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Photo "Theatrical version Seitokai Yakuindomo 2" (C) Tozen Ujiie / Kodansha / "Theatrical version Seitokai Yakuindomo XNUMX" Production Committee

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"Seitokai Yakuindomo" is an anime work based on the 4-frame gag manga by Ujiie Naotomo.

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    4-frame gag cartoon

    Student council officers

    "Student council officers』(Seitokaiyakuindomo)Tozen UjiiebyJapan OfBoy cartoon.. 『Magazine SPECIAL』(Kodansha), After being serialized from the June 2007 issue to the July 6 issue,Weekly Shonen Magazine』(Kodansha) was transferred to, and was serialized from the 2008th issue of 34 to the 2021st issue of 51. As of November 2021, the cumulative circulation of books has exceeded 11 million.[1].


    28% of the story is set in the student organization of Sakurasai Gakuen with 524 boys and 8 girls.4 framesGag cartoon[2].. The count of the number of stories has been reset when transferring to "Weekly Shonen Magazine", and some settings have also been changed.[Note 1].

    The basic composition is that Takatoshi Tsuda and Suzu Hagimura put Tsukkomi in the erotic blur of characters such as Amakusa Shino and Shichijo Aria.The season of the story is synchronized with the reality, and all the characters were promoted and advanced in the 32nd episode, but after that, the grades of the characters do not change even if spring comes.In addition, the author's previous work "Female college student home teacher Ai HamanakaAnd the previous work "Idol No AkahonThere is also a connection.

    In "Weekly Shonen Magazine" 2010 22/23 merger issueTelevision AnimationAnnounced[2], Broadcast from October to December 2010[3].. From 2011OVAIs on sale. In October 2013, the second term of TV animation was officially decided, and it was broadcast from January to March 10, after which the second term OVA was produced and released.In addition, the movie was announced in "Weekly Shonen Magazine" released on December 2, 2014, and was released on July 1, 3.Also, on January 2, 2016, the second movie version will be "launched" nationwide.[Note 2].


    Sakurasai Gakuen is a private high school that has changed from a girls' school to a co-school due to the declining birthrate.For new boysTakashi TsudaFor some reason, the student council presidentAmakusa ShinoWas forcibly appointed as Vice President of the Student Organization, but the members of the Student Organization at Sakurasai Gakuen were full of habits.

    Furthermore, an English teacher who is a student organization adviser and likes younger people.Yokoshima Naruko, For the scoop, the head of the newspaper department of YaraseField Ranko, Chairman of the discipline of androphobia, while being strict with the rulesIgarashi mapleSurrounded by things that are too unique, I decided to lead a student life that never gets bored.

    In addition, the following year, my sister in the middle of adolescenceKotomi TsudaI also entered the school, and I ended up living a mediocre but troublesome day.


    Student Organization Inside School

    Takatoshi Tsuda (Takatoshi Tsuda)
    sound - Shintaro Asanuma,Yuu Kobayashi(When I was a child)
    The main character of this work.He is the current Vice President of the Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization.He assists Shino as the student council president's right arm.Of this work that both self and others admitTsukkomiresponsible person.She accurately puts in a tsukkomi against the erotic blur that the surrounding people put out one after another.However, for too bad a blur, he sometimes abandons Tsukkomi, pushes the role of tin and Tsukkomi against each other, and agrees to erotic blur without doing Tsukkomi.
    The hair was black and a little long, but it is getting shorter as the number of times increases.Her face is reasonably well-organized and her tall, and she seems to have gained a hidden popularity from girls.According to Hata, the most famous boy in the school.
    The first appearance is Volume 1 # 1. Born in July.[4].
    I had passed Sakurasai Gakuen and Eiryo High School in the high school exam, but "close to my house" and "the slope (on the way to Eiryo High School) is a pain."[5]For that reason, I went on to Sakurasai Gakuen.Her class at Sakurasai Gakuen is 1-A → 2-B. She is now attending school with her sister Kotomi, who entered Sakurasai Gakuen at the same time she was promoted to second grade.She doesn't belong to club activities, but in elementary schoolbaseball, In junior high schoolサ ッ カ ーIt seems that he is confident in his physical strength.[Note 3].
    A rare common sense person among the characters.He is usually calm and polite[Note 4], Shino and other older people are basically spoken in polite language, but at the time of Tsukkomi, the vocabulary and wording may become rough.
    As you can see from the reason why he went on to Sakurasai, he has a troublesome and sloppy side, and sometimes he is late for the work of the Student Organization.However, apart from that, her work is serious.His academic performance is mediocre compared to other officers, and his regular examination scores have been poor and he has been a supplementary lesson.He also recognizes that he is the only ordinary student organization insider.However, he seems to have a hidden literary talent, and when his essay was published in the school newspaper, the students who read the essay were moved to tears.[6]..It seems that he is sometimes asked for manuscripts after that.
    SometimesvirginityNetaPrivate power generation materialFrom the surroundingsto be messed withSometimes,右 利 きBecause it is, the material related to the right hand[Note 5]There are many.Taka and Toshi himself has not been able to deny these things, even though he has put in a tsukkomi.Also, it's actually lightMIt seems to be constitutional.
    Although there is a section that has been favored by multiple girls including Shino,naturalThere is a dull place, and because of that dullness, I did not notice the favor and responded in a misaligned mannerflagOften folds.However, it does not mean that she is not interested in women, and she is conscious of the opposite sex.My favorite woman is "a lovely smile".
    My favoriteCurry bread[7],Oshiruko[8],Gummy[9],Steamed bun[10].. Foods I don't likegreen pepper[11],Leek[12]..I can hardly cook[Note 6].computerAbout the schoolHome PageI have the skills to create a student organization inside school corner.hay feverThere is a testimony that seems to be possessed.
    Amakusa Shino
    Voice- Yoko Hikasa
    The heroine of this work.She is the current student council president of Sakurasai Gakuen and is the person who brought Takatoshi Tsuda to the student organization.Her first appearance is Volume 1 # 1.She has a birthday on June 6th[14]..She has an O blood type.Black straight long hair, part of which bounces from side to side, and without it, it seems that the body cannot be well balanced.[15].
    Good looks[Note 7]A perfect superman who has excellent grades, can exercise, and is good at housework, but often hardErotic blurDifficulty[Note 8].. There is a high possibility that it is M from the remarks such as "I am very excited when a lot of people stare at me" and "I enjoy immoral exposure play".[Note 9]..Sometimes I come to school with no underwear.Her erogenous zone is the ear,Sanitary items ThenapkinSchool.Her breast size is A cup.
    Basically, he has a mature personality, and he has a masculine tone, such as "Let's try" and "I can't help it".However, he also has a childish side, such as being too excited to sleep the night before a fun event.He often has his arms folded (especially when he is wearing a school uniform), and sometimes his hands are occupied by luggage, etc., and he seems to be uncomfortable if he does not take the arm-folded pose for a long time.
    As a student council president, he is a solid person and takes good care of him, and he also gives advice when he receives personal concerns from students. Approval rating 98% in the paper survey of "Sakurasai Shimbun"[Note 10]There is a lot of hope from the students, such as winning.It is also very popular in the school, and there are fan clubs mainly made up of girls.Due to its popularity, it was set up by the Student Organizationsuggestion boxThere was a letter to the editor that was almost threatening to Taka and Toshi, but Shino himself has mixed feelings about being favored by girls.
    He was the chairman of the children's association in the extra edition "Seitokai Yakuindomo" (3 volumes), which depicts her elementary school days.She has been biting erotic since then, and she also mentions that she likes younger people.
    During the film, there are occasional depictions of Taka and Toshi's favor, such as blaming Taka and Toshi for being distracted by other female students, and getting sick when Aria and Uomi become intimate with Taka and Toshi. Be done.In particular, she seems uneasy because she approaches Taka and Toshi since she became a relative of Taka and Toshi, and she has a culinary showdown at the Tsuda family. It is competing with Uomi.She's always cheating on Taka and Toshi, but she seems to be ignorant of her actual love affair, and she's terribly upset when she realizes she's indirectly kissed Taka and Toshi.[16]..In addition, it seems that he understands that tin has a lot of favor with Taka and Toshi.
    My favoriteMelon bread.AcrophobiaSo, I'm not familiar with IT.I'm not good at insects so much that I get goose bumps.She is not good at painful stories and bloody stories,SMI'm glad to catch up with the topic.Also, compared to AriaLean milkAnd, on the contrary, the butt has a complex to be big.Lower hairI also care that it is dark.
    Shichijo Aria
    Voice- Satomi Satomi
    Secretary of the Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization.The first appearance is Volume 1 # 1.
    A young lady born in a wealthy family home.She has excellent academic performance and has done a lot of lessons.She in addition she is a beautiful woman with long brown hair and an H cup巨乳And the proportions are also good.He is relatively tall and taller than Shino.However, I like the harder bottom material than Shino, often SM materialAdult goodsNeta etc."Heavy joke"To skip[17]..Because of that, it's basically a blurring role, and I rarely put in Tsukkomi.[Note 11]..She has a bright and gentle personality, "Unfussy older sister type", and has a good personality.
    Because my parents' house is a rich lady, I stop in front of the stairs and doors of the school (I do not notice for a while that it is not an escalator / automatic door),Cup NoodleIs called "a treat that is rarely eaten", etc.Natural bokehCoupled with his personality, he often speaks and acts that is significantly different from the senses of the world.
    Aria herself professes to be a virgin with no love experience, but on the other handAnalFetish[Note 12],Exposure habitIt is also the owner of such a peculiarity.Especially with regard to anal, not only myself but also other people's anal has a finger or a fushi who wants to thrust his arm, and all the student organization officers have their fingers thrust into anal.He is often wearing no underwear[Note 13]..She seems to be naked when she sleeps at her home (but only wears white socks).Sanitary productstamponSchool.again, Chastity beltI sometimes wear it, and since I managed the key myself at the beginning, I mistakenly gave it to Tin as the key to the student organization room.[18]..Later basicallyMaidDejima Sayaka will be in control.
    Father is M, mother isQueenThere is a section (described later), and Taka and Toshi is nominated as an "animal that you want to be a pet" in the scavenger hunt.[19], To imitate a dog[20], I'm planning to step on Taka and Toshi[21]There are words and deeds that suggest that Aria herself is a queen.
    The affected booksNaked king..In the anime version, you can see the depiction of reading SM magazines, and lend it to Uomi.[Note 14]..However, he seems to read ordinary romance novels, and when Hata was worried about the manuscript of the romance novel for the school newspaper, he gave extremely orthodox advice.
    I prefer common food to high-end food.Foods I'm not good atAbalone[Note 15]..According to himselfColdnessConstitution.He belonged to the tennis club when he was in junior high school, and he has the skill to participate in national competitions.However, after he entered Sakurasai Gakuen, he gave up joining the tennis club because he was "heavy".She still seems to have hay fever.
    I haven't shown a clear love feeling for Taka and Toshi for a long time, but when I played the role of being confessed by Taka and Toshi in the voice drama of the original Hata, I was really shy.[22][Note 16], The words and actions that show the feelings of love for Taka and Toshi are increasing.She seemed to be aware early on that Taka and Toshi was favored by multiple women, and she said, "She doesn't notice the subtle changes in women.Non-motivatedI once pointed out the dullness to him who thought that it was "Isn't he aware of it?"[23][Note 17].
    Hagimura tin (Hagimura tin)
    Voice- Sayuri Yahagi
    Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization Accounting.The first appearance is Volume 1 # 1.
    BlondeTwin tailAnd less than 140 cm[Note 18]Characterized by short stature.Therefore, although it should have appeared, it often does not appear in the frame of the manga or the frame of the animation, in which case as a supplement"↓ Tin around here","Suzu head"It is written as such. It grows 2mm by body measurement after 1 years of promotion, etc.[25]Growing in millimeters. Born in April[4]..She has a blood type of A. He was in a different class from Taka and Toshi when he was in the first grade, but became a classmate from the second grade.
    IQWith 180 geniuses, he has excellent academic performance as an exposition stronghold.He is particularly good at math, and 10-digit mental arithmetic is before breakfast.[Note 19]. Alsoreturnee childrenSo it turns out that he lived at least in Italy in the past,JapaneseOthersEnglish-Italian-Spanish-FrenchCan speak.She wants to study abroad in France after graduating from high school.Contrary to her physique, she is also good at sports, and she usually walks on tiptoe to train her body.[26]..Also, he seems to know the foot massage, and sometimes goes to Taka and Toshi.In addition, because he has many special skills such as speed reading and lip reading that are far from ordinary people, he was also named "infinite spec accounting" as a catch phrase from the field.[27].
    From the outside, they are often treated as children, and people who meet for the first time often mistake them for elementary school students or children who entered the school in a skipping class.For this reason, he has a big complex about his short stature, and in reaction to that, he usually takes a slightly arrogant attitude toward Taka and Toshi.My constitution is childish, and I get sleepy at 9 pm, and I have to take a nap to have a body.[Note 20]..Also, although he has good motor nerves, he is apt to get sick with a little bit.Although she doesn't show up as clearly as Shino, she is a little concerned about her small breasts, and when it comes to Aria's breasts, her tension goes down.
    In the work, he is a common sense person along with Taka and Toshi, and is the second Tsukkomi role.He was originally accustomed to Shino and Aria's erotic blurring, but at first he couldn't do as accurately as Taka and Toshi.However, probably because he had a friend who also had a hard erotic blur, he acquired Tsukkomi skills as the story progressed, and now he has grown into the role of Tsukkomi next to Taka and Toshi.[Note 21]..In addition, if you are tampered with by someone else with short stature or appearance age, you will pass through Tsukkomi.SeriouslyI often do it.Also, even when you are sleeping, you can rebel while sleeping if you are tampered with.
    Initially, he had a prejudice that "a man is unsanitary and sweaty," and although he did not agree with Taka and Toshi's participation in the student organization, he gradually began to see his depiction as if he was in favor of Taka and Toshi.In the anime version, the words and actions that can be read as a favor for Taka and Toshi are clearer.
    He is extremely bad at scary things such as darkness and horror, and closes his ears when ghost stories and ghost stories begin in front of him.She doesn't want to go into a haunted house, so she makes excuses for her own complex, short stature.She also seems to be not good at lightning.When going through scary places with the members of the Student Organization, he promises to hold hands with Taka and Toshi and cling to her arms.
    At first, he said that he hates animals because he is "beast-like", but at home he has a white male dog named "Boa" from an early age, and there are also depictions of happily stroking kittens.
    My favoritecakeSo, I wrote an editorial to add cake to the cafeteria menu[8].. Foods I don't likeNatto[28]..A group that wipes from behind when using the toilet[29].
    Yokoshima Naruko (Yokoshima Naruko)
    Voice- Yuu Kobayashi
    A female teacher in the English department and an advisor to the Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization.Her hair is brown and a little short.She was also in charge of 10-B, as she had a tripartite interview with Taka and Toshi in Volume 2.Age is 26 years old in the work after Taka and Toshi have been promoted[30].
    The first appearance is Volume 1 # 5.He was so incompetent that he was forgotten by Shino, Aria, and Suzu to be a student organization adviser when he first appeared, and has since been recognized by the student organization members as basically a "bad adult."He also has a depiction that he is not trusted by the principal[Note 22].
    He was an OG at Sakurasai Gakuen and belonged to the drama club when he was in high school.[31]..She seems to have become a teacher because of her longing for school drama and her aptitude for being good at erotic delusions.He is one of the most erotic demons among the characters, and has a wealth of practical experience.He seems to have M's qualities, such as the tendency to seek stimulation and excitement by being despised rather than being trusted by students.If he gets sick, he loses his lust and becomes a very common sense person.He's basically out of focus, and on rare occasions he's flirting, but in the end it's almost always bouncing back to his own daily behavior and becoming out of focus.
    There are often depictions of younger men who like it and often suggest that they are reaching out to many of the boys who have entered Sakurasai Gakuen.He is also aiming for Taka and Toshi's chastity, but he has not succeeded.Currently, there is a man who has a physical relationship with an acquaintance, but it seems that he is not a lover.All his classmates are married and rushing to be unsold.
    I have a married sister and a nephew in the first grade of elementary school, and Narco is my nephew.multiplicationI was overwhelmed by my younger sister by biting the bottom story in the guidance (1st step).

