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🎥 | Haruka Ayase who forcibly recommends to join the swimming class Hiroki Hasegawa has a tight face and greasy sweat "Yes, I can't swim" Main video


Haruka Ayase forcibly recommends joining a swimming class Hiroki Hasegawa has a tight face and greasy sweat "Yes, I can't swim" Main video

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However, coach Shizuka prepares swimming pants, goggles, and towels.

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Swimwear(Mizugi, swimwear, swimsuit, swimming suit)Pool,海でmotion,SwimmingOr wear for divingclothesThat is.水 泳for,divingThere are various things such asDesign,Construction,MaterialAnd so on.

Swimwear history

In the ancient to modern times when bathing was performed only by people in the area facing the sea, it was not common to recognize that "special clothing for bathing" was prepared.underwearAppearance, worn out everyday clothes, sometimesnakedIt is believed that they were often submerged in water. on the other handPompeiiIn a mural excavated inビ キ ニIt is depicted wearing a two-piece cover similar to.

In the 1800s, when the development of the railway network made it easy for the general public to go to the beach area, it was made of materials such as surge and flannel alpaca so that the skin could not be seen even if it got wet. Wearing top-and-bottom clothes with elbow-length sleeves and pants that cover the knees (this is the etymology of a swimming suit, with the word "suit" meaning "up-and-down"). In the 1900s, sleeveless knitted swimsuits with deep chest were introduced, and after that, the design changed to have large exposed skin.

Famous under the name of "Underwater Ballerina" in 1907Annette Kellerman(A swimmer from Australiaactress, The first woman who tried to swim across the English Channel, visited the United States, a one-piece swimsuit with exposed neck and limbs that is easier to move than the previous swimsuit that hinders underwater movement. There was a case in which he was publicly arrested for indecent assault. Not only did the one-piece swimsuit show off the lines of the body, it showed a bold and active new form of swimwear to society, but at the time when the movement to expand women's rights flourished, "Women It was accepted as an appeal of "the right to wear a one-piece swimsuit".

Around 1920, it was called a scooped neck in the sense of a quilted swimsuit with a short skirt, or a half-moon deep chest (a chest scooped with a scoop) that was sewn together without the skirt. ) And "Tank suit (tank suit tank refers to an aquarium, indoor pool)" with wide shoulder straps cut from the body became popular. Active and functional tank suit designJapanso"School swimwearIt is inherited by the school swimsuit known as ".

By a French designer, in 1946ビ キ ニA two-piece swimsuit with a large exposed skin is named. It is said that the name "bikini" is derived from the combination of the stimulating impression of a swimsuit and the shocking impression of the atomic bomb test at Bikini Atoll at that time, and the traditional clothing of the natives around Bikini Island. ing. Also in 1964, the American bikini by Rudy GarnlickbraIs omittedtoplessWas announced.

In the latter half of the 1970s, he increased the trim around his legs.High leg・"Cut" has been introduced, and stretch materials with high elasticity and chlorine resistance (synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyurethane) have become popular.Los Angeles OlympicsSince 1984, the number of people other than swimmers who enjoy swimming as part of their health promotion at fitness clubs and swimming clubs has increased. The market for swimsuits and swimwear with a figure correction function designed based on them has expanded.

It is well-established that different swimsuits with different designs can be used depending on the location (coast, pool, resort, etc.) and purpose (race, swimming as fitness, swimming, swimming and swimming, wearing as fashion, fascinating fun, etc.).

(See Chiyo Tanaka Fashion Encyclopedia-published by the same document, wikipedia English version article, etc.)

