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🎵 | "Narimasu" is the debut work that brought out the talent of Tunnels as a singer at once!


"Narimasu" is the debut work that brought out the talent of Tunnels as a singer at once!

If you write the contents roughly
I think it's worth listening to Taka-san and Nori-san's two-voiced octave unison-like layering.

Noritake Kinashi's new album "Kinashi Music Connection Final Chapter ~ 60th Anniversary Edition ~" will be released on June XNUMXst ... → Continue reading

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Noritake Kinashi

Noritake Kinashi(Kinashi Noritake,1962(37)3/9 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,singer,An actor. In 1980Takaaki IshibashiAnd comedy combination "TunnelsWas formed.Kinashikokka Co., Ltd. President and Affiliated Talent[2][3].. Wifeactress OfNarumi YasudaSo, 2 men and 1 woman in between.IndependentSuginami Ward AssemblyOf the legislatorCousinHits.


SetagayaChitosedai OfBicycleStore (thenSoshigaya Okura(Moved to) Born as the eldest son of the father who runs the "Kinashi Cycle".Tsukado Elementary School, Setagaya Ward,Setagaya Ward Chitose Junior High Schoolgraduate.

1977ToTeikyo High SchoolEnrolled in the soccer club.He was a mood maker in the club, and he often teamed up with his classmate Ishibashi, who was in the baseball club at the school at the time, to do the material.[4].. High School days,NTV OfEntertainment shows"TV jockeyParticipated in the general participation corner "The Challenge".KinashiShoji Uta(Kashimashi daughter)・Akiko Wada-Lupin IIIEtc.ImitationAnd became the 5th champion.At that time, Ishibashi was also a regular participant in the program, and when Kinashi participated in the program's Grand Champion Tournament, Ishibashi made a friendship appearance for the first time on television.

After graduating from high school1980, In TokyoTokyo Daihatsu salesI got a job at Suginami Sales Office.At the same time,Tokoro GeorgeThe moderator's variety show "Dobadoba Big Bomb』(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Also participated in the system).In a short break, I will get a prize of 100 million yen and miss it.1980October,"Birth of a comedy star!!"(Nippon TV) in combination with Ishibashi"Takaaki & NoritakeI will participate as.1981, The current combination name from the 6th week of winning "Birth of a laughing star !!"TunnelsRenamed to.Official site[5] Then, the formation time of Tunnels is described as "1980".1982In April, he finally won the Grand Prix for 4 weeks with "Birth of a laughing star !!".After spending a couple of years after his professional debut, he spent a few days laying down, but in 10 he made a break. ""All Night Fuji], [Sunset"(bothFuji Television Network, Inc) Became a charismatic young man, and climbed the stairs of the star at once.1984 - 1986The pioneer of the late-night drama "Triangle blue』(TV Asahi)Cute Kazumi-Maiko Kawakami-Jiro Karasawa-Maeda KoyoCo-star with etc.Around this time she began to play an active role at the same timeHiromi,Fumiya FujiiI became friends with them and still have a close friendship.

1994,movies"Abacus』(1986) co-starredNarumi YasudaMarried to.1996, New Year's Eve "The 47th NHK Red and White Singing Battle] To "Kensaburo & George Yamamoto"Enter as.2004-2007,2012, Held a solo live "NORITAKE GUIDE LIVE".2010, Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the formation of the duo.

2014-2016, Held a solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Exhibition x 20 years INSPIRATION-Curiosity of the Moment" at 20 locations nationwide to commemorate the 8th anniversary of his creative activities, mobilizing 43 people.

2017In May, the solo live "Noritake Kinashi and Feeling Dashishima Show" was held for the first time in 5 years.

2018In April, the movie "Starring for the first time in 4 years"Inuyashiki』Nationwide release.

In July 2018, the patrol of the solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Exhibition Timing -The Light of the Moment-" that will continue until 7 started.

2019In October, he started his musical activities as a complete solo singer as "Noritake Kinashi".His independent label "Kinashi recordWas launched.

2020January,HeelsFormed a new laughing combination "Pear and Apple" with Apple[6].