    Sakurasai Gakuen students and teachers

    Ranko Hata (Ranko Hata)
    Voice- Satomi Arai
    He is the director of the newspaper department of Sakurasai Gakuen, and the grade is the same as Shino and Aria.On her short black hair and on her left bangshairpinIs on.
    The first appearance is Volume 1 # 3.
    Always poker face[Note 23]It's calm, but it's a weirdo who has a series of hard erotic blurs.His tone is basically rude.She also says she's a hidden big boobs[33].. According to "Seitokai Yakuindomo & All Characters"lilyThe owner of the taste of[34]However, in the work, both men and women have never shown more interest than the subject.
    I'm looking for something to carry around with my camera.She deliberately spread rumors that Taka and Toshi and Shino were dating throughout the school, fanning the students, and constantly marking the trends of Taka and Toshi and Shino.[Note 24]Aim for a photo opportunity or use the activities of the newspaper club to make money[Note 25]I also do it.in this wayGossip mass media systemandYellow journalismIt is emphasized in the work that he is the owner of the idea of.He also planned a romance novel in the Sakurasai Shimbun, but the content was so obscene that he was requested to suspend the publication by the student organization inside school.
    Arai's acting as Ranko in the anime[Note 26]In addition to, from the roofSniperOveraction is more noticeable than in manga, such as holding an oversized telephoto lens in the wind, and it is expressed more dynamically.
    By the way, the camera for coverage is a part of the body and is no longer the same as the genitals.
    Mitsuba Mutsumi (Mitsuba Mutsumi)
    Voice- Chiaki Omigawa
    Taka and Toshi's classmates are in the same class for a year or two.judoDepartment manager.
    The first appearance was in the background in Volume 1 # 1, and the full-scale appearance was in Volume 1 # 4.Black hairポ ニ ー テ ー ルIt is characterized by a bright and energetic personality that makes contact with men and women without distinction.Her style isn't by far the best, but her Chilean remarks suggest she's beautiful breasts.
    at firstMuay ThaiI was trying to make a club[36][Note 27]He is a big martial arts enthusiast, and he is also a talented person in the second stage of judo.He visited the student organization at Taka and Toshi to establish a judo club, negotiated, and later became the director when the judo club was approved.Judo club is the first in the athletic club of Sakurasai GakuenInter HighLead to participation.In addition, he won the high-ranking individual judo competition.The practice of the club seems to be hard as it is, and there are many depictions that other members are relieved when the outside training is stopped due to rain.On the other hand, he was not good at studying, and while claiming to be good at Japanese, he couldn't find out the hook of tin who intentionally made a mistake in the Chinese character "rose".I often fall asleep while studying.Her parents often became interested in her martial arts in the middle of the night.Wrestling pretendBecause I was doing.
    An extremely rare, naive, naive, straightforward and straightforward person among the characters.He is also natural, so he can't make any jokes, including off-color humor.Often, they act with real jokes and hoaxes.For this reason, Taka and Toshi often blocks Mutsumi's ears so that Shino and Aria don't listen to the bottom story.
    I was weak when I was a kid, but now I am extremely strong and healthy because I have been training since then.His physical ability is so versatile that there is no way for a man to stand, and when he squeezes a steel can or throws a ball back, he is worried about bouncing back.Although the judo class is 48 kg or less, it is tripled by eating thin.Pork cutlet on riceAnd 5 servingscurryI was eating.On the other hand, it is easy to get motion sickness, and people around me think that "Mutsumi's biggest enemy is an expedition bus".Water horse fightThen, just riding on the horseman was nauseating.
    My future dream is "Oyome-san".Calling Taka and Toshi "Taka and Toshi" or inviting him to a meal[37]It was called "thank you for being taken care of by the judo club", but Taka and Toshi (socially decree) refrained from saying "because you don't have to be careful".There are many words and deeds that show the favor for Taka and Toshi.Mutsumi himself seems to be trying to treat him as a classmate, but his favor has already been seen by other judo members.
    The above personality changed and there was a forcible part, and when the judo club was established, I tried to push through the minimum number of people of Sakurasai's club activities, 5 people, with 4 people.[Note 28]..She tried to give her favor to Taka and Toshi to herself, and she used her technique to seal her mouth, and she kept her technique to join the judo club at her time. Others who were forcibly taken to the student organization room[38]In the game where you bet on the entrance, there is no escape that the entrance of the time is confirmed regardless of whether you win or the time wins.[Note 29]Is being pressed.
    Igarashi maple (Igarashi maple)
    Voice- Emi Kato
    He is the chairman of Sakurasai Gakuen Fuki, and the grade is the same as Shino and Aria.She belongs to the chorus club.Her hairstyle is brown hair, which is close to blonde hairBraid..I have an older sister.She appears only in her name in the interim examination report card of Volume 1 # 4, and it will appear in earnest from Volume 2 # 3.
    Very serious personality, strict discipline, strong sense of justice, but extremeAndrophobia[Note 30]..To avoid boys, she enrolled in Sakurasai, who was a high school girl at the time, but unfortunately she became co-educated the following year.Initially, when I was looking around the school, I ignored areas where boys were (such as the floor of the first grade).
    Initially, it was decided to run away after encountering Taka and Toshi, but perhaps because he was often in contact with the Student Organization from a standpoint, even if Taka and Toshi touched him at one point, the rejection reaction did not occur. Turned out.However, this seems to be limited to the time when the other party is Taka and Toshi, and when he collides with another male student (Kenji in the work), he faints while standing.[39]..Although he has not completely overcome androphobia for Taka and Toshi, he continues to make efforts, and the attitude toward Taka and Toshi has changed accordingly.
    Basically, he is a common sense person, and he should be the role of Tsukkomi, but because of his androphobia and his seriousness, he often gets the bottom story, and as a result, he gets out of focus. Not a few.He may faint while standing when he hears heavy off-color jokes[40].
    Foods I don't likemushroom, Shine[41]..The ideal male image is "a person who is proud of himself."He says he is confident in his insights.
    In the anime, he participated in the Shichijo family's fireworks display in a yukata and participated in a beauty pageant at the Sakurasai Festival.She also said she had a lot of interaction with the fields and she was even told by Kenji that "they are good friends."
    Todoroki Nene (Todoroki Nene)
    Voice- Go to Shiina
    Tin's friend.Robot Research Department[Note 31]Affiliation and library committee member.Her hairstyle is long brown hair.She wears glasses, is tall and has a good style as a girl.She appeared in Volume 2 # 12 of the book without her name, along with a friend of Tin who is in a circle of wisdom.She will appear in earnest from Volume 2 # 28.She, however, she initially she was "friend A"[42]It was often written with the surname "Todoroki-san".
    Excellent grades and top class in grade[Note 32]However, the metamorphosis is also top class[Note 33]And personal belongings to schoolVibeI bring it in and wear it on a regular basis.The reason why he joined the robot study group is to seek strong vibration of the vibrator, and now it seems that he is repeatedly remodeling the noise reduction so that it will not be bald when worn.In the club roomUnnatural switchHaveKokeshiIs always available[Note 34].
    For Taka and Toshi, I handed chocolates at Valentine's Day after I was in the same class[43]It seems that it does not have a bad impression at least.She is often with Taka and Toshi in the classroom and at school events (with tin and mutsumi).
    It was in the same class as tin in the first year, and when it was promoted to the second year, it became the same class as Takatoshi Mutsumi and others with tin.Since then, he has continued to have a good relationship, such as staying at the Hagimura family with Mutsumi.She calls Mutsumi "Mitsuhacchi".
    Kotomi Tsuda (Kotomi Tsuda)
    Voice- Asami Shimoda
    Taka and Toshi's younger sister.Her first appearance is Volume 1 # 9.
    Personality is innocent.She has black hair and twin tailseyebrowsIs thicker than the other characters.
    At the beginning of this work, he was a junior high school student, but he entered Sakurasai Gakuen from Volume 3 # 33 of the book.The reason I aspired to be Sakura was because I was close to my house like my brother, and since I was in junior high school, I had a deep friendship with the student organization members through Taka and Toshi, such as having Suzu help me study for entrance exams. He has also acted as a substitute for the officers of the association.After enrolling in Sakurasai, he went home for a long time without belonging to club activities, but he became a manager of the judo club from # 371 because of his low evaluation of his home economics skills and his weakness in housework.
    At the age of 5Santa ClausI've been biting off-color humor since I was a child, such as mentioning the propensity of[Note 35]..The current situation is that Taka and Toshi is training Tsukkomi even in private due to Kotomi's erotic blur.
