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🎥 | Notice of "LA Cold Case" starring Johnny Depp following the unsolved 90's rapper assassination case


Notice of "LA Cold Case" starring Johnny Depp following the unsolved 90's rapper assassination case

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The director is Brad Furman, such as "The Lincoln Lawyer" and "Runner Runner".

The crime suspense movie "..." co-starring Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker, which will be released in theaters from August 8th. → Continue reading

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Lincoln lawyer

Mickey Haller > Lincoln lawyer

"Lincoln lawyer(Lincoln Bengoshi, original title:The Lincoln Lawyer) IsMichael Connelly 2005Announced toThe United States of AmericaCrime fiction.lawyer"Mickey HallerThis is the first work in the series.

in Japan2009In 6 monthKodanshaからYoshimichi FurusawaPublished as a paperback book with the translation of[1].

2011Has been made into a movie with the same title (released in Japan in 2012).


Bail bondsman Barren Serra calls lawyer Haller and says it's a chance to get a rich client.The client is a young man, Luray Luray, who runs a real estate business, and the allegations are assault and attempted rape of a woman.Haller meets Luray in custody, takes on her defense, and Luray is released on bail for $ 100 million.Luray is said to have been invited by victim Regina Campo at a bar on the day of the incident and given the address of his home. When I went to her house at the appointed time after making a detour, she was beaten from behind by her immediately after being invited to the room and fainted, and when she woke up, she was arrested by two men. He had an injury on his face and testified to a rushing police officer that Luray was an assailant.A folding knife was found on the scene, evidenced by Luray's fingerprints.Her injuries were concentrated on the right side of her face, and she seemed to be beaten by a left-handed person.

Haller devises a strategy with investigator Raul Leaven and instructs Leaven to look for evidence that the prosecution is holding.Leaven obtained footage from the bar's surveillance cameras, which reflected the interaction between Luray and the victim, supporting Luray's testimony.Regina Campo was also speaking to other guests, and she was a professional whore.In fact, Luray was first asked for money.She said she didn't know about the knives she found at the scene of the assault, but it was actually made-to-order and could prove to be Luray's.When asked about Luray, he said that in his real estate business, he was sometimes assaulted by customers during a local tour, and in fact his mother had been raped before, so he carried a knife with him. ..

Meanwhile, the prosecutor's office received a secret notice that Luray had told him that the man, Duane Corris, who was with him when Luray was transferred, had assaulted a woman.

Haller occasionally exchanges information with his ex-wife and prosecutor Maggie, but Maggie complains that Haller is reluctant to raise his daughter Haley, and Haller regrets.

Haller is looking at the victim's photo again, and suddenly remembers the case of Jesus Menendez, who was in charge of it before, and retrieves the material.It was an incident in which this man rarely stabbed a woman and killed her.The victim's woman was also beaten on half of her face, and her face looked exactly like Regina Campos.Haller persuaded Menendez in this case to bring him into a judicial transaction and sent him to jail, but he was convinced of the connection to the case and Menendez was innocent but could not be saved. Enlighten.He visits Menendez in prison and talks to him again, learning that he was witnessing Luray at the time.In other words, the true culprit in the Menendez case was Luray, who found a woman with a similar face and beat him to death.But even so, the relationship between the lawyer and the client cannot make it public or lead Luray to guilty.Luray realizes that Haller knows the truth and threatens Haller, implying that something could harm his family.

As we proceed with the investigation, we find that there are many women who have been assaulted in Luray's past, but Leven, who was investigating, is killed by someone.Haller suspects Luray's work, but he was given a GPS anklet as a condition of bail, and he wasn't out of his home that day.Haller is shocked that he has never dealt with real evil.When Haller finds out that the type of gun that shot Leaven is the same as his father's keepsake, Haller confirms his home and the gun that was stored is gone.It was suspected that Luray, who had come to his house the other day, had stolen it.

Shortly before Luray's trial begins, Luray tells Haller that he has killed a number of humans and that Leaven has received a deserved reward.