Classification by purpose of use

For exercise

CompetitionFitnessSwimwear used for. You need to be able to move your body, not to come off easily, and to reduce water resistance (especially in swimming).SwimmingFor swimwear,School swimwear,Such. past,SwimmingAthletes tend to increase their skin's exposure to reduce the resistance of water by the swimwear itself,Boys TheBusiness BagMold,woman TheHigh legThe mold was common.the 2000sFrom around that time, when the resistance of the swimsuit surface became lower than the resistance of the skin by devising the material and surface pattern of the swimsuit, things like wrapping the whole body except the neck, wrists or arms, ankles began to spread. , I often use long swimsuits.OlympicNew materials and high-tech materials are actively introduced into swimwear for competitions.Life saverIn the same way, things like wrapping around the whole body are beginning to spread, but many of these things place importance on avoiding danger and maintaining body temperature.

  • Swimminguse -Basically what is called "for swimming" is certified by the Swimming Federation. The degree of adhesion and pressure is very high, and the elasticity is low compared to fitness applications. It has less resistance and prevents unnecessary blurring of the body, but durability is not important and deterioration is severe. In addition, men's swimwear is supposed to be worn on the waist except for the same one-piece type as women's. This is because if it is adjusted to the abdomen, the adhesiveness is impaired due to the inflow direction of water, the difference in diameter between the buttocks and the abdomen, and the change in the diameter of the abdomen due to the operation, and the resistance increases. For this reason, the buttocks (glutes) may be slightly exposed, but this is inevitable because the swimwear to be worn is a ready-made item. However, when the buttocks (glutes) are largely exposed, a large amount of water enters the gap between the glutes and the swimsuit, resulting in resistance. In addition, wearing high-grade swimwear that is extremely small for competition tends to limit the movements of the thighs and buttocks. This situation is unsuitable for competition and it can be said that the size of the swimsuit is not suitable. For both men and women, wearing a small size too much is not only the two disadvantages, but also because the material is too stretched and the performance as intended for the design cannot be exerted, so it is necessary to be careful when selecting the size.
  • Fitnessuse - SwimmingIt is not tight compared to the one for use, and it is for enjoying underwater exercise, and because of the high degree of freedom of the material, the design is high. Most of the products are made of soft and highly stretchable fabric (double layers depending on the part/product) to make it easy to move and comfortable to wear. As for the shapeSwimmingMany are suitable forwomanThere is also a separate type for use.
  • water polouse -Due to competition characteristics, two slippery materials are layered and surface treatment is applied to make it difficult to grasp and tear. Some of the fabrics in the buttocks have some room to accommodate large movements of the water polo.

For swimming

With a focus on fashion, men surf and womenDressesType, wear on chest and lower abdomenビ キ ニWhat is called a type is common. On the coastSea bathing,PoolSwimsuit used for playing in the water. It is important that the appearance is gorgeous and the style is beautiful. Especially for women,fashion designerAnnounces a new work every yearSwimsuit campaign girlWomen are called to advertise (there are also many manufacturers that stop campaign girls). Designs, colors, patterns, etc. are very different, but since light-colored fabrics such as white will show through when they get wet with water (except for "to show" as described later) It is rarely used. However, from around the 2000s, new materials called "transparent white" have appeared.

For diving

In the case of simple diving such as snorkeling which is mainly performed on the surface of the water, swimming swimsuits are often used. With divingSkin diving,Scuba divingThen,Wetsuits,Dry suitOften used, when the water temperature exceeds 30 ℃, dive skin (or skin suit), sometimes called a swimsuit that covers the whole body.

Rash guard

low temperature,UV, Scratches, orjellyfishIt is a swimsuit for tops intended to protect the body from pests such as and to reduce the exposure of the skin. Sometimes called Shine Guard. For use with other swimwear and surf finswetsuitOften worn inside. In addition, in order to prevent pests from entering the interior, elastic fabric is used so that it will adhere to the body. The form is almost the same for both men and women, with relatively long sleeves or short sleeves. In order to improve the body's protective performance, it is often thicker and more clogged than other swimwear. Since it is slightly different from conventional swimwear in terms of shape and material, it tends to be sold separately from swimwear as a product, but it is practically the swimwear itself in terms of usage and basic structure. For bottoms, "SwimTorenka"And "Swimleggings, Etc., and the purpose is the same as Rashguard. In particular, products with improved heat retention performance may be sold under the name "wet inner". In addition, one-piece type products that cover the whole body are especiallyDive skinIs called and not called Rashguard.

