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📺 | Drunk Angel "Taxi Driver Blues" "The Taxi Restaurant" theme song


Drunk Angel "Taxi Driver Blues" "The Taxi Restaurant" theme song decided

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At the same time as the theme song, it was announced that Tetsu Hirahara, Shingo Yanagisawa, Eri Fuse, and Rio Yamashita will appear as the first guests.

[The theme song for "The Taxi Restaurant", which started on June 6, has been decided.Shingo Yanagisawa and others may appear as the first guest ... → Continue reading


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Shingo Yanagisawa

Shingo Yanagisawa(Shingo Yanagisawa,1962/3/6 -) isJapan Oftalent,An actor.KanagawaOdawara cityI'm fromTachibana Gakuen Matsuda High Schoolgraduate.Blood TypeAB型。身長165cm。愛称は「慎吾ちゃん」。HerculesBelongs.


I've loved TV since I was a child, and I was pleased with my friends by imitating what I saw on TV.The family consists of parents and one older sister.My parents' houseself employedSo, he ran the fruit and vegetable business "Yanagisawa Shoten".

Since I was an amateur, I formed a comedy duo "Tecchan Shin-chan" and said, "TV jockey, Etc.[Note 1].

1978/,Ginza NOW!Debuted as the 19th champion in "Amateur Comedian Dojo".afterwards,"3rd Year Class B Kinpachi-senseiAs a Yankee student in "Jungo Yanagisawa"TV dramadebut. "Random apples], Etc., established the position as an actor.After that, while working as an actor,Entertainment showsThen "noisy" "restless"characterShow off, especially1989/ToTunnels"Special program that will take over the entire entertainment world of flowers without morality"Entertainer Neton Corner (Neton BenisalmonGroup) ”, When receiving“ I'm sorry ”(2 races and 2 losses in the same program in the past, the opponent is Mie Yoshida,Kazuko Utsumi) Said "Bye!The decision line made a big break[Note 2].. The third time, a date with an exceptionally beautiful woman was realized, but in fact, a transsexual said goodbye, "If you were a woman, I fell in love with you ..., Abayo!" (At the same time, a big explosion occurred. , Disappeared in the darkness of the night).

1986 years,Ellandol AwardReceived the rookie award.1992/Married to an ordinary woman.

It quickly gained popularity after its debut, but suddenly became busy and was mentally driven.ADI often yelled at the staff behind me.However, after that, I reduced my work and became able to thank "I am blessed with the staff around me." "When I think about it now, I feel that the extremely busy experience has supported me since then," he recalls.[1].

The material you have is skillfully using what you have experienced or seen, gestures and voices, and sometimes your belongings and things that you can see on the spot (sound them).Sound effect(While doing) Perform a solo play like a Tale to reproduce.Among them, the eighteenth "Police 24:XNUMX』And Koshien storyYamashiro Shingo,Ishidate TetsuoIt also imitates such things (described later).In addition, there are many "small stories" such as hitting a glass close to the mouth to drink water on the teeth and applying lip balm not only to the lips but also to the eyebrows.

In the talk showJunji Takada,Lou Oshiba,Egashira 2:50At first, the tension is high and rampage, but since the dressing room before the turn is much high tension, at the end it gets tired and the tension is low and sometimes people do not listen.note that,Mari SekineLists these two people of similar type (Yanagisawa and Takada) as "ideal men".Mari's fatherTsutomu Sekine"I wasn't wrong in raising my child," he recalls.

"Utchan Nanchan must do it!When we performed the "Fuzoroi no Ringotachi" parodyKiyotaka NanbaraPlayed the role of Yanagisawa, and then Yanagisawa himself appeared.After thatUtchan NanchanIt became a close relationship with.

best friend'sMasaki KyomotoWhen the two of them got together, they were said to "kill the entertainer" and said, "Unnan feels good."Nanchan, Shinchan, Kyo-sama's Journey" and other talks that eat professional entertainers.What is Kyomoto?HOTELSince he co-starred in 』, he has decided to be the first entertainer to meet each other every year, and refuses even if invited by other entertainers.others,"Tuesday Surprise] InKawamoto JunichiWith "Kyo-sama / Shin-chan Toei BusI co-starred in "Flying in Kawamoto! With Kawamoto".

