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📺 | Haruka Imou & Shuntarou Yanagi co-star for the first time in a drama set in the TV shopping industry


Haruka Imou & Shuntarou Yanagi co-star for the first time in a drama set in the TV shopping industry

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The role of Shin Homura, who I play, invites the main character to the world of TV shopping and teaches him with strictness, but in that process, love grows.

Actress Haruka Imou's BS-TBS original serial drama "You will gradually want" (starting on July 7, every ... → Continue reading

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    Shin Homura

    Tv shopping

    Tv shoppingIs on TVAudienceToProductsOrServiceIntroducing and encouraging purchaseLiving information program[1]OrCommercial messageAs a mediumBuying and sellingAgreementTo establishMail orderIt is a form. "TeleshopIt may be abbreviated as.


    The salesperson of the sellerentertainer, So-called on the productionCherry blossomEtc. introduce the product by presenting information such as advantages and prices while demonstrating how to use the product, and are the purchase application and contact information.Free DialSuch asPhone Number(For this reason, the program nameTelephone shoppingIn some cases) orShopping site OfURLAnd so on.

    In addition to being introduced by the performers in a set built in the studio, outdoorsLocation shootingIn addition to the conventional format that introduces multiple products, one product was picked up in particular.InfomercialIs also increasing.There are also multiple TV shopping channels that broadcast only mail-order sales.

    The products we handle areElectric appliances,Trinkets,Cosmetics,Daily necessities,healthy food,dietProduct,LearningSupplies,SportsSupplies,News (Chinese), Financial products,Mail order limited CD,パ ッ ケ ー ジ ツ ア ー,Insurance productsAnd so on.

    Product introduction method

    There are recorded programs and live broadcasts.

    Raw commercial method
    Live broadcastLiving information program,Wide showSuch assponsorIs a mail-order companyDepartment storeHas a mail-order department such asretailThere are many vendors, and there will be a few minutes of live commercial-style corners.
    Caravan method
    Many TV shopping programs are also called "sponsored" in this way.In many cases, a program planning company established separately from the mail-order company is in charge of all production such as studio arrangement, talent selection, production, and media planning.Manufacturers and sales companies that advertise products pay planning companies a sponsorship fee of around 300 to 650 million yen, and performers introduce the products of those sponsor companies. Introduce about 1-2.5 products within a 4-minute broadcast frame for 60 to 15 minutes per product.Mainly nationwideLocal stationBroadcast for 1 to 2 monthscaravanAlso called a method.It is said that there is relatively less risk than purchasing media from production in-house.[By whom?].
    Infomercial method
    Entertainment shows,Documentary programA program in which one company provides a product and repeatedly explains about one product within a 1-minute to 30-hour broadcast frame is called an "infomercial" in Japan.The igniter in Japan started broadcasting in 1Mitsui"Telecom World"(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Other)[2] So nowOak Lawn MarketingShop Japan,Prime shoppingand so on. About 30 to 120 secondsTime CM,Spot CMSo, there are some examples of introducing products in a specially produced program (sometimes using re-editing of the program).It is possible to make adjustments such as repeated broadcasting of the same product and expansion or contraction of the broadcasting frame, but it may be expensive depending on the time of day and the broadcasting station.This method relies on impulsive purchasing motivation because the viewer does not have to be aware of "watching mail-order commercials" in advance.CurrentlyCS broadcastingIs the mainstream.

    U.S. TV shopping

    In the United States, Joseph Segel established Franklin Mint, the world's largest private mint, from various countries.currency,MedalWas outsourced to casting,1964/ OfDouglas MacArthurThe silver medal of a celebrity was released as a monthly limited edition in the wake of his death and became a big hit.[3]..Joseph Siegel1980/Sold Franklin Mint to Warner News Agency for $ 2 million and used this money1986/Is a TV shopping channelQVCEstablished[3].. QVC2010/By now, it has about 4 million customers in four countries including the United States and Japan, and has become a company with annual sales of more than $ 1 billion in the United States alone.[3].

