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🎥 | [Movie column] "Top Gun Maverick" has the true value of this movie where "living" is emphasized.


[Movie column] "Top Gun Maverick", where the true value of this movie lies in the emphasis on "living"

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Cruise does not suit the year and shows actions that seem to be out of the ordinary in the "Mission: Impossible" series, but this time he is also challenging the feat of acting by himself in a fighter plane.

"Top Gun Maverick" (released May 27) The blockbuster "Top Gun" starring Tom Cruise (86 ... → Continue reading

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    Fighter by itself

    Mission Impossible

    "Mission Impossible] (Original title: Mission: Impossible) Is1996/ OfAmerica OfアクションSpy movie.. The directorBrian De Palma, The script isDavid CoopRobert TownAnd starringTom cruise Paula WagnerWork with.TV drama series "Spy Operation(1966-1973) and its sequel "Mission Impossible(1988-1990), the sequel to the movie "Mission ImpossibleThis is the first work in the series.Ethan Hunt, a young spy belonging to the secret intelligence organization "IMF", is falsely accused by an insider's trap and searches for the true criminal.

    Cruise/Wagner ProductionsTom Cruise, the first film (established in 1992) and starring for the first time in this filmMovie producerAnd choose the director himself.

    It ranked third in the 1996 box office record, and was generally well received by critics.Due to this success, it was made into a series, and in 3, the sequel "M: I-2Was released. The 2022th work is scheduled to be released in 7, and the 2023th work is scheduled to be released in 8.


    CIATop Secret Intelligence Unit IMF (Impossible Missions Force, Impossible Operations Unit), a veteran operative Jim Phelps[Note 1] Is suddenly offered a movie by a flight attendant on an airplane. It is a directive from the IMF to Phelps,PragueA list of CIA unofficial agents operating in Eastern Europe from the American Embassy in Knock (NOC)” was an espionage mission against an embassy official trying to steal. However, during the operation by him and his team, members including Phelps were killed one after another by a mysterious attacker, and the list was intercepted, and only the young Ethan Hunt survived. Ethan contacts Kittridge, who was the CIA's supervisor of this mission, to meet him, saying he was actually a fake mission to find a traitor in the IMF, and the list itself was fake. Reveal. Ethan fled because Kittridge decided that the only survivor, Ethan, was the traitor and arrested him.

    IMF Safe House in Prague (Safe houseReturning to ), Ethan begins to search for the true criminal (intelligence) and the weapon dealer called “Max” with whom he sold information to prove his innocence. When Ethan notices that the insiders "Job" and "Max" are being exchanged using Bible verses, he tells "Max" that the list is fake. At that time, Claire, the wife of Phelps who was thought to be dead, appears in the safe house. Ethan suspects her, but withholds her judgment because the justification is reasonable and there is no evidence. Afterwards, Ethan goes to meet "He" according to the reply from "Max", but he is an elegant lady who is old. Ethan proved the list to be fake, and offered a $1000 million reward and Job's identity to prove that he could steal a real, even global knock, and "Max" receive.

    Ethan, who came back to Hidet, plans to steal the real list from the CIA headquarters, Ethan hires Luther, a leading hacker famous in the underworld, and Claire a former CIA operative and pilot Krieger. And Ethan and others broke the world's highest security and succeeded in stealing the list beautifully,UKRun away.

    Kittridge, stolen from the real list and losing Ethan's footsteps, tries to squeeze Ethan's mother and uncle into a drug-trafficking robe. After seeing the report, Ethan contacts Kittrid via a payphone, warns him, and leaves a trace so that he knows he is in London. Ethan is then surprised to find Phelps nearby. Phelps said he was killed but saved his life, saying Kitridge is the insider "Job." However, Ethan was convinced by the Bible stamp in the Safehouse that Phelps was "Job," and he knew that Krieger had killed the member from a special knife he had. However, I was not sure if Claire was also a friend. And Ethan went to "Max" the next dayParisTrain goingTGVI will contact you when I make a transaction.

    The next day, in the dining car, Ethan hands the list to "Max," but he doesn't want to leave it alone, and Luther interferes, preventing her from transferring the data. On top of that, Ethan directs Claire to the freight vehicle on which "Max" has placed money. When Phelps appears under Claire in a freight vehicle, Claire pleads not to kill Ethan. However, this Phelps is Ethan's disguise, and Claire's identity is revealed to him. A real Phelps appears there, trying to restrain money with a pistol and steal money, but when Ethan puts on glasses, the camera that he was sending sends the image to Kitridge, and the survival and betrayal of Phelps is CIA. Will also be clear.