According to him, the tension does not change at all between when he appears on a TV program and when he is private.

"I feel fine. "Shinchan Nanchan'sCebu IslandIn "Travel"Katsumata SumAt the hotel where he stayed, Yanagisawa disturbed Nanbara's sleep at night, and Katsumata forcibly awakened Nanbara and others in the morning, annoying Nanbara.

When he was young, he wrote on a TV show, "All the men in my familybaldI'm worried about my future hair because I'm a head. "the 1990sSince then, the appearance and hairstyle have hardly changed.

at homehigh school baseball50 inches to watch the broadcastPlasma tvPurchased[2].. 『Metropolitan Police Department 24:XNUMXOn the day of broadcasting, I want to see it in real time, so I cancel the hot spring trip that I go on a distraction[3].

My car isToyota 2000GTとMercedes-Benz S600Lorinser specifications (W220 series) However, Benz said, "Shimura & Tokoro fighting New Year"of"Paper driverDriver in ShowdownTomomi NishimuraIs being hit here and there.

Professional baseballYokohama DeNA BaystarsとSaitama Seibu LionsIt is a fan of.

On May 2010, 5, he was appointed as the first "Odawara Furusato Ambassador" in his hometown of Odawara.

Main material, impersonation, decision dialogue

Event material

High school baseball players, cheering, spectators, live commentary, commentary (Masuo Ikenishi),Hanshin gardeningMechanic etc.YanagisawaSelected High School Baseball TournamentとNational High School Baseball ChampionshipAt the time of the event, he hardly puts in work, and he is a high school baseball fan who is absorbed in watching the game while sweating without putting air conditioning in the closed room to feel the same as a baseball player. "Feeling of meringue』(Nippon TVSeries)1998/The quarter-final, which is an extension of 17 death battlesYokohama High School vs. PL Gakuen] Is also shown.In that matchpitcherwasPL school OfSatoshi Kamishige(Nippon TV announcer) appears as a surprise guest.He praised the situation as it was at that time. In 2002, "Tetsuko's room』But I have also shown a mimicry of this Koshien.In some cases, he creates and plays his own situation.Yokohama High SchoolSeems to have a feeling forMototomo Watanabedirected byReproduces the gesture that gives a sign ("Don't hit from the waist down! Focus on the target!") And the appearance of encouraging the players.At the end, it is a common pattern to sing the school song of Yokohama High School while fluttering the right hand and raising the school flag.Other longCheck ball, A player who glares at the pitcher, avoiding the inner corner ball, on the wayNHK NewsSeems to enterNHK general TVからEducation tvThe relay channel is switched toBalkReplay of the pitcher who didThe end of the war Ofsilent prayer,Cheer team,Cheerleader, A person with the deceased baseball manager's deceased, and even a grandmother who supports his grandchildren (this series of stories has also been shown on the NHK program).
In July 2008, he released a CD album "Shingo Yanagisawa's Climax Koshien !!" that "reproduces" the fictional "Yanagisawa Commercial" Koshien Enthusiasm with 7 roles per person.Starting with the opening ceremony, he talks alone to the original hitting march, school song, finals and closing ceremony.this isKozo KawafujiIntroduced as a rare baseball-related CD along with the CD "KAWATO VOICE"[4].
When he appeared at the opening ceremony of Yokohama Baseball Stadium on August 2015, 8, he continued to play Koshien alone until he threw the ball, and even after he threw it, he sang the school song of Yokohama High School, and the match start time was delayed by 9 minutes. It was said, "A long opening ceremony."[5].. At the opening ceremony on June 2019, 6, players, stadium staff, and spectators will cooperate for about 9 minutes of "Yokohama High School-Hanasaki Tokuharu"[6]The opening ceremony was held to reproduce[7].
