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Card Captor Sakura

"Card Captor Sakura』(CARDCAPTOR SAKURA[Note 2]) IsCLAMPbyJapan OfComic.. Also abbreviated as CC Sakura and CCS.KodanshaShojo manga magazine "Nakayoshi』にて1996年6月号から2000年8月号まで連載された。単行本は全12巻あり、全50話で構成され、第6巻収録の26話までが「クロウカード編」、第7巻収録の27話以降が「さくらカード編」となる。2022年4月時点で関連書籍の累計発行部数は1900万部を突破し[2], Sales of related goods have recorded about 300 billion yen[2].

2001th in 32Nebula AwardReceived (Comic category).AnimeMaking games, making games, etc.Media mixIt was also deployed.

In the April issue of Nakayoshi released on March 2016, 3, the first new work after the serialization was announced as part of the 3th anniversary commemorative project. "Clear Card Edition" started from the July 4 issue of the magazine (released on June 20)[3].


Clow Card Edition

Sakura Kinomoto(Hereafter, "Sakura") is a fourth grader who attends Tomoeda Elementary School. father·FujitakaAnd brotherMomoyaLiving with three people, my brother's best friendYukitoI long for. One day, I discover a mysterious book in Fujitaka's library. Then, from that book, the sealed beastCerberus(Kero-chan) appeared. The book is a magicianClow ReedMade by the magic card "Clow cardWas included. All the cards are scattered in the town where Sakura lives, and when the seal is broken, Sakura is asked by Cerberus to collect the Clow Card that "disaster" will come to the world.Cardcaptor", Cerberus and best friendsTomoyo Daidouji, Crow's blood relative boyBruce LeeTogether with (Li Xiaolan), he struggles to collect cards while solving the case caused by Clow Card.

And when all the Clow Cards were collected, another guardian and umpire against Cerberus, "Month"(Yue) appears. It was the true figure of a snow rabbit. Since Sakura is the main card, "Last refereeTo challenge. The Last Judgment was to confront the Moon with a sealed Clow Card. If Sakura loses to the moon, "The calamity of this worldIs said to occur. The calamity of the world was that the memory of the most important person disappeared from all the people involved in Clow Card and Clow Card. Sakura, who does not want to hurt the moon, cannot easily fight back against the merciless moon. However, Kaho Mizuki hands Sakura the moon bell. In fact, the moon bell was made by Clow Reed to help the new Lord Sakura. Sakura, who used the power of a bell to turn a cane of a seal into a cane of a star, overcame the power of the moon without damaging it and was recognized as the new Lord of Clow Cards.

Sakura Card Edition

One day, after Sakura became the official master of Clow Card, a transfer studentHiiragi EriolAppears. Around that time, strange incidents began to occur. Sakura tries to use the Clow Card with the Star Wand, but the card doesn't work. So pour your magical power into the Clow CardSakura cardBy changing to, you will be able to handle spells and solve the case.

In the process of changing to a Sakura card, Sakura consumes magical power, and the moon cannot supply magical power from Sakura, and is in danger of disappearing. Momoya chooses to transfer her magical power to the moon in order to protect the snow rabbit, which is also the temporary figure of the moon. At that time, Sakura confesses her feelings of "like" to the snow rabbit, but is told that "there is another person who likes Sakura the most." After that, Eriol casts a curse on everyone to fall asleep forever, but Sakura can join forces with Syaoran to change the last Clow Cards "Light" and "Darkness" into Sakura Cards and break the curse. It was.

Eriol, the mastermind of the case, is the reincarnation of Clow Reed and his servant.Spinel Sun(Suppy)Nakuru Akizuki (Akizuki Nakuru) / Ruby MoonI was dying with.The power of darknessSakura owns the Clow Card made withThe power of the starsIt cannot be maintained, and eventually it becomes a card that has lost its magical power. The purpose was to change Sakura into a new card "Sakura Card" that has the power of stars through the incident, and to make Sakura the true "owner".

In addition, Eriol had the purpose of sharing the magical power that Eriol inherited from Crow to Fujitaka, another reborn who shared his soul when he died as Clow Reed. It had to be done by a person with stronger magical power than himself, and the process and incidents of creating Sakura Cards were also necessary to nurture the power of Sakura's stars and fulfill two purposes.

After all the cases have been resolved, Eriol, who has told him the purpose and truth, will return to England, and Syaoran confesses his secret feelings to Sakura before returning to his hometown of Hong Kong. Sakura handed her teddy bear to Syaoran just before returning to Japan and told her that she was "the most favorite person."

Clear card edition

Sakura, who entered Tomoeda Junior High School, reunited with Tomoyo and Syaoran who returned to Tomoeda-cho on the way to school for the first time. Know that Syaoran will transfer to the same junior high school. On the night when he joined his classmates in elementary school and slept in anticipation of junior high school life, the transparent cards shattered into pieces and confronted a mysterious person wearing a hood. I have a strange dream in quick succession. When Sakura woke up, she was holding the key to the new seal that came out in her dream, and the Sakura card turned into a transparent card and lost its effect. Then, the content of the dream changes, and the parts of the clock come out and try to steal the key of Sakura's new seal.

While Sakura consults with Clow Card officials, only Syaoran contacts Eriol in England and decides something.

Encounter a magical and mysterious phenomenon again, but Sakura uses a new wand "Dream Wand" to change the phenomenon.Clear cardIn the form of "Sticking (secure)Succeed in doing. It's as if someone had set it up.

After that, as a transfer studentShinomoto AkihoTransferred to Tomoeda Junior High School and became friends with Sakura and others.Akiho is a butler to SakuraYuna D. KaitoHowever, when Syaoran heard about Kaito's existence, Eriol doubts his identity.

While advancing the sticking of the clear card, the clear card was unknowingly created by Sakura's own powerful magical power, the small wolf separated the Sakura card from Sakura to suppress the increase in magical power, Kaito is a British magician Although he was the strongest magician belonging to the association, it turns out that he was defeated by the association a year ago by taking away the "forbidden magic tool".The true identity of the "forbidden magic tool" is Akiho, and Akiho's stuffed rabbitPeachWas not actually a stuffed animal, but a sealed beast that was the guardian of Aio's "Alice in Borderland" or "Book of Time".

