from Hime no Mae immediately after the Hiki turbulence.Iga no kataIt's been 2 years since Genkyu (XNUMX years)1205/) To the fifth sonMasamuraI have.Masamura is the first year of Kempo (1213/) In December, Miura YoshimuraCrow hat parentsAt that time, he was called "The Young Prince of Love" at the time of his righteousness.Year of construction2 years(1212/) In May, the second son of Hime no MaeMorning timeWas angry with the shogun, the real morningJusticeThen,Suruga countryI'm letting you live.

Real morning assassination

ChoukyuNew Year (1219/) New Year 27th,Tsuruoka Hachimangu ShrineAtRight ministerAt the time of worship, Shogun Mincho is a child of YoriieKugyōAn incident occurred in which he was assassinated, and Genji's legitimacy was cut off.At the worship ceremony that day, it was Yoshitoki who was planning to hold a sword by the side of the real morning, but according to "Azuma Kagami", he suddenly complained of poor physical condition on the day.Akira GenchuAs a result, Akira Gennaka was assassinated with the morning and survived in Yoshitoki.[Annotation 10]..It is said that Yoshitoki manipulated the assassination in the morning because of this and the measures to be taken after the assassination.[Annotation 11]Or, Yoshitoki for the real morning, which strengthens the general's parenthoodYoshimura MiuraThe theory of collusion of the Kamakura Gokenin[Annotation 12]There is also, but Miura Yoshimura who opposes Mr. Hojo[Annotation 13]Or want to overthrow the shogunateEmperor GotobaIs the theory that the mastermind[Annotation 14]There are also views that seek the greatest factor in Kugyo's personal ambitions rather than their background.[Annotation 15]Partly because of that, the truth is not clear. ""IdiotAccording to Yoshitoki, he stayed at the central gate with a sword at the order of the real morning, did not accompany the main shrine where the ceremony was held, and is not said to have returned to his own residence.There is also a theory that "Azuma Kagami" wrote a song to cover up Yoshitoki's blunder that could not prevent the general's murder that occurred in front of him, although he was actually at the scene of the murder.[29].

From the year before the incident, Emperor Go-Toba's successor to the childless real morningPrinceIs being considered to move eastward as a shogun, and Masako has moved up.Second placeWas being talked about.The turmoil in the shogunate due to the disappearance of Genji's legitimacy was great, and Yoritomo's half-brother at the time of righteousness.Ano ZenjoRaised a soldier in hopes of becoming a shogunTokimotoKugyō's half-brother on suspicion that he was responsible for KugyōZengyoIs killed.

After the assassination in the morning, the shogunate requested the imperial court to go down to Kamakura as a new general, but Emperor Go-Toba refused to do so.Imperial generalIt is the emeritus's princess in connection with the eastern issue.KamegikuOf the territory ofGroundRequests abolition.The shogunate refused this, and his younger brother, YoshitokiTokifusaHe led 1 horses to Tokyo to negotiate, but the attitudes of both parties were tough and the negotiations ended unsuccessfully.However, Emperor Go-Toba must be a prince.CustomsHe showed a compromise plan that Kamakura-dono could give as a child of.The shogunate unavoidably gave up the royal general, and the regents who were distant relatives of YoritomoFujiwara YoritsukeWas welcomed as the 4th Shogun.However, Yoritsune was an infant over a year old at that time, and was not in a situation where he was immediately appointed to the Shogun General (actual assistant general was seven years later).For this reason, Masako took over the position of Kamakura-dono, who had been blank with Yoritsune's guardianship as a nun, and Yoshitoki assisted this and supplemented the practical aspects, establishing a politics of authority.

Go-Toba due to the problem of the successor of the shogun for half a year after his death in the morningPoliticsThe confrontation between the Kamakura Shogunate and the Kamakura Shogunate sharpens.Yoshitoki is 2 years old1220/) In February, my brother-in-lawIga MitsusueTheKyoto guardianDispatched as a son-in-lawOe no ChikahiroWas also promoted as a guardian of Kyoto.

Seku no Ran

On the other hand, Emperor Go-Toba steadily expanded his armament and was in his third year (3 years).1221/) September 5,horseback archeryWhen he convened soldiers from various countries in the name of a complete set, he purged the pro-Kamakura faction in the cloister rule, killed Mitsusue Iga, and named the soldiers of the defeat. On the 15th, Yoshitoki's follow-upDeclarationWas promulgated all over the country, and the guardians and priests of each country were ordered to come to the Emperor.The authority of the Imperial Court in Kyoto and the emperor is still great, and it is not easy for the shogunate, and at the time of righteousness, he will face the greatest difficulty in his life.