In 2018, summer high school baseball reached its 100th historic milestone, and "Shingo Yanagisawa's Solo Koshien-The Enthusiasm of the Alps" was serialized at Sports Nippon. A reproduction video has also been uploaded to the YouTube Sponichi channel.[8]
With "Aa Aa"サ イ レ ンWhile emitting a high-pitched tone that imitates, it appears by turning the hand with the finger facing up with the image of a red light.Tobacco (mainlyLucky strikeBut in recent yearsMarlboroughUsing the vinyl part of the wrappingPolice radioIt imitates the tense exchanges of police officers while reproducing the cracked sound quality (to speak with a microphone in the mouth).When co-starring in a dramaTM NETWORK OfNaoto KineI started with advice[9].. Radio program "September 1989, 9"All Night Nippon] InYutaka OkawaとDemon His ExcellencyIs showing off the same story as a banquet art that he used to do when he was a student. Broadcast on March 2013, 3Strike tvThen, "I noticed that this one sounds better half a year ago", so instead of smokingApollo chocolateI was using the vinyl part of.again,tobacco OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euThebedPlace inMeansSlide withHelicopter shotsceneMay be reproduced.After that, Yanagisawa made a regular appearance in "Ultraman orbThere is a scene that uses the communication device that is actually used in.
  • Alone apples
Yanagisawa, who appears in the role of Nishidera, is a series of actions that the director will fail several times if the same play as the practice is not done.Finally, due to time constraints (Midoriyama Studio CityThen, as a general rule, the lights in the studio are turned off at midnight) "It can't be helped, OK!"Of the screenwriterTaichi YamadaOr co-starred in a dramaKiichi Nakai-Tokito SaburoI also impersonate.
A solo play in the drama and in the trailer.Ending theme"Lullaby of Our Lady], Playing a solution scene on a cliff.
Mr. Yama who arrests the criminal (Shigeru Tsuyuguchi) And a solo play in the interrogation room scene.
  • Sinking alone in Japan (* 1974 TV drama)
Hiroshi ItsukiTheme song "Tomorrow's loveWhile humming Japan (Kinkakuji TempleEtc.) is impersonating the sinking state. "TV detective team』Showed in.
Reproduction of the documentary that will be broadcast after the end of the Hakone Ekiden.
  • The sound of the engine of successive cars, the sound of closing the door, and the sound of smoke when it breaks down.
  • ひ と りNHK News 7
Yanagisawa saidHello from Studio ParkWhen he made a guest appearance in "Hitotsu Koshien", he continued to show off the new story. The main caster of "NHK News 7"Shinichi TaketaHe said he liked it and decided to imitate it.Takeda suddenly appeared in the studio while showing off the story.Takeda, who was imitated more than Yanagisawa who was overjoyed, was also pleased, and introduced Yanagisawa with the opening theme of "NHK News 7" as it is in the tone of "NHK News 7". It was like.
In the studio during the live broadcastYuko AndoThe castersNagoya Higashi Police StationBe in frontShinsuke KasaiThe broadcast from the announcer was temporarily taken to the studio due to poor voice, and the seat next to itTaro KimuraDepicts a series of situations before asking for comments.
The story of an actor who shoots NG in rapid succession even though the lines are just one word, "Den-sama".I don't show much, but "Merengue no Kimochi"[Note 3] AtMasami HisamotoIt was shown at the request of.