In December 2020, a music festival "TBS Radio presents Kinashi no Dai Ongakukai. Fes teyu- !!" will be held at Pacifico Yokohama National Grand Hall.

2022In April, the music festival "4nd Kinashi Festival Grand Concert"Ryogoku KokugikanHeld in.

In May 2022, "Noritake Kinashi Symphony Orchestra THE CURTAIN CALL SHOW"Tokyo Culture Hall・ Held in the large hall.

In June 2022, the solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Exhibition Timing -The Light of the Moment-", which has been touring museums nationwide since 6, will be held.Ueno no Mori Art MuseumWe will reach the finale at.Opened at 20 locations nationwide, mobilizing a total of 122 million visitors.

For other biography as a combinationTunnelsSee.

Art style / work

Music activity

1996,"Let's live with a tunnel of raw!In the planning ofJoji YamamotoFormed a duo with "Kenzaburo & George Yamamoto"Kitajima Saburo"Produced and provided by music"Roman-ROMAN-Was released and made a hit.New Year's Eve "The 47th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』Participated in.By the way, Kinashi participated in "NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen" for the first time under another name three times (3: Tunnels, 1991: Kensaburo & George Yamamoto, 1996: Wild monkey) Has the experience.Also on the same day, "38th Japan Record Award』Won the planning award.Also"Kinashi cycle』Co-starred and hit it offKiyoshiro ImawanoとJapan national football teamThere is also a cheering song for.It wasn't released, but with "Tonneruzu no Nama de Dara Dara !!"Minoru UjitaTogether with him, he formed "Surf Noriders" to make one image song.

September 2019, 9, own label "Kinashi Record (UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPANThe ban on the solo artist debut from ")" has been lifted, and the EP will be released in the fall.

Solo's first best album "Kinashi Funk The Best], And recorded 8 crowns in digital distribution.

On New Year's Eve 2020Momoiro Uta Gassen(BS Nippon Television-Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.-AbemaTV) For the first time.

Actor activity

1998'sSweet marriage], Starring in the serial drama for the first time.Kinashi played her husband in a serious drama about a married couple who passed each other. 2004 special drama "Ningenda-The story of Mitsuo Aida-』Plays Mitsuo Aida.She also said she was a voice actorFinding NemoIn the Japanese dubbed version of 』, I was in charge of the leading role Marlin.



When he appeared in newspapers as a horse racing predictor, he used the pseudonym "Kinashi Norizo" in the 1990s.Horse racing eightThe column "Because it is my only expectation" was posted in.Also, in the fall of 2014, it will be limited to GI races.Sports NipponThe forecast is posted in.By the way, it is also the godfather of.He is good at painting and holds solo exhibitions and decorates the cafe he once ran.


Only from a prestigious soccer school, he is good at soccer and is said to be an original soccer entertainer.[7]..He has been attending soccer school since elementary school and is a screenwriter.Koki MitaniWas a teammate, but Kinashi was in the 2nd army and Mitani was in the 13th army.Teikyo High SchoolFor synchronization of the timesMitsubishi Heavy Industries Soccer Club(Current:Urawa Red Diamonds) Of the soccer commentator who played inKoichi Kawazoe, Urawa Jr. Youth DirectorAtsushi Natori, Bicycle racerYoichi KokadoThere is.

When I was in 3rd gradeNational High School Soccer ChampionshipHe was selected as a member of the Tokyo qualifying round and participated in the semi-finals (uniform number 13) and shot, but did not score a goal.He had the ability to participate in the finals halfway through, but smoking in his club roomSadao KonumaPartly because he was found by the director, he was removed from the bench just before the national tournament.[7].. He went to his house for three weeks, apologized, participated in the practice with forgiveness, and reconciled with Konuma for winning the national championship.

Akashi familyCelebrity soccer club team ledThe MummyAs a player ofNational Stadium Kasumigaoka Athletics StadiumI have also played in.


