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📺 | Go Ayano Casting difficult away from sponsors ... Trouble continues in the leading drama due to repeated exposure


Go Ayano Casting difficult away from sponsors ... Trouble continues in the leading drama due to repeated exposure

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Ayano seems to have made a mistake, and when the cut was taken, Kyoko Yoshine, who co-starred, said, "I'm sorry!

Drama shooting that was done in the office district on a holiday.Men run with all their might between dozens of extras.Go Ayano (... → Continue reading

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Kyoko Yoshine

Kyoko Yoshine(Kyoko Yoshine,19972/28 -) isJapan Ofactress.

TokyoBackground[2].Japan Music EntertainmentBelongs.


In the second year of junior high schoolGuillain-Barre syndromeOnset. It was difficult to go to school for about a year, but I overcame it after that[3][4].

When I was in the first year of Tokyo Metropolitan High School, I was scouted at a live venue invited by a friend and entered the entertainment world.[5][6][Note 1]..After that, transferred to a correspondence high school[1]To do.

2013ToFuji Television Network, IncDrama seriesLast ♡ Cinderella] Debuted as an actress[7]..Starred in this dramaRyoko Shinohara(Senior in the office) is mentioned as a longing person[8].

In 2014, he was selected at an audition held in Fukushima and Tokyo, and the movie "Piano in the storeroom』First appearance in the movie and starring for the first time.same year,NHK Morning TV series"Hanako and Anne』Morning debut in the morning.Hanako's best friend Renko (Yukie Nakama) Played the role of daughter.

2015 years,Katsuyuki MotohiroYouth movie "Director"Curtain goes up』Appeared.In the same year, he was selected from more than 1,000 participants at the cast audition.TBSDrama seriesOmotesando High School Chorus Club!Was the first drama starring in the role of Makoto Kagawa.

NHK serial TV novel "beautiful girl』Appeared as a heroine[9][10].

2018 years9 dramas a month"Kaizukihime』, First starring after the end of the morning drama[11].

In the movie released in 2018Taiho TsuchiyaAnd double starring "Cumulative -Kasane-"When,"Scattered camellia』The performance in is evaluated,42th Japan Academy AwardWon the New Actor Award[12].



  • The origin of Kyoko is "because I was born in Tokyo". "When I was born, my dad was at workOverseasI often go back and forth and leave Tokyo, and my mother was from Hokkaido, so I had a great admiration for Tokyo.It seems that they wanted to claim that they were born in Tokyo because of their respective feelings. "In an interview with a magazine, he revealed.[13].




  • From around 2 years oldTomatoI like it, and I've flattened one kilogram by myself[19]..It is no exaggeration to say that 8% of (your) body is made of tomatoes from her mother.[19].. In high schoolBox lunchI brought a couple of tomatoes, one of which contained only eight petit tomatoes and the other one that contained regular tomatoes.[19]..My favorite variety is "Lovely Sakura"HokkaidoI get it from my acquaintance every year[20].
  • Eat three times a weekRamenLike[21].
  • I enjoy evening drinks with my family almost every day, and I like it the mostliqueur TheSake[22].
  • I like making and eating sweets, and when I enter the shooting site, I never leave catering.[Source required].



Social Media

  • The official blog "Kyoko Yoshine's Kyoko Nogoro" isBLOG of the year 2016 ・ Won the Excellence Award in the official category, etc.[30]It was highly evaluated, but on May 2021, 5, it was revealed that it would be closed to the public with a break.[31]..He is currently doing Instagram.


  • In the actress industry, he is an influential person who wins auditions one after another, and takes the nickname of "audition vandalism".[4]It is reported that he strongly denies the theory. Before shooting the morning drama heroine in "Beppin-san", there were many auditions that were not accepted, and even after shooting the morning drama heroine, there were auditions that were rejected.[32]I'm talking about that.In addition, the day after the "Audition Trolls" report, "And my sister』Audition is falling in the primary[33].
  • In the self-promotion column, he wrote, "I hate auditions, so I want to be able to work without auditions."[34].


  • starringIs the role nameTaiziIndicate.


TV drama


Delivery drama


  • The Nonfiction(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
    • "A large family of single mothers-what my dad left behind-" (June 2020, 6)[78]
    • "Under the Evil Boy and One Roof-A Story of 10 Years Believing in the Power of Dreams-" (December 2020, 12)[79]
    • "Farewell to the city at night-they want to change their lives ..." (August 2021, 8)[80]
    • "Smartphones and Homeless People-Young People Gathering for Free Wi-Fi-" (December 2021, 12)[81]
    • "Family Reached-War Fire and Tears Beyond the Sea-" (May 2022, 5)[82]

TV programs and others

Theater animation






Cover model

News (Chinese)

  • "Kyoko Yoshine's" Yoshine "is written and read as" Yoshine "." (Yomiuri ShimbunEvening column, January 2016, 1-22 times in total)[2]

Photo album




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