In order to achieve a certain purpose, Kaito was eager to create the clear card necessary to achieve the purpose.


Sakura Kinomoto
sound - Tange Sakura
hero. Fourth grader attending private Tomoe Elementary School. In the anime version, 4th grade elementary school students after 36 episodes. The second movie version is a sixth grader. In the clear card edition, it is the first grade of junior high school.
Voice- Aya Hisagawa(Tentative figure) / Masaya Onozaka(True figure)
One of the two guardians of Clow Card, the "sealed beast" and "selector." Known as Kero-chan.
Tomoyo Daidouji (Tomoyo Daidouji)
Voice- Iwao Junko
Sakura's classmate's best friend. ActuallyAlso cousins.. I'm making Sakura's battle costume.
Syaoran Li
Voice- Kumai Motoko
Sakura's classmate. Transfer student from Hong Kong. Originally from the Lee family, a distant relative of Clow Reed, he is the next head of the Lee family. Has strong magical power.
Meiling Li
Voice- Yukana(Old name: Yukana Nogami)
Appears only in anime. Sakura's classmate. Transfer student from Hong Kong. Originally from the Lee family, a distant relative of Clow Reed, he has no magical power.Chinese KempoMaster. SyaoranCousin.

In-work terms

Meaning of "the person who captures the card". In the work, it turns and refers to a person who can draw out the magical power of the card and use it.
Unsealing (release)
A spell that Sakura casts when using the Seal Wand, Star Wand, and Dream Wand. "The key to hide the power of darkness (or stars / dreams) Show your true form in front of me Under the contract, Sakura orders you to release the seal (release)By chanting after the spell, the key changes to the original wand.
Derived from the English release. release means "free (from confinement, detention, duty, etc.)".
Sealed staff (Fuin no Tsue)
An item that seals and unlocks Clow Cards. It is usually in the shape of a book key that stores Clow Cards, and Sakura carries it through a string. With the key as a cane,Return to what you should be, Clow Card!The Clow Card, which is materialized by hitting the air with the red part at the tip of the cane, is sealed. When drawing out the magical power of a card, hit the card thrown into the air with the red part while calling the name of the card.
Star Cane (Hoshino Tsue)
A new sealed cane that possessed Sakura's own attribute "the power of the stars" at the time of the Last Judgment. It is usually in the shape of a key, but the design of the handle is different. When drawing out the magical power of the card, the feathers of the decoration spread widely and the star in the center rotates. When recreating the "light" and "darkness" cards, the design changed due to the inclusion of Cerberus Yue, making it longer than Sakura's height. The process of recreating a card is the same as drawing out the magical power of the card mentioned above, but the spell to cast is "Crow's card, abandoned the old figure and reborn in the name of the new Lord Sakura". I didn't have a chance because all the Clow Cards were sealed, but the power of the seal remains, and in the second movie version, that power is used for the last Clow Card.
Dream wand (dream stick)
A new cane that Sakura got after having a mysterious dream in the clear card edition. By releasing the seal (release), the shape of the key is restored to its original shape, and "There is no Lord, under the wand of dreams, become my strength, stick (secure)You can generate a clear card with the spell.
"Secure" is derived from the English word secure, and has the meanings of "secure", "fix", "protect", etc. as transitive verbs.
Sealed Beast (Kerberos)
Refers to Cerberus, the guardian and elector of the card. It is drawn on the cover of the book that holds the Clow Card. After the card is unsealed, there is no illustration on the cover because it has materialized as "Kero-chan".
Clow card
A card created by the magician Clow Reed using the magical power of his own "power of darkness". The back of the card shows the magic circle used by Crow. The ground color is red with a yellow edge.
Clow card book
Sakura found it in Fujitaka's library. According to Cerberus, it has been in Kansai for a long time. The moon and sun are depicted on the cover of the book. When all the Clow Cards became Sakura Cards (in the anime, the first episode of the third season (3 episodes in total)), the design of the book with the red binding changed to pink, and the title changed from "THE CLOW" to "SAKURA". It's changing.
Sakura card
A new master, Sakura, recreated the Clow Card, which is losing its magical power, with its own magical power. The attribute has changed from "darkness" to "star", a star has been added to a part of the card design, and the ground color has become a light pink to dark pink edge. The magic circle on the back has also changed to something unique to Sakura. The name is Tomoyo.
In the clear card edition, everything becomes transparent and cannot be used.
Clear card
A card newly collected by Sakura in the clear card edition.It is generated by fixing the phenomenon that occurs in the work.It is different from the transparent Sakura Card.It is transparent as a whole, but when viewed from one side, the other pattern cannot be seen through.The card itself has no magical power, and you can use that power by using the dream wand.It is a card that Sakura unknowingly created with her own too strong magical power.
Moon bell (Tsukino tin)
Clow Reed left at Tsukimine ShrineCrescent MoonShaped bell. The letters "Moon" are drawn on the surface,Five lines thoughtThe feature is that the five-colored string based on is lowered. It has the "power of the moon". Kaho brought it out when the "Maze" card caused an incident at Tsukimine Shrine and at the time of the Last Judgment, helping Sakura.
The Last Judgment (Saigo no Shinpan)
The final test to be recognized as the legitimate Lord of the card. The referee is Yue, the guardian of another card. The content is to confront and win against Yue using all the sealed Clow Cards.
If the Cerberus chooser loses to Yue and fails to complete the test, the Clow Card will be unsealed again and everyone involved with the Clow Card and the chooser will lose the feeling of "like". This is the "disaster" that occurs when the card is unsealed. No one can do anything during the referee, and if someone helps, the winner loses at that point (Syaoran tries to help Sakura, but is stopped by Cerberus).
In the anime version, anyone other than the selected person can try the card, but in the end, the person who completes the test will own all the cards.
The stage of this work.Often in animeTokyo TowerAppears in the background, so the exact address is TokyoMinato-kuIt seems to be Tomoeda-cho.Although it is a quiet luxury residential area, it has become a town with a series of strange incidents since the Clow Card was sown.
Tomoeda Elementary School
Sakura and friends go there,privateElementary school. There are uniforms and cafeterias, and teachers differ depending on the subject, making it an educational system similar to junior high school and high school.
Seijo High School
A private high school where Momoya and Yukito attend. Adjacent to Tomoeda Elementary School, the grounds are separated by a wire mesh fence.
Tomoeda Chuo Park (Tomoeda Chuoukouen)
A park in Tomoeda Town. In itPenguin Ofslide, Commonly known as "Penguins the GreatIs a specialty. It is also called Penguin Park. Appears frequently in the works due to the case of Clow Card.
Tsukimine Shrine
A shrine in Tomoeda Town.It is also Kaho's parents' home.The magical power of the moon is full.
Cherry tree
Shinboku of Tsukimine Shrine. In the anime version, there was a "return" card, and this tree itself had magical power. The place where Momoya and Kaho met and broke up.
Alice in Borderland
Aio's favorite reading that appears in the Clear Card edition. It is said to be a fantastic story about a girl named "Alice" who has an adventure in "Clock Country".The cover is also designed to imitate a clock.
Its true identity is "Book of time", And Momo is the guardian.