In the shogunateMorning enemyShogun Masako issued a statement appealing for his gratitude since Yoritomo and united the gokenins who were upset about becoming.While there were some cautious arguments in the military discussions by the leaders of the shogunate, Hiromoto Oe's advice that "defense would upset the Gokenins of the East" decided to sortie into Kyoto.Yoshitoki is his sonYasutokiAs general generalTokaidoから京都Send troops toward, and send the second son, Tomotoki, and the younger brother, TokifusaGeneralAsHokuriku-HigashiyamaI made him go up to Kyo from the three roads.The active operations of the leaders of the shogunate were successful, and the Togoku samurai became a large army of 19 in total and attacked the capital in response to the mobilization order.On the way,Shinano countrySamuraiMr. IchikawaActively marched without waiting for the arrival of the Hokuriku Expressway Shogun in the morningEchigo-EtchuBorder,Wisdom toothWhen he broke through the vicinity and moved forward, Yoshitoki immediately praised his achievement and said, "Destroy all of them. Even if you hunt mountains, you will be captured. "Don't do it," he issued a vigorous and cautious command.

The Shogunate army that left Kamakura on May 5Kiso River,Uji RiverIt broke through the Kyoto defense line and conquered Kyoto on June 6.It was a complete victory for the Shogunate army only one month after the promulgation of the proclamation of Yoshitoki.

After being defeated, Emperor Go-Toba argued that the defeat plan was not his own idea but was caused by his close associates, but the Shogunate took an extremely strict attitude toward Emperor Go-Toba, the mastermind of the turbulence, and later. Emperor Go-TobaOki Island,Emperor Shunde TheSado IslandWas exiled to.I was against the defeat planEmperor TsuchimikadoWants himselfTosukuniWas exiled to (laterAwakuniMoved to).Of the prince of Emperor Go-TobaPrince Masanari,Yorihito-shinEachTajima country,Bizen countryIt was exiled to.Reigned 70 days or so (Kujo abolished emperor. In the Meiji eraEmperor NakayasuRumor) Is abolished and newlyEmperor GohorikawaWas set up, and a public house of the pro-Bakufu schoolSaionji KokeiThe imperial court was reorganized around them.The samurai's disposition given to the emeritus was the most severe, and most of them were slaughtered, and the aristocrats were also executed, exiled, and dismissed.The enormous amount of Emperor Go-TobaManorWas confiscated,Go Takakura-inToDonationHowever, the shogunate was in control of the final rule.As a local agency that oversees the Kuge administrationRokharaWas newly installed in Kyoto.All 30,000 territories of the aristocrats and samurai of Kyoto were confiscated by the shogunate, and the Togoku samurai were newly appointed as a bounty.

With this victory, the power of the former shogun dictatorship in Kyokata was wiped out, and not only was the position of the highest authority in the shogunate at the time of Yoshitoki was confirmed, but the Kamakura administration led by Yoshitoki was against the public family administration. He succeeded in completely reversing the relationship with the Shogunate with a dominant position.The newly developed politics of authority will advance to a new stage as a national government.

Military storyIsMemoirsAccording to Yoshitoki, when he received the news of victory, he said,Now I'm not thinking about it.Yoshitoki Ha Kaho Ha Ou No Kaho Niha Grace Masari Myra Setari Kere.Yoshitoki Ga old newsletter, now a pair of Razushite, Shimogi no newsletter raw letter(Now I have nothing to remember. The fruitful news from the previous life at this time was superior to the fruitful news of the king. It must have been born in a lowly position because there was not enough good deeds to be rewarded in this world. ) ”, He said openly.

On the other hand, there is no such description in "Azuma Kagami" compiled by the Shogunate, and on June 6, immediately after the Shogunate army left Kamakura, a thunder struck the residence of Yoshitoki, killing one subordinate man.When Yoshitoki was afraid of this, he asked Hiromoto Oe, "This kind of mystery happened in Joraku to defeat the imperial court. Is the fate of the shogunate a sign of the past?" Hiromoto said, "The fate of the prince is heaven and earth. And don't be afraid of anything.Oshu BattleThen there was a lightning strike.Lightning strikes are a good sign for the shogunate. "andOnmyojiIt is said that the result was the best when I called him.This story is a proof that Yoshitoki was afraid to draw a bow and arrow to the imperial family, the descendants of God, and that he also had the "common sense" of the time when the emperor was the absolute authority. It is pointed out that there is[30].


The year after the turbulence, he resigned from Mutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki and Ukyo Gondaio and became unofficial.

2 years of Jōō (1223/), Was the Shogun Imperial PalaceOkura ShogunateIt is controversial to expand because it is too small.In the fire that broke out in December of the first year of Shokyu, both Okura Gosho, which was considered to be the residence of Santora, and the private residence of the late Minamoto no Sanetomo, which was the residence of Masako, were burned down. He lived in a mansion and lived in a mansion (also south of Miura Yoshimura's mansion) that he gave to him while he was in Tokyo on the other side of the west road of Okura Gosho (at the time of 12nd year of Sadao). , There is debate as to whether the building was rebuilt at Okura Gosho).Yoshitoki agrees with this plan itself, and MasakoShochojuinWhile moving to the Gosho built inside, in the endOnmyojiThe plan was postponed because of the judgment of.This is intended to restrain Masako and Miura Yoshimura, who succeeded in separating Masako and Santara and strengthened their influence on Miura, as well as using the relocation plan to strengthen his voice. Is believed to have been[Annotation 16][31].