    The words and actions of the M attribute, such as being excited when seen by others or being sweared at, are conspicuous.In addition, the lines that have become characters in shōnen manga and games, etc.Chunichi diseaseHe is also showing what he thinks, and is worried by people around him, including Taka and Toshi.Recently, it seems that the two morbid words and actions are spreading to Shino and Uomi.[5]..Also, it is often used around water such as pools and baths.Peeingdo.
    The brother-sister relationship with Taka and Toshi is very good[Note 36]So, Taka and Toshi is called "Taka brother".Also, incest and "High school teacherThere is also a section that I yearn for a love affair with a sense of immorality, and I sometimes use it as a material for erotic blurring.When she talked to Taka and Toshi at her house from childhood to the present, she suddenly said, "Cowgirl"[44].
    I usually sneak into Taka and Toshi's roomH本I have already grasped Taka and Toshi's sexual orientation because I am looking for a trash can and fishing for tissue in the trash can.It also knows the size and orientation of Taka and Toshi's local areas.In addition, the information is leaked to Shino and Uomi, saying, "Taka's brother is fine."
    The chest is surprising[Note 37],The lower hair hasn't grown yetLikely from my motherExtensionWas taught how to use it incorrectly[45]..It is cold and cold.Also, he seems to have hay fever.Like his brother, he can hardly cook.Her sanitary products are tampons.
    In contrast to Taka and Toshi, I am not good at studying, and sometimes I fall asleep during class, so C stands out in the report card.[46][Note 38]..Before entering Sakurasai, the room was redecorated in an attempt to escape from the quiz that was held the next day.[47][Note 39].
    In the second phase of the animation, he created a collage image of Taka and Toshi, sent it to Shino, and submitted the image with further processing as an independent study.
    Toki Kaoru (Toki Kaoru)
    Voice- Hino Miho
    Kotomi's friend, commonly known as"Tocky"..The first appearance is volume 3 # 36 of the book.
    I have one black hair tied.She is tall, strong, unfriendly, and has a blunt and bad atmosphere, but she is actually quite good.Dojikko[Note 40]And extreme sense of direction.She seems to be at least not very good at English because she was taking supplementary lessons from Professor Yokoshima during the summer vacation.She always violates school rules in her outfits, such as wearing uniforms and flashy shirts, and she is often warned by maples and entangled in Shino.However, she is basically a common sense person, such as picking up and throwing away the trash that she threw away if it does not fit in the trash can, doing her summer vacation homework properly, and in the animation, giving up the seat to the elderly by train. It shows a gentle side.Her style is rather flat, rather than modest.He was secretly concerned and urged him to measure his waist tightly and his bust loosely when he was measured by Kotomi on a regular body measurement in the judo club.
    For some reason, I'm on good terms with Kotomi, and when they appear, they're usually together.It's cold for the bottom story.At first, she tried not to get angry with Shino's erotic blur, but as she got in touch with Kotomi, she gradually began to show tsukkomi.
    karateIt seems that he can deal with 5-6 people at the same time, according to himself.[Note 41]..At the beginning of school, he did not belong to club activities, but later became a member of the judo club after receiving a forcible scout from Mutsumi.High school overall judo individual competition (52kg or less class) Has won.
    I'm not good at sweets.
    Although it was called only by the surname for a long time, it was set as "Kaoru" in the first movie version of the animation, and was later reimported in the original 1 volumes.
    Kenji Yanagimoto (Kenji Yanagimoto)
    Voice- Minoru Shiraishi
    The first appearance is Volume 1 # 3.She belongs to the movie club.
    A boy from Taka and Toshi's friend, he wears glasses. He is in the same class for a year or two and basically appears with Taka and Toshi.He has a little more turn in anime.
    Has the ability to measure self-proclaimed three sizes.She often complains about the difference in circumstances between girls and Taka and Toshi, who often interact with girls, but she is occasionally disappointed by him.
    Nakazato Chile (Nakazato Chile)
    Voice- Kura Teramoto(Up to 1 episodes of the 17st term) → Chiwa Saito(After the 1th episode of the 20st term)
    The first appearance is Volume 1 # 12.
    A judo member with short hair and a class of 48 kg or less[48]..Basically, it often appears with Mutsumi.She is aware that Mutsumi is interested in Taka and Toshi.He plays the main role of Tsukkomi in the judo club, and often puts Tsukkomi in the natural blur of Mutsumi, but when he tries to get rid of Taka and Toshi, he is counterattacked by Mutsumi and stopped. She will be in the same class as Taka and Toshi, Suzu, and Mutsumi when she is promoted to the second year.
    Seaside Nanaco (Umibe Nanaco)
    Voice- Chika Azumi
    The first appearance is Volume 1 # 12.She is a judo member and has a rank of 48 kg or less.
    Wrist just before the practice match with Teikospraindo itDoctor stopAs a result, Shino will participate in the practice game on his behalf.By the way, it should have been a doctor stop in the book, but for some reason the name of the beach can be seen in the match table of the scoring game.[49].
    At the greeting at the send-off party by participating in the Inter-High, I was so nervous that I was bitten.
    Gondo Rikizo (Gondo Rikizo)
    Voice- Kentaro Tone
    Principal of Sakurasai Gakuen.male.
    The first appearance is the extra edition published in the magazine SPECIAL 2013 NO.9.
    I was interviewed by a TV station under the theme of "Now of a co-educated school".He is a common sense person who thinks of students.He has hemorrhoids and cannot sit without a hemorrhoid cushion[50].
    Although he is a smoker, he refrains from doing so in the school.
    Voice-Kentarou Tone
    Sakurasai Gakuen teacher.Judo club advisor.male.The first appearance is volume 5 # 96 of the book.
    I got married to Mr. Michishita at work.I care about her hairline.She had her credit stolen by Yokoshima at the send-off party for the Judo club's Inter-High.
    I was about to receive a hair-growth agent as a wedding gift from Mutsumi (after that, Nene told me that it was a delicate problem and I changed to a new judo suit).
    Nowadays, a son named Toshiro has also been born, and even the telephone outlet has become deredere.
    Voice --Mt. Ooyama Saki →Brid Cut Sara Emi(After the first movie version)
    Sakurasai Gakuen teacher.Music teacher.He first appeared in the 7th volume of the book # 154.
    A good teacher who cares for the students.She married Dr. Daimon at work.
    In the second period of the animation, the number of turns is increasing with Mr. Daimon, and the episode that became the key to the progress of the relationship is drawn.
    Rika Koyama (Rika Koyama)
    Voice-Emiri Kato
    An educational trainee who appeared in the extra edition "Seitokai Yakuindomo".He was at the mercy of Shino's erotic blur in the sixth grade at that time. At the time of "Seitokai Yakuindomo", she was a virgin.
    After that, I was assigned to Sakurasai Gakuen as a high school teacher at # 313.At the time of the original # 314, his subject is unknown.
    Currently, he plays the role of Tsukkomi against Narco, probably because he has become resistant to erotic blur.She can tell from her remarks that she has big breasts.
    The lack of masculine hasn't changed since he was a student, and he hits off with Narco, who also has no prospect of getting married, and drinks with him.
    The name was set as "Rika" from the first movie version of the animation, and the original was also reimported from the 1th volume.
    Hanamaki Nao, Umakawa Yoshio
    Voice-Miho Hino (Nao)
    Two Bacoups from Sakurasai Gakuen.Maple and Shino are angry at me when I'm flirting with my surroundings. It seems that he hadn't been dating until Volume 13, # 347, and Nao confessed in the same story and made a misleading way of communicating (Taka and Toshi described it as a bad end).After that, the relationship was good, and the number of ways of dealing with them increased.Nao belongs to the movie club and likes spicy food.Yoshi is not good at spicy foods.
    The full name is found in the 17-volume bonus manga.
    The voice actor of the anime version was credited for the first time in the second movie version only for the role of Nao.
    Watanabe, Sugada
    Voice-Nanae Nakano and others
    An original judo member of the anime, he has appeared alongside Mutsumi and others in the opening of the anime series and posters for the movie.He was later reimported into the original and appeared.A small student with hair tied to the side and a tall student with short blue hair (both white belts), only the description of the name was written on the match table of the scoring game[51]Therefore, it is unclear which is Watanabe or Sugada (since the positions of Nakazato Chile do not match, the depiction of this match table alone cannot be used as a basis for judgment.[Note 42]).Of these, the students with short blue hair are not on a school trip for Taka and Toshi, and at the send-off party in the second term of the anime, they were asked "Is it okay to take the exam?"
    Parry Coppellin
    The first appearance is Volume 17 # 475.AmericaInternational students from.He has a subtle misunderstanding of Japanese culture.