  • Anime magazine"Animedia』(Gakken Publishing), In the July issue (first issue commemorative issue), the popularity ranking of successive works based on the reader questionnaire is announced, but this work won the 7th place in 2013.At that time, in response to the question from Animedia, "Is there a remake?", Producer Eizo Kondo said, "I want to make a new work if it can be realized."[4].
  • 20113/11Occurred inTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake), The author CLAMP worked on an illustration that adopted Sakura Kinomoto, the main character of this work, to support the disaster area.AricaBy Ichiro Mihara, Vice President ofNico Nico DougaPosted to. In the video, a part of the opening theme "Platinum" of the 3rd term is used, and at the end, the line of "It's absolutely okay!"[5].

Bibliographic information

The author is CLAMP and the publisher is Kodansha.




  • CLAMP illustration
    • "Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection" published on July 1998, 7,ISBN 4-06-324525-X
    • "Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection 2" published on April 2000, 4,ISBN 4-06-324531-4
    • "Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection 3" published on April 2000, 12,ISBN 4-06-324534-9
    • "Cardcaptor Sakura Memorial Book" published on February 2001, 2,ISBN 4-06-324535-7
    • "Cardcaptor Sakura 20th Anniversary Illustration Collection" 2016,ISBN 4-06-364983-0
  • Anime version illustration
    • "TV Animation Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection Cheerio! Published April 1999, 4,ISBN 4-06-324526-8
    • "Animation Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection Cheerio! 2 ”Published April 2000, 4,ISBN 4-06-324529-2
    • "Animation Cardcaptor Sakura Illustration Collection Cheerio! 3 ”Published April 2000, 8,ISBN 4-06-324530-6

Guidebook etc.

Television Animation

From April 1998 to March 4, the Clow Card and Sakura Card editions were animated, and from January 2000, the TV anime version of the Clear Card edition has been broadcast. All worksMad houseIn productionJapan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK)Broadcast on.

Most of the script is the original authorCLAMPOkawa Nanase is in charge of all the stories in Sakura Card and Clear Card.

According to NHK, it was a work with a record high cost investment for an in-house produced animation.[70].

Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Edition / Sakura Card Edition

NHK BS 2 TV (BS2)"Satellite animation theater』In1998Broadcasting started from the beginning,1999From the degree of terrestrial broadcastingNHK educational TVIt was also broadcast on. Carrying the front frame, "Nakayoshi"It is also a work"Azuki-chanAs a successor to the program, a total of three parts, two parts for Clow Card and two parts for Sakura Card, were broadcast, with a total of 2 episodes with a break period at the end of each part.2006Is100 Media Arts in JapanWas elected in the animation category. Related products such as toys and stationery were re-released when they were rebroadcast on NHK Educational Television from 2004 to 2006.

There are many stories about the original anime, and although there are some differences in settings and stories from the original, the basic story flow is almost faithful to the original.

Main differences from the original

  • The original was linked to the month of publication from the beginning of the serialization to the end of the serialization, but the grade was still the 4th grade at the beginning of the serialization (only the epilogue of the final episode, Sakura and Syaoran of junior high school students appeared) .. On the other hand, in the anime version, the time progresses at the same time as the story progresses, and from the second term it becomes the fifth grade of elementary school, and in the second movie version it is set as the sixth grade of elementary school. At first, his brothers Momoya and Yukito were set as second-year high school students, but in the second movie version, they are set as first-year college students.
  • The reason why the Clow Card was unsealed is different. In the original, it was due to Cerberus's inadequacy, but in the anime version, when Sakura opened the book containing the Clow Card, the card was scattered because he read the name of the card at the top, "Windy". Because it has been done.
  • In the original, there are 19 Clow Cards in total, but in the anime version, there are 2, including the cards that appear in the second movie version described later.
  • As a person related to Syaoran who does not appear in the original,Meiling LiAnd the butlerWai WanAppeared. In the original, Syaoran lives alone, but in this work he lives with great hopes.
  • Terada and Rika are somewhat conservative in the anime version, with Rika having a "longing" for Terada.
  • The process by which Kaho was assigned to Tomoeda Elementary School is different. In the original, I was assigned on behalf of Mika Tsutsumi, who was in charge of mathematics on mathematics leave, but in the anime version, after being assigned on behalf of the teacher in charge of mathematics in the first term, the second term (Sakura and others are in the first semester of fifth grade) Is in charge of.
  • In the original, it was good to get the "Fire" card to return Cerberus to its true form, but in the anime version, "Fire" alone is not enough (power has returned a little), and the true figure I had to get a "earth" card to get it back. Therefore, in the original, Cerberus returned to its true form and became the final battle with the "earth", but in the anime version, it remained in a temporary form until all the Clow Cards were available.
  • In the original, all the sealed Clow Cards are Sakura's, but in the anime version, the setting is added that the sealed Clow Card recognizes the person who was most active in the battle with that card as the owner and flies away. However, some of the cards that appear only in the anime version are owned by Syaoran. The card owned by Syaoran was confiscated when Syaoran was defeated by Yue in the Last Judgment, and became the property of Sakura, who was recognized as the Lord after the Last Judgment.
  • In the original, it was said that "the calamity of this world" would erase the memory of the person who likes it most from everyone involved in Clow Card, but in the anime version, the feeling of love for the person who likes it most disappears. It is supposed to be.
  • In the original, Sakura, whose "tree" was reflected by Yue, broke the restraint on her own, and the moon bell was used to change the cane of the seal into a cane of stars, but in the anime version, Sakura is of "tree". Escape with the power of the moon bell without breaking the restraint on its own (the role of the moon bell is also "to give Sakura another chance" and disappeared by fulfilling that role), and then the star on its own The sealing wand has been transformed into a star wand by expressing the power of.
  • In the original, there was a time lag between when Sakura expressed the power of the stars and before the unsealing spell "Power of Darkness ..." changed to "Power of the Stars ...", but in the anime version, the Sakura Card edition. By the time of the first incident, the spell "Power of Darkness ..." could no longer be unsealed.
  • The rebirth of Clow Reed is two people, Eriol and Fujitaka in the original, but Eriol is one in the anime version. Therefore, there is no division of his own magical power in the purpose of action of Eriol, and Eriol and Fujitaka are irrelevant.
  • In the original, Eriol and Kaho have a depiction that seems to be bothered by each other, but in the anime version it is not often touched.
  • Since the anime version ended earlier than the original, the content of the final episode is basically the same, but it is omitted from the original. Therefore, the time when Sakura replies to Syaoran's confession is different, and although Syaoran replies when he returns to Hong Kong in the original, in the anime version he finally replies at the end of the second movie version after Syaoran's return. Will be done.