    Japanese TV shopping

    Broadcast form

    Initially, Japanese TV shopping was mainly done in daytime wide shows.Raw commercialOr about 1 to 2 minutes by film or VTR recordingTime CMOrSpot CMWas the center.Even now"Direct sales in JapanKnown asSotsuAndJapanese Cultural CenterIs producing TV shopping in commercials.After that, there were many cases where it was produced as a program of about 15 minutes to 1 hour imitating a general program.

    There are two types of programs: those produced independently by TV stations and their affiliated companies, and those produced independently by mail-order companies and purchased from local stations.As a method of program production by a mail order company,FillerFrames, local sales frames, etc.Purchase a program slotBroadcast after[4] The format to do is common.

    There is an example of a broadcasting station entering the TV shopping business.On the contrary, the mail-order company itselfCable TV,Satellite broadcasting OfProfessional channelThere is an example of launching a TV shopping program at all times of the channel.Terrestrial televisionCore broadcasterAlthough it is obligatory to announce the program type and its broadcast time every six months for the purpose of confirming the ratio of each program type to the entire broadcast frame (Broadcasting lawArticle 107 and the Broadcast Law Enforcement Regulations Article 4), mail-order programs are required to be published in particular detail (Broadcast Law Enforcement Regulations Article 4).

    At commercial broadcasting BS digital stations (satellite core broadcasting companies),Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIt is required to be "30% or less" in the certification standard of.[5]

    For other products made overseas or developed by overseas vendors, edit the video produced in the country concerned.JapanesedubbingMay be broadcast with.

    Legal regulations / self-regulation

    Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

    For mail ordercooling offThere is no system, and against this background, around 2008, mainly health foods and cosmetics, "It is different from the impression of the program", "Returns are not accepted", etc.Consumer CenterThe number of complaints to[6]..Therefore, from December 2009, a system based on the cooling-off period was introduced only when the obligation to display the special return policy was neglected and the provisions regarding returns were not specified in the advertisement.

    Act on Specified Commercial TransactionsRegarding mail-order sales under the Specified Commercial Transactions Law, if the special contract for returns is not displayed, it is possible to return the product at your own expense if it is "within 8 days from the date of delivery of the product". It was amended in June 2008 and will come into effect from the date specified by Cabinet Order within the range not exceeding 6 year and 1 months from the date of promulgation, and will come into effect on December 6, 2009. Was done.

    Expression restrictions based on the broadcasting standards of each organization

    Unfair gifts and unfair display prevention law(Premium display method)Act on ensuring the quality, effectiveness and safety of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc.(Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act) Don't violateFair Trade Commission(JFTC) is monitoring, and if there is any expression that violates the law, the program production company or performers will be called by the JFTC, and there are cases where strict caution is taken.[7].

    Article 68 of the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act[Annotation 1] In the above, it is stipulated that "drugs and other products that have not been approved or certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare must not be claimed for efficacy, effect or performance", and even though they are not actually effective, "the disease is cured". Advertising that "can be prevented" violates the prize labeling law, and if it violates the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices LawAdministrative sanctions,Prison sentence, If it violates the prize labeling lawConsumer Affairs AgencyCan be the subject of.

    Health foods handled in TV shopping,Water purifier, Beauty products and other advertisements violated this regulation, and the broadcast was actually discontinued (Double Maru Health TV #Fear of violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs LawSee also)Japan Mail Order AssociationAnd broadcasters' organizations (Japan Private Broadcasting Federation,Satellite Broadcasting Association,Japan Cable Television Federation) Revised the broadcasting standards related to TV shopping one after another, and strengthened the self-check for the display at the time of promotion.[8]..After that, in TV shopping, as a general rule, when product explanations and customers express their impressions"It is an individual impression and does not represent the efficacy / effect (of the product)."It is customary to issue telops that call attention to the purpose, and to express facts such as "easy to drink" and "contains so much nutritional components" instead of "good for health". There is.However, future responses may change further depending on the interpretation and operation of the law by the authorities.[7].