Actor'sHiroshi Sato,Kiichi NakaiIs a golf companion, andHiromiA golf program of four people including the above is broadcast irregularly on the TV Asahi series.HiromiFumiya FujiiSince I was in my twenties, I have been interacting with people both publicly and privately, and have a family relationship.

As a music producerMatsumoto IyoBand guitarToshio YabukiIs a classmate from kindergarten, and Yabuki is said to get along with Kinashi's friend for some reason.That is the edge and produced by YabukiMizuki NanaThat you are going to see the live concert20106/17Broadcast of "It was your thanks to the Tunnels"of"The new king who dislikes eatingWill be revealed at the time when Mizuki appeared as a guest.At that time, Yabuki was also in the studio.also,20147/12Appeared as a surprise guest at Mizuki's live concert in Osaka[8].


2014In January, Tunnels said, "You can laugh!』Become a regular.Kinashi is right after the regular decision1/23On the broadcastShofuiteiThe moment he tried to talk, he wire down from the studio ceiling and strangled him.General moderatorTamoriAccording to him, (this way of appearance) is the first time in history.[9]..After that, the performance continued until the end of the broadcast in March.

The food I hateRakkyo..Originally it was eaten, but my partner Ishibashi hated scallions, and after being told about it many times, Kinashi also hated scallions.I also hate scallops.


His companion, Ishibashi, described Kinashi's talent as "Kinashi Noritake has better qualities." "He will be a great superstar in the next 10 to 20 years. I don't have that. He's that. I'm fluttering now because I'm not asking for the above (laughs). If I think about my qualities and think "OK, let's go!", I think I'll be number one in no time. " I highly appreciate it[10]..On the other hand, Kinashi also described Ishibashi as "Takaaki was the producer of Tunnels from the beginning. Takaaki decided everything and I was free to do it in his palm all the time." He says he trusts in his activities.[11].

My wife, Yasuda, said about Kinashi, "I think he's a very good person." "I don't consciously do that, and I don't bother to go to places I don't want to hear or encounter. "I'm very good at living so that I can spend my time comfortably, and I do it without hurting the other person. I think it's natural, and I'm jealous of being sly."[12]..On the other hand, Kinashi also said that Yasuda couldn't get his head up, saying, "The producer of art is Mr. Narumi. "[11].

Hiromi, a longtime friend, said, "Nori-chan doesn't bother, because she only thinks about the future." I reflect on the past. I'm aiming for a style like Nori-chan, but I couldn't do it easily, and I thought about the work I had just finished and the tomorrow in front of me. I will do it. "[13].

Have a friendshipCheat TakeyamaI think that Kinashi is "a turning point person who will appear in the magic lantern when I die" and "a" good person "who is looking for the next way of life. It is radio, music, solo exhibitions. I think it will be transmitted from the work as well. "[13].

Creative activity

He has held seven solo exhibitions by 2013, and his style includes abstract paintings based on red, landscape paintings with characters added to sketches, and still life paintings with simple color expressions.While exhibiting the above works on the Internet using interactive techniques, he also designs game characters.

