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📺 | pacific saury “former partner” mentions fraudulent arrest “Did you live!” “Scary. Like a Korean drama”

Photo pacific saury Akashiya (Tokyo Sports Web)

pacific saury "former partner" mentions fraudulent arrest "Did you live!" "Scary. Like a Korean drama."

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pacific saury snapped at Murakami Shoji about this topic, saying, "We are the ones who are most surprised."

pacific saury Akashiya will appear on MBS Radio "Young Town Saturday" broadcast on the XNUMXth at midnight. "Former partner" brothers arrested for fraud ... → Continue reading

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Murakami Shoji

Murakami Shoji(Murakami Shoji,1955/5/28 -) isJapan Ofcomedian.. Idol groupYoshimotozaka 46Members of.My real name isShoji Murakami(Murakami Shoji).

EhimeImabariI'm fromYoshimoto KogyoBelongs to Tokyo.Blood TypeType B, Height 164 cm.Sliding artI am good at it.

George MurakamiIs a typo.


Seto Inland SeaFloat onIyo Oshima OfEhimeOchi-gunYoshimi TownSo, I was born as the third son of the Murakami family. "I was born in the Showa era and was named Shoji in the sense that I can always run second," he often said.2007/3/3BroadcastMBS Young Town Saturday"I don't really know the origin of the name. When I was asked, I thought I had to answer something, and I answered that way," he said, and it was discovered that even the origin of the name was a story.He was often mistaken for "George Murakami," and at one point he used it as his stage name.AlsoMurakami SuigunAlthough he once said that he was a descendant of, no family tree was found, and it is unknown whether he is actually a descendant.[2].

My mother died early and my father was sickWelfareReceived[3]..After graduating from junior high schoolHiroshimaInnoshima City(Current:Onomichi)Innoshima High School OfPart-timeWhile attendingHitachi ShipbuildingAt the Innoshima factoryWeldingWorked as a worker[4][5][6].1976/, I saw it during the welding work at the shipyard.Young Oh! Oh!"(Every day broadcastingProduction/TBSSystem)Akashi familyAnd decide to "become this person!"[7][8]..To tell the truth, I had no choice but to join Yoshimoto because I wanted to make a laugh, but because his father objected, I was working locally for filial piety.[8]..However, his father died and his brother gave him permission to "live as he pleases".1977/, Volunteer to join YoshimotoOsakaHeaded for[7][8]..At the time of the interview, the interviewer Yoshimoto asked, "What can I do?" And answered "Welding." (For this reason, the first job Yoshimoto gave me was welding the handrails of the theater.[4][9]).

He was a Yoshimoto-affiliated comic talker for the simple reason of "because it looks fun" and "because it looks kind".Akira TakiBecame a disciple[7]..After that, she became a member of "Papparapers" of "Young Oh! Oh!" And appeared on TV programs on the national network.She continued to say "pacific saury's Saturday Night Show"(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.), Etc. to advance to Tokyo.Moderator to brothersToru Taki, Of the talentNinety-nineThere are.However, ninety-nine did not appear at the funeral of his master, Taki, and when he met later, he argued, "Is there no in-law?"[10].

Kyoto Kagetsu TheaterStep on the first stage inLoachHe performed the trick of swallowing the whole animal and screamed from the audience seats.I was watching this because it was the first stage of his disciple pacific saury's friendShofutei MatsunosukeWas indignant and called pacific saury, who was working in Osaka, to Kyoto and warned him, "Don't drink loach again."[11].

In 1982, as a Manzai combination NGIIImamiya Children's Ebisu Rookie Mansai ContestParticipated in.According to Downtown, it was the top candidate for the grand prize, but it was the one who won the grand prize.Downtown.. NG2 won the Encouragement Award.

Popular in the late 1980sEntertainment shows"We Hyokin"(Fuji Television Network, IncSystem), of the comedy trioHow many trio(OldRefugee trio) Regular appearance.Sell ​​only gagGag entertainerIn the representative of, "Doon""What to sayYu HayamiIt becomes famous for gag mixed with puns.In the program, as usual, after Shoji said a gag of "what to say", Yu Hayami himself suddenly appeared and shouted "Hayami Yu!", And then he laughed. There was a scene in which Shoji and pacific saury stared at her with a stunned expression against Hayami who continued to do so.

