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📺 | <Mizudora 25 "Oshaya Sommelier Oshako!"> (TV Tokyo series) Why don't you watch such an interesting drama ...


<Mizudora 25 "Oshaya Sommelier Oshako!"> (TV Tokyo series) Why don't you watch such an interesting drama ...

At first glance, it's a playful title, so it's easy to get through, but that's too wasteful.Such an interesting drama ... → Continue reading

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Water dora 25

"Water dora 25(Sui Dora Twenty Five, Sui Dora Nijugo) will be held every Thursday from July 2020, 7 at 16:1-28:1 (Wednesday midnight).Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Is being broadcast onSerial dramaIt is a frame.

From April 2021, the broadcast time will be advanced by 4 minutes, and it will be Thursday 18:1 --10:1.



#Broadcast periodworksstarringRemarks
1May 7 - May 9Oshaya Sommelier Oshako!Hoka Yahagi1st work
2May 9 - May 11Dark play (raw) Omnibus drama
3May 12 -December 12The day when Tokyo design is bornMotora Serina


#Broadcast periodworksstarringRemarks
4May 1 --March 3TV Theater Success Zhuang 3Masanari WadaOtherThe previous work and the previous workWood Dora 25Broadcast on
5May 4 - plansRomantic comedy rules-Kojirase girls and younger boys-Chiaki Kuriyama


Regular net station
Broadcast target areaBroadcasterseriesBroadcast date and time (JST)Net situationRemarks
Kanto wide areaTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.TV Tokyo seriesThursday 0:40-1:10 (Wednesday midnight)Production Bureau
OsakaTV OsakaSimultaneous netSimultaneous net from "TV Theater Success Zhuang 3"
AichiTV AichiSimultaneous net from "Rule of love rice-Kojirase girls and younger boys-"
HokkaidoTV Hokkaido
FukuokaTVQ Kyushu Broadcasting
Other broadcasting results

Online delivery

  • Until "TV Theater Success Zhuang 3"TELASA,J:COM On Demand Mega PackSo, "Rabukome no Roku-Kojirase Girls and Younger Boys-"Paraviで地上波放送終了後より見逃し配信(Flat rate unlimited viewing) Is being performed.
  • Net is TV Tokyo (official site,TVer,GYAO!), You can watch the latest episode for free after the terrestrial broadcast ends.


注 釈

  1. ^ BS Tv Tokyo 4K up-converts to 4K and broadcasts.


Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Thursday1:28-1:58 (Midnight Wednesday) Frame
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Water dora 25
Ö 2020.7.16 - 2021.3.25 Õ
Job search! That's a good job
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Thursday 1:10-1:40 (Wednesday midnight) frame
Drama Paraviframe
  • * Advance by 18 minutes and continue
Water dora 25
(2021.4.8 -)


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