  • The first solo exhibition "Taiyo Niconica Exhibition"Nagoya PARK Held at ("Let's live with a tunnel of raw!The artist name is the character "Kintaro Kinashi" in the program until the solo exhibition held in 2000).
  • Held the second solo exhibition "Kinashi Noritake no Tenrankai" on Fuji TV (hereinafter, the artist name is "Noritake Kinashi").
  • The 3rd solo exhibition "SCORE Exhibition" in TokyoShibuya OfDaikanyamaHeld at the Hillside Forum.
  • The 4th solo exhibition "GO WITH THE FLOW Exhibition" was held at the Daikanyama Hillside Forum in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
  • Exhibited his work at "114th Anda Pandan Exhibition" (France).The work is published at the beginning of the catalog.
  • Jacket design for the omnibus CD "Adagio Lounge classics".
  • Tsutoshi GotoThe jacket design for the album "do not disturb".
  • ActorKiichi NakaiCover design for his book "Diary Heaven and Earth China Stay Record".
  • Cover design for actor Kiichi Nakai's book "Diary 2 Phoenix My Love China Stay Record".
  • The 5th solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Color World Exhibition in KYOTO"JRKyoto StationHeld at the Museum Eki Kyoto (mobilizing 6 people).
  • The exhibition "NORITAKE KINASHI EXHIBITION" of the above solo exhibition was held at 3116 GALLERY CAFE.
  • Exhibited works at "AFWP8JAPAN 27rd World Peace Art Festival" held from August 8th to 31st.
  • Exhibited at "TOKYO! TOKYO !! TOKYO !!! Exhibition" held on September 9th.
  • Held the 7th solo exhibition "Kinashi Noritake Museum 2. Love, Hope, Light, Kapiolani Park, Me, and Kyoto" at JR Kyoto Station Museum Museum "Eki" Kyoto.
  • Continuing from the 9th solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Exhibition Timing -The Light of the Moment-", it has been straddling the year since the end of last year.Ehime OfAkane MuseumHeld at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Fukuoka Prefecture and the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum in Nagasaki Prefecture.By the wayNew coronavirus infection (COVID-19) To prevent expansion, the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum was closed for a few days, and the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum was closed for a shorter period. April 4-May 18 Fukui City Art Museum in Fukui Prefecture, May 5-June 17 The solo exhibition scheduled to be held at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo has been cancelled.
    "Fairies Exhibition" will be held at Hareza Ikebukuro, Tokyo from August 8th to 8th.
    From October 10th to November 10rd, in Toyama PrefectureToyama Glass Art MuseumThe 9th solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Exhibition Timing -The Light of the Moment-" will be resumed.
  • Continuing the 9th solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Exhibition Timing -The Light of the Moment-"Kyoto OfKyoto Culture MuseumHeld at the Yamagata Museum of Art in Yamagata Prefecture, the Tottori Prefectural Museum in Tottori Prefecture, and the Miyakonojo City Museum in Miyazaki Prefecture.
  • Continuing the 9th solo exhibition "Noritake Kinashi Exhibition Timing -The Light of the Moment-"Fukui OfFukui City Art MuseumHeld at.Then, at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo, which was held from June 6th to June 4th, this solo exhibition, which has been touring the whole country for about 6 years from 26, reached the finale and the tour ended.

Kinashi Kokka

After his wife Yasuda returned from maternity leave (around 2000), Kokka Co., Ltd. was established for the purpose of management, and Kinashi became president.[15][16].. The company name was changed to Kinashi Kokka Co., Ltd. on April 2022, 4.[3].

In parallel with his own presidential business, the office where Ishibashi is the presidentArrivalHe served as vice president from the establishment in 1994 until he resigned in June 2018, and was also a registered talent.She has been transferred to Kokka as a talent after she has been with the company for some time after she resigned.[2][17].

It used to have a company called Rams Company Co., Ltd., but it was dissolved on April 2019, 4 in the form of a merger with Kokka.[15][18]..In addition, the affiliations other than the Kinashi couple, including the past affiliations, do not exist as of 2021.

Based on Yasuda's childhood memories, Kinashi designed a fairy character, which he named "Kokka".A mobile picture book with this "Kokka" as the main character was produced and released on September 2016, 9.[19].. On June 2019, 6, "Kokka" and "Slightly Moving Rabbit" collaborated.LINEStamp released[20].


Music works

Only those who have left the duo and are working alone.Regarding music activities in the duo, "TunnelsSee.


NameRelease datetitleLabel
Kensaburo & George Yamamoto19965/17 Roman-ROMAN- OYAJI RECORDS
Noritake Kinashi + Kiyoshiro Imawano20026/12 Ganbare Japan Warner Music Japan
hydrangea200610/18 A world of only two people Pony canyon

配 信

NameDelivery datetitleDistributorRemarks
Fumiya Fujii & Noritake and Hiromi20156/3
Fuji TV series
"Noritake, Fumiya, and Hiromi go! Camper training camp'
Program theme song
Noritake Kinashi201910/24 Kinashi Funk ~ NORI NORI NO-RI ~ Kinashi recordVirgin work in the name of solo
202010/4 Kinashi Music Connection
202011/29 Kinashi Music Connection 2
202110/3 Kinashi Music Connection 3