Exclusively in recent yearspacific saury Akashiya's companionHe is a popular figure and has co-starred in numerous programs.He also went to pacific saury's private office, the "office office."LaSalle IshiiRegistered with them, and at the end of the year, the sauryAustraliaI'm spending time in my villa.She seems to have fallen in love with the saury from the very beginning, but she occasionally throws her into a runaway "severe tsukkomi" that everyone else hesitates.Although they are the same age, they are called "brother" and "teacher" because their debut in the entertainment world is a little late, but in rare cases they are also called "you" and "you" (however, pacific saury is not particularly angry and then new. It can also produce a lot of laughter). Married a model in 1989.The matchmaker was Mr. and Mrs. pacific saury at that time.Shinobu Otake(However, pacific saury himself was absent from the reception because of his need, so there was a disagreement).It seemed that he was building a peaceful family, such as the birth of his eldest daughter, but after that1999/Divorced to.In addition, she appeared just before her divorce "Hanamaru Market"(TBS), He made a statement that hinted at divorce.And when she got divorced, she left Osaka at the recommendation of pacific saury from the same year.TokyoI came to set up a house in.

総 合格 闘 技Event "PRIDEIn the ringannouncerServed as a member.The basic style is to appear in a crested hakama and shout the player's name while looking at the fan, and there is no gag at all.Instead of another ring announcer,2000/In contrast to the participation from1997/Shoji, who has been a ring announcer since the first tournament, is the oldest member.At first, I felt a sense of discomfort, and one theory was that "Kazunari Murakami and Akira Shoji participated in the first tournament, and the organizers appointed them as gag in" Murakami "and" Koji "." ..[Source required]As the number of times increased, it became "natural to be there", and before the announcement, the audience cheered "Shoji!".It was extremely popular at the Osaka tournament.

In 2005DoraemonI auditioned for a new voice actor. The novel "Kansai dialect Doraemon" called "I Doraemon" made the people involved laugh, but it was not decided.[12]..Before that, as the person himselfTelevision AnimationI have also appeared in (Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward, Appeared as a member of the Bad Boys in "Ryo-san, stand in the election").

"DOORS 2006In ", he showed an unexpected good fight and showed a surprising motor nerve that surpassed many young entertainers.Fujikyu Highland Ofroller coaster"Come on, it's okAchieved the only correct answer to all the questions in the quiz while ridingMountain bikeで(I.e.Earn the highest points in the game of running on the floating bridge above.In the finalYu Shinagawa(Shinji Shinagawa), But the points (125P) earned during the program were the highest among all the participants.Shoji himself usually shows that he participated in the game sincerely from beginning to end while other participants took a blurry action with "TV reception" in mind.Sliding artIt was completely different.

Recently, my juniorsZenjiroFormed a duo "Slightly Uke Choi Uke" with.Lumine andYoshimoto Asakusa KazukiAppeared in.M-1 Grand PrixAlso participated and advanced to the third round.

tuxedoHe often appears on TV programs wearing a black tie and is becoming a trademark (he also says he is confident in his black tie appearance).

Charcoal fire in OsakaStarling"Kukkudu-n",Japanese cuisine tavernHe managed and produced "Murakami Shokudo", and he rarely came to eat. He retired from producing both stores in 2014, and the store name has been changed to "Fishing Bar Matsukaze".

Major izakaya chains from July 2015AndmowaFrom the corporationJapanese cuisine tavernProduced "Shoyuukoto". As of September 2015, 9, it is a place related to the person himself.EhimeMatsuyama City,HiroshimaHiroshima city,OsakaOsakaChuoA total of 3 stores were opened, but all stores were closed later.

Yoshimoto online in August 2009Hello bye bye OfKiminobu Kanenari(At that time. Hello bye bye was disbanded in December 2009.) And formed a duo called "Narikin Shoji".He also participated in the M-12 Grand Prix that year and advanced to the semi-finals.However, he was the only one who missed the repechage.

"" Released on November 2012, 11Crow's thumb』, Playing the first full-scale movie appearance, but starringHiroshi Abe,Satomi IshiharaIt is an important cast along with others, and he says, "I don't know Honma," because of the size of the role.

CD debut with "Asakusa Kid" on December 2016, 12[13].

August 2018, 4,GallstoneとBoldAnnounced that he had undergone surgery to remove[14][15].

Of 2021King of conteIn response to the revision of the tournament rules, the participation of instant units is now permitted.Kanpei MaAlthough he participated in the duo "Goat and Sheep" that was formed with, and won the semi-final, he was disqualified due to the time over showing the story and was eliminated.[16].