To show

A swimsuit that is used when the purpose is to wear a swimsuit and show the whole body including the swimsuit to a third party.

SwimwearFashionTherefore, the design and high degree of skin exposure are often prioritized over the original function of the swimsuit.Swimsuit campaign girl,Race queen,Miss Contest, ま た はIdolSwimwearPhoto sessionWorn at the time of. otherbodybuilderThere is also a case of wearing a bikini-type swimsuit with extremely small cloth area.

As an aside, wear it in dance, gymnastics, etc.leotardThere are also types, but some are so similar in design that they are indistinguishable from swimwear. Unlike swimwear, leotards are sportswear that fits not only on the waist, belly, and chest, but also on the shoulders, back, neck, and arms. Familiar in swimwearspandexLow leg type long-sleeved leotard made of material is worn by many girls such as gymnastics and rhythmic gymnasts, women to practice and compete, and to show a healthy and attractive body in photography, as a swimsuit for swimming. It wasn't strange to wear it, but it wasn't used because it didn't have a lining to protect it from underwater. laterChugokuQingdao Underwater World[1]As one of the attractions of "Underwater olympic"A female diver dressed as a female rhythmic gymnast will be performing as one of the performancesUnderwater danceThere is. The female scuba diver wears a low-leg type long-sleeved leotard used in gymnastics/rhythmic gymnastics, wears fins, and wears underwater goggles for the reason that the appearance and style of showing performance while diving in a huge aquarium is neat. Then you will jump into a huge aquarium. UnderwaterSwimming swimmingIt is one of the examples where leotards were used as swimsuits, such as diving as if they were performing and acting while they were soaking wet.[2] [3] [4].

For female professional wrestlers

Female professional wrestlerMatch costumes are also commonly referred to as "swimsuits." This was once learned by having modified the swimsuit as a costume for a match, and newcomers often used the modified swimsuit after the latter half of the 1990s. However, due to the diversification of costumes later on, the name "Ring Costume" or "Lincos" for short has been established.

Women's swimwear

Classification by design

  • One-piece swimsuit (British: One-piece swimsuit) (en) - TopsとBottomsThe type that is connected.
    • Monokini -The back design looks like a bikini.
    • A line -Design with skirts on bottoms.
    • Slingshot -A design that is continuous from the neck to the bottoms with only two straps.
  • Two piece swimwear-tops and bottoms are independent.

Classification by tops line

  • Bare top-A design that cuts above the bust. Some have thin straps and some are strapless as described below.
  • Bareback-Backless, backless design.
  • Bear midriff-A design with a large cut in the waist, making the body inconspicuous.
  • V-neckline-Deep bust design, beautiful bustline.
  • Halter Neck-A strap hang around the neck.
  • High Neck-The one that covers the bust line to the neck and exposes only the shoulder, as opposed to the V neck. However, it may have a decorative hole.
  • One-shoulder-Designed with one strap to reduce shoulder width.
  • Strapless-on topShoulder strapsThere is no shape.Japanglishso,English-speaking countriesThen.Bandeau(British: Headband). Although it has the advantage that the size of the chest is inconspicuous, it has the drawback of being weak against impact from above. In the case of a bikini, it is also called a tube top, and the back is generally a thick cloth instead of a string (Strapless + Monokini also has a design to tie the cloth on the back). There are also those with removable shoulder straps according to taste.
  • Center strap-The shoulder strap is V-shaped from the neck to the center of the chest. This also has a characteristic that the chest is inconspicuous and cute,NippleSince the position of the shoulder strap does not match, it is still weak against the impact from above. Also, when combined with a tube top bra, the center of the top is extremely thin, and there is also a design that draws an X shape with the wire line under the strap and bra.
  • Wide Strap-The opposite of the center strap, with a double-sided V-shaped chest.
  • Cross Straps-A design where the straps cross slightly below the neck and are tied from each shoulder to the opposite bust. The one with the back side hanging around the neck is called a cross halter.