    • 1970- Fuji TelevisionEvening live broadcastLiving information program"Tokyo Home Jockey』Started as a spin-off of the business trip sales project" Direct delivery bargain "and became a hit project.This is Japan's first TV shopping.
    • 1971- Tokyo 12 Channel(Currently TV TOKYO) life information program "Today! It's 2 o'clock for your wife"so,TakashimayaStarted a TV shopping corner.The following year, in 1972Japan education tv(Current TV Asahi) 『Kazu Nara Morning Show』Expanded to.
    • 1972-"Tokyo Home Jockey" is "Living room 11, And the living side of the Sankei Shimbun's separate volume "Sankei Home News" (Primary oil shockEnded in December 1973 due to the influence of.Sankei Living NewspaperLinked with the predecessor of "Living Newspaper").
    • 1976-Japan Correspondence Education Federation (currently:You Can) Started TV shopping with spot commercials.
    • 1977 --Direct sales in Japan (Sotsu) Started TV shopping for daily necessities with spot CM.
    • March 1980-Due to growing criticism that the show is being used for commercial purposes by private companiesJapan Private Broadcasting FederationAdded provisions for TV shopping and radio shopping to broadcasting standards.As self-regulation, "Notes on mail-order advertising" and "Notes on handling TV (radio) shops in programs that provide living information" (May of the same year) are summarized.The latter provision is the basis for positioning TV shopping and radio shopping programs as "living information programs."
    • May 1983 --After the end of Fuji Television "Living 5", TV TOKYO "Ladys' 4] Started broadcasting.Mitsukoshi OfProvided by one companySo, the program will be organized around Mitsukoshi's mail-order sales."Living 11" moved to around 2 o'clock and was renewed as "Living 2".
    • March 1994[9] --TV TOKYO "Telecom World』(Mitsui(Provided by one company), broadcasting started in the midnight broadcast suspension frame.After that, TV stations will start broadcasting mail-order programs at midnight and mail-order programs with a broadcast time of 30 minutes or more.
    • November 1996, 11-Mail order channel "Shop channel』(Sumitomo Corporation, A joint venture of HSN, Inc., USA) and "MALL OF TV] Has started broadcasting.Became Japan's first mail-order channel.
    • 2001-Mail order channel "QVC Japan』Started broadcasting (American QVC Inc., a joint venture of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.).

    Professional channel

    TV shoppingProfessional channelIt is,SKY PerfecTV!,SKY PerfecTV! Premium Service,Cable TV,Optical broadcasting,IP broadcastIt is being broadcast on.Viewing fee is free.

    ● = Items that are also deployed outside Japan

    SKY PerfecTV! ・ SKY PerfecTV! Premium service common

    Channels that have ended broadcasting

    SKY PerfecTV! Channels broadcast on premium services

    Channels that have ended broadcasting

    Channels broadcast on SKY PerfecTV!

    Currently none.

    Channels that have ended broadcasting
    • 147ch Berna Shopping TV (Broadcast ended August 2006, 8)
    • 183ch Dinos Channel (Broadcast ended March 2007, 3)
    • 185 ch Prime 365.TV(Broadcast ended December 2012, 3)

    Cable TV

    Shop Channel and QVCCable TVMany viewers are retransmitted by.Many are retransmitted by terrestrial analog waves, and non-subscribers such as areas with radio interference and CATV-introduced apartments can always watch on ordinary TV receivers.The watchable channel names and channel numbers differ depending on the cable TV station.

    Mail order channel outside Japan

    Main program

    な ど

    Produced and provided by multiple companies
    • (Every day broadcasting)
    • Eemon Morimori! Senobura Honpo (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation "Senobura!』1 corner)
    • (Asahi Broadcasting)
    • (TBS)
    • Buy tech! Online shopping(TBS)
    • Shopping Encyclopedia (TBS)
    • New Life Proposal Selection F (TV Asahi / BS Asahi)
    • New Life Proposal Selection X (TV Asahi)BS Asahi)
    • BS-TBS Premium Collection (BS-TBS)
    • Poshreseries(Nippon TV)
      • Anxious mail order ranking! Poshre department store midnight store /PON! PON!Poshre * SomeNNSBroadcast on affiliated stations (October 2011-BS Nippon TelevisionBS PoshreRe-edited what was broadcast in 2 programs as, and broadcast irregularly)
    • 3 star shopping (Asahi Broadcasting Corporation)[Annotation 21]