  • "Akashi Family Mansion Story(October 1999, 10-September 13, 2001, Fuji TV), "Dame Dame Boys" appeared as "Dame Dame Boy No.9" and showed off his own drawings using a sketchbook. ..One trick with her propsBattle Owaraiyal II,Laughter gold medalThe talent was fully demonstrated.Also, "" which was broadcast locally in KansaiAnko to the tail!In the project in the program, I don't know about one trick, and it's hard to imagine from the image of the national district that "When Shoji does one trick with props, he always gets a big laugh." I was showing it.
  • Although it is treated as "general people" in various programs, "no art", "gags are slippery", and "general people treatment" itself is one of the stories that anyone can enjoy. The strength is to do the material calmly.The so-called "Sliding artIs said to be one of the representatives who spread the word to the general public.Downtown OfHitoshi MatsumotoAlso on his own radio show "Genius",Koji ImadaAlso "wePin entertainerGod ”.
  • Taking advantage of slipping, he has appeared in the commercial of golf grip company "elite grips" since 2015. It is called "I don't know slippery".
  • According to pacific saury, "I've blown away at a certain time," Shoji himself said, "I don't sweat even if I don't laugh for about two hours. I hate customers." I'm sweating, "he said with a laugh.
  • Koji HigashinoAccording to him, "The company says,'Don't get involved too much.'"
  • Chunichi Dragonspitcher OfYoshimi KazukiAnd Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters catcherShinya TsuruokaThe face is similar to.
  • Every few years, it becomes a regular on the national online program in Tokyo (generally related to saury), and it makes me think "this time is a big break nationwide", but every time I pull it as if nothing had happened.And in Tokyo, at the end of the year, "Akashiya Santa's biggest Christmas present show in historyI only see my face at about ", and it appears in pacific saury's talk.The radio program "pacific saury is the main personality"MBS Young Town Saturday"(MBS TV), Shoji muttered a word, SammayaKenji TamaiThere are times when only the performers laugh out loud and the other performers make Kyoton.pacific saury says, "You are only interesting to me."
  • Three generationsMatsutsuru Family SentoseTherefore, I have been given permission to take the name of the XNUMXth generation after my death (""Odaiba Akashi Castle"Than).
  • "Exciting! Akashi Home Appliance Viewing PlatformI've been showing off the story for an hour in a special project.note that,LUMINE the YoshimotoThen,Nakagawa family,DynoOften teamed up with a comedy duo.
  • "Use of oysters in downtownIn 1999, he made his first appearance in ", and at this time, he was set up as a planning meeting and returned with a single gag in response to the remarks of downtown and others.A few years have passed since then2006/Murakami has been around sinceMaiko,Dracula,闘 牛 士Plans to gag while instructing regular performers such as downtown have come to be held irregularly.In addition, from the junior downtown who is a regular performer of the program, "Shoji brother"Cocorico-Tsukitei HoshoFrom "Master Shoji"It is called.
  • "OshinHe lived a much poorer life than the stage of "Oshin", so he surprised pacific saury by saying, "Oshin is a comedy."
  • He was so poor that he couldn't find any pictures of his childhood for a long time, and he came out saying that what he showed on TV as a childhood picture was actually a family picture.After a while, when her relatives' house was renovated, she finally saw a picture of her when she was a baby. Announced at.
  • In "Ameagari Kesshitai's Talk Program Ame Talk!"Nakagawa family,Hakata Hanamaru/DaikichiWhen the "Murakami Shoji Family" was performed by an entertainer who yearned for Shoji, there was a flip showing Shoji's art history, year, and events (program appearance, etc.).13 years on the way was completely blank.After the rain"The staff did a serious investigation until they stayed up all night, but only this came out," he said.Also, during the blank 13 years, Shoji went to Fukuoka with Hanamaru Hakata and Daikichi.Crown programThere should have been (Do's night is perfect).
  • 2005 year 9 month,ShiretokoWith Murakami Shoji who was making noise inYomiuri TelevisionMale tourists verbally warn the staff.However, he was profanely argued and reported to the police that he had been suppressed.The attitude of the staff did not change even in front of the police officer who rushed in, and the male tourist protested to Yomiuri TV at a later date.Initially, Shoji did not show his intention to apologize, but when he consulted with the police again, the TV station and Shoji finally apologized to the man for his excessive behavior.[17].
  • September 2008, 12, ``LUMINE the YoshimotoIn "Murakami Shoji Solo Performance, Chapter 5"An unprecedented situation occurred in which Shoji Murakami, who starred in the solo performance, did not appear...The theater did not announce in advance that "Murakami Shoji will not appear", and the audience was notified from the stage after the opening.An apology performance was held in January 2009 to invite spectators who own tickets for the day for free.Regarding this matter, "Akashiya Santa's biggest Christmas present show in historyIn the program, when asked by pacific saury Akashiya, "Why didn't you appear?", Murakami replied, "I'm losing confidence ...".
  • Broadcast on July 2008, 12Friday PrestigeIn "2008"LaSalle IshiiWith an interesting video introductionLOL red carpetThe entertainer who really finished the story in an instantWill be introduced.The contents appeared in the form of an armor knight, and after saying "Good morning", he took out his mobile phone and said "President, what is this punishment?"
  • Broadcasted on September 2010, 3Talking 007Akashiya pacific saury, who appeared in "The Most Interesting Entertainer," named Shoji along with Jimmy Onishi.
  • His hobbies include ink painting and solo exhibitions.
  • Disciple's skin, hoho bone,Ben YamagataAnd so on.Her daughter is a former pin entertainer, artist and actressTSUMIKI ☆ YANKE(Old name, butter coloring, Nuyunuyuyuyuyuyu)[1].