Classification by bottoms line

  • High leg -A design cut down to the hip bone. Instead of low risethe 1980sTrendy from the second half. Many swimmers participated in this swimsuit at conventional swimming competitions, but the number is currently decreasing.
  • Super high leg -High-cut design above the hip bone with sides only 3-4 cm.
  • Low leg cut -Very shallow cut design.
  • Boy leg -Short pants style design.
  • Low rise -Low-rise design,the 1970s~ It was popular in the first half of the 1980s, but because it is exposed and looks short,Gravure idolI can't wear much except for.
  • CUROPAN- shortsとCulotte skirtThe one that became one.
  • spats -Spats design. Inseam length varies,School swimwearIn addition to increasing demand for fitness in pools and swimming pools, many swimmers are competing in swimsuits with inseam around 4-5 minutes instead of high legs. In addition, since 5, swimsuits with inseam lengths of more than 2010 minutes that extend below the knees can no longer be used at the competition competitions sponsored by the International Federation of Swimming and certified by the revised rules.

Classification by bottoms back

  • Full Back-A design that completely covers the bottom back.
  • Brazilian cut -High-cut design with 1/2-cut bottom back.
  • Riocut -Higher cut and 1/2 back bottom design.
  • C string -There is no string in the waist part, there is a C-shaped wire all over, and the clip is attached in a form that sandwiches the crotch. Also called I back.
  • T-back -Bottom back-designed in a T shape, the following common names in Japan. Japanglish.
    • song -The bottom front is an ordinary bikini and the back is a T-shaped design.
    • Tanga -V-shaped bottom front and back, string-shaped side.
    • G string -The bottom has a V-shaped front and the back and sides have a thin string design.

Classification by joint/strap

  • Tie a string-knot isBowBecomes Mainstream in triangle bikinis.
  • Tie Cloth-Make a double twist and tie it. It is hard to unravel unexpectedly. The end of the knot is often drawn in the shape of a leaf in comics and anime fiction, but in reality it is a vertical inverted trapezoid like a spatula to make it difficult to pull out.

The following four methods are often used for swimsuits that use cloth instead of straps at the back joints, such as tube tops and straightening bikinis.

  • L-shaped hook-In the brassiere, there are many ways to hook the joint from the outside to the body side, but in swimsuits, there is often a method to put the L-shaped plastic parts on the right shoulder side into the recess on the left shoulder side. There is also a type where the connecting part is provided under the armpit of the left bra instead of on the back, which has the advantage that it is easier to see even if it is worn alone and it does not hit the back even when lying down. To have.
  • Butterfly Hook-Rectangular or oval plastic plates crossed in an X shape and pressed flat with your fingers to lock them in place with the snap-in feature often used with plastic toys for boys. It is often used next to the L-shape, but it is not used for designs with back straps because it requires some vertical height.
  • Wheel-type hook of wisdom-There is a small weight at the tip of the ring that has slightly different shapes on the left and right, and the right weight is passed through the left wheel. There is no procedure to press and fix it with your finger, but the elastic force of the string pulls it into a straight line, so it is fixed without a gap. Since metal is always used in terms of strength, it has the feature that the shape of the ring and the weight part can be decorated. On the contrary, it is limited to strings.
  • Belt-What is fixed and fixed like a general belt. Rather than using metal projections and holes like pants, fold the excess slack in metal parts in a Z shape. For this reason, the left and right sides of the back can be loosened physically, but they never come off.
Overall back configuration
  • D-back-those with straps on the back of the neck and back respectively. This is mostly the case in a triangle bikini. There is no strap on the back of the neck in the case of strapless, and on the back of some of the slingshots. In addition, even if you have a one-piece dress, if you have a large hole in your back, it will look like a D-shape.
  • Reverse T-shaped back-The neck strap is not attached to the back of the neck, but to the lower back strap. Only the back straps are connected. The shape is the same as a brassiere.
  • T-shaped back-What is connected to the back of the neck and back by a straight I-shaped state. There are no joints, so it is difficult to shift for exposure. Used in separates and swimsuits. initiallyThis form of swimsuitIs called "T-back" (Japanese usage is misused).
  • Back Cross-A design with crossed straps on the back that makes the back look smaller and slender. Many straps have no joints, or metal parts are hooked and fixed at the bra or waist. Mainly seen in dresses and slingshots, the new type of school swimsuit has the lower part of the intersection integrated with the cloth. It is not used in bikini because the position of the bra is physically difficult.
  • Tie Side-Adjusting the size by tying the sides of the bottoms with a strap or cloth. The type that can actually be tied has a certain length. There are a lot of dummy cords as decorations, and there are many branch-shaped straps, large cloths, strangely short ones, etc., which can be distinguished to some extent from the appearance.
  • Besides thisボ タ ン,snapThere were swimwear that used, but later it became old as a design sense, and it was used only for swimsuits for infants.
  • The type of tying the strap has a tightly tied end to prevent the knot from coming off and the strap from unraveling from the end, but there are also designs where hanging mini accessories such as beads are hung here.