GenninNew Year (1224/), Yoshitoki started 3 days from March 19th, hoping for his own health and longevity, but on the same day there was a big fire on the south side of the foot of Mt. Amanawa.Chiba SotsunaEven the mansion is burnt.Also, on April 4, at the request of Kanezane Kujo, the ceremony of the three tigers was held, and at the time of righteousnessIchijo SanemaContinued energetic activities such as playing a central role with[31].

However, on June 6, he died suddenly at the age of 13 at the time of his righteousness. According to "Azuma Kagami", ImpulseberiberiIt is said that it was because of the sudden death of a great shogunate leader, so he called speculation and said that he was poisoned by his second wife, Iga ("Tomorrow")was there[Annotation 17]Another theory is that he was stabbed to death by a recent samurai ("Holy calendar])[Annotation 18]There is also.

In addition, another name at the time of righteousness isProfitIt is called, and after that, Mr. Hojo'sLegitimacyIt became the name of.It is said that the etymology of Tokusou is named after Yoshitoki's Dharma name, but it is not clear. "Azuma Kagami"Yoritomo's HokkadoThe mountain to the east of the mountain is used as a tomb. "Hojo Yoshitoki Houkado RuinsExcavation survey was carried out[34]..In this era, people in the Yoshitoki classYaguraThere is no record of being buried in.

The tomb of justiceRinzai sectIt is located in the precincts of Hojoji Temple of the Kenchoji school, and is said to have been built by Yasutoki.



Japanese CalendarADDate
(Old calendar
MotohisaFirst year1204/3/6SubordinateToSagami MamoruCommissioner.
Genkyu first year1204/Leap February 7Inaugurated as the second authority of the Kamakura Shogunate.
AcceptorFirst year1207/1/5Ascended to XNUMXth place, Sagami Mamoru Nyomoto.
Year of construction3/1213/2/27XNUMXth place downAscended to, Sagami Mamoru Nyomoto.
Kenpo4/1216/1/13SubordinateAscended to, Sagami Mamoru Nyomoto.
Kempo 5 years1217/1/18Ukyo GondaioTransferred to.
Kempo 5 years1217/12/13Mutsu no KamiyoshiAlso serves as.
ChastityFirst year1222/8/16Resignation of Mamoru Rikuoku.
First year of loyalty1222/10/16Ukyo Gondai resigned.


"Old and modern book collectionIn the dream of a certain person, YoshitokiTakeuchiThere is a legend that he learned that he was a reincarnated figure.also,Taira no Masatsura Hojo TeiThere is a similar description in "", which was played to warn.From this information, the legend of reincarnation is known to some extent at the end of the Kamakura period, and considering the date of establishment of "Kokon Chomonju", it became a narrative from the time when Yoshitoki died. It is speculated that it was[35].Muromachi PeriodBut,Takashi AshikagaEnacted byJianmu ceremonyThen, the "deeds" of Yoshitoki and Yasutoki were "modern teachers."[36]And of the public houseKitahata FamilyWritten byOrthodox writingBut at the time of righteousness, he never disobeyed his wishes.[37]It was evaluated positively.

But the times are downMeiji EraTo become and,Seku no RanHe was the general general of the Shogunate army in Japan and after the war.Emperor Gotoba3 peopleEmperor(Kujo abolished emperor. In the Meiji eraEmperor NakayasuSince the throne of the posthumous name was abolished, many writings were added as an irreverent person who was a rebellious vassal with no sympathy from the viewpoint of the emperor.[38]..Also before thatEdo PeriodHowever, in order to make loyalty to the lord a Bushido, he was drawn as an unfaithful vassal and a sly plotter because he destroyed General Genji or puppeted him and took control of him.[39]..Originally, Hojo's successive heads were his great-grandchildren, Yasutoki and his great-grandchildren.Tokiyori, Great-great-grandsonTokimuneExcept for, most of them are said to be insidious, evil, tyrant, and foolish, but Yoshitoki is always named as the representative.This was emphasized not only by the assassination of Shogun Genji, but also by the unrighteousness of expulsion of his father's father, Tokimasa, and becoming in power.In fact, there are many cases in which his involvement is considered, as he ultimately benefits.[40].

Shigeo Hosokawa"The life of Yoshitoki was a life that was swayed by the calamities that fell, and as a result of fighting to protect himself and his relatives, he became the most powerful person." Without it, I would have ended my life as a samurai of the East. "[41].

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