    Phelps shoots Claire, trying to stop him, then beats Ethan and flee to the roof of the train. A helicopter operated by Krieger was approaching there. As Ethan chases, the wire hung from the helicopter to collect the Phelps is attached to the train so that it cannot be removed, and the train enters the tunnel with the helicopter. He was a helicopter who tried to retrieve Phelps and try to leave, but when Ethan jumped to the front, he set up a simple bomb, and at the same time as the bomb exploded, it returned to the train.

    Kitridge arrests "Max" on a train that suddenly stops due to the explosion, and she asks him to negotiate. On the other hand, while Kitanridge acknowledges that Ethan and Luther, who also proved their innocence and contributed to Max's arrest, will return to the IMF, but Ethan tells Luther to leave the operative, and takes a plane to return to his home. .. However, the story ends with a flight attendant urging Ethan to relentlessly watch the movie, anticipating the scene where Phelps was first ordered.


    Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
    Software versionFuji Television Network, IncVersionTV AsahiVersion
    Ethan HuntTom cruiseHirotaka SuzuokiJurota KosugiTomoyuki Morikawa
    Jim PhelpsJohn VoightFumito YamanoMichio HasamaKatsuhiko Kobayashi
    Claire PhelpsEmmanuel beardSayuriYurika HinoMisa Watanabe
    Jack HarmonEmilio Estevez[Note 2]Arakawa TaroHoriuchi KenoOsamu Sakuta
    Sarah davisChristine Scott ThomasKumiko TakizawaNaoko KodaShinobu Sato
    Hannah WilliamsIngevolga Duck NateChieko EnomotoYuko KobayashiAi Uchikawa
    Franz KriegerJean RenoMasaru IkedaAkio OtsukaKatsuhiko Sasaki
    Luther StickelVing ReimsYuka ShimaHouki Katsutoshi
    MaxVanessa RedgraveJunko MidoriToshiko Sawada
    Eugene KittridgeHenry ZenyTsutomu HiuraShinji OgawaMasashi Ehara
    Command voiceToru Ohira
    MathiasKarel DobriKazuo KamiyaKazuhiro NakataKazuhiro Nakata
    (Kayo Hayashi[Note 3]
    William DunloeRolf SaxonArno TaharaMasayuki KomuroToru Okawa
    Alexander golitsynMarcel EulessAoyama Minoru
    Frank BurnsDale DieMasaaki TsukadaHiroshi Naka
    ZodimovAEON CalamitorTomomi Nishimura
    news casterBob FriendInaba Minoru
    Flight attendantAnnabel MarionChieko Enomoto
    Max's minionsAndreas Wisnowski
    More informationsYasuo Muramatsu
    Masashi Sugawara
    Hiroshi Naka
    Hiroshi Naka
    Tomomi Nishimura
    Akimoto Yosuke
    Tea wind forest
    Shunsuke Takamiya
    Masahiko Tanaka
    Sayuri Sadaoka
    Seiji Sasaki
    Egawa Daisuke
    Japanese version staff
    ShowYasumasa Date
    翻 訳Kihara TakeshiHiroyuki Matsuzaki[Note 4]
    AdjustmentTakashi AraiHidetoshi Kuribayashi
    EffectrelationSound box
    ProductionTohoku Shinsha
    First broadcastRecorded for in-flight screening
    First recorded in the released VHS
    "Golden movie theater"
    "Sunday Western Theater"[Note 5]* 105 minutes

    ス タ ッ フ

    Terrestrial broadcasting history

    Number of timesTV stationProgram nameAirdateDubbed version
    First timeFuji Television Network, IncGolden movie theater1999/10/9Fuji TV version
    2 thNippon TVFriday road show2002/1/18
    3 thTV AsahiSunday Western Theater2003/3/16TV Asahi version
    4 th2004/11/14
    5 thFuji Television Network, IncSaturday Premium2006/7/22Fuji TV version
    6 th2008/11/15
    7 thTV AsahiSunday Western Theater2011/12/18[3]TV Asahi version
    8 thNippon TVFriday Road SHOW!2012/12/21
    9 thTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Afternoon road show2017/6/20[4]
    10 th2019/12/27[5]

    Work description

    In the TV seriesPeter GravesThe character that Jim Phelps played was changed, and in the movieJohn VoightIs playing. Also, the method of contacting the CIA is significantly different from the TV series.

    The opening theme and video production follow those of the TV series. However, in the sequels "M:i-2", "M:i:III", and "Ghost Protocol", the opening themes are arranged respectively. "M:i-2" is an uptempo song.

    Music originallyAlan SilvestriWas used to compose an original theme song and the recording was finished, but he was a wife at the time when he was dropped because of Tom's intention to use the song of Laro in the drama.Nicole KidmanBy recommendation ofDanny ElfmanWas appointed. When Danny was appointed, he had only been given two weeks to write his music, but Danny completed a drama companion that extruded his own color while interlacing Lalo's songs.[6].