  • Bottoms for swimmingMini skirt,hot pants,PareoEtc. may be used together.
  • Piping-The edges of the cloth are slightly thicker like pipes, and many designs change the color only for piping. Bikini has piping all around the cloth, and from around 2000, white piping and red piping are popular. There is also piping that changes the color on the left and right and up and down together with the strap. Only one piece of the dress is piping on the bra, and many swimsuits have the same color as the strap.
  • Pareo -A cloth wrapped around the bottom. Although it has a tropical image, it is more popular from a female perspective than a male due to its reduced exposure.[Source required].

Swimwear for men

Most men only have bottoms, but there are some tops (including those in which tops and bottoms are connected). As a popular name for men's swimwear, it does not depend on the shape or use,seawaterPants(Sea bread) is overwhelming.

  • Business BagMold-No inseam length and high leg freedom. Often referred to as pans, bikinis, and boomerang pants. There are relatively many types for swimming, fitness, and swimming. In the past, many athletes wore this type to participate in swimming competitions, but the number of athletes who wore this type decreased because they could not suppress the buttocks and thighs later.thighAlthough it tends to decrease due to resistance to exposure, it does not go away because the fabric area is small and it is the cheapest. The sunburn traces follow the shape of the lower abdomen and buttocks, so they tend to be favored as swimwear for sunburn. There is also a design close to a short boxer with a thicker side line and improved fashionability.SwimmingHowever, the way people wear it is out of fashion, and in the pastBoysuseビ キ ニThere was a time when it was fashionable to wear the model with its position lowered too much, and manufacturers also released small and slender swimwear.
    • T-back -A type whose back style is T-shaped. The buttocks are not hidden. In Japan, few people swim in public facilities. Some pools are prohibited for both men and women. Japanglish.
    • ビ キ ニ -Among the brief type, the side line is particularly thin and the degree of exposure is high. There are types that have a side line above the waist (pelvis), but this is not for swimming, but it is also used for posing used by bodybuilders to show their body, so fashion is important. The ones worn by bodybuilders that appear in competitions are mainly called so, and are different from swimwear. In addition, women's bikini is called men's bikiniMonokiniAlso called.
    • boomerangPants -A name given to it when it looks like a boomerang when a tight swimsuit for swimming is seen from the front. Abbreviations, boomerangs, V pants, etc.
    • Competitive bread-literally the abbreviation for swimming pants, but "competitive bread" alone does not make sense what kind of competition pants you are in unless you are swimming. The term "bread race" mainly refers to men's briefs, and includes not only swim briefs but also tight briefs. Spats etc. are usually not included. Originally, menHomosexualityIt is a word used by people, and generally does not understand. Also, the retail stores do not sell under such a name.
  • Short boxer type-Inseam 0-1 min length around short trunks type, also known as box type, covers a few centimeters of inseam (mainly 3 to 7 cm) up close, most of the thighs are exposed. The fabric area and degree of exposure are between the brief type and the short spats type, and there are many elaborate designs. It is the most popular type of durable swimsuits and resistance swimsuits (such as arena tough suits). There are a few, but some are for swimming.
  • シ ョ ー トspatsType-Inseam about 2 minutes to 5 minutes long, covering about half of the thigh About 2-3 minutes inseam is also called middle trunks type, inseam covering from above the knee to about 4 minutes around inseam-5 minutes length The thing is also called the long trunks type. Mainly for swimming pool fitness and swimming. Also known as half tube, half pants, half spats, and jammer. At the swimming competition, many athletes are participating in long trunks type instead of brief type. Demand is also increasing for school swimwear and fitness in the pool.