ス タ ッ フ


Theme song
Phase 1 (Episode 1-Episode 35)
opening"Catch You Catch Me'
Songwriting - Kami Hirose / Arrangement- Akemi Honma, Kohmi Hirose / Song- Gummy
Lyrics / Composition / Song --Komi Hirose / Arrangement --Akimitsu Honma, Kohmi Hirose
Phase 2 (Episode 36-Episode 46)
opening"open the door please'
Lyrics-Kikuko / Composition-Komi Hirose / Arrangement- Seiji Kameda / song - ANZA
Also used as the ending of Episode 46 (the final episode of Clow Card).
Ending "Honey"
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement / Song --CHIHIRO
Phase 3 (Episode 47-Episode 70)
Lyrics- Yuho Iwasato / Composition / Arrangement- Yoko Kanno / song - Sakamoto Maaya
Also used as the ending of Episode 70 (the final episode of Sakura Card).
Lyrics- Takeshi Yokoyama / Composition-Koji Ueda / Arrangement- Hisaaki Hokari / Song-Megumi Kojima
Insert song
"Night Song" (Episode 5, 23, 59)
Lyrics- Nanase Okawa / Composition / Arrangement- Takayuki Negishi / Song-Tomoyo Daidouji (Iwao Junko)
The first appearance is the Kodansha CD comic version ED theme.
"Hitorijime(Episode 34, 40)
Songwriting - Hinata Megumi / Arrangement-Akimitsu Honma / Song-Gummy
"To a friend" (Episode 37)
Lyrics- Kyoko Matsumiya / Composition / Arrangement- Shiro Hamaguchi / Song-Junko Iwao, Tomoeda Elementary School Chorus Club
"Magic of happiness" (Episode 37)
Lyrics --Nanase Okawa / Composition / Arrangement --Takayuki Negishi / Song --Sakura Kinomoto (Tange Sakura)
The first appearance is Kodansha's CD comic version OP theme.
"Seeds of Kindness" (Episode 37, 49)
Lyrics --Kana Matsumoto / Composition / Arrangement --Shiro Hamaguchi / Song --Junko Iwao, Tomoeda Elementary School Chorus Club
"Prism" (Episode 38)
Lyrics --Mitsuko Shiramine / Composition / Arrangement-- Akifumi Tada / Song-Sakura Tange
"The guy you care about" (Episode 57)
Lyrics --Mitsuko Shiramine / Composition / Arrangement-- Masami Kishimura / song - Kumai Motoko
"Invisible map(Episode 68)
Lyrics- ANZA, Izumi Arisato / Composition --Satoshi Ariyama / Arrangement-- Yorihiro Ike / Song --ANZA
Image Song
"Blue memory"
Songwriting - Chihiro / Arrangement-Masami Kishimura / Song- Emi Shinohara
"Speaking of you"
Lyrics-Kyoko Matsumiya / Composition / Arrangement- Bunri Iwasaki / Song-Sakura Kinomoto (Sakura Tange), Tomoyo Daidouji (Junko Iwao)
"Song together"
Lyrics --Nanase Okawa / Composition / Arrangement --Takayuki Negishi / Song - Aya Hisagawa
"The scenery you were in"
Lyrics --Kizo Yudai / Composition / Arrangement --Takayuki Negishi / Song - Tomokazu Seki
"Kureyuku Hitose"
Lyrics --Kizo Yudai / Composition / Arrangement --Takayuki Negishi / Song --Tomoeda Elementary School Chorus Club
Lyrics --Mana Sawaki / Composition / Arrangement --Takayuki Negishi / Song --Sakura Tange, Junko Iwao,Yukana Nogami,Tomoko Kawakami,Emi Motoi,Miwa Matsumoto
"Look at me"
Lyrics / Composition --chihiro / Arrangement --Masami Kishimura / Song --Yukana Nogami
"riding a bicycle"
Lyrics-Takeshi Yokoyama / Composition / Arrangement-Ryo Yonemitsu / Song- Emi Ogata
"Super duper love love days"
Lyrics --Megumi Hinata / Composition / Arrangement --Akimitsu Honma / Song --Gummy
"Forever forever"
Lyrics --Nanase Okawa / Composition / Arrangement --chihiro / Song --Sakura Tange, Aya Hisakawa
"The way back from the westerly wind"
Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement --chihiro / Song --Sakura Tange
"Only one thing"
Lyrics --Naoki Nishi / Composition --Seishiro Kusunose / Arrangement --Shin Kono / Song --Sakura Tange
Lyrics / Composition --Megumi Hinata / Arrangement --Akimitsu Honma / Song --Gummy
"Carol of Joy"
Lyrics ――Yudai Kizo / Composition / Arrangement ――Takayuki Negishi / Song ――Junko Iwao, Tomoeda Elementary School Chorus Club
"My own movie star"
Lyrics / Composition --Kizo Yudai / Arrangement --Masami Kishimura / Song --Junko Iwao

List of stories

The numbers in the original items indicate the number of volumes, the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of stories, and the columns not mentioned correspond to the original anime works. Basically, it can be based on the original content, but for italics, the story has a different axis, but the partial depictions match. The format of the subtitles is "Sakura and XX ..." or "Sakura XX ...".