NameRelease datetitleLabelRemarks
Noritake Kinashi201912/11Kinashi Funk The BestKinashi recordVirgin album in the name of solo
20226/1Kinashi Music Connection Final Chapter ~ 60th Anniversary Edition ~

Participating works

  • Masayuki SuzukiParticipated in "Kawaii Hitoyo" (song from the album "Martini Duet") by singing (2008)
  • KishidanParticipated in "One Night Carnival" (tribute album "All Night Carnival") (March 2022, 3)


  • Until the day I lick cotton candy again...-Noritake Kinashi & George Tokoro
  • True summer color - Yuzukosho name

Video work

  • Ryoma's wife, her husband and mistress (May 2003, 5)
  • NORITAKE GUIDE FREE LIVE (October 2004, 10)
  • NORITAKE GUIDE2 PEACE LIVE (September 2005, 9)
  • NORITAKE GUIDE3 ~ 9975 PARTY LIVE ~ (October 2006, 10)
  • NORITAKE GUIDE4 ONE HALF LIVE (October 2007, 10)

Appearance work

Describes the work that appeared as Noritake Kinashi.The work that appeared in the duoTunnels See the item. (Excluding guest appearance programs)

Current appearance work

TV program

Regular program
Special program

Radio program

Online delivery

Past appearance work

TV program

Regular program
Special program

Only for what is known (excluding guest appearance programs)

  • Year-end jumbo special program! What Noritake / Hiromi and his happy friends wanted to do on TV 50 (1999: ANB)
  • Noritake Kinashi's Tenrankai (2000: CX)
  • Tokoro, Noritake, Hiromi's program like this isn't good? (2000: ANB)
  • Noritake Kinashi's world soccer is coming.Our attitude (2002: CX)
  • Zidane ~ The Legend of Heroes of the World Cup ・ Genealogy of "10" ~ (2002: CX)
  • Koichi, Kiichi, and Hiromi are also very excited! Super-luxury athletes all appear! Noritake Kinashi's major conquest trip (June 2004, 6, TV Asahi)
    • Let's challenge the World Hall of Fame of Noritake, Koichi, Kiichi, Hiromi! SP (July 2004, 7, TV Asahi)
    • Experience the world's highest peaks of Noritake, Koichi, Kiichi, and Hiromi SP ~ Our British Open ~ (December 2004, 12, TV Asahi)
  • Noritake Kinashi's VS (2005: EX)
  • BS Asahi 10th Anniversary Special-What is the design of Noritake Kinashi !? ~ Gaudi's beloved city, Barcelona ~ (March 2011, 3: BS Asahi)
  • Celebration! Noritake Kinashi 50th Anniversary, First Kinashi(July 2011, 7: EX)
  • Noritake Kinashi The Mystery of MOMA in New York ~ Things that can't be art ~ (April 2013, 4: BS Asahi)
  • Noritake, Fumiya, and Hiromi go! Camper camp-encounter, contact, and happy journey-(June 2015, 6, June 13, 2016: CX)
  • Kinashi's paintings go to the world! ~ 53-year-old new painter's NY struggle ~ (December 2015, 12: CX), unreleased special edition (December 26, 2016: BS Fuji)
  • Soccer World Cup Asian Final Qualifying Support Program ~ Supporters ~ (September 2016, 9: EX)
  • Noritake Kinashi Traveling Alone Meet Van Gogh in the Art City of Boston! (July 2017, 7: BS Asahi)
  • Kinashi Cultural Mission Going to Cuba! (January 2018, 1: NHK BSPremier)
  • Kinashi Music (January 2020, 1: BS-TBS)
  • Kinashi's ring. (December 2020, 12: Fuji TV)[22]
Drama appearance

ControlHe has appeared in many dramas and movies because of his high acting ability.However, before turning 40, there are increasing cases of playing not only comical roles but also serious middle-aged roles.


