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🤖 | "I'm glad you see it ~" Cosplayer Tsunko shows off her punk nurse


"I'm glad if you see it ~" Cosplayer Tsunko shows off her punk nurse appearance

If you write the contents roughly
"I appeared as Miyu-chan, a punk nurse who works at a cafe." "It seems that Miyu liked Satoshi. I couldn't see it !!! ", And showed off-shots in a punk nurse.

Tsunko, who is active as a cosplayer, DJ, and voice actor, updated her Twitter on May 5, and is a punk nurse ... → Continue reading

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Yu-chanIt is,2010/Was born inSaga OfUniversal designOf promotionマ ス コ ッ ト..blueMutsugorouIs the motif.


2010/May 12-22 daysSaga prefectureUreshino CityThe mascots were solicited in November 5 to coincide with the "2010th" held in.

The mascot was decided to be a blue mudskipper by open recruitment, and "Yu-chanWas named.

2012/Even now, in Saga PrefectureUniversal designUsed in promotion PR.

Purpose of creation

Created with the image of a mudhopper in the Ariake Sea, conscious of the rich nature of Saga Prefecture.

Aiming for a design that heals by adding "comfort" so that everyone can have a familiarity[1].


  1. ^ Saga Prefecture: Recruitment of Saga Universal Design Characters (Saga UD Lab)

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