Issue 1

Sakura and others are in the 4st and 1nd semesters of the 2th grade of elementary school.

Number of storiesBroadcast date (BS2)Broadcast date (educational TV)subtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorOriginalAppeared (sealed) card
Episode 11998
Sakura and mysterious magic bookNanase OkawaAsaka MorioKumiko Takahashi1 (1)Windy, fly
Episode 24/144/17Sakura's nice friendsMasayuki KojimaYorimichi NakanoToshiharu Goshadow
Episode 34/214/24Sakura's pounding first dateSunao KatabuchiKatsunori Kimitsuka1 (3)Warty
Episode 44/285/1Sakura's crap SundayJiro KanekoNobuaki NakanishiMasaru Kitao
Ikuo Shimazu
Wood, rain
Episode 55/55/8Sakura, panda and cute shopDr. IshiiKobe MamoruMakoto KogaJump
Episode 65/125/15Memories of Sakura and momNanase OkawaJunichi SakataAkio SakaiToshiharu Go1 (4,5)Illusion
Episode 75/265/22Sakura's phantom thief's first challenge !?Jiro KanekoNobuaki NakanishiKazunori MizunoMariko Fujitaサ イ レ ン ト
Episode 86/25/29Sakura's rival is here!Nanase OkawaSunao KatabuchiKunihiko Sakurai2 (8)Thunder
Episode 96/96/5Sakura and mysterious broochKobe MamoruMakoto Koga2 (9)Sword
Episode 106/166/12Sakura and flower athletic meetDr. IshiiHitoki MatsuiAkio SakaiToshiharu Go2 (6,7)フ ラ ワ ー
Episode 116/236/19Sakura, Tomoyo and a big houseNanase OkawaJunichi SakataKatsunori Kimitsuka3 (13)shield
Episode 126/306/26Sakura's never-ending dayJiro KanekoKobe MamoruMakoto Kogatime
Episode 137/77/3Compare the power of Sakura and ElephantNanase Okawa
Dr. Ishii
Kazunori MizunoKunihiko Sakuraipower
Episode 147/147/10Sakura, Momoya and CinderellaNanase OkawaAkio SakaiShoji YabushitaToshiharu Gomist
Episode 157/217/17Is it a big deal of Sakura and Kero?Jiro KanekoSunao KatabuchiMasaru KitaoStorm, float
Episode 168/47/24Sakura and the rainbow of memoriesNanase OkawaKobe MamoruMakoto Koga5 (19)-
Episode 178/117/31Sakura's scary life is no goodKatsumi TeratoKen AndoMariko Fujita4 (16,17)Erase
Episode 188/188/7Sakura, Snow Rabbit and Summer FestivalShoji YabushitaKumiko Takahashi4 (18)Glow
Episode 199/18/21Sakura and summer vacation homeworkJiro KanekoKobe MamoruMakoto KogaMove
Episode 209/89/4Transfer student fighting with SakuraNanase OkawaJunichi SakataKunihiko SakuraiFight
Episode 219/159/11Sakura no Nagai Marathon TournamentJiro KanekoKobe MamoruMakoto Kogaloop
Episode 229/229/18Sakura and kind dadDr. IshiiYuzo SatoKazunori MizunoMasaru Kitaosleep
Episode 239/299/25Sakura, Tomoyo and a nice songNanase OkawaAsaka MorioHitoki MatsuiKunihiko Sakuraisong
Episode 2410/610/2Sakura's little adventureNanase Okawa
Jiro Kaneko
Katsumi TeratoRei ManoMariko Fujitalittle
Episode 2510/1310/9Sakura and another SakuraTomoko OgawaKobe MamoruMakoto Koga3 (11,12)
2 (8)
Episode 2610/2010/16Sakura and a nice teacherTomoyasu OkuboJunichi SakataKazunori MizunoKatsunori Kimitsuka3 (14)
4 (15)
Episode 2710/2710/23Sakura and Memories ShrineNanase OkawaHitoki MatsuiMasaru Kitao4 (15,16)return
Episode 2811/310/30Sakura and magic cardTomoko OgawaKobe MamoruMakoto Kogashot
Episode 2911/1011/6Sakura's sweet cookingKatsumi TeratoRei ManoMariko Fujitaス イ ー ト
Episode 3011/1711/13Injured card with SakuraJiro KanekoKobe MamoruMakoto Kogadash
Episode 3111/2411/20Sakura and a nameless bookNanase OkawaJunichi SakataKazunori MizunoKunihiko SakuraiBig, create
Episode 3212/111/27Sakura, Kero, and the Little WolfTomoyasu OkuboHitoki MatsuiMasaru Kitaochange
Episode 3312/1512/4Sakura's Samui Ice SkatingTomoko OgawaKobe MamoruMakoto KogaFreeze
Episode 3412/2212/11Sakura, snow rabbit and daytime moonNanase OkawaSumio HiratsukaRei ManoMariko Fujita-
Episode 3512/2912/18Sakura's wonderful ChristmasKazunori MizunoKatsunori Kimitsuka6 (23)Firely
Issue 2

Sakura and others are in the first semester of the fifth grade of elementary school.