    General public / other school students

    Dejima Sayaka (Dejima Sayaka)
    Voice- Tamura Mushin
    Exclusive to the Shichijo familyMaid.. Eighteen years old[52]..The first appearance is volume 2 # 11 of the book.
    Always calm and calm, extremely excellent as a maid[Note 43]..She is also quite tall as a woman[Note 44]And the style is also good.Her housework, of course, dressing, etc., is handled from taking care of Aria's personal belongings to picking up and dropping off by car when going to and from school, but in fact it is one of the best metamorphosis in the work along with Narco and Nene.Unlike Narco, she is happy to be tied up, so she can't block her actions.Before she became a maid, she had development relationships (such as anus)SM girlI was doing customs related work.He says he's "not very smart", but on the other handLife saver qualificationHe has many qualifications such as Yamanoyuki Advisor and various other abilities such as being familiar with various sports and etiquette.Driver's licenseGold license[53].
    The propensity is bisexual.She professes that he especially likes arias, and when it comes to her, she becomes emotional and strange.She has no eyes on the clothes she wears, regardless of gender.
    Although she is a maid exclusively for the Shichijo family, she is (literally) always attached to Aria, and since she also travels to the Tsuda family and other places on the go, there are many off-campus characters alongside Uomi.She basically wears maid clothes, but sometimes she wears plain clothes in places where activities with maid clothes are not suitable, such as in the mountains.
    My eyes are bad and I have contacts.There are many depictions of her looking down in the work[Note 45]..Cold sensitivity.She seems to like cats, but she has allergies[54]It seems that I can't keep it personally because of it.However, Aria says, "It's okay because it's wide."[55]Therefore, it is kept in the mansion.
    Uomi Chihiro (Uomi Chihiro)
    Voice- Chiwa Saito
    Student president of Eiryo High School.The first appearance is volume 5 # 112.He has his black hair loosely braided.He has little change in facial expression, and he is always a little sick.When he wears a uniform, he doesn't wear a jacket over his shirt, and often only has a sweater with a little sleeve.He is in class 3-1.
    At first glance, she is a neat and gentle girl, and basically always speaks polite language.She was originally shySicknessIn order to overcome it, he became the student council president.Even after taking office as chairman, he was not good at making speeches because of his personality, but as he interacted with Taka and Toshi and Shino, he gradually became brighter.At the same time, that propensity has begun to come to light, and it is becoming as erotic as Shino and his friends.She still wanted her to dress Taka and Toshi as a "boy's daughter."
    We deepened exchanges with Shino from the position of the same student council president, and now we are "Womy" and "Womin" with each other.[Note 46], "Sinocchi" and "Shinorin"[Note 47]..She has a loose relationship, such as entering Sakurasai Gakuen with a face pass and allowing the Sakurasai Gakuen Judo Club to scout at Eiryo High School.
    In the 7th volume # 171 of the book, the relatives of each other got married and became relatives with Takatoshi Kotomi brothers and sisters.[Note 48], I came to go in and out of the Tsuda family.After becoming her relatives, Taka and Toshi are called "Taka-kun", Kotomi is called "Koto-chan", and they call themselves "Sister".[Note 49]Is called.Also, for Taka and Toshi and Kotomi, I started to use the tame mouth.At first, tin was called "Hagimura-san," but later it was also called "tinpon."In addition, it is a promise to give a slightly excessive skinship (especially animation including OAD) to tin as a foreign-style greeting.For tin short statureperspectiveI'm playing with the material.The forest is called "Mori-chin".She also has a tendency to over-skinship, such as chewing on the forest.[57].
    Since the first meeting, there is a section that has been in favor of Taka and Toshi, and he is strongly wary of Shino and Tin.Especially after becoming her relatives, she took it for granted to stay at the Tsuda family.[Note 50], With Taka and Toshi when greetinghugOr[Note 51], Trying to sleep together during a mystery tour, etc., are increasingly taking bold actions.This is one child[58]He says that he is longing for his younger brother and sister, but when he participates in a tripartite interview at Sakurasai Gakuen on behalf of Taka and Toshi's parents, he prepares a marriage registration in advance.[59]In reality, there are many actions that deviate from that range.He has already suppressed the contact information of Taka and Toshi's parents, calling Taka and Toshi's mother "mother-in-law" and surely filling the outer moat.
    In the pastsoft ballHe had experience as a pitcher in the club, and his batting order was low, and he was called "Immovable No. 8".However, he has a wide strike zone when he stands at bat, and a wide range of defense in defense.[60].
    At first glance, she looks slender, but she has big breasts and is jealous of Shino.She alsoShotaconAlthough it has attributes, it is also good at cooking and dressing.Currently at a burger shopPart-time jobDoing[61]..Basically, it's out of focus, but on rare occasions, I made a tsukkomi against Kotomi in Volume 13 # 335.
    Mori Nozomi (Mori Nozomi)
    Voice- Sumire Uesaka
    Vice President of the Student Organization Inside School of Eiryo High School.The first appearance is 11 volumes # 300 of the book.
    Sophomore.She is in class 2-2.Characterized by her updo hairstyle and slightly sagging eyes.She has big breasts that Shino instinctively pays attention to, and her breasts were raised even in the four frames on her cover.Her body shape is a little plump compared to the same big breasted aria.She seems to have grown up since she entered high school, and she has been pointed out by Uomi that her gym clothes are getting shorter.According to Uomi, she plays the role of Tsukkomi in the English ridge, and in fact, her Tsukkomi skill is comparable to Taka and Toshi.She usually speaks politely, but she often slams hard with a tame mouth when she puts tsukkomi into Uomi.She also said to Shino, who she visited Eiryo for a day's exchange at an exchange event, she initially had a gentle tsukkomi, but at the end she showed a fierce tsukkomi with a tame mouth.
    It seems that the wavelengths match Taka and Toshi, probably because they are similar to each other and both have a gentle personality, and the relationship is good from the first meeting.Perhaps because of that, the distance to Taka and Toshi has naturally shortened in a blink of an eye, and the person himself is also showing behavior that seems not to be sloppy, so he is wary of Shino and Uomi.He sometimes analyzes Taka and Toshi and each other's Tsukkomi.
    He seems to have a good knowledge of music, and at an art exchange meeting with Sakurasai GakuenBass trumpetPlaying[62]..On the other hand, she was actually a hammer, and even in her second year of high school, she couldn't open her eyes underwater.However, according to Uomi, she had good motor nerves, and as soon as she was able to open her eyes with special training, she was able to swim in a day.
    Although it does not appear in the 11-volume limited edition OAD main story, it appears in the package 4 frames with animation-compliant illustrations.In the anime, it first appeared in the 2th episode of the second season.
    Aoba Toori (Aoba Toori)
    Student Organization Inside School Secretary of Eiryo High School. First grader.He is in class 1-1. His name was revealed in # 3, and there are lines in the 387th episode of the second season of the anime, but the voice actor is unknown.
    Yu Hirose (Yu Hirose)
    Voice- Miho Okazaki
    Student Organization Inside School chores at Eiryo High School. First grader.He is in class 1-1.The first appearance is # 1.She is a short-haired, tall, muscular girl, and she is often mistaken for a boy.She belongs to the volleyball club, and she was scouted by Uomi during a restroom break to join the student organization (she continues to belong to the volleyball club, she joins club activities on condition).Her tone is boyish and athletic, she speaks fluently, and she is not ashamed of being feminine.
    Sachiko Furuya (Furuya Sachiko)
    Voice- Plain text
    Former student president at Sakurasai Gakuen OG.She is now a female college student at Jukuyo University[63]..He is now blonde, but had black hair when he was a student at Sakura.[Note 52]..The first appearance is Volume 8 # 205.She is also familiar with the habits of Shino and Aria, and even if she is bitten by erotic blur, she does not move at all.
    I'm good at calculations, but I don't use a calculatorAbacusI love PC, I'm not as good at PC as Shino, and my favorite food is Karinto kelp tea and old-fashioned side.In addition, when the party who came to the university festival returned, they gave them a lot of souvenirs, and their words and actions reminded Taka and Toshi and Shino of their relatives' aunts.She also saidNow","Soy sauce face","If you're a kid", NaughtyFlatulence cushionThere are many words and deeds reminiscent of the 1980s, such as setting up[Note 53]..On the other hand, the clothes are modern, but this seems to be under the guidance of a friend.[65], The cover of Volume 9 shows a jersey as a loungewear.
    The chest is big enough to put an admission ticket for the university festival in the valley.
    At the end of Volume 8, I was surprised when I asked about my age, even though I saw tin as an officer.She was still unbelievable, and although Taka and Toshi were involved in Volume 9 to hide behind the tin, she was completely convinced that she was a high school student after seeing the reaction to contact her without hassle.
    The name was set as "Sachiko" in the first movie version of the animated film, and the original 1 volumes were also reimported.
    Tin mother
    Voice- Miyuki Matsuki
    The first appearance is Volume 1 # 6.
    A weirdo who has a problem with chastity, which is the opposite of her daughter, such as becoming a naked Y-shirt after taking a bath, delusion of a bubble bath and Nyotaimori when welcoming others, and saying that she wants to play sleep.She gladly said that her daughter had grown up when Suzu passed her curfew and returned.Red riceSeems to cook.Her tin tsukkomi is likely to have been trained by her.
    Although it appeared as a semi-regular in the anime version, it did not appear with dialogue at the end of the 2th episode of the second period, and after the death of the voice actor in charge, Matsuki, he made a cameo appearance in the first movie version without dialogue. I'm staying at.
    Aria's father
    Voice-Kentarou Tone
    Appeared in the back of OAD "Seitokai Yakuindomo".She reveals her "secret of birth" to Aria's then-elementary school daughter.
    As of Volume 11, it is not depicted in the book.There is a high possibility of M from Aria's remarks[66].
    Aria's mother
    Voice- Masayo Fujita
    Appeared in the back of OAD "Seitokai Yakuindomo".She confesses to her daughter that the tree that rises in the garden of the Shichijo family is her memorable tree for Aria's parents.
    As of Volume 11, it is not depicted in the book.
    I'm not good at cooking.
    Butler exclusively for the Shichijo family.First appearance is Volume 10 # 260[Note 54].
    An elderly man with a characteristic white mustache.In addition to his usual duties, he seems to be driven to an event sponsored by the Shichijo family as well as Dejima.Taka and Toshi took the place of him when he couldn't do his job because of his backache.He is the only decent person in the Shichijo family, and one of the few who can deal with the erotic blurring of Dejima and Aria.He played the role of Tsukkomi when only the people of the Shichijo family appeared, and he has a high level of skill, such as attacking and tsukkomi by comparing the name of a special store.
    Taka and Toshi's mother
    Appeared in the back in # 315.I have a lot of business trips abroad with his father (not yet appeared), so I don't stay at home very much.According to Kotomi, he seems to be troublesome and spends New Year's holidays without doing anything.He is also not straightforward, such as teaching Kotomi a lie about how to use extensions.

