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📺 | Marvel's latest work "Ms. Marvel" "Hero apprentice" cute new video lifted

Photo Marvel Studios Original drama series "Miz Marvel" Iman Vellani (C) 2022 Marvel who plays Kamala Khan

Marvel's latest work "Ms. Marvel" "Hero apprentice" cute new video lifted

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In the video released this time, Kamala put on a mysterious bracelet that she found one day, turning from a life where she just escaped from reality saying "I am too immersed in the world of delusion" and "It is the best to dress up with Captain Marvel". So, the moment when you get a mighty power is drawn.

From the latest work of Marvel Studios' original drama series "Ms. Marvel", the moment of the birth of a new hero is reflected ... → Continue reading

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Escapism(Genjitsutohi,English: escapism) Is an act or psychological state to intentionally divert attention or consciousness from something that is actually required or something that must be done. A mechanism to look away from difficult situations and try to escape from anxiety[1].


People instinctively escape to avoid discomfort,ProcrastinationMay result in inappropriate results from a long-term or objective perspective. As a result of being called escapism and being reminded, it may depend on alcohol, drugs, or problem behavior.


PsychoanalysisThen.Defense systemRefers to.

In general, the work that must be performed, tasks that are obligatory for living a social life, such as tasks, become stressors, and the coping behavior due to them becomes an escape of the person on average. If you are in a severe escape urge, you may be able to attack others or behave due to self-harm, so you may need specialized treatment.

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By contrast, in some cases it means "escape to reality" rather than "escape from reality." Takatsuka [2] refers to escape, which is one of defense systems, by classifying it into "escape into reality", "escape into unreal (fantasy)", and "escape into disease". In this sense, "escape from reality" means the act of avoiding problems that must be solved by using the busyness of reality as an excuse.


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