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📺 | Nobuko researches, Utako takes drastic action "Chimu-Dondon" 33rd Synopsis

Photo "Chimudondon" from the 33st – (C) NHK

Nobuko researches, Utako takes drastic action "Chimu-Dondon" 33rd Synopsis

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It is an original work by Daisuke Habara who worked on "Massan", and the theme song is "Sansan" (san) by Daichi Miura.

The 106th NHK serial TV novel "Chimu-Dondon" in which Yuina Kuroshima plays the heroine.Week 7 "Somin Champ ... → Continue reading

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Daisuke Habara

Daisuke Habara(Daisuke Habara,1964/11/27 -) isJapan OfPlaywright,Writer,Director.

TottoriFrom,Nihon University Meisei High School,Nihon University College of ArtGraduated from the literary arts department.Theatrical companyShowa Performing Arts CenterPresident.


Nihon University College of ArtThen.Yoshimoto BananaSynchronize with[1]..The stage I saw when I was in collegeStripper story"soCatchInterested in.Graduated from collegeEntertainment production OfSun musicAtIdol OfmanagerWhen I was doing this, I met Tsuka Kohei with the introduction of my senior manager, and said, "Why are you going to college and doing a job like folding idol pantyhose?" In some words, I submitted a resignation the next day and studied at some point.After experiencing some drivers, attendants, behind the scenes, etc. at the Tsukakouhei office, I got a job at a video production company three years later with an introduction, and started writing by imitating the script of a low-budget drama.[2][3].. Retired at the age of 29.

Debuted as a screenwriter in 1992[1]Then, while writing for a wide range of genres, in 2001,Oikawa IzoLato Theater CompanyShinjuku Performing Arts Company(CurrentShowa Performing Arts Center) Was launched, and the theater company is also in charge of directing[3].. In 2006, the movie 『Pacchigi!"soJapan Academy AwardThe Excellent Screenplay Award (joint screenplay) was awarded to the movie "Hula Girl』Won the Japan Academy Award for Best Screenplay (joint screenplay), and is currently working on screenplays for movies, TV dramas, and TV animations in addition to the stage. In 2014NHKContinuous tv novel"MassanIn charge of the script[4][5][6].

Lecturer at Shinjuku Village Acting School, which opened in January 2008[7].

In April 2022, it was announced that a new theater unit, Habara Gumi, would be launched.[8].



  • With all my heart (1992) RUP
  • Scandal (1992) RUP
  • Flower Edo Hokaibo (1992) RUP
  • Funabashi Junjou Rentai (1993) RUP
  • Supponpon! (2001) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Kabukicho Full Monty (2002) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • 2003-chome March (XNUMX) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Dokachin (2003) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • 04-chome March '2004 (XNUMX) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Cherry Boys (2004) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Yokocho's Decaprio (2005) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Chindon (2006) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Dokachin ~ Shimokitazawa Death Fight Edition ~ (2007) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • When Will You Return (2007) RUP
  • Put You on the Wings of Song (2007) RUP
  • Navel Story (2007) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Decaprio on Ginza Street (2008) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Hula Girl (2008) Akasaka ACT Theater TBS
  • Last game The last race of Waseda (2008) D-BOYS STAGE
  • Rough Cut 2008 (2008) Platinum Papers
  • Put you on the wings of the song (2008) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Charito Versailles (2008) Blooming Group
  • Karas ~ KARASU ~ (2009) D-BOYS STAGE
  • Pacchigi!(2009)New National TheaterMiddle Theater
  • Last Chorus (2010) Shinjuku Performing Arts Company
  • Tempest (2011) Akasaka ACT Theater
  • To my homeland (2011) Showa Performing Arts Center
  • Tinian ~ On Wings of Song 2011 ~ (2011) Showa Performing Arts Center
  • Tsuchinoko Festival-Challenge of the Kotaro Tsuchino Family- (2012) Showa Performing Arts Center
  • Seven Okamas-Movie "EDEN" Release Commemorative Performance- (2012) Showa Performing Arts Center

Many others


original video

  • Momojiri Kneading (1993)
  • Bats full of scratches (1993)
  • The Chief (Don) -Legend of Fireball- (1993)
  • Niko Co., Ltd.-I will teach you how to make a company- (1994)
  • Troublemaker Wife is a female leader (1995)
  • Bakure(1995)
  • Wedding Doll Brainwashing of Lust (1995)
  • Sukeban Female Teacher (1995)
  • Flock of ambitions (1996)
  • Remodeling shop president Age (1996)
  • Maru-run modified driving school (1996)
  • Affair in the Executive Secretary's Office (1999)
  • Investigative Division 2000 vs. Wide Area Boryokudan (XNUMX)

TV drama

Television Animation




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注 釈

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