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🎥 | Mei Nagano, holding the remains of her best friend and jumping off the balcony! Director "The coolest"


Mei Nagano jumps off the balcony with the remains of his best friend! Director "The coolest"

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As Nagano says, "I was impressed to see Nao who became Mariko for the first time," Mariko's appearance that shakes her heart with a momentary smile.

Teaser POS, a special newsletter for the movie "My Broken Mariko" (released in the fall of 2022) starring actress Mei Nagano ... → Continue reading

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"Nao-chan』(Nao-chan) is a seriousEpilepsy(Lennox Syndrome)Intellectual disabilityThis is a documentary film of Nao-chan (Nao Nishimura), a girl with a sword. Published in 12.The director isShinichi Ise..The director is Nao-chan's real uncle.Screening time, 1 hour 38 minutes A work supported by the Japan Arts Council.


Director Shinichi Ise learned that "My sister had a daughter, but she seems to have some troublesome illness."Record movieThe year when my father, Chonosuke Ise, who was working as an editor, died.The crank-in was January 1983, 1. It starts with the scene of Nao-chan's New Year's first visit at the age of eight.Nao's family bought a house for sale, and the deciding factor was a small one right in front of the house.parkThat there was.Nao always plays in the park, interacts naturally with the locals, and she blends into her life. Over the course of 12 years, her father (Mahayana) also took on an important role in the company and the community, and her mother (Nobuko) created a place where Nao could work. , In the area launched with her mom companionWelfare workshopBecame the leader of "Piglet", and his younger brother Kiichi is a high school student.Nao is run by her mothersWelfare workshopWill work at.Subsequent stories will be portrayed in the subsequent documentary series.


  • Piglet (2002) -A welfare workshop set up by mothers.After that, the number of workshops will be 5 and it will become a large organization including 10 care homes and community support centers.
  • Thank you-25 years for "Nao-chan" to become independent- (2006)
  • Home, Sweet Home ~ 35 years of Nao and her family ~ (2017)


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