    Original series officials

    Some cast members of the first television series (1966-1973) responded negatively to the film.

    Of the actor who played Bernie CollierGreg MorrisSaid he was fed up with the treatment of Phelps characters and stood before the end of the movie[7]. Played Jim Phelps in the former seriesPeter GravesEven hated changing the treatment of Phelps[8].

    Played Laurent Hand in the original seriesMartin LandauExpressed dissatisfaction with the movie. In an interview with MTV in October 2009, he stated: "In the early scripts, I opposed it because it was like destroying the entire team at once. It was just an action movie, not a spy operation. A spy operation is a psychological warfare." It doesn't matter if we're participating (in the series) or not, but the texture of the piece has changed. Want a volunteer to kill your character? So I got down. It was terrible!"[9].

    Box office

    It was released at 1996 theaters on May 5, 22 and released in 3012.Terminator 2Broke the $1170 million record and achieved box office revenue of $1180 million[10]. The film has also achieved other records in the United States[11]. Earned $6 million in the first 7,500 days,Jurassic ParkFor four daysMemorial Day for the Fallen War SoldiersOver $5,600 million over the weekend inFlintstone/Modern Stone Age] Record[12]. The cruise was deferred and paid $2000 million in rewards[12]. Ultimately, this work reached $1 million in North America and $180 million in the world, making a total of $2 million in revenue worldwide.[13].


    This work was controversial from critics.RIn 62%, the average score is 6/10. As a critical opinion, "Brian de Palma's renewal of the spy operation is full of bold scenes due to special effects, but the plot is too complicated."[14].MetacriticShows a 29/59 controversy or average rating based on 100 reviews[15].Chicago Sun TimesMovie criticsRoger EvertGave it 4 out of 3 stars, ``This is a movie that exists in the instant, and we must exist in the instant to enjoy it.)"[16].New York TimesSteven Holden of the following commented on the complex plot of the film: "The story doesn't consist of high-quality individual scenes, but what happened? The TV series's rating was fine as long as the sci-fi popular gimmicks remained suspenseful."[17].USA TodayMike Clark of 4 gave him 3 out of XNUMX stars: "Stylish and speedy, but the cast has a poor human side for the cast. Even if the scheme is good It's up to each person to take positively or negatively.)"[18].

    On the other hand, Hal HinsonWashington Post"There's a dash of thrill and some suspense in this film, but what we're looking for in a movie is that it's about its own parts, vivid conversation, excitement at each stage, or It's how the characters are. This isn't the case."[19].timeRichard Sickel of ``is a work that is recognized as a work of solving a serious crisis by linking events and characters by a logical plot, and it is recognized in this work. (There are citations other than the title, such as theme songs and self-destroying instruction tapes, but they are almost unrelated to the original series.)[20]. Oken GleibermanEntertainment weekly"B" rating was given to, "The problem is not that the plot is too complex, and I have exactly the same dissatisfaction with each of the details. There is an appealing part, but it is still inorganic and requires more action than conversation. The stuffing, the esotericity of a physics lecture, the deliberately intricate work doesn't stir the imagination of the audience, it just draws attention.”[21].


    Awards Circuit Community AwardsEditing AwardPaul HirschNomination
    Music awardsRob bartlett
    Christopher boys
    Shawn murphy
    Gary Ridestrom
    Tom Bellfort
    Visual Effect AwardAndrew Eio
    John Knoll
    Joe Letteri
    George Murphy
    Japan Academy AwardBest Foreign Work AwardN/ANomination
    BMI Film & TV AwardsBMI Film Music AwardDanny ElfmanAward
    Golden raspberry awardJoe Esther Hass Memorial/Boxing Revenue over $1 Million Minimum Screenplay AwardDavid Coop
    Stephen Zyrian
    Robert Town
    Golden Screen AwardsN/AN/AAward
    MTV Movie AwardBest action sceneTrain and helicopter chase sceneNomination
    MTV Video Music AwardsBest Video from a Film "Spy Operation Theme"Adam Clayton & Larry Malen Jr.Nomination
    Kids' Choice AwardsFavorite Movie Actor AwardTom cruiseNomination
    Online Film & Television Association AwardsBest Adapted Song "Spy Operation Theme"Adam Clayton
    Larry Malen Jr.
    Lalo sifrin
    Best Sound MixingRon bartlett
    Christopher boys
    Shawn murphy
    Gary Ridestrom
    Best Sound Effects EditingTom Bellfort & Christopher boysNomination
    Best Visual EffectsAndrew Eio
    John Knoll
    Joe Letteri
    George Murphy
    Producers Guild of America AwardsMost Promising Producer in Theatrical Motion PicturesTom cruise & Paula WagnerAward
    Satellite awardEditing AwardPaul HirschNomination
    Saturn awardAction/adventure moviesN/ANomination


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    注 釈

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