Japanese version dubbing

Theater animation


  • Noritake Kinashi / Kanning Takeyama "Noritakeyama" (December 2017, 12, September 26, 2018, TBS Radio)
  • Takahiro Inoue Saturday's "A" (April 2022, 6, TBS Radio)


2004We are holding a solo live from.The contents include songs, free talks with guests, and so on.

  • NORITAKE GUIDE FREE LIVE (2004) Harajuku Quest Hall
    Co-star:Tokyo Boys, Akira Tanaka (Pudding pudding),other
    Performance:Toshio Yabuki, Itaru Watanabe,Toshihiko Matsushita
    Guest (Day 1):croquette,Fumiya Fujii,Naoyuki Fujii
    Guest (Day 2):Hiromi,Katsumata Sum
    Guest (Day 3):Koji Tamaki,Kiichi Nakai
  • NORITAKE GUIDE II PEACE LIVE (2005) Harajuku Quest Hall
    Co-stars: Akira Tanaka (Purin Purin), young entertainers (Yoshimoto Kogyo, Jinrikisha, Watanabe Entertainment), etc.
    Performance:Toshio Yabuki, Itaru Watanabe, Toshihiko Matsushita, Tsutomu Ohira
    Guest (Day 1):Ken Horiuchi,Shofuitei,Masao Komatsu
    Guest (Day 2):Maggie Judge,Mitsuyo,Oriental radio,Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Fumiya Fujii
    Guest (Day 3):Matsumoto Iyo, Hiromi, Kunikazu Katsumata, Kiichi Nakai
  • NORITAKE GUIDE 5.0 (2012March 3-8) Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
    The guests:Hiromi Go, Shofukutei Tsurubin,Bro. KONE, Fumiya Fujii,Takaaki IshibashiOther
  • Noritake Kinashi and Feeling Show (May 2017-5, 26) Ebisu The Garden Hall
  • PARTY LIVE Kirin no Kai. (November 2018-11, 28) Ebisu act * square
    Guest: Fumiya Fujii, Hiromi,Ayakoji Sho,Sama-zu,Cheat Takeyama,Yuuki Iwai(Haraichi),Tamao Akae,Jane SueOther
  • Kinashi Funk Release Commemorative Announcement. (November 2019, 11) LINE CUBE SHIBUYA (Shibuya Public Hall)
  • Kinashi's concert.
    (October 2020, 10) Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Large Hall
    (October 2020, 10) Orix Theater, Osaka Prefecture
    (October 2020, 10) Tokyo International Forum Hall A
  • TBS Radio presents Kinashi's big concert.Festival- !! (December 2020, 12) Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall
  • The 2022nd Kinashi Festival Grand Concert (April 4-2, 3) Ryogoku Kokugikan
    (April 2022, 4) -Selection of friends and guests! Hit song Great Thanksgiving Party !!-
    (April 2022, 4) -Kinashi selection song! 3th birthday!Great Thanksgiving Party !! ~
  • Noritake Kinashi Symphony Orchestra THE CURTAIN CALL SHOW (May 2022, 5) Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Large Hall


