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🎥 | Tasuku Emoto reveals that he is enthusiastic.

Photograph Movie "Inu-Oh" first day stage greetings (from left) Tasuku Emoto, Mirai Moriyama, Avu-chan, Kenjiro Tsuda, Masaaki Yuasa Crank-in!

Tasuku Emoto reveals that he is "enthusiastic" "I feel at ease"

If you write the contents roughly
This work is a musical animation that brings together director Yuasa, Akiko Nogi (screenplay), Taiyo Matsumoto (character draft), Otomo Yoshihide (music) and so on.

On the 28th, actor Tasuku Emoto gave a greeting on the first day of the movie "Inu-Oh" held in Tokyo with Avu-chan (Queen Bee) and Mirai Moriyama ... → Continue reading

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