  • Long spats type-Inseam length over 5 minutes that covers below the knees. For swimming. Also known as tube, long tube, full length, leg skin. Since 2010, due to the revision of the rules, it can no longer be used at the competition competitions sponsored and certified by the International Federation of Swimming.
  • One-piece-mainly for swimming, an integrated swimsuit with tops and bottoms.
    • Short John-Swimsuit with lower body up to knees and upper body on shoulders. Since 2010, due to the revision of the rules, it can no longer be used at the competition competitions sponsored and certified by the International Federation of Swimming.
    • Long John-Swimsuit with lower body to ankle and upper body on shoulders. As of 2009, it is the mainstream among top athletes, but from 2010, due to rule revisions, it can no longer be used at swimming competitions sponsored by the International Swimming Federation and officially recognized competitions.
    • Full body-A swimsuit that covers almost the entire body, from the neck down to the wrists and ankles. It was used for swimming in the past, but due to the revision of the rules, it can no longer be used at the official competitions sponsored by the International Swimming Federation as of 2009.
  • Surf type-Highly fashionable mainly for swimming. It is not suitable for swimming exercise itself because it does not adhere to the skin and has a large resistance. There are many elaborate colors and designs. conventionallyShortsThe average inseam 1-2 minutes length was the mainstream, but laterHalf pantsMainstream length is around 4-6 minutes.
  • LoinclothType-LoinclothG string,Tanga,songA swimsuit with a lot of exposed skin, such as a T-back, with less cloth.

Overview of swimsuits

Since the 1970s, swimsuits have been constantly improving materials and reviewing designs, and have contributed to improving records. In such circumstances, competition for sports equipment manufacturers involved in the production and sale of swimwear has developed, and in some cases this has led to the reorganization of the industry.

International Swimming Federation(Fina)2007,Beijing OlympicsTherefore, it is prohibited to apply special processing (for speeding up) to the swimsuit surface.” As a result, each manufacturer has been forced to discontinue the production of swimsuits with scales, protrusions, and stripes. In order to make this rule known well, in some countries the new rules may be implemented ahead of schedule in some cases. Meanwhile, SPEEDO developed "Laser racer",2008, Became a big deal in the world of swimming.

20097/24In the International Swimming Federation20101/1Therefore, a new regulation that bans swimwear that uses non-permeable materials such as rubber film and polyurethane film is completely fixed, and the material is limited to fabric. The range that swimsuits can cover is limited from the navel to the knees for boys and from the knees to the knees for women, and the restrictions on material thickness and buoyancy have been strengthened.[5].

Bar code system

To secure them further,Two-dimensional codeIntroduced a swimsuit management system that uses a swimsuit, and completely forbidden wearing swimwear without a Fina standard approved barcode on the hips at official competitions. After one year, it has been fully implemented since April 1 including Japan.[6][Broken link].

The bar code records data such as the manufacturer, model, and approval time, as well as the individual approval number. In general, the competition operates as follows. In principle, this inspection should be used in combination with visual confirmation. For visual confirmation, check whether the regulations on the size of trademarks etc. are observed,You must wear the same swimwear from the same qualifying round to the finalIt is done to understand whether the Fina rule of "is adhered to."