    More informations

    Triple booking
    The author's previous work "Idol No Akahon], A three-member idol unit of Shiho, Karna, and Yuri.In this work, it is a "very famous" unit and is known by the abbreviation of "tricking".
    In this work, the 5th volume # 92 of the book raised the topic of the student organization officers, and in the 8th volume # 207 and the bonus manga published in the same volume, he appeared as a special guest at the school festival of the university where Furuya attends.Also, the ages of the three people in the film were higher than they were in "Idol No Akahon".
    Also, in the anime version, it is said that the opening song is sung for both the 1st and 2nd seasons.Her voice actor is not credited, but has been featured on WEB radio.For more information"Idol No Akahon"and"Hanasaki☆The Strongest Legend DaysSee the section.Furthermore, in the second term, it appeared in the main story in the original story, and the same voice actor as the song was in charge of the voice.
    Misaki Amano (Misaki Amano)
    Voice-Yukika Teramoto (OAD) →Aimi Tanaka(Movie version)
    The author's previous work "Female college student home teacher Ai Hamanaka』Characters.She appeared in the extra edition "Seitokai Yakuindomo" and acted as Tsukkomi for Shino's erotic blur.
    At a later date of "Seitokai Yakuindomo" published in Volume 3, he met Shino and Takatoshi, and from the common point of having trouble with Shino's erotic blur, he hit it off with Takatoshi.She was in Higashigaoka Junior High School uniform at this time.
    It also appeared in Volume 2 # 16 of the book, passing in front of the bench on which Taka and Toshi sits in the uniform of Higashigaoka Junior High School.
    Wakatabe Ayana (Wakatabe Ayana)
    A character from "College Student Home Teacher Hamanaka Ai".She appears in the bonus manga of Volume 5.
    At the school festival of Eiryo High School, he meets a lost tin.She says she is 15 years old during the film.
    Even in "College Student Home Teacher Hamanaka Ai", Ayana and others go to the school festival of Eiryo High School.
    Rinko Matoyama (Rinko Matoyama)
    A character from "College Student Home Teacher Hamanaka Ai".She appears in the bonus manga of Volume 5.
    At the school festival of Eiryo High School, I was in front of a mock shop. She is 15 years old.

    the term

    Sakurasai Gakuen
    The stage of this work.A traditional private school.Originally a girls' school, it was affected by the declining birthrate and was affected by the declining birthrate in 50, the 2008th anniversary of its founding.[Note 55]Co-educated from.The number of students in the first year of co-education was 28 for boys and 524 for girls.uniform TheWinter clothesBoth men and women have outerwearblazer.
    School rules are strict, and romance, hair dyeing, running in the corridor, and leaving school in a jersey are prohibited.Buying and eating is also prohibited, and lunch is a lunch box or a school cafeteria.There are various legends among the students, one of which is the legend that "confessing under a tree in the courtyard will fulfill your love".[Note 56].
    The school festival is called "Sakurasaisai", and beauty pageants with swimsuit screening are held.At the after-night festivalFolk danceDance.
    Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization (Osaigaku Ensei Tokai)
    The organization to which the main characters of this work belong.The chairman is Shino, the vice chairman is Takatoshi, the secretary is Aria, and the accountant is Tin.Narco serves as an advisor.
    It is a norm for student organization insiders to be in the top 20 of the grade in the examination.In addition, Taka and Toshi was appointed as vice chairman by Shino's existence, and later was nominated by Shino as the next student council president, so it seems that the current officer will appoint a successor.
    There is a student organization corner on the Sakurasai Gakuen website.In the past, the Student Organization Inside School newspaper was published with the cooperation of the newspaper club.
    In anime, it is sometimes called "Seitokai Yakuindomo" because of the title of the work.
    Eiryo High School
    The high school where Uomi is enrolled.There is a slope on the way to school.The student organization is composed of three members: Chairman Uomi, Vice Chairman Mori, and Secretary Aoba. At # 415, Hirose, a chore, joins and becomes a four-person system.According to Uomi, the officers are calling by name to deepen friendship.[67]It seems that he is a little vague, such as calling the forest "Mori-chin".
    All the officers of the Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization are performing at the Eiryo High School Festival in # 114 (5 volumes).
    It is also a high school where Masahiko Kokubo and Rinko Matama went to school in the author's previous work "College Student Home Teacher Hamanaka Ai".[68]..In addition, there are times when Kokubo et al. Go to the school festival of Eiryo High School in the same work.
    Shichijo Group
    A corporate group run by Aria's parents' home.It owns various properties from villas, mountains, hot springs, to amusement parks and uninhabited islands, and Taka and Toshi are often called as guests.
    The university where Furuya is enrolled.

    Bibliographic information


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    Related books

    • Tozen Ujiie Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department "Seitokai Yakuindomo & All Characters" Kodansha <KC Deluxe>, August 2010, 8 17st printing issued (released on the same day)[Lecture 41]),ISBN 978-4-06-375967-9
    • Tozen Ujiie / Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department "Anime Student Organization Officers Official Guide Sakurasai Gakuen Student Association Activity Report" Kodansha <KC Deluxe>, December 2010, 12 17st printing (released on the same day)[Lecture 42]),ISBN 978-4-06-376007-1


    As of 2016, two TV animations and an original animation ("OAD" for the one packed in the limited edition of the book, "OVA" for the one sold as a single cel animation) have been announced.

    SYDという独自の略称が設定されており、話数はテレビアニメ第1期とOAD、OVAで第21話まで連続してカウントされ、テレビアニメ第2期では、2期を示す「2#(話数)」として新たに1話からリセットされている。アニメ中の時間設定はテレビアニメ第1期では2010年4月から2011年3月までとなっており、第14話 (OAD) から新年度を迎えている。その後の時間設定は原作と同じく季節の移り変わりや年越しのイベントが起きても年齢や学年が変わらない(Sazae-san method) The system is adopted, and this is mentioned in the main story.

    Convenience store from November 2011, 11Save on"Save On Character Lottery" was sold at[70].

    Issue 1
    From August to November 2010,Chiba TVOtherIndependent UHF stationWas broadcast on. All 13 episodes.
    After the end of the first broadcast, it was announced that the OAD will be packed in the limited edition of Volume 1 of the book.[71]..After that, in the 2011th issue of "Weekly Shonen Magazine" 34, an animation project entitled "Please make me squid two more times" was announced, and OAD will be packed in the limited edition of the 2th volume of the book. It was announced that the OVA will be released separately on April 6, 2012.[72]..In addition, it was announced that the 7th volume of the book was initially in the process of devising a "something fun project".[72]It was later revealed that the OAD would be packed in a limited edition as the "final closing" of the project.[73], It will continue to be recorded in Volume 8 and later due to its popularity.The first series ends with the 9st episode of the DVD included in the 21th volume limited edition, but the end is reminiscent of the decision to broadcast the second season of TV animation.
    Issue 2
    The production was announced in the 2013th issue of "Weekly Shonen Magazine" 46. ""Student council officers*(Abbreviation:SYD *) From January to March 2014TOKYO MX, Was broadcast on independent stations and others.All 13 episodes. "* (asteriskThere is no particular way to read the part ")".In addition, the characters that appeared from the episodes of the 1st OAD and OVA have also appeared as they are, but the consideration for viewers who are watching only the TV series is only written as "Let's buy OAD and OVA and watch it". Almost omitted.
    After the end of the 2nd broadcast, it continues as an OAD packed in a limited edition of a book as in the 1st broadcast, and as a single OVA.The number of stories has continued since the second period of TV animation, and the same opening and ending as in the second period are used.
    Theater animation
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayClock worksPublished on 16 screens nationwide by distribution.PG12specify. 7th in the domestic movie rankings on July 22nd and 23rd (according to a survey by Kokou Tsushinsha)[74], Recorded No. 2 for 1 consecutive weeks in the mini theater ranking for small-scale public works[75].
    In addition, "Theatrical Version Student Association Officers 2021" was released on January 1, 1.

    ス タ ッ フ

    Issue 1Phase 2 / Theatrical version 1Movie version 2[76]
    directed byHiromitsu Kanazawa
    Series compositionNakamura MakotoHiromitsu Kanazawa
    Character Design
    Total drawing director
    Makoto Furuta
    Art directorMasanobu Nomura (Episode 1 -16 ・ 19 ―― 21)
    Shinya Mita (Episode 17/18)
    Ken Naito
    Color settingSakura Komatsu (Episode 1-17)
    Tomoko Saito (Episode 18-21)
    Tomoko Saito (Episode 1-19)
    Ryusuke Araki (Episode 20-23)
    Ryusuke Araki
    CinematographerTsunetaka Ema (Episode 1-17)
    Oizumi Mine, Kento Sasaki (Episode 18-21)
    Oizumi Mine (Episode 1-17)
    Takanori Kikuchi (Episode 18-22)
    Shinnosuke Takesada (Episode 23)
    Shinnosuke Takesada
    EditFumi Hida (Episode 1-14)
    Manabu Kamino (Episode 15-17)
    Ayako Tan (Episode 18-21)
    Ayako Tan (Episode 1-17)
    Saori Tadokoro (Episode 18-22)
    Chinami Watanabe (Episode 23)
    Chinami Watanabe
    MusicYuya Mori
    Sound directorHideo Takahashi(Episode 1-13)
    Ryo Tanaka (Episode 14-21)
    Ryo Tanaka
    producerGo Nakanishi (Episode 1-18)
    Kotaro Sudo (Episode 19-21)
    Masayuki Hariu (Episode 1-13)
    Motohisa Chiba (Episode 14, 15, 17, 18, 21)
    Toru Hattori (Episode 16), Gen Yoshida (Episode 18)
    Kensuke Tateishi (Episode 19/20)
    Tatsuro Watanabe (Episode 21)
    Kotaro Sudo
    Kensuke Tateishi (Episode 1-13)
    Tatsuro Watanabe (Episode 14-17)
    Motohisa Chiba (Episode 14-19)
    Kenji Kakutani (Episode 18)
    Makoto Furukawa (Episode 20-23)
    Junichi Ika (Episode 22 and 23)
    ア ニ メ ー シ ョ ン
    Suzugo Kishimoto (excluding theatrical version 1)
    -Takanori Kikuchi (Theatrical version 1)
    Animation productionGoHands
    ProductionSakurasai Gakuen Student Organization Room (Episode 1-13)Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization New Room (Episode 1-13)"Theatrical version Student Organization
    Officers 2 ”Production Committee
    桜才学園生徒会分室(第1期第14 - 18・21話、第2期第14・16 - 19・22・23話)
    Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization Separate Room (1st term 19th and 20th episodes, 2nd term 15th episode)
    Sakurasai Gakuen Student Organization Audiovisual Room (Theatrical Version 1)