  • "Doon!" (Pinching the nose pillar and moving your hand quickly forward)
    • The original story, he says, is a copy of Shoji's father, who often blows his nose.Racetrack MasterEpisode 33).
    • (Pacific saury)Tadaharu NakanoThere is also a pattern called "Yamadera no" (Shoji) "Dundundun" to match the rhythm of "Yamadera no Kazuhisa". There is also a pattern that answers "Yes, I Doon!".
    • LUMINE the YoshimotoThen, this gag is seen quite frequently, more than once every three days.You can laugh!There was a questionnaire asking "What gag do you want to teach foreigners?", But 100 out of 2 people said "Doon!".By the way, Kanpei Hazama won 1 vote for "Kaino", whileRazor Ramon HG"Four!" Ends in 0 votes.
    • Keisuke KuwataThe song "DarlingKuwata performed a shout called "Doon!" In the interlude, and it was actually based on this gag.Own radio programSpeaking within.
  • "Bonju-le, Mademoiselle-le, Stir"
  • Three-stage gaku entwined with "Samichi-no" Peperoncino
  • "What do you say ~!Yu Hayami~! "
    "We HyokinWhen this gag was fired in rapid succession, a real Yu Hayami jumped in and participated once during the recording of the Hyokin tribe, and said "... Yu Hayami ~!" In front of Shoji.
    Ken Shimura"Tell me that much! Yu Hayami!Northern skyI have a similar gag called "Soy sauce! Chili oil! I love you!"TunnelsBut"Thanks to everyone in Tunnels』The gag used in the control in.
    "Exciting! Akashi Home Appliance Viewing PlatformThen, after "What do you say ~! Yu Hayami ~!", I said "Sho ~ yu ~!" While taking out a small bottle of soy sauce. Hey, if you show it early, it's Akan. "
  • "Welcome, bite your arm, where do you bite!"
  • "Choshu (Kyushu), char siu, everyone!"
  • "Timon, anus, I saw it!"
  • "Well, that's it, shave your armpits too!
  • "I'm sorry, mustache sorry"
  • "Army, metamorphosis, that's right!"
  • "Oidon, Gyudon, Segodon!"
  • "Beef tongue, salt tongue, what did you say!"
  • "I want you, hoppe and chew, I'm 3!"
    AKB48of"Heavy RotationIt seems that it came from the beginning of "" as a parody.
  • "Hentai, stop! Stop Dad!"
  • "Kamen Rider! Weird! Stop Dad!"
    At the time of "Stop Dad!", He becomes a mother who carefully stops the next father with both hands while fluttering his legs.
  • "Happy New Year, vacation girls!"
  • (Mainly when pacific saury talks about Hokkaido) "How big!"
  • "I can't do that ... Honma!"
  • "Be careful, turn around, right, go backwards ... go, go, go, go!"
  • Exciting! Akashi Home Appliance Viewing PlatformAt the quiz corner
    (pacific saury) "Ah, I definitely know the answer."
    (Shoji) "I don't understand."
    (pacific saury) "I definitely understand!"
    (Shoji) "I don't know!"
    (pacific saury) "Don't you understand?"
    … This exchange continues several times
    (Shoji) "Well, what do you know?"
    (pacific saury) "Because I know the answer."
    (Shoji) "Eeeeeeeee !!"
  • "It hurts, it hurts, Tondenhei !!"
  • "Are you that!" "Which!"
  • "Then, VTR, skirt! It's crazy!" (When introducing the VTR video as a reporter of the program)
  • "Shoyuukoto!" (When the other party asks, "What does that mean?"KikkomanSoy sauce OfGlassMadeSoy sauce jugholding,)
    July 2008-7, 26 "FNS 27-hour TVIn, "Quiz! Hexagon IIWhen Shoji uses it in the corner,Akashi familyBeginning withTamori,Kimura Takuya,LaSalle Ishii,Kosakai machine,Wentz EijiThey picked up a soy sauce bottle in each appearance scene and said "Shoyu-sato!" At the 27-hour grand finale of the show, pacific saury finally concluded with "Shoyuukoto!".It was 27 hours when Shoji's gag broke.Also, recently, in programs hosted by Sanma, Sanma often gives this story to entertainers, etc., and the actor'sKiichi Nakai,Southern All Stars OfKeisuke Kuwata, OriginalMBSannouncer OfJunichi SumiEtc. have also shown this gag.This gag became popular, and Shoji's original soy sauce bottle with a portrait of Shoji, "Murakami Shoji Special Gag Shoyu-sashi," was released in October 2008.Namba Grand Hanatsuki,LUMINE the YoshimotoIt was also sold at souvenir shops that sell Yoshimoto goods.
  • "Oh, that's it!" (While saying that, I make a note with a pen and try to steal a person's gag. I also use pacific saury occasionally)
  • "Heala Rinko Hera Rinko" (while making a flying pose with both hands fluttering)
    A rare pattern that does not have a pun as a motif in Shoji's gag. "Appare pacific saury Dai-sensei"Appare Pare Hera Rinko" and a part of this gag are quoted in the lyrics of the first opening theme of "".
  • "Mom in Ginza" (while expressing the eyelashes with your fingers. In the case of OsakaNew landTo change to)
  • "I have to see, I have to say, I have to ask, why not?" "pacific saury's residentIn the role of the gag inventor, Gag said at the time of appearance, but the customer who was shown it was cursed as "Return money!" Despite the free public program.