Number of storiesBroadcast date (BS2)Broadcast date (educational TV)subtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorOriginalAppeared (sealed) card
Episode 361999
New semester of Sakura and SnowNanase OkawaJunichi SakataRei ManoKatsunori KimitsukaSnow
Episode 374/134/16The voice of Tomoyo who disappeared with SakuraKobe MamoruMakoto KogaVoice
Episode 384/204/23Sakura's fun strawberry pickingTomoyasu OkuboKatsumi TeratoHitoki MatsuiMariko FujitaLock
Episode 394/274/30Sakura's fluttering hot dayNanase OkawaJunichi SakataYasumi MikamotoTakeuchi Kei8 (33)ク ラ ウ ド
Episode 405/115/7Sakura and Sakura in a dreamShigehito TakayanagiAtsushi HasebeDream
Episode 415/185/14Sakura, Syaoran and the sea of ​​sandKobe MamoruMasaru Kitao5 (20)sand
Episode 425/255/21Sakura no Makura School FestivalJunichi SakataRei ManoKatsunori Kimitsuka5 (20,21)Light, dark
Episode 436/15/28Sakura's goodbye strawberry bellSatoshi NishimuraTakase SetsuoMariko FujitaTwin
Episode 446/86/4Sakura, Kero and a mysterious teacherKobe MamoruMasaru Kitao5 (21)-
Episode 456/156/11Sakura and the last Clow CardTsuneo TominagaYamaguchi YorifusaKatsunori Kimitsuka
Yuji Ushijima
6 (23,24,25)Earthy
Episode 466/226/18Sakura and the last refereeShigehito TakayanagiAtsushi Hasebe6 (25,26)-
Phase 3 (Sakura Card Edition)

Sakura and others are in the 5st and 2nd semesters of the 3th grade of elementary school.

Number of storiesBroadcast date (BS2)Broadcast date (educational TV)subtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorOriginalCard made into Sakura card
Episode 479/76/25Sakura and a mysterious transfer studentNanase OkawaAsaka MorioShigehito TakayanagiMasaru Kitao7 (27)-
Episode 489/147/2Sakura and the key to the awakened starHitoki MatsuiKobe MamoruKatsunori Kimitsuka7 (28)Firely
Episode 499/217/9Sakura and a nice pianoOsamu MikasaMariko Fujita7 (29)song
Episode 509/287/16A thread that doesn't look like Sakura and SyaoranKatsumi TeratoNagahama NorihikoYuuki Iwai7 (29,30)Sword
Episode 5110/57/23Sakura and a big stuffed animalJunichi SakataKazunori MizunoKunihiko Sakurai8 (31,32)Jump, fly
Episode 5210/127/30Sakura's sheep warning ?!Hitoki MatsuiShinichi MasakiMariko Fujita9 (36)Erase, power
Episode 5310/198/6Sakura and panic bicycleShinichi MasakiTakase SetsuoAtsushi HasebeSweet, rock, libra, sand, voice
Change, wave, dash, windy, loop
Episode 5410/268/20Sakura and Memories CalendarMizuchi IchiroAki SaekiKazuhiro Takamura8 (34)
9 (35)
フ ラ ワ ー
Episode 5511/28/27Sakura and Sakura in WonderlandKatsumi TeratoNagahama NorihikoKatsunori KimitsukaBig, little
Episode 5611/99/3A sweet encounter between Sakura and Kero ??Akira AkariYamaguchi YorifusaMasaru Kitaosleep
Episode 5711/169/10Sakura, the little wolf, and the elevatorShigehito TakayanagiKunihiko HamadaFloat (no conversion scene)
Episode 5811/309/24Sakura and two big pinchesKatsumi TeratoNaoto HashimotoKiyotaka NakaharaBubble, shield
Episode 5912/710/1Sakura, Tomoyo and the ball trapJunichi SakataHiroyuki TanakaMariko Fujita9 (37,38)shadow
Episode 6012/1410/8Sakura and her dear friendsKazunori MizunoAtsushi HasebeFreeze
Episode 6112/2110/15Sakura, cards and giftsMizuchi IchiroRei ManoYoshihiro TakedaMirror, mist, and 4 others (no conversion scene)[Note 3])
Episode 622000
10/22Sakura and mysterious fortuneYamaguchi YorifusaKatsunori KimitsukaDream
Episode 631/1111/5Sakura, pool and big wavesHitoshi MatsuoNaoto HashimotoKiyotaka NakaharaWarty
Episode 641/1811/12Sakura and snowstorm ski schoolYuki BitoShigehito TakayanagiHiroyuki Kasugaitime
Episode 652/1511/19Sakura and Yukito and the disappearing powerJunichi SakataHiroyuki TanakaMariko Fujita9 (38)
10 (39)
Episode 662/2211/26Sakura's favorite personYuzo SatoKenichi YataniHisashi Abe10 (39,40)Maze, illusion
Episode 672/2912/3Sakura, Syaoran and Tsukimine ShrineMasaru KitaoNaoto HashimotoKiyotaka Nakahara10 (41,42)Wood, Thunder, Glow
Episode 683/712/10Sakura, the past and Clow ReedShigehito TakayanagiKunihiko Hamada10 (40)Snow, return
Episode 693/1412/17Clow Reed who appeared with SakuraJunichi SakataAsaka MorioKumiko Takahashi11 (43,44)Cloud, silent, rain, shot
Fight, Storm, Light, Dark
Episode 703/2112/24Sakura and true feelingsAsaka MorioHiroyuki TanakaMariko Fujita11 (45)
12 (46)
Special program

A special version that is different from the usual program organization, such as a omnibus and a collection of famous scenes.

Issue 1
Sakura-chan, who loves everyone
28/25Cardcaptor Sakura Summer Illustration Award
Issue 2
Battle Costume Grand Prize-Aim! Tomoyo-chan ~
46/29Clow Card Release Completed!
57/6Wai's turn! Kero-chan research
67/13Sakura and many memories ~ Tomoyo, Momoya, Yukito and Syaoran ~
Issue 3
712/28Welcome to Tomoeda Town!
Leave it to Kero-chan! Part 1
92/1Leave it to Kero-chan! Part 2
102/8Leave it to Kero-chan! Part 3


Television broadcasting is centered on NHK, which is a production station, but CS broadcasting is also being rebroadcast.