    な ど

    Programs that have ended airing

    な ど


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

    1. ^ Article 68 Any person shall stipulate in Article 14 Paragraph 1 or Article 23-2 Paragraph 1.MedicineOrMedical equipmentStill, according to the provisions of Article 14 Paragraph 1 or Article 19-2 Paragraph 1Approval orAccording to the provisions of Article 23-2, Paragraph 1You may not advertise the name, manufacturing method, efficacy, effect or performance of uncertified products.
    2. ^ Prior to the end of the broadcast of the channel itself, the shopping program slot that occupied most of the time zone except 2009:7 --31:20 (channel cherry blossom production program slot) every day was terminated on July 00, 24.The Sky Eye Channel was classified into the entertainment / hobby category.
    3. ^ From April 2013, a one-hour regular program started every Monday and Wednesday.
    4. ^ Holidays may be broadcast as a live special program "Comfortable! Shopping Studio DX Version". From April 2013, a regular program started every Sunday for 4 minutes and weekday noon for 30 minutes.
    5. ^ From April 2013, a 4-minute regular program started every Thursday and Friday.
    6. ^ 2013/6/27ToConsumer Affairs AgencyからFreebie display methodA measure order was issued regarding the pickle container for the violation.[Source required]
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    9. ^ On TV Osaka, it will be aired in the frame of "Please have your wife tele" produced in-house.
    10. ^ On TV OsakaChildren's theater in the morningWas irregularly inserted in the CM frame in the middle of the program around the time of the 60-minute program.Currently[When?]He is listed as a sponsor of the first half of online sales (* by day of the week) on Fuji TV's "Tokudane!" (Provided for a short period from the second half of 2009).
    11. ^ TV OsakaThen, it will be aired on the TV shopping slot in the morning from 10:XNUMX on Friday morning.Also, if you want to broadcast live on multiple stations on an irregular basis every month (on the net series (independent U stations)Tomeisaka Net 6There is also an optional net method) for broadcasting within.
    12. ^ "MiyaneyaAfter the broadcast and at midnight (*ClosingOrCSFillerBroadcast before).Currently broadcast mainly in the middle of the night and in the morning on weekdays.
    13. ^ etc.FNSBroadcast within the program of each affiliated station at 11:XNUMX am on weekdays (however, Kansai TV and some other broadcasting stations do not have a net.
    14. ^ "Tokudane!It is being broadcast in the online sales frame (* Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from the start of broadcasting. Since 2010, it has been broadcast on some stations, especially Hokkaido Broadcasting.
    15. ^ Vegas Ajioka,Naomi AkiyamaIs a program that introduces products
    16. ^ For a while on TV Osaka,Keihanshin areaI have participated in the production as an independent program for the purpose (I stopped the original production from the October 2007 period and resumed from the April 10 period).
    17. ^ The program sponsor isSeven & i GroupOther affiliated companies.
    18. ^ From various places (in the Chukyo areaCentrair, Keihanshin districtKansai airport) Mainly for overseas travel, but for BS and metropolitan areasNarita Airport or Haneda airportIt is an overseas trip from Japan.
    19. ^ PreviouslyAsahi BroadcastingIt was also broadcast on terrestrial television stations such as (before the CI renewal due to the relocation of the head office).
    20. ^ In addition to the same program, it may be shown as a spot commercial in the program, and also on NTV's "Very good! TVAsahi Broadcasting / TV Asahi "Emiko Uenuma's chatting cookingIs also listed as an online sales sponsor.
    21. ^ TV Shopping Laboratory and Accelerator Creation are in charge of providing products and programs.
    22. ^ Products and programs are providedDigital direct/SakuwaEtc. are in charge.
    23. ^ Broadcast on weekdays at 9:55 in the local frame. "Small walkWas broadcast until the early days.Later, it was inherited by the "Looking for Good Things Chii Walk Club".
    24. ^ WeekdayThere are also programs offered by "Direct Sales in Japan" during the daytime hours.


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