    Theme song

    Issue 1
    Opening theme"Yamato Naoko Education'
    Lyrics- Saori Kodama / Composition- Akihiko Yamaguchi / Arrangement- Tomoki Kikuya / song - Triple booking
    From the 18th episode, Kotomi's uniform was changed to Sakurasai Gakuen's uniform, and the scene of the school gate / corridor was replaced with Toki, Kotomi / Uomi, and Eiryo student's cut.
    Ending theme"Blue spring(1nd episode-12rd episode, 14th episode-21th episode)
    Lyrics ―― atsuko / Composition ―― atsuko, KATSU / Arrangement ―― KATSU / Song ―― angela
    Insert song"Flower of passion(Episode 6)
    Lyrics and composition-Nana Takahashi / Arrangement- YUPA / Song-Triple Booking
    Issue 2
    Opening theme"Hanasaki☆The Strongest Legend Days'
    Lyrics --Hanai / Composition / Arrangement-- Hiroki Arai / Song-Triple Booking (Yoko Hikasa,Satomi Satomi,Sayuri Yahagi)[77]
    Ending theme
    "Mirai Night(Episode 1-Episode 12, Episode 14-Episode 16, Episode 18, Episode 19, Episode 22, Episode 23)
    Lyrics --moyu / Composition --KEYTARO / Arrangement --Coral Echo / Song --Satomi Sato
    Not used in episodes 1 and 13 of the TV version.
    "Sakura no Sora" (Episode 13 and 17)
    Lyrics --Mori Chiyoko / Composition / Arrangement --Yuya Mori / Song - Suginami Children's Chorus
    Although it is not credited, it is used as an insert song even in episode 5 although it is about a few seconds[Note 59].
    Insert song
    "Idol's Recommendation" (Episode 6)
    Lyrics --PA-NON / Composition --Nana Takahashi / Arrangement - Yugo Sasakura / Song-Shino Amakusa (Yoko Hikasa)
    "Flower of Passion" (Episode 6)
    Lyrics and composition-Nana Takahashi / Arrangement- YUPA / Song-Triple Booking
    "Youth Bombing ☆ LOVE TRAIN" (Episode 9)
    Lyrics ―― 7chiko ♪ / Composition ―― Yusuke Eguchi / Arrangement- Nonaka "Masa" Yuichi / Song-Triple Booking
    Movie version
    Theme song "Youth Nonfiction"[78]
    Lyrics- Shiori Yoshida / Composition-Yuki Fukasawa / Arrangement-Mane Kushita / Song-Triple Booking
    As for the opening theme, "Hanasaki ☆ Strongest Legend Days" is used as in the second term, and the images are also reused.
    Theme song "Boys and Girls Attention"
    Lyrics --Shiori Yoshida / Composition --Yuki Fukasawa / Arrangement --Mane Kushita / Song --Triple Booking
    The theme song of the second movie version.The opening theme is unchanged as in the previous movie version.

    List of stories

    TV first term

    Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
    #1AUnder the cherry treeTomoko KoyamaHiromitsu KanazawaMakoto Furuta (layout animation)
    Ai Ishimori (character)
    BThis feeling that continues every time ?!
    CLet's take it off for the time being
    #2ASometimes you are S or MNakamura Makoto
    Tomoko Koyama
    Hiromitsu KanazawaHiroshi IkehataMakoto Furuta (layout animation)
    Kimiko Hiraguchi (Character)
    BThen let me test your power
    CIs this the one who shines brightly?
    #3AIt ’s a wonderful wrapping condition.Yuichi SugioYuki Terano
    BChairman!Please spread the hem more!
    CAre you full ?!
    #4AThat's why I'm wearing it out of sightTomoko KoyamaYasukawa Masaru
    Hiromitsu Kanazawa
    Hiromitsu KanazawaHaruo Okawara
    CSo I'm fine with this
    #5AButt is hard, isn't it?Hiroshi IkehataKanji Nagasaka
    BI'm just frustrated!
    CI also have to go to school with bread!
    #6AI won't read Tsuda-kun!Use it!Nakamura Makoto
    Tomoko Koyama
    Hiromitsu KanazawaYuichi SugioMakoto Furuta (layout animation)
    Kimiko Hiraguchi (Character)
    BIf there is a reception, there will be an attack!
    CNo, wear clothes
    #7AIt's getting bigger and biggerTetsuya WatanabeYuki Terano
    BTsuda-kun is a boy's love
    #8AAh ?! You are strawberry pants in the morning!Tomoko KoyamaKatsuya KikuchiMasahiro Sekiguchi
    BBrush wholesale may be popular
    CI will fight for everyone!
    #9AHow much do you buy?Nakamura Makoto
    Tomoko Koyama
    Yuichi SugioMakoto Furuta
    BI see!It doesn't matter!We're!
    #10AI saw the maid!Indecent young lady (omitted)Tomoko KoyamaHiromitsu KanazawaTakuya Matsumoto
    Kimiko Hiraguchi
    BI don't have such a character setting
    CI'll go out with you
    #11AIt's Tsuda's used tissue[Note 60]Hiroshi IkehataAi Ishimori
    Kanji Nagasaka
    BShould I also wear underwear?
    CSanta'sSexual addiction
    #12AGeneral shameNakamura Makoto
    Tomoko Koyama
    Hiromitsu KanazawaYuichi SugioTakuya Matsumoto, Kimiko Hiraguchi
    Makoto Furuta
    BHalf off the uniform is the market price
    CWasn't it your own exposure play?
    #13Seitokai Yakuindomo!Otsu!Hiroshi Ikehata
    Hiromitsu Kanazawa
    Hiromitsu KanazawaMakoto Furuta (layout animation)
    Kazuaki Imoto, Ai Ishimori, Takayuki Uchida (Character)

    OVA Phase 1

    Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorRecording volume (release date)
    #14Together with the returning student association officersTomoko KoyamaHiromitsu KanazawaYuichi SugioTakuya MatsumotoOriginal Volume 5 Limited Edition
    (2011 4 年 月 日 15)
    #15AHappy big brotherHiromitsu KanazawaMakoto Furuta
    (Layout animation)
    Hiromi Masuda (Character)
    Original Volume 6 Limited Edition
    (2011 11 年 月 日 17)
    BSuzu-chan, who does hard work with a smile, is Erai (Todoroki)
    Children's association officers
    #16AThe mood is blue sky The chairman is blueYuki Terano
    Suzuki Shoko
    "Seitokai Yakuindomo OVA"
    (2012 4 年 月 日 26)
    BHigh risk feels good
    CMedal of Dogi
    DSakurasai / Eiryo Gakuen Exchange Party!
    #17APuppyOriginal Volume 7 Limited Edition
    (2012 7 年 月 日 17)
    BCircumstances of the Tsuda family
    CIf it's straight, the hair rubs against the nipple and it feels good.
    #18AThings more important than flowersKatsumasa YokomineTakayuki Uchida (layout)
    Ai Ishimori (original picture)
    Original Volume 8 Limited Edition Z
    (2013 2 年 月 日 15)
    BSakura Saishichi Wonders
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi[Note 61]
    #19AI can't make a promiseTakuya Matsumoto
    (Layout animation)
    Miyuki Mori (Character)
    "OVA that came back with Seitokai Yakuindomo"
    (2013 5 年 月 日 8)
    BNight school
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi
    CBrother stupid cultural festival
    #20AHagimura tin dayKudo SusumuMakoto Furuta
    (Layout animation)
    Rina Ueki (Character)
    "OVA2 is back with Seitokai Yakuindomo"
    (2013 7 年 月 日 10)
    BVehicle discussion
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi
    CYakimoki chocolate
    #21AMaid classroom and rainy day feelingsMakoto Furuta and Takayuki Uchida
    (Layout animation)
    Yuko Hariba (character)
    Original Volume 9 Limited Edition
    (2013 10 年 月 日 17)
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi
    BHigh school girl tutor Amakusa Shino
    CFuture hole

    TV first term

    Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation director
    2 1 #AAlso under the cherry treeHiromitsu KanazawaKudo SusumuMakoto Furuta
    Naoki Okada
    BNemunemu Season Porro
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Part 1
    CWolf wearing a cat
    2 2 #AI was watching over Hagimura tinKatsumasa YokomineTakayuki Uchida
    Masayuki Tachibana
    BSakurasai / Eiryo Gakuen Exchange Meeting Refills!
    What is this about Aria ??
    CSymptom check is always pocket tissue
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Part 2
    2 3 #AVice Chairman MikaKudo SusumuTakuya Matsumoto
    Yusuke Sakagami
    BChindara Kanusamayo
    2 4 #AEmphasis site buoy buoyKatsumasa YokomineTakuya Matsumoto
    Rina Ueki
    Sauce Kaede-chan
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Part 3
    Todoroki Nene Todoroki
    BMoe tail
    What is this about Aria ??
    CFor epoch-making slur
    2 5 #ASupport styleShingo Suzuki
    Hiromitsu Kanazawa
    Shingo Suzuki
    Miyuki Mori
    The original undigested episode!If you collect it, put it out !! Inside !![Note 62]
    CGirls fighting
    SYD shopping
    2 6 #AIdol student council presidentHiromitsu KanazawaHiromitsu Kanazawa
    Takayuki Uchida
    Kudo SusumuTakayuki Uchida
    Rina Ueki
    What is this about Aria ??
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Part 4[Note 63]
    BAttack item Bikubikun
    The original undigested episode!If you collect it, put it out !! Inside !![Note 64]
    2 7 #SYD shoppingHiromitsu KanazawaKatsumasa YokomineMakoto Furuta
    Takuya Matsumoto
    Naoki Okada
    AI said good things
    BA big being that illuminates you
    CI saw it
    YOKOSHIMA Teacher English
    2 8 #APlaying with the wavesMakoto Furuta
    Takuya Matsumoto
    Masayuki Tachibana
    BUniversal wing
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Part 5
    CSummer night summer morning
    2 9 #AField Ranko KamasuShingo Suzuki
    Tokuji Kaneko
    Shingo Suzuki
    Yusuke Sakagami
    BOG is Choberig
    CGuzen misunderstanding
    What is this about Aria ??
    2 10 #ATsuda mushrooms are expectedTokuji KanekoTakuya Matsumoto
    Miyuki Mori
    BFeathers fly
    CPumpkin feelings
    2 11 #APure reaction to the back termKatsumasa YokomineMakoto Furuta
    Naoki Okada
    BThat seems to be the case in some countries
    CPlaying with snow Santa's descendants
    2 12 #AHappy new yearTokuji KanekoTakayuki Uchida
    Masayuki Tachibana
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Part 6
    BA vessel that stands on a person
    Todoroki Nene Todoroki
    CHow is it
    Dried squid and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Part 6
    DIt's ridiculous to wash it
    2 13 #ACorrect love banaKudo SusumuTakayuki Uchida
    Makoto Furuta
    Takuya Matsumoto
    Rina Ueki
    BLong-range attack
    CHair linenari
    DCherry blossom sky

