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🎥 | Rei Dan Talks about her love for entertainment, "I like it even if it's painful"

Photo "Sun and Bolero" Rei Dan cranked in at the Tokyo premiere!

Rei Dan talks about her love for entertainment, "I like it even if it's painful"

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Do you like that? "

Actress Rei Dan at the Tokyo premiere of the movie "Taiyo to Bolero" held in Tokyo on the 23rd, Kanji Ishimaru, Keita Machida, Ma Mori ... → Continue reading

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View of life

View of lifeWhat is (Jinseikan)?A humanEach one is their own人生And various things about human life in generalIdeaThat.A way of looking at life.About lifeUnderstanding·attitude.


There are various types of outlook on life.Some are vague and some are extremely clear.Some are concise, some are lifeaims-VotesThere are systematic ones that include concrete and practical guidelines on how to live.

The outlook on lifeEmotionOften contains elements.simplyfactRather than a description ofValuesThere are many aspects related to.

My outlook on life is my ownthought,Religious FaithIt may be formed by such things.That person is aliveTimebackground,Political system,社会OfEnvironmentOften influenced by.also,SexIn some cases, it is borncharacter,temperamentThere is also a side created by.

Sometimes it doesn't change much throughout my lifeageMay be affected by.Even if a person has a certain outlook on life at some point, something in the rest of his life経 験-ExperienceIt may change by doing.

I grew up watching from an early ageparentIn some cases, the way of life and the outlook on life that the parents told us are strongly reflected, and in other cases, the opposition to the way of life of the parents forms the outlook on life.It may be formed regardless of the parent's way of life or outlook on life.Good in the middle of lifeLeaderAnd by meeting someone you can respect, you may form a positive outlook on life.Travel abroadThere are also people who come into contact with people who live in ways that are not seen in their own country, or who notice the diversity of values ​​and fundamentally change their outlook on life.

A description of the outlook on life

The outlook on life is not just an idea, but whether it is conscious or unconscious, the judgment criteria of the person who holds it, and the concreteness of each one.communication skillIt also affects the choice of the person, and in the long run, the accumulation of the person's人生 OfHow it should beOften has a widespread effect on.

"What is life?"such ascommon beliefAlthough it is expressed and described in the form of, it is actually only talking about the life of each person, or it is very limited to be similar to oneself.attributeOften we only talk about the life of a group of people with.In that case"My life wants to be""My life wasBy rereading it asnarratorLifemoodTo deepen your understanding ofDiversityAs an exampleMemoryHowever, it is also possible to utilize it in the subsequent social life.

In modern JapanSmall-Middle school students"Future self" "What I want to do in the future"compositionIn some cases, such as graduation textbooks, what can be called a view of life appears.AdultUnlike the text ofRefrainからReal intentionThe core of my outlook on life may appear on the contrary because I haven't refrained from doing so.Looking at Japan in the past,samuraiI left it when I was dyingdeathbed poemIn some cases, the person's outlook on life is expressed.

View of life as an idea

There are various outlooks on life, and people can change their ideas and behaviors by consciously choosing their outlook on life.

According to Fumihiko Iida, in order to recognize life as valuable, it is as diverse as possible for various events that occur in life.meaningInterpretationYou need to choose a view of life that makes it possible[1], And that.For example, rather than the view of life that is regarded as "death = the end of everything", "dead = If you choose the view of life as "a journey to a different world", you will be able to think about your life including "yourself after death", and you will be able to see things from a longer-term perspective.[1]That is.In addition, "death = to a different world"Departure + The beginning of the next lifeIida also points out that if you look at things from a perspective of life, you will be able to see things from a longer-term perspective.[1].

mostThe meaning of lifeIida et al. Point out that the outlook on life that is difficult to find is the outlook on life that considers that "every event is just a stack of chances."[1].. If you start thinking "everything is a coincidence", people will be caught up in the idea that "even if you do your best, the result is a coincidence", and "it is useless to make an effort" or "even if you do not make an effort". Somehow "etc.NegativeI was obsessed with the idea, and I couldn't get the energy to say "Let's do our best" and "Let's live honestly".positiveI can't live in[1], Said Iida.

At least, "Life is only once,Some law is working in that lifeIida also points out that if you have a view of life, you will be able to make sense of various events that occur in your life.[1].. Thinking that "life is not just a coincidence. Your remarks and actions cause inevitable results," people have the energy to "do their best to achieve the desired results." Is something that springs up[1]Iida says.

Iida enables the most abundant meaning of life, "We are growing up over and over again under a certain lawIt is said that it is a view of life[1]..Adopting this outlook on life, "Because this life is the foundation of the next life, let's take good care of this life every day, and that effort will be reflected in the next life." And can make an effort with hope[1]..In addition, this outlook on life is a calm and objective view of the situation in life.怒 りIt also has the effect of being able to get out of destructive emotions such as[1]..For example, "My parents now may have been my children in my previous life," or "My spouse may have played the opposite role in my previous life." It may be a person who will live together and grow up with each other in the next life. "" That person who seems to hate now may actually have been a unique best friend in the previous life. " Fumihiko Iida gives such an example.[1]..By thinking in this way, you will be able to get out of the state of being buried in the events at hand and becoming emotional, and you will be able to see your life from a high perspective and a broad perspective. be[1].

Iida has the above view of lifeSpiritualityBy thinking that "spirituality is one of the other views of life and a way of thinking to live a positive life", it is a tool with peace of mind even in school education.・ It can be used as a way of thinking and thinking, and it can be used to encourage students to walk their lives positively.[1], And said.


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