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📺 | "Stranger Things Unknown World" announces MAC and makeup collection


"Stranger Things Unknown World" Announces MAC and Makeup Collection

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Inspired by the popular drama set in the 4s, produced by Netflix, starring Millie Bobby Brown, whose season 1980 will start at the end of this month, the collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes, lip gloss, brushes and blushers. ing.

A collaboration collection by "Stranger Things Unknown World" and cosmetics giant MAC has been released.this month… → Continue reading

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    Netflix production

    Lip gloss

    Lip gloss (lip gloss) isCosmeticsIs.Used to give lips a sense of transparency and luster[1].


    There are multiple types, such as one with a separate body and brush, and one with a tube shape.[2].

    It has a lot of powder, is hard and has good color development.LipstickCompared to, lip gloss is oily, soft and modest in color.[3]..While it has the advantage of being easier to apply than lipstick, it has the disadvantage of being easy to remove and the hair sticking to the lips and not coming off.[3].

    Some contain harsh ingredients such as fragrances[4]..Used to make it glossyPolymer polymerCauses lip dryness[4].

    Of synthetic colorantsTar pigmentAnd preservativesParabenHas been pointed out that it is harmful to the human body such as carcinogenicity, allergies, and decreased pregnancy rate, so consideration for safety is required when using lip gloss.[5].


    According to a 2014 survey of Mynavi Woman, 45.2% of women use lip gloss.[6]..In addition, 57% of men liked the use of lip gloss by women, and 43% said they disliked it.[7].


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