Copying a person

  • WillowザWasingo!
Tomisaburo WakayamaReproduction when "failed" before. "Megumi Toyama's KimWakayama was furious at Yanagisawa who gave a sloppy greeting when he co-starred with Wakayama, and called him like this.In addition, Wakayama's noisy historical drama style made me irritated by the fact that shooting did not proceed.Masatake MatsuoYanagisawa, who was begged by the director to "shit!" In front of the line "Jijii", said exactly that, and Wakayama immediately noticed the change in Yanagisawa's line and was furious again. It will be called "Yanagizawa Jingo".
"Chomechome", "Jakaashiwa, this chome bastard!", "This daho!", Etc.It's quite deformed, and Yamashiro didn't say a word when it came to "Chome bastard!"[Note 4]..Yamashiro in his lifetime officially recognized "Chomechome" by Yanagisawa, saying, "It's not good for other guys to do it, but Shingo-chan is fine."[10].
"It's a tube!] "Stars, three!" Etc.Kosakai machineThe material that is strongly influenced by.
An experience story of encountering Hiroshi Tachi at a pork cutlet shop.Episode talk rather than copying.
Ace cock・ A copy of the CM shooting scenery of wakame ramen. Use the line "I like wakame seaweed (Pichi Pichi)! Where are you wakame? (Tilt your head excessively while saying)".This is also a copy that has been deformed too much.In addition, before and after the actual performance, I was also talking about Ishidate's big game for the staff.He said, "Try to imitate," and showed off "worker" material, and was told, "Don't do such a silly thing," and was sweating cold. Yanagisawa appeared in the Wakame Ramen commercial that has been on air since April 2016, and it is a remake of the version from the Ishidate era.
A musician that Yanagisawa loves.The impersonation itself is not very similar, with a loud tone and a story that makes you laugh with the action of pursing your mouth.
NHK in the rookie eraTaiga drama"Lion era』Co-starring experience story. It was planned to appear with only one word, "Come on, please", but due to the tension, NG was repeated, and finally Hayakawa's decision was made by the director.extraHe is replaced by an actor and goes home alone.Honatsugi,Sagami OhnoInRailroad crossingOf the alarm soundDoppler effectCan be heard.When Yanagisawa reunited with Sugawara a dozen years later, Sugawara remembered that time and was said to have been teased, "Did you come to say'Come on?'?"
  • Hirauma senior
Ikue Sakakibara OfGuardsIt was a mimicry of a junior high school senior, Hirauma and his brother.After graduation, what happened during an accidental encounter in Odawara. March 2007, 3 "Legal counseling serviceShown at.
Reproduction of an episode during a meal with Masahiro Nakai, his brother, and co-stars by shooting Aji Ichimonme.
  • Shingo Yanagisawa's older sister
My sister who came home at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night tried to enter from the second floor with a ladder because she was not exposed to her strict father, but the ladder tilted and broke the roof tile of the previous house.

Phrase pun

  • "Bye!"
A word from the entertainer Neton made a big break, and since then it has become synonymous with Yanagisawa.ActualproposeIt is said that the words were "Oy, sloppy, don't say goodbye ...!".After the announcement of the marriage, the headline on the entertainment side of the sports newspaper was "Be single!".In addition, he appeared as a villain, "Super Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade”And conversely, the role of a member of the special forcesUltraman orbIn the 18th episode "Hard Boiled River", he said "Abayo ..." when he died or hit an enemy.[Note 5].. Also,"Yae-no-Sakura], It is set to say goodbye to the compatriots with "Farewell!", Which is not "Abayo!" But close to it, and to commit suicide as the person in charge of the war.
Even in "Ultraman Orb", when he appeared in the 10th episode, he performed in the play with two co-stars, and in the 18th episode, which was the main episode, immediately after involving the enemy alien in the explosion, the final episode departed. He said to the main character, "Abayo!"
  • "Let's have a good dream"
Used with "Abayo!" There is also a version that says "I had a good dream!"JRAでRacecourseOut of the wayBetting ticketIt has also been used as a shatterproof poster.
  • "Hey, Kamaitachi" ("Hey, you guys" puns)
  • "When you're three, I'm high!"
Tsukkomi used for younger talent.It is by no means limited to talents under the age of three.
  • When you put on your glasses, put the edge of your ear on your eyes and say "Aita!".
"Utchan Nanchan Fire ChallengerWas done inFrustrated stickWear for safety when challenginggogglesIt was customary to put the edge of the ear on the eye and invite the laughter of the surroundings.Also, in this frustrating stick project, he is called a "teacher".
  • "The day when Kamome flew" (Machiko Watanabe) Is already a song reminiscent of Yanagisawa for the two of Ucchan Nanchan (especially Nanbara).



TV drama



Internet drama

  • CLIMAX Drama Love Edition (June 2008-,)- Starring Haruhiko Kobayakawa
  • (October 2018 -,Amazon Prime Video) --Shoichi Kirihara
  • Funeral company Urban Funeral Corporation WEB video "Father's funeral" version, "Life expectancy sentence" version (July 2019, 7-)[25][26]


original video

  • Blowback Midnight Gangs (1990) --Baku
  • Namba financial biography, the emperor of MinamiSeries (1993-) --Ryuichi Sakagami
    • 1 "Toichi's Manda Ginjiro"
    • 2 "Planned bankruptcy"
    • Movie version partII "Ginjiro VS Arranger"
    • Special edition "secret agreement"





  • SENSATIONAL HIROKO (December 1981, 12, Toshiba EMI) * Three gourd musketeers (Gourd trio <Shingo Yanagisawa,Mitsuishi Lab., >)
  • Clown / BE MY GIRL (1985, Toshiba EMI) * The theme song for Nippon Television "".
  • Shingo Yanagisawa Selection Abayo !! (2007,Pony canyon)
  • Shingo Yanagisawa's Climax Koshien !! (July 2008, 7, Pony Canyon) * Includes a DVD containing recording scenery.
  • Real record !? Emergency special program Yanagisawa police close contact 24 o'clock !! (December 2009, 12, Pony Canyon) * DVD containing recording scenery etc. is included.



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    Tetsu Hirahara

    Tetsu Hirahara(Hirara Tetsu,1978/4/25 -) is JapaneseAn actor.FukuokaI'm fromOur Sky(Kuu) Affiliation.She is 180 cm tall and weighs 69 kg.She has a blood type of A.Her hobbies are games and anime.Her specialty is basketball.


    After working for the theater company reset-N, he has been a member of the theater company Hibai since 2009.[1]..Since then, she has appeared in TV dramas, movies, and commercials, mainly on the stage.



    TV drama




      • "Te" (2008)
      • "Getting Omni" (2008)
      • "Te" (2009)
      • "Travel of'Hicky Cancun Tornado'2010" (2010)
      • "Stone that is easy to throw" (2011)
      • "Seven Inori" (2011)
      • "A Woman" (2012)
      • Shikoku Gakuin University "Our Moromoro Shikoku Gakuin Edition" (2012)
      • "Pompon I want to shake your self-consciousness in small steps" (2012)
      • "Inspirational Girl Hidemi" (2012)
      • Hibai 10th Anniversary National Tour "Te" (2013)
      • "Moonlight Tsusumi" (2013)
      • "Man" (2014)
      • "Inspirational Girl Hidemi" (2014): The first outdoor performance in the plains[5]
      • "Hicky Cancun Tornado" (2015)
      • "Couple" (2016)
      • "Man" (2016)
      • "Moromoro of cracks" (2016)
      • "Hi-bye, Moyoosu" (2017)
      • `` Hicky Sotonide Temitano'' (2018)
      • "Te" (2018)
      • "The world is alone" (2019)
      • "Cocoon" (2008)
    • Gotandadan
      • "New Year Factory Tour 08" (2008)
      • "New Year Factory Tour 09" (2009)
      • "New Year Factory Tour 2010" (2010)
      • "Fake Kaneko's departure" in "New Year Factory Tour 2012" (2012)
      • "New Year's Factory Tour 2013" "Fake Movie-Maybe Star Warsoo" (2013)
      • "Fake popular theater" in "New Year's factory tour 2014" (2014)
      • "Tangjin Sumo" (2008)
      • "Tangjin Sumo" (2009)
      • "Bird's Eyes" (2008)
      • "If you have four colored pencils" (2009)
    • Potsdor
      • European Tour "Love's Whirlpool" (2013)
      • "The other side of disappointment" (2014)
      • Extra performance No. 2014 "Umihotaru" (XNUMX)
      • "Machimachi omnibus" (2015)
      • "Morning to die without anyone knowing" (2020)


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