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🧑‍🎨 | Kengo Kuma supervises the design ... Obu parking area opens on the down line of Chita Hanto Road 


Kengo Kuma supervises the design ... Obu parking area opens on the down line of Chita Hanto Road 

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It opens from 3:XNUMX pm and is also available from the open road.

On the 28th, the Obu parking area, whose design was supervised by a famous architect, opened on the down line of the Chita Peninsula Road in Aichi Prefecture ... → Continue reading


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    General road(Ippandoro) is a vehicle (Automobile,Motorized bicycle,Bicycle,non-motorized vehicle)[Note 1]andPedestrianIt is a common name for roads used for all kinds of transportation.simplyGeneral roadAlso called.


    Although it is not a word that is clearly defined by law,Road Traffic LawRelated regulations, "Instructions on Transportation Methods (October 53, 10)National Public Safety CommissionnoticeIn "No. 3)"highway(Highway national road-Motorway)Other than道路Is pointing to.Also,toll road,highway,DrivewayIt is also used to mean a road that is not.

    Although it is a road used for all kinds of traffic, it is the same as a motorway.Displacement125 cc or lessTwo-wheeled VehiclesThere are some routes that are prohibited from passing through.tunnel,bridge,Multi-level crossingPedestrians and bicycles, and in some cases, displacement of 50 cc or less due to dangerous traffic such as continuous elevationMotorized bicycleThere are also sections where traffic is prohibited.

    There are also routes that have a structure similar to that of motorways.[1], High design speedTop speedThere is also a section where is designated as 70-80 km / h, which is the same level as highways.

    In addition, "General national road"Is in JapanHighway national roadOther thanNational roadThe meaning is different because it refers toGeneral national road motorwayIs not included in general roads because it contains.


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