  • Meiji Life(2000)
  • toto
  • Takata (Child seat "MiLiB")
  • Japan McDonald's (Fish McDippers) (2004)
    • "Finger"
    • "Let's enjoy Dip"
  • Hitachi, Ltd.("WOOO" DVD Recorder) (June 2004, 6-)
  • Ajinomoto (Cook Do) * Wife Narumi Yasuda will appear after leaving the board (not co-starring)
  • Sapporo beer(Sapporo Draft One)
  • HONDA(ZEST)Tomoko Nakajima,Koshimizu IkkiCo-starring
    • "Tokyo Tower" (2006)2/24 -)
    • "Zebra" (March 2006-)
    • "Elephant Edition" (December 2006-)
    • "Spot-billed Duck Family Edition" (June 2007-)
  • KDDIHikari one (currently au Hikari) (Kimura KaelaCo-star, 2006-2007)
    • "What you are good at is different"
    • "Which one is better?"
    • "Why don't you make it into an anime?"
    • "Look! (1)"
    • "Look! (2)"
    • "All Hikari de Hen" (February-December 2007)
  • Calpis(Amir S. Kenchao)
  • Sanyo food(Sapporo Ichiban) (July 2010-November 9)
  • Asahi beer(Wheat squeezing) (September 2009, 9-)
  • DNA
  • Suntory(Delicious ZERO) (August 2014, 8-)
  • DAZN"WATCH! DAZN!" (February 2019, 2-) DAZN Ambassador
    • "WATCH! DAZN!" (February 2019, 2-)
    • "WATCH! DAZN!" J League Opening Edition (February 2019, 2-)
    • "WATCH! DAZN!" Professional Baseball Opening Edition (March 2019, 3-)
  • OPPO (July 2020, 7 -)Rino SashiharaCo-starred with
  • SmartHR (August 2020, 8-)Atsushi ItoCo-starring with (February 2022, 2-) Honoka MatsumotoCo-starring with
    • "Liberation from Paper" (August 2020, 8-)
    • "Liberation from waste"
    • "Paperless"
    • "Year-end adjustment" (October 2020, 10-)
    • "Documents for joining the company online" (February 2021, 2-)
    • "Paperless personnel and labor"
    • "Good for employees. Person in charge (personnel evaluation)" (February 2022, 2-)
    • "Good for employees. Person in charge (entry documents)"
  • Asahi Breweries (Clear Asahi) (March 2021, 3-)Shiori SatoCo-starred with (July 2021, 7-)Aya UetoCo-starring with
    • "New! Clear Asahi Reborn" (March 2021, 3-)
    • "New! Clear Asahi I drank"
    • "Clear Asahi was so delicious" (July 2021, 7-)
  • GU"2021-22 Fall / Winter CM Campaign" (September 2021, 9-)

Video distribution

  • Hulu Original Content Art Variety "Noritake Kinashi Inspiration Only" (April 2015, 4,Hulu)
  • Kinashi shellfish. (November 2018, 11-,GYAO) * TBS Radio "Kinashi no Kai." Linked program.
    • Kinashi shellfish.I'll show you everything with a spin-off! (December 2018, 12, January 30, 2019)


  • Yutaka Mizutani "California Connection" (songs included in the album "TIME CAPSULE")PV(2008)
    As a "meal friend representative", he has made a friendship appearance as a police officer.She also participated in the chorus with "SNOW BIRD" on this album.
    Broadcasted on May 2009, 6SONGSIn "(94th) Yutaka Mizutani", he appeared as a surprise guest at Lake Yamanaka.
  • Bubblegum BrothersIn the PV of "Daddy's Party Night"Yajima beauty salonParticipated as Yajima Margaret (2008)
  • Nemo & Friends SeaRider(Marlin) *Tokyo Disney SeaAttractions.
  • Ponki kicks(Merlin)
  • 新 日本 プ ロ レ ス"Varsan Presents WRESTLE KINGDOM 15 in Tokyo Dome" (2021Held on January 1th)
    Special promoter (as Don Kinashi)
    Tournament theme song "I'm alive is a flower feat. Ryudo Uzaki & Koichi Sato" (song included in "Kinashi Music Connection 2")
  • WOWOW x MAN WITH A MISSION "WOWGOW MV PROJECT" (broadcast on February 2021, 2)
    Worked on the music video for the song "Focus Light".
  • THE TAIMAN ~ Far East Rock'n'Roll High School Chapter 2022 ~ Kishidan vs Noritake Kinashi (held on May 5, 23) Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO)


  • Noritaro, picture book, postcard. (1997)ISBN 4895883183
  • Noritaro, coloring, postcards. (1997)ISBN 4895883191
  • Mini picture book "I'm here !!" "What should I do ..." "Everyday." (September 2016, 9,Medicom Toy) * Kiyomi Ebizawa is in charge of drawing [26]
  • Noritake Kinashi Exhibition x 20 years INSPIRATION-Curiosity of the Moment (2014)ISBN 4568104785
  • Noritake Kinashi !? (2018)ISBN 4584138893


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