Many others

How many trio and Hyokin tribe

  • "Love you povertyThe story of poverty in the "" corner showed the true value of the poor charm of the trio (Los PrimosThe song "Love You Poor", which is a re-sung version of the lyrics of the representative song "Love You Tokyo", was sung in the background).Below are the main stories of poverty.
    "I'm often told this kind of thing.'You can buy the hardships when you're young.'
    "If you get impatient, don't worry! Don't put up with it. What? A lot of money 10 years later than the coin in front of you! 10 years have passed! The fuse has blown ..."
    "Have you ever stolen money in the dressing room? I am, but I'm not scared. I know that poor people are scarier than theft."
    "I'm thinking of buying a duvet. I can get rid of my tiredness. The duvet is light. It's warm. I went to the store. I asked the price. 17 yen! I fell asleep ... "
    "Have you ever sold a dining ticket for Fuji TV's cafeteria to others? I am."
    "Have you ever put your parents' keepsake in a pawn shop? I put my dad's watch in because I wanted money ... It's easy to put it in, but it's quite difficult to put it out!"
    "It's painful to be rich and sick, but it's also painful to be healthy and poor.
    "Mama lemon,shampooI'm using it for ... "
    "Curry breadCurryriceI ate it over ... "
    "bought.Refrigerator is.I bought a refrigerator, a refrigerator. 2 doors! Refrigerator.I bought it, 2 doors! I switched it on.fuseI won't fly.I got out of the floor ... "
    "Do you know? The fastest man in the world,Carl Lewis.100m, 9 seconds 9, 9 seconds 9[18]!!The fastest man in the world.Why isn't it?Escape!"
    "JR!Shinkansen…,Tokyo-Osaka3 hours in between! Maximum speed 220km / h! It's fast.It's so fast that you can't even see it!
    (The former story that was originally released was not good at all, and the latter was the one that came out when all the corners were retaken due to the badness from the staff. The recording at this time was broadcast before and after the retake)
    "The life of a flower is short, but for some reason I like it,DandelionFlowers.A cotton hat that is blooming alone in the wilderness, blown by the wind, why isn't it, run away! "
  • The "how many trio" was originally a "refugee trio", but due to various reasons, it became a "how many trio".
  • "Love You Poor" is also released as a single. It consists of the dialogue of "How many trio" and the singing of Los Primos.
  • In the "Kamahen Rider" corner, the role of yellow (red is saury, blue isLaSalle Ishii, GreenSeiji Maeda, PinkMr. Okure).





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  • I told you Murakami Shoji! (December 2020, 12-,Radiotalk)[19]


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