  • Satellite 2nd TV (BS2)
  • Education tv
    • 19994/10 - 12/18 Saturday 18:30 --18:55 (Phase 1)
    • 199912/25 -20004/1 土曜 18:30 - 18:55(傑作選 #1・3・6・8・11・16・18・20・22・24・26・35)
    • 20004/9 - 12/24 Sunday 18:00 --18:25 (2nd and 3rd term)
    • 20011/7 --Sunday, April 4st 1:18 --00:18 (Masterpiece selection # 25, 47, 48, 50, 51, 57, 60 --65)
    • 20021/1-1/2 16:00-/ 16:50-(Recaptor Sakura Special Clow Card / Sakura Card)
    • 20044/10 - 20054/2 Saturday 18:30 --18:55 (1st and 2nd term)
    • 20062/23 -20063/30 Thursday 19:30 --19:55 (# 47- # 52)
    • 20064/6 -20068/3 Thursday 19:25 --19:50 (# 53- # 70)
  • BS Analog Hi-Vision (BS9)
  • Digital Satellite Hi-Vision (BShi)
    • 200012/15 - 20019/28 Friday 10:35 --11: 00/15:30 --15:55 (2nd and 3rd term)
    • 20094/2 -20101/14 Thursday 19:00 --19:25 (1st term)
    • 20103/29 -201011/29 Monday 18:00 --18:25 (2nd and 3rd term)
  • BS Premium(Subtitled broadcast)
  • E-tele (subtitle broadcasting)
    • 20179/15 --Friday, March 2018, 3 30:19 --25:19 (Selection broadcast of 50 episodes from the 1st to 3rd periods)
  • Kids station
    • 200912/18[71] - 20104/8 Monday-Friday 22: 00-22: 30 / Next day 5:00-5:30
    • 20104/17 -20111/8 Saturday 18:00 --18:30, 18:30 --18:57 / Sunday 15:30 --16:00, 16:00 --16:30 (2 episodes broadcast[72])
    • 201011/29 -20113/16 Monday-Friday 16:30-17:00
    • 20115/25 -20117/6 Mon-Thursday 16:00-16:30 (# 1- # 30)[73])
    • 20117/7 -20118/31 Monday --Thursday 16:00 --16:30, 16:30 --17:00 (# 31- # 70, episode 2 broadcast[73])
    • 20117/8 -20123/16 Friday 20:00 --20:30, 20:30 --21: 00 / Next day 5:00 --5:30, 5:30 --6:00 (2 episodes broadcast)[73])
    • 20118/21 -20124/29 Sunday 19: 00 --19: 52 → 19: 00 --20:00 (2 episodes broadcast)
    • 20122/6 -20125/11 Monday-Friday 12:30-13:00
    • 201212/4 - 20133/18 Monday --Friday 12:00 --12:30 / 22:27 --22:54 (→ 22:30 --23:00)
    • 20146/24 -201410/2 Monday-Friday 21: 26-21: 52 / Next day 5:00-5:30
    • 201411/3 -20152/17 Monday --Friday 13:00 --13:30 / 21:00 --21: 26 / Next day 1:30 --2:00
    • 20156/8 -20159/11 Monday-Friday 20: 00-20: 30 / Next day 1:00-1:30
    • 201511/3 -201511/28 Tue-Saturday 4:00-5:55 (4 episodes broadcast)
    • 20212/26 --Monday --Friday 19:30 --20:00 / Next 4:00 --4:30

Leave it to Kero-chan!

Kero-chan's corner that will be broadcast after the main story is over. It was set up in the first period (excluding episode 1).

The contents may be an introduction to the captured cards and an introduction to Sakura costumes made by Tomoyo.

In the clear card edition, the same content is provided from the second episode to the end of the main story, but the background becomes like a recording studio of a TV program, and spinelCampeThe cut that puts out is inserted. Also, in the first episode, it was inserted as an overview of the old series in the avant-title.

Video software

When it is released on each media at the time of the main broadcast,Bandai visual(Hereinafter "BV") is in charge of sales. After that, box-specification disc software was released from Geneon Entertainment (hereinafter "G") → Geneon Universal Entertainment (hereinafter "GU") →NBC Universal Entertainment Japan(Hereafter, it has been released from "NBCU" (three companies other than Bandai Visual have changed their names, but they are the same company that inherited the legal personality. For details, see the section "NBC Universal Entertainment Japan").

Distributor on December 2017, 12Warner Bros Home Entertainment(Hereafter "Warner HE")[Note 4] BD / DVD-BOX changed to is released.With some exceptions, the video master uses 35mm original negative film4KChanged to scanned and remastered[74].. As a voice privilege, the newly recorded audio commentary by the main cast can be played as a sub-voice at a specific time (episodes 1, 46, 47, 70).

  • VHS-LD-DVD"Cardcaptor Sakura" all 18 volumes (release: BV)
  • DVD "Cardcaptor Sakura DVD-BOX" 1, 2, 3 (Release: G)
    • 1 was released in April 2005, 4 was released in June of the same year, and 2 was released in July of the same year.
    • DVD "Cardcaptor Sakura SET" 1, 2, 3 (Release: GU)
      • 1 was released in April 2011, 1 was released in June of the same year, and 2 was released in July of the same year.
  • BD"Cardcaptor Sakura -Clow Card Edition- Blu-ray BOX" "Cardcaptor Sakura -Sakura Card Edition- Blu-ray BOX" (Release: G)
    • The first edition of the Clow Card edition was released in March 2009, and the first edition of the Sakura Card edition was released in June of the same year.
    • BD "Cardcaptor Sakura Blu-ray BOX" 1, 2, 3 (Release: GU)
      • 1 contains 28 episodes of the first half of Clow Card, 2 contains 28 episodes of the second half of Clow Card, and 3 contains 23 episodes of Sakura Card. October 2012-Released in December.
    • BD "Cardcaptor Sakura Blu-ray BOX" (release: NBCU)
      • A one-box, low-priced version of all 70 episodes. Released in December 1.
  • BD / DVD "Cardcaptor Sakura Blu-ray BOX & DVD BOX" (Release: Warner HE)
    • All 70 episodes are packaged in one package for both media boxes. 1K scan remastered version. Released in December 4.

Bonus anime

LD-VT-DVDA short animation produced as a bonus for purchasing the entire volume of. It was recorded on DVD-BOX 2005 released in 3, and was released after that.Blu-ray It is also recorded in BOX.

