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🎭 | Tsukinosuke Kitamura Kabuki-za's first appearance in Kabuki-za after the transition from Kabuki to the new school "How will it change?"

Photo: Tsukinosuke Kitamura = Tokyo, who held an interview for the third part of "June Daikabuki", "Furuameri ni Sode wa Nurasaji" 

Tsukinosuke Kitamura The first Kabuki-za appearance after the transition from Kabuki to the Shinpa "How will it change?"

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Kitamura, who plays Shisei Juku Okada, confessed in his heart, "It was sudden, but I'm really happy from the bottom of my heart, and the tremors of my soul are turning all over my body." I had the opportunity to experience the play.

Tsukinosuke Kitamura (53), a new actor of the theater company, will perform "June Daikabuki" in Tokyo on the 23rd (June 6-2, Kabukiza Theater, Tokyo) ... → Continue reading

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