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🎥 | Bishonen Hidaka Ukisho, "My Boyfriend in Orange" is full of energy.

Photo Movie "My Boyfriend in Orange" Scene Photo (C) 2022 "My Boyfriend in Orange" Production Committee (C) Non / Kodansha

Bishonen Hidaka Ukisho, "My Boyfriend in Orange" is full of energy and the mood maker of the rescue team is lifted

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Ukisho always has an impressive appearance, and when he goes to Kojima without being scolded by the true Ebihara during training, Ukisho says, "I have an image of myself being energetic, so I usually do it. It was a role that was close to my own. "

From the movie "My Boyfriend in Orange" released on July 7th, the firefighter Ebihara played by Snow Man Iwamoto Hikaru ... → Continue reading

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