  1. First, in qualifying, check whether there is a bar code on the buttocks at the time of convocation, and at the same time scan the data to see if it matches the data of the approved swimsuit registered on the server of the administration headquarters. If the barcode does not match the server data, you will be disqualified for violating the swimsuit rules. This is intended to support future swimsuit rule revisions. Save the scanned data by associating it with the player's personal information[7].
  2. The method is the same after the semi-final, but a check is also made to see if it matches the data that has been newly read. This is also to confirm whether or not the “same swimsuit of the same event” is violated.
  3. Initially, bar code scanning may be difficult to implement except in large competitions, in which case it may only be a visual confirmation.

It is quite possible that the approval bar code is peeled off due to deterioration. Although there is a remedy available, it is not desirable to continue using the swimsuit with the bar code removed for competition, and the reality is that it can only be removed for regular practice.

As of 2013 New Year's Day, there were no cases in which there was a bar code and the approval was withdrawn because there were no major revisions to the swimwear rules after the bar code was introduced.


In the latter half of the 20th century, as a material for swimwearNylon : PolyurethaneWoven fabrics using yarns blended in a ratio of 4:1 were common. Polyurethane is mixed because nylon has poor plasticity.[8]However, this was to compensate for this, but it became the source of the drawback of swimwear that it was easily deteriorated by the chemical properties of urethane.

In the latter half of the 1980s, nylon was replaced with nylon to solve this problem and thin the thread.polyesterThe number of cases in which the yarn based on is the basis of the cloth has increased, and later became the mainstream of swimwear materials for competition. However, after the Fina swimwear regulations were revised in the 2010s, nylon-based cloths are being used again for top swimmers in order to obtain a tightening effect.

The polyurethane thread used in swimwear isDuPontDeveloped byspandex(Product name: “Lycra”) is widely used, and “Invista”, a subsidiary sold by DuPont to US family-owned company “Cork Industries”, is in charge of the business. In Japan with INVISTATorayIs supplied by a joint venture company.

Main brands

The brands of swimsuits are diversifying, and each side is trying to expand its power by using the venues of the Olympics and world championships. Below is a summary of the major brands Fina has approved for competition. The English letter next to the company name is the company name of the swimsuit approval code in Fina.

brandExpanding companyPartner in JapanRemarks
adidasadidas (German flag Germany.AD)Adidas Japan (Japanese subsidiary)
  • Originally, it was founded as a subsidiary company arena later, but separated in the process of management restructuring. Started full-scale business development of swimwear in-house
arenaarena (French flag France,Italian flag Italy.AR)Descente(DE)
  • Descente gained business development rights in some countries in the Asia-Pacific region in return for losing the Japanese licensee of adidas, the former parent company of arena
  • Treated as a separate company by Fina
asicsASICS (Japanese flag Japan.AS)
  • Although we were developing swimwear for competitions in collaboration with DIANA, which will be described later, we are currently developing competition swimwear under our own brand.
DIANADiana Inc. (Italian flag Italy.DI)ASICS
  • Asics has only developed women's fitness swimwear since it developed its own sportswear
JakedJacked Company (Italian flag Italy.JA)Foot mark
  • Emerging brand launched in 2008
MIZUNOMizuno(Japanese flag Japan.MI)
  • As a member of the SPEEDO camp for a long time, he has been responsible for many advanced technology developments, but at the end of 2006, 100 years after the company was founded, the policy of "branding all products in-house" was clarified, and an Asian partner contract with SPEEDO was signed in 2007. It ended in May. After that, plan to develop in-house
NIKENike (United States flag The United States of America.NI)Nike Japan (Japanese subsidiary)
SPEEDOSpeed ​​International (British flag United Kingdom.SP)Mitsui

(Domestic production charge:Gold win)

  • Mitsui & Goldwin Alliance signs license agreement after withdrawal from Mizuno
TYRTier Sports (United States flag The United States of America.TY)Light avail
YINGFADongguan City British Industry Co., Ltd. (Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku.YI)
ZOKESukatsu (Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku.. ZK)

In the worldFranceof"arena(Arena)"英国of"SPEEDOBoth sides of "(speed)" are majors,Italy"(DIANA)" ofJapanof"ASICS(ASICS)” follows.Americaof"Nike(NIKE)",Germanyof"ア デ ィ ダ ス(Adidas)” has also entered the global market.

