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🤖 | Hikaru Midorikawa & Joji Nakata announce a new cast for "ONE PIECE FILM RED" "Red Hair Pirates"!Video release

Photo "ONE PIECE FILM RED" Book Poster Visual (C) Eiichiro Oda / 2022 "One Piece" Production Committee

"ONE PIECE FILM RED" "Red Hair Pirates" announces new cast by Hikaru Midorikawa & Joji Nakata!Video release

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In addition to Shanks, Ben Beckman, Lucky Ru, and Yasop, executives such as Lime Juice, Bonk Punch, Monster, Building Snake, Hongou, Howling Gab, etc. And you can check the Rockstar settings.

From the latest movie version of the anime "ONE PIECE" "ONE PIECE FILM RED", it also appears in the trailer ... → Continue reading

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