In parallel with the trial, Haller is accused of killing Leaven.His father's keepsake gun is a mafia boss whose father is a well-known lawyer.Mickey cohenI received it from him when I defended him, but in the incident that Cohen had, a linear mark was registered with the police, and it will be compared with the ammunition from Leaven's corpse. The detective tells me that.

At the trial, Haller broke the argument by conducting a series of sharp cross-examinations of the prosecution's witnesses.As a defense witness, he summoned Luray's mother Mary Windsor, saying that her son was carrying a folding knife because she had been raped while she was guiding real estate. Windsor testifies.The prosecutor's office, which saw the situation as unfavorable, summons the secretary Corris as an unplanned approval.Corris testifies that he had been told by the defendant he was with during the transfer that he had killed the woman and that he had been killed and escaped before.The fact was only the former, but the latter was made by Haller who knew the prosecution's movement and turned his hand from the back to add it, and Haller's client Gloria who happened to be admitted to the hospital where Corris was hidden.・ It was prepared through Dayton.Haller then shatters the prosecution's intentions, showing serious doubts about the credibility of Corris' testimony, and wins an acquittal.This concludes the trial and acquits Luray.

However, shortly after they left the court, a detective came and arrested Luray.This time he was accused of the Menendez case.The detective, who had just listened to Corris' testimony, immediately re-investigated and the criminal had stolen a copy of Luray's parking violation ticket from Leaven's office, which was cut near the scene on the day of the Menendez incident. I found out that.

It seemed that Luray was captured and the case was resolved, but at night the police called him and he was informed that he had been released due to insufficient evidence.Haller hurriedly contacts Maggie to hide with her daughter and calls Barren Serra to ask her to monitor Luray's GPS.Luray's GPS is heading for Maggie's house, so when he tries to rush in a hurry, Luray's mother Windsor appears in front of Haller, and Haller is shot in her belly.Haller shoots her to death before her Windsor shoots her second shot, and her close call saves her.Luray is also arrested by a police officer who was enthusiastic.Her pistol that Windsor had was stolen from Haller's house, and it was Windsor's job to kill Leaven.

After the case is resolved, Haller undergoes three surgeries and is treated with painkillers.Menendez was released innocently, but he was already infected with HIV, and Haller couldn't regret it.


  • Mickey Haller: Lawyer.
  • Luis Luray: Haller's client, real estate owner
  • Maggie (Margaret McPherson): Haller's ex-wife, prosecutor
  • Haley: Daughter of Mickey and Maggie
  • Ted Minton: Prosecutor of Luray's case
  • Raul Leaven: Haller Investigator
  • Fernando Valenzuela: Bail Bondsman
  • Lorna Taylor: Haller's secretary and ex-wife
  • Mary Windsor: Luray's Mother
  • Cecil Dubs: Luray and his mother's legal counsel
  • Regina Campo: Victim of the Luray Incident
  • Jesus Menendez: Prisoner, former client of Haller
  • Rankford: Glendale City Police Detective
  • Soble: Glendale City Police Detective




Regarding the character of a lawyer who makes an office in a car, author Connally talks with a lawyer who is a spectator seat for watching the Major League Dodgers, and he says that he has an office in a car that goes to and from many courts in Los Angeles. He said he was inspired by it.[2].



This work plays the role of HallerMatthew McConaughey, Maggie McPhersonMarisa TomeiWas played and was made into a movie in 2011 as a movie of the same name.John Romano's scriptBrad FurmanDirected by Stone Village Pictures[3][4]..It was released in 2012 in Japan.

TV drama

2019 year 6 month,David E. KelleyAnnounced that it has developed and wrote a television show based on the Haller series with the commitment of CBS.[5]..After that, Netflix took over this project, and in January 2021 with Kelly, "Lincoln lawyer''(The Lincoln Lawyer)Decided to make the 10-episode series based on the next work of the Mickey Haller series "The Brass Verdict Lincoln Lawyer"[6], Shooting started in March 2021[7].. Delivered from May 2022, 5[8].


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