In JapanDescenteArena, formerlyMizunoJoined the SPEEDO camp, and three companies that added ASICS to itJapan Swimming FederationDesignated as a manufacturer of swimsuits by each athlete from the competition, it is widely used by the general public. However, each company has begun to adopt its own global strategy, as it has gained technical capabilities and the overseas companies mentioned above have begun full-scale expansion into Japan.

Swimsuit inner

Exclusive when wearing a swimsuitunderwear(Innerwear). However, at the official competition of swimming, due to the above rule revision, it was limited to wearing only one swimsuit.[5]Therefore, wearing innerwear was totally prohibited. For this reason, products shipped after the revision of the rules have some notation that they cannot be used when wearing competition swimwear.

Kind of swimsuit inner
TargetTypesFunction (example)Name
(製造ExSaleIt depends on the source. Below is an example)
  • Sudden when wearing a swimsuitDefecation(I.e.
  • Keeping the bottom warm
  • PororiMeasures. When the swimsuit is misaligned (including the one that has come off, is torn, and the inside of the swimsuit can be seen from the part where the swimsuit and skin are not in close contact), the private zone should not be exposed (invisible) in the inner. (Except when the inner is misaligned)[9][10].
  • Baby swimwear underpants
  • For playing in the waterDiapers
  • Most swimwearGenital areaThere is a patch on the part that touches, but when you are worried about wearing only a swimsuit (wearing a swimsuit without wearing an inner),BellyWhen you want to suppress the coldness of your body as much as possible, the shape of the pubic part appears on the swimsuit (Mokkori-CameltoeEtc.)[11][10]
  • healthMeasures (underwater-between genital areaMiscellaneous bacteriaControl traffic)・Private zoneTo prevent seeing through a swimsuit[10]
  • The swimwear fits better, and the fine lines of the body look beautiful, except for the cracks in the fabric.[12]
  • meshDo not wear men's swimwear with a fabric inner because the skin on the penis will get caught in the mesh fabric and will not come off.[13].
For boys/girls (juniors/children), "boy", "girl", "junior", "child", etc. may be added to the name.
Female・Girls and girls
  • Depending on the swimsuitchest(breast) A patch cloth is attached to the part that touchesChestIs not occurring. If you are wearing a swimsuit that does not have a patch cloth and you have chest pops in your swimsuit, or if you are wearing a swimsuit with a patch cloth and you have chest pops in your swimsuit, use an inner It prevents the chest from popping in the swimsuit.
  • There is also an inner that has the function of making the chest (breast) look large and beautiful.
  • Attach the inner to the swimsuit (some swimsuits are pre-installed) and the swimsuit comes with a pad cupbraIf you want to have the function of, or if you put the inner between the swimsuit and the breast without attaching the inner to the swimsuit or the patch
    • Swimpad
    • Inner pad
    • Swim cup
    • Classification by mounting method
      • Insert-The insertion pad (cup) on the chest袋When inserting into a shaped swimsuit or patch.
      • Hook --When attaching the hook pad (cup) to the hook holder on the chest of the swimsuit.
      • Sewn--When sewing a sewing pad (cup) to the chest of a swimsuit or patch.When attaching the inner to a swimsuit that cannot be attached by either the insertion method or the hook method, it is inevitably sewn.
  • Bra for wearing swimwear
    • Swim bra
    • Nubra・ Beach
  • Pasties

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