    OVA Phase 2 Theatrical Version

    Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorRecording volume (release date)
    2 14 #A1 vs. 1Hiromitsu KanazawaTokuji KanekoTakuya Matsumoto
    Rina Ueki
    Original Volume 10 Limited Edition
    (2014 5 年 月 日 16)
    The original undigested episode!If you collect it, put it out !! Inside !! Full throttle !![Note 65]
    What is this about Aria ??
    BCrackling bread bread
    What a worm !!
    2 15 #AGoodbye coinTakayuki UchidaMakoto Furuta
    Katsumasa Yokomine
    "Seitokai Yakuindomo * OVA"
    (2014 10 年 月 日 22)
    The original undigested episode!If you collect it, put it out !! Inside !![Note 66]
    BGathering of strong people
    CGood morning body memory
    2 16 #AKOUMONMasayuki TachibanaTakuya Matsumoto
    Yusuke Sakagami
    Original Volume 11 Limited Edition
    (2015 2 年 月 日 17)
    BCompared to the speed of light
    CBad weather school
    2 17 #AHumanoid decisive battle robotKatsumasa YokomineTakuya Matsumoto[Note 67]Original Volume 12 Limited Edition
    (2015 9 年 月 日 17)
    What is this about Aria ??
    BFeeling behind the unopened hole
    A little digestion of the original[Note 68]
    Surume and Taka and Toshi Max Power! Solution
    CEasy morning
    2 18 #AUrban legend conclusionMakoto Furuta
    Katsumasa Yokomine
    Original Volume 13 Limited Edition
    (2016 4 年 月 日 15)
    BFlag construction site
    2 19 #A3 days uninhabited island lifeTetsuichi YamagishiMakoto Furuta
    Takuya Matsumoto
    Rina Ueki
    Daiki Takemoto
    Original Volume 14 Limited Edition
    (2016 12 年 月 日 16)
    BThe lingering summer heat
    2 20 #The principal of the school, the new teacher, the seaside school, and the usual Seitokai officersKatsumasa YokomineShohei Adachi
    Naoki Okada
    Keiji Tani
    Makoto Furuta
    Takuya Matsumoto
    "Theatrical version Seitokai Yakuindomo"
    (Published March 2017, 7)
    Original Volume 16 Limited Edition
    (2018 3 年 月 日 16)
    Children's association officers
    What is this about Aria ??
    The original undigested episode!If you collect it, put it out !! Inside !!
    Todoroki Nene Todoroki
    Naruko Yokoshima
    Sauce !! Mr. Furuya
    2 21 #I want you to be hereTozen UjiieHiromitsu Kanazawa
    YOKOSHIMA Teacher EnglishHiromitsu Kanazawa
    2 22 #AStudent Organization DetourMasayuki TachibanaMakoto Furuta
    Rina Ueki
    Original Volume 15 Limited Edition
    (2017 9 年 月 日 15)
    BThe coloring is surprisingly white
    Kotomi & Tokki[Note 69]
    CVice Chairman is Hammer
    2 23 #AHe & SheNatsumi Sekiya
    Keiji Tani
    Mai Fujisaka
    Makoto Furuta
    Original Volume 17 Limited Edition
    (2019 4 年 月 日 17)
    BSakurasai The MOVIE
    CMr. Hirose from the volleyball club
    2 25 #AA part detectiveHiromitsu KanazawaTetsuichi YamagishiNatsumi Sekiya
    Keiji Tani
    Mai Fujisaka
    Makoto Furuta
    Takuya Matsumoto
    Original Volume 18 Limited Edition
    (2019 8 年 月 日 16)
    BTsukkomi Quartet
    CSay this with Uomi Voice


    Broadcast areaBroadcasterBroadcast periodBroadcast dateBroadcast seriesRemarks
    Issue 1
    KanagawatvkMay 2010-June 7, 4Sunday 0:30-1:00 (Saturday midnight)Independent UHF station
    ChibaChiba TVSunday 23:30-Monday 0:00
    SaitamaTele ballMay 2014-June 7, 5Monday 1:00 --1:30 (Sunday midnight)
    HyogoSun TVMay 2010-June 7, 6Tuesday 0:00 --0:30 (Midnight Monday)
    KyotoKBS KyotoTuesday 1:00 --1:30 (Midnight Monday)
    TokyoTOKYO MXTuesday 1:30 --2:00 (Midnight Monday)
    AichiTV AichiMay 2010-June 7, 7Wednesday 1:28-1:58 (Tuesday midnight)TV Tokyo series
    All over JapanAT-XMay 2010-June 7, 10Saturday 8: 30 - 9: 00CS broadcastingWith repeat broadcast
    Issue 2
    All over JapanAT-XMay 2014-June 1, 4Saturday 20: 30 - 21: 00CS broadcastingWith repeat broadcast
    TokyoTOKYO MXMay 2014-June 1, 5Sunday 1:30-2:00 (Sunday midnight)Independent station
    SaitamaTele ballMay 2014-June 1, 6Monday 0:00 --0:30 (Sunday midnight)
    ChibaChiba TV
    HyogoSun TVMay 2014-June 1, 7Tuesday 0:30 --1:00 (Midnight Monday)
    AichiTV AichiMay 2014-June 1, 8Wednesday 3:05-3:35 (Tuesday midnight)TV Tokyo series
    All over KoreaANIPLUSMay 2014-June 1, 9Thursday 0:30-1:00 (Wednesday midnight)CS broadcasting,IP broadcast
    Cable TV
    Online delivery
    KoreanWith subtitles
    KyotoKBS KyotoThursday 1:30-2:00 (Wednesday midnight)Independent station
    All over JapanBS11May 2014-June 1, 10Friday 23:30-Saturday 0:00BS broadcasting"ANIME +"frame
    The first period is not broadcast
    Bandai channelMay 2014-June 1, 11Saturday 0:00 update (Friday midnight)Online deliveryAll-you-can-view service users can watch all stories
    d anime storeMay 2014-June 1, 13Monday 12:00 update
    Nico Nico Live BroadcastMonday 22:30-23:00
    Nico Nico ChannelMonday 23:00 update


    Everywhere on TVSelf-regulating soundIs covered,BD/DVDIn the version, the ON / OFF function of the self-regulated sound[Note 70]Is attached.In addition, after the second volume, some self-regulation sounds are included even in the version without self-regulation sounds, which is described as [Notice] on the last page of the booklet.

    Number of turnsRelease dateRecording storyStandard product number
    TV animation first term
    12010/8/4Episode 1-Episode 2KIXA-90048KIBA-1778
    22010/8/25Episode 3-Episode 4KIXA-90049KIBA-1779
    32010/9/8Episode 5-Episode 6KIXA-90050KIBA-1780
    42010/9/22Episode 7-Episode 8KIXA-90051KIBA-1781
    52010/10/6Episode 9-Episode 10KIXA-90052KIBA-1782
    62010/10/27Episode 11-Episode 13KIXA-90053KIBA-1783
    BOX2014/12/24All 13 storiesKIZX-177-181
    OVA Phase 1
    OVA2012/4/25Episode 16KIXA-188KIBA-1956
    OVA is back2013/5/8Episode 19KIXA-291KIBA-2016
    OVA2 is back2013/7/10Episode 20KIXA-330KIBA-2017
    BOX2015/1/21Episode 14-Episode 21KIZX-182-184
    TV animation first term
    12014/2/19Episode 1-Episode 2KIXA-90396KIBA-2097
    22014/3/12Episode 3-Episode 4KIXA-90397KIBA-2098
    32014/4/9Episode 5-Episode 6KIXA-90398KIBA-2099
    42014/5/14Episode 7-Episode 8KIXA-90399KIBA-2100
    52014/6/4Episode 9-Episode 10KIXA-90400KIBA-2101
    62014/7/9Episode 11-Episode 13KIXA-90401KIBA-2102
    BOX2017/7/19All 13 storiesKIZX-290-294
    OVA Phase 2
    OVA2014/10/22Episode 15KIXA-467KIBA-2153
    Movie version
    theater2019/3/20 KIXA-823


    Web radio

    From July 2010th to December 7th, 14, in connection with the broadcast of TV animeAnimate TVThe web radio "Radio that understands all of the anime" Seitokai Yakuindomo ", abbreviated as All La!" Was delivered on.The personality was not fixed, and different voice actors were in charge of each time as "students of Sakurasai Gakuen".

    Seasonal voice actors unfold in a relaxed mood[79]Exquisitely self-regulating sound while hiding at the last minute talk development[80]And unique productions such as "time signal" that suddenly enters[80]Became a hot topic and recorded 1 views in a week on AnimateTV.[79].

    Even after the end of December 2010, there are constant voices hoping for a resurrection.[80]、2011年10月5日から2012年5月30日まで、アニメイトTVで再配信が行われた。その後、2012年1月11日から5月30日まで、「アニメ『生徒会役員共』が全部わかるラジオMaxPower、略して全ラ!まっぱ!!」としてリニューアル復活した[80].

    To commemorate the release of OAD & the decision of the second period of TV animation, on October 2, 2013Nico Nico Live BroadcastIt was broadcast publicly on.

    From January 2th to April 2014th, 1, "Radio Super Positive Nippon for short, all La! Supponpon !!" will be distributed on AnimateTV to coincide with the start of the second term. Was done[81].

    From June 2017nd to August 6th, 2, "Radio Movie promotion danger sign that understands all of the movie version of" Student Association Officers "is abbreviated as All La! Morodashi !!"Animate TimesDelivered in[82]


    "Futsuta" that introduces ordinary letters.However, in order to stir up the listener's delusions, self-regulation sounds are put on in places.
    Pseudo love
    Introducing a reproduction of the feel of a woman's chest, buttocks, and lips with food, etc., to be experienced by a personality.At some times, I brought what Tone actually created.
    Erotic Shiritori
    It's a normal shiritori, but he says words in a naughty atmosphere.However, during the men's festival, direct words were also used.
    Words that echo over there
    Although it is an ordinary word, I will introduce a word that makes you feel a somewhat naughty atmosphere.
    Adult idiom
    Introducing the idioms that have been arranged and turned into off-color humor.
    Introducing a mystery that makes use of the bottom story.
    Horizontal map
    Introducing the names of places with naughty sounds in Japan.
    Rare dialect
    Introducing a dialect that has a normal meaning but has a naughty sound.
    Introducing naughty sentences whether you read from the top or from the bottom.
    Binkan Encyclopedia
    Introducing animals and plants (including insects, fish and mushrooms) with names that sound a little naughty.
    All laps
    Make a sentence with three rhyming words and introduce it in a rap style.