Number of storiestitlescriptStoryboard
1It's nice, Sakura-chan!
Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura
Active video diary!
Tsutomu KanekoTetsuro ArakiMakoto Koga1-9 Volume Video / LD Whole Volume Purchase Bonus
2It's nice, Sakura-chan!
Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura
Active video diary special!
Atsushi Hasebe1-Volume 9 DVD whole volume purchase privilege
3It's nice, Sakura-chan!
Tomoyo's Cardcaptor Sakura
Active video diary 2!
Akane InoueNorimitsu Suzuki10-Volume 18 Video / LD / DVD whole volume purchase privilege

Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Edition

20181/7から6/10UntilNHK BS PremiumBroadcast on.4/4FromNHK E TeleBut it is being broadcast. All 22 episodes[75].. On April 4st, a omnibus that looked back on episodes 1 to 1 was broadcast.

The director will be Morio Asaka, and Madhouse will continue to be in charge of animation production, and the voice actors of the main characters and Sakura's classmates will be re-appointed as they are from the animation series so far.[Note 5][76][77].. Kunihiko Hamada, who also participated in the old anime, is in charge of character design.

The original CLAMP member Nanase Okawa is in charge of the script of all the stories in this work[75], The same member, Mokona (formerly Mokona Apapa) is also involved in the design.

As a prologue, "Clear Card Edition Sakura and Two Bears", which animates the final episode of the original, which was completed in the special edition of Volume 3 of Clear Card Edition, was recorded on DVD. Held in Los Angeles, USA in July 2017Anime ExpoWas screened as a world premiere at[78].

It is basically composed in the same way as the original, but since it is broadcast on the same NHK as the previous work and it has been rebroadcast many times, a wide range of generations know the previous work, so its fans can also enjoy watching it. Produced as a sequel to the TV anime[79].. Therefore, the original settings and characters of the anime have been taken over. In addition, an original episode of the anime has also been produced.

Unlike past series, this series is high-definition production and digital production.

Staff (Clear Card Edition)

  • Original --CLAMP (Kodansha-Nakayoshi(Serialization)
  • Director-Morio Asaka
  • Series composition / screenplay-Nanase Okawa
  • Costume design / card design-Mokona
  • Character Design - Kunihiko Hamada
  • Prop Design-Koji Odate
  • Color design-Ken Hashimoto
  • Art Director-Tomoyuki Shimizu
  • 3DCG Director-Yuki Nagahama
  • Cinematographer-Akane Fushihara
  • Edit-Yoshifumi Kimura
  • Music-Takayuki Negishi
  • Music production-Flying dog
  • Sound Director-Masafumi Mima
  • Sound production-Techno sound
  • Producer-Chiyo Kawazoe (OAD)
  • Executive Producer-Keisuke Tsuchihashi, Mirai Miyamoto, Takuya Matsushita (TV)
  • Animation Producer-Kentaro Hashimoto
  • Animation production-Madhouse
  • Production / Writing --NHK (TV),NHK Enterprise(TV),Kodansha

Theme song (clear card edition)

"The promised sky[80]'
Lyrics- Mike's Guyama / Composition / Arrangement- Takayuki Negishi / Song-Tomoyo Daidouji (Iwao Junko) & Tomoeda Elementary School Chorus Club
Television Animation
Opening theme
"CLEAR[81](Episode 1-Episode 12)
Lyrics and songs- Sakamoto Maaya / Composition- Yoshiki Mizuno / Arrangement- Shin Kono
Used as an insert song for episode 21.
"Rocket beat[82](Episode 13-Episode 22)
Lyrics- Yuho Iwasato / Composition / Arrangement- Kitagawa victory / Strings Arrange- Miyagawa bullet / song - Kiyono Anno
Ending theme
"Jewelry[83](Episode 1-Episode 12)
Lyrics, composition, song- Saori Hayami / Arrangement-Tatsuya Kurauchi
"rewind[82](Episode 13-Episode 22)
Lyrics, composition and arrangement- Shirasuke Yusuke / song - Suzuki Minori
Insert song
"I'm looking at the sky" (Episode 5)
Lyrics --Mike Sugiyama / Composition / Arrangement --Takayuki Negishi / Song --Tomoyo Daidoji (Junko Iwao)
"Oborozukiyo(Episode 6)
Lyrics- Tatsuyuki Takano / Composition- Teiichi Okano / Arrangement-Takayuki Negishi / Song-Tomoyo Daidoji (Junko Iwao), Akiho Shinomoto (Minori Suzuki)
"Come here" (Episode 15)
Lyrics --Fumi Onoe / Composition / Arrangement --Masami Kishimura / Song --Tomoyo Daidoji (Junko Iwao)
The first appearance of "Koko ni Kite" is the movie version of Cardcaptor Sakura. The image song of the sealed card.

Each story list (clear card edition)

The numbers in the original items indicate the number of volumes, the numbers in parentheses indicate the number of stories, and the columns not listed correspond to anime original works or comics not recorded. Basically, it can be based on the original content, but for italics, the story has a different axis, but the partial depictions match. The format of the subtitles is "Sakura and XX ..." or "Sakura XX ...".

Number of storiesAirdatesubtitleStoryboardShowAnimation directorTotal drawing directorOriginalClear card obtained
OAD-Sakura and two bearsAsaka MorioTetsuo IchimuraKunihiko Hamada--
Episode 12018
Sakura and transparent cardKuniyoshi Wakabayashi1 (1,2,3)Gale -GALE-
Episode 21/14Sakura and a room without an exitTetsuo IchimuraIzumi Kawada, Ikumi OkaKoji Odate1 (4)Siege -SIEGE-
Episode 31/21Sakura's heavy rain warningYurie KuniyukiMitsutaka NoshiyaEri Tokugawa, Kiyotaka NakaharaKunihiko Hamada2 (5,6,7)Water source -AQUA-
Reflection -REFLECT-
Episode 41/28Sakura and a nice transfer studentJun ShishidoDaisuke ChikushiKen Obata, Yuko KobayashiKoji Odate2 (7,8)Action -ACTION-
Episode 52/4Sakura and cherry-blossom viewingHideki HosokawaShiho TanakaKunihiko HamadaAttraction -GRAVITATION-
Episode 62/11Sakura, Rabbit and Moon SongOhara MinoruYuki NishihataKaori Yoshikawa, Ryotaro Akao3 (9,10)RECORD -RECORD-
Episode 72/18Playing tag in the garden with SakuraShingo NatsumeKuniyoshi WakabayashiNobuