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🎥 | Walking survey ... "Road to the Great River" The main video showing the back side of map production is released

Step by step towards the completion of the photo. – (C) 2022 “Road to the Great River” Film Partners

Surveying by walking ... "Road to the Great River" The main video showing the back side of map production is released

If you write the contents roughly
Japan's first map, "Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Zenzu," has an error of only 0.2% compared to the current map of Japan.

From the movie "Taiga e no Michi" (released) starring Kiichi Nakai, the main video of the map of Japan has been released. … → Continue reading

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    Japan coastal land

    Map of Japan

    Map of JapanWhat is (Nihonchizu)?Japan OfregionOr it is the main element that composes itJapanese archipelagoAnd the surrounding areaMapThat is.

    The current map of Japan isGeographical Survey InstituteRegularly travels all over JapanSurveyingAnd issue "Topographic map issued by Geospatial Information Authority of JapanIs the basis.


    The word "national map" can be seen in the "May 5, 6th Tenpyo" quoted in the official note dated June 23, 10th year of Konin in the early Heian period.Japanese sequelIn the article in August 10 of Tenpyo, it seems that "the countries of the world will be made to develop the country and county map", so there is no doubt that the map of the whole country existed by this time.also"Japanese laterIn the article in August 15th of the Enryaku calendar, the existing "country map" was ordered to be recreated due to the lack of characters and information, and "country township, station road perspective, famous mountain Okawa, form Hirosa" was recorded in detail. Tata[1].. theseRitsuryoThe map used as the basic material for the book does not exist, but in the 18th century scholar, Toteikan Rattan's "Collection of Ancient Maps", Vol. XNUMX, "PostponementContains the "Ko Map" with the note "Revised in 24 (805)".This map isShimogamo ShrineIt is a copy of the original book, and although it has been revised in posterity, it is believed that the shape and basic data of Japan followed the original drawing.[1]..Also in the 13th centuryLeishuAlthough there is no topography or outline in the collection "Ninakaji", there is a "Michisen Nihonzu" that describes the number of days required to move by connecting the country names of 66 countries with a highway according to the positional relationship.

    In the Middle AgesGyoki-zuCalled "DenseThere is a esoteric Japanese map that plots the land based on the world view of[1]..For example, in the 13th centuryTendai sectIn "Keiran Pickup Leaf Collection" written by Gwangjong of GoryeoBiwa lakeJapan's land centered onVajraThe "Bodhisattva Bodhisattva" that fits the shape of is quoted.Although the positional relationship can be grasped in the early Gyoki-zu, it lacks accuracy,Ninna-ji Temple"Japanese map" in the collection and similar books "Picked upThe Gyoki-zu, which is similar to the "Dainippon Kokuzu" recorded in "Gyoki-zu", is very different from the esoteric Buddhism system. Said to be completed[1].Kazutaka UnnoGyoki-zu was characterized as a reference material used by high-ranking government officials to carry out national administration.[1].. on the other hand,Murai ShosukeIs more than an administrative documentSong pillowAnd as a map for travel[1]..The oldest surviving Gyoki-zu isMuromachi PeriodStuff[2]In Although,RyukyuIt can be seen that the version has been upgraded according to the application, such as the one in which is written.[3].

    In the Edo period, the shogunate election was used for the purpose of public geography grasping and lord rule.National pictureMap production is carried out as a national project, but the map of Japan for the whole of Japan was done in the form of organizing the contents of the national map.Anei 8 years (1779/) Is the first map in Japan with latitude and longitude lines included in the "Revised Nihon Enkai Yorozu Zenzu" (commonly known as "Akamizuzu").Nagakubo SekisuiPublished by[4]..Not based on surveying, but Ezochi (Hokkaido) Is shown throughout Japan, including latitude and longitude lines, making it easy to see.MeijiIt was widely used as a map of Japan until the early days (Maps of Ino Tadataka are classified as national secrets and are not generally available.[5]).

    1800/From aroundTadataka InoFor the first timeSurveyingAccurate map of Japan based on technology "Dai Nihon Enkai Yochi Complete MapWas made[5](However, before thatRyukyu KingdomHas created an accurate map based on surveying).

    Meiji RestorationLater, it was announced that the administrative officer would have the prefectures and lords prepare a map of jurisdiction.[6]Came down.after that,1869/General affairs officer to the Ministry of Popular AffairsFamily registerSet up a map rack,1871/Ministry of EngineeringSurveyor,Ministry of MilitaryArmy Staff BureauspyA corps was set up and the creation of a modern map was started.1884/Creating a mapChief of StaffIntegrated into the surveying station1888/Chief of StaffLand Survey DepartmentRenamed to.1925/Complete a XNUMX / XNUMX topographic map of the whole country.All of these organizations are the predecessors of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.

    More informations

    For surveyingTriangular point,Water markIs used.

    Coordinate system(Geodetic system) From "Japan Geodetic System" in April 2002GPSSince it has changed to the "world geodetic system" used inlatitude,longitudeNeeds coordinate transformation.



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