    Basically it is only PTK, but it is a special pun time[Note 71]Then, along with the time signal, "words that echo over there," "adult idioms," "erokake," "horizontal maps," "rare dialects," "palindromes," "binkan pictorial books," and "all raps" are inserted as mini-corners.

    Distribution list

    Radio that understands all of the anime "Seitokai Yakuindomo", all la for short!
    TimesDelivery datetitlePersonality
    All the officers of the student association gathered !!Yoko Hikasa(As Shino Amakusa)
    Satomi Satomi(Role of Shichijo Aria)
    Sayuri Yahagi(Role of Hagimura Suzu)
    Shintaro Asanuma(Taka and Toshi Tsuda)
    #27/21Sometimes everyone is S or M?Yoko Hikasa
    Satomi Satomi
    Sayuri Yahagi
    #37/28It's super smooth ...Shintaro Asanuma
    Sayuri Yahagi
    Asami Shimoda(Role of Kotomi Tsuda)
    #48/4Adolescent boys must listen !? I will teach you how to measure the "cup" !!
    #58/11I can't huh, right?Shintaro Asanuma
    Tamura Mushin(As Sayaka Dejima)
    #68/18No, it's definitely "all la", but ... please wear clothesShintaro Asanuma
    Kentaro Tone(The role of a foreigner in episode 3)
    #78/25It won't grow at allYoko Hikasa
    Sayuri Yahagi
    Minoru Shiraishi(Kenji Yanagimoto)
    #89/1All la ○ ... may be popular
    #99/8JamaicaYoko Hikasa
    Shintaro Asanuma
    Tamura Mushin
    Kentaro Tone (role of teacher)
    #109/15I knew the vice chairman! The maid is abnormal ... (laughs)
    #119/22Should I also remember myself?Satomi Satomi
    Sayuri Yahagi
    #129/29Generally sexual harassment
    #Special edition 110/6Was it our own exposure play ...?Yoko Hikasa
    Minoru Shiraishi
    #1310/13I see! Then, I'm not □ Lin!Shintaro Asanuma
    Satomi Arai(Ranko Hata)
    #1410/20I have to massage the bread too!
    #1510/27I'm just absent!Satomi Arai
    Yuu Kobayashi(Role of Naruko Yokoshima)
    #1611/2How long will it last? ■ Shiritori !?
    #1711/10Let's go to the flower garden for the time being (laughs)Sayuri Yahagi
    Satomi Satomi
    #1811/17I don't like itSayuri Yahagi
    Satomi Satomi
    Yoko Hikasa
    #1911/24That is Mr. Shiraishi's ●● ○○ ... (tears)Shintaro Asanuma
    Minoru Shiraishi
    #2012/1… So I (account) should be 6 ●
    #2112/8If you can come offensively, you have no choice but to receive it!Shintaro Asanuma
    Tamura Mushin
    #2212/15My sister is so ●●… (hereinafter referred to as self-regulation)
    #2312/22●●● from the hunterShintaro Asanuma
    Yoko Hikasa
    Satomi Satomi
    #2412/29"All La!" Everyone Otsu !!
    Radio MaxPower, which understands all the officers of the Anime Student Association, is abbreviated as All La!Mappa! !!
    TimesDelivery datetitlePersonality
    # MP12012/
    This feeling of nostalgia ?!Shintaro Asanuma(Taka and Toshi Tsuda)
    Yoko Hikasa(As Shino Amakusa)
    Sayuri Yahagi(Role of Hagimura Suzu)
    # MP21/18●● It's just unstable!
    # MP31/25Kiss is the taste of grapefruitShintaro Asanuma
    Sayuri Yahagi
    Satomi Arai(Ranko Hata)
    # MP42/1Ah ?! That's Vice Chairman's boxer shorts!
    # MP52/8Han Festival with glassesShintaro Asanuma
    Minoru Shiraishi(Kenji Yanagimoto)
    Kentaro Tone(Foreigner role, etc.)
    # MP62/15Even though he has a really interesting talent as an actor, the treasure hunter is really against women ... (laughs)
    # MP72/22Then let's poke your ●●Satomi Satomi(Role of Shichijo Aria)
    Asami Shimoda(Role of Kotomi Tsuda)
    # MP82/29●● The identity of the button
    # MP93/7I'm not "bad"! It's "normal" !!Sayuri Yahagi
    Tamura Mushin(As Sayaka Dejima)
    # MP103/14I don't have such a character setting ...
    # MP113/21Iemoto (?)'S splendid work ■ Shiritori ……Satomi Arai
    Tamura Mushin
    # MP123/28I like it
    # MP134/4Loincloth may be popularShintaro Asanuma
    Satomi Arai
    # MP144/11Taiwan
    # MP154/18All la is the market price in the morningMinoru Shiraishi
    Satomi Arai
    # MP164/25"I'm not .........!"Shintaro Asanuma
    Sayuri Yahagi
    Minoru Shiraishi
    # MP175/9● Hmm ● Should I show it?
    # MP185/16"Wet ●●● feels good"Shintaro Asanuma
    Tamura Mushin
    Kentaro Tone
    # MP195/23be?do not have?Oh ●●● Interleague play!Sayuri Yahagi
    Satomi Satomi
    # MP205/30Seitokai YakuindomoShintaro Asanuma
    Yoko Hikasa
    Satomi Satomi
    Sayuri Yahagi
    Radio Super Positive Nippon for short, all of the anime "Seitokai Yakuindomo *"!Supponpon! !!
    TimesDelivery datetitlePersonality
    # SPN12014/
    Also in the name of All La ...Shintaro Asanuma(Taka and Toshi Tsuda)
    Tamura Mushin(As Sayaka Dejima)
    # SPN21/17I decided to study under a certain senior
    # SPN31/24● ●● If it is “that” tissueMinoru Shiraishi(Kenji Yanagimoto)
    Go to Shiina(Role of Todoroki Nene)
    # SPN41/31Man's ●● Gingiragin
    # SPN52/7Seniors are here.Sayuri Yahagi(Role of Hagimura Suzu)
    Kentaro Tone(Captain and others ...)
    # SPN62/14Sayuri's little bit !?
    # SPN72/21D ■ I did ShiritoriSatomi Arai(Ranko Hata)
    Yuu Kobayashi(Role of Naruko Yokoshima)
    # SPN82/28The sound of water The sound of rubber
    # SPN93/19OTONA is a mushroomSatomi Arai
    Minoru Shiraishi
    # SPN103/28Trinik feels good
    # SPN114/4A ●● Break ●●!Chiwa Saito(Uomi role)
    Minoru Shiraishi
    # SPN124/18We will open a clothing ceremony ...Shintaro Asanuma
    Yoko Hikasa(As Shino Amakusa)
    Sayuri Yahagi
    All the movie version of "Student Council Officers" radio movie promotion danger sign
    TimesDelivery datetitlePersonality
    Public recording night part 2949 (first part)Asami Shimoda(Role of Kotomi Tsuda)
    Tamura Mushin(As Sayaka Dejima)
    Satomi Arai(Ranko Hata)
    Minoru Shiraishi(Kenji Yanagimoto)
    Kentaro Tone(Role of cockroach)
    #26/9Public recording night part 2949 (second part)
    #36/16There is nothing you can't buy with money !!Yoko Hikasa(As Shino Amakusa)
    Sayuri Yahagi(Role of Hagimura Suzu)
    Shintaro Asanuma(Taka and Toshi Tsuda)
    #46/23Everyone likes erotic after all
    #56/30I haven't told my family about all the appearancesSatomi Arai
    Kentaro Tone
    #67/7All La is a good show full of family love
    #77/14All La is supporting everyone's dreamsYoko Hikasa
    Asami Shimoda
    #87/21PG12 is amazing !!!!
    #97/28There was a time when I was XX with blue 〇 ...Satomi Satomi(Role of Shichijo Aria)
    Sayuri Yahagi
    #108/4What do you think about XX services?
    #118/11My summer vacation 2017Shintaro Asanuma
    Sayuri Yahagi
    Tamura Mushin
    #128/18Someday, it's fragile!See you at!


    • Radio that understands all the officers of the Anime Student Association, abbreviated as All La!All of that Ichi (released December 2010, 12)
    • Radio that understands all the officers of the Anime Student Association, abbreviated as All La!All of that 2011 (released January 1, 26)
    • Radio MaxPower, which understands all the officers of the Anime Student Association, is abbreviated as All La!Mappa !! DJCD Vol.1 (released April 2012, 4)
    • Radio MaxPower, which understands all the officers of the Anime Student Association, is abbreviated as All La!Mappa !! DJCD Vol.2 (released April 2012, 5)
    • Radio MaxPower, which understands all the officers of the Anime Student Association, is abbreviated as All La!Mappa !! DJCD Vol.3 (released April 2012, 10)
    • Radio Super Positive Nippon, abbreviated as All La!Supponpon !! DJCD Vol.1 (released May 2014, 5)
    • Radio Super Positive Nippon, abbreviated as All La!Supponpon !! DJCD Vol.2 (released May 2014, 6)


    [How to use footnotes]

    注 釈

    1. ^ The grades of Amakusa Shino, Shichijo Aria, Hata Ranko and Hagimura Suzu, who are one year juniors, were lowered by one year, and Takatoshi Tsuda and Suzu Hagimura became students of the same grade. At the time of "Magazine SPECIAL" publication, Taka and Toshi used honorifics for tin, but due to this setting change, the tone of the book has been changed to tame.This is also why tin, who should be the same freshman as Taka and Toshi, has already joined the student organization.
    2. ^ The initial release date is July 2020, 7. 10 Postponed release due to the influence of the new coronavirus.
    3. ^ However, shortly after entering high school, he began to realize that he was lacking in exercise, so he switched from going to school by train to going to school on foot.
    4. ^ However, sometimes I was wearing my uniform, and it all started when I found it in Shino on the first day of enrollment.
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    10. ^ However, the main reason for support is "Anyone is fine if it is not me. "
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    15. ^ The reason is "it seems to be cannibalistic."
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    17. ^ By the way, Aria also went to the beauty treatment salon at this time, but Taka and Toshi didn't notice it either.
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    24. ^ I also take a sneak shot of Taka and Toshi and Shino who are leaving school with a souvenir umbrella, and I also ask Taka and Toshi and Shino who happened to be staying at the same inn during the training camp of the newspaper club to make coffee milk as a mouthpiece (and after all,). The photo taken secretly on the day was later shown to the disciplinary committee and disassembled).
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    38. ^ On the other hand, Taka and Toshi was centered on B and A and had no C at all.
    39. ^ Taka and Toshi, who was helped by this, became untouched by the student organization's work due to tiredness, and the next morning he was hit by a big eyeball from tin.
    40. ^ He often wears judo clothes and uniform jackets inside out, or sits on curry bread and stains his underwear.
    41. ^ There was a rumor that the story had a tail fin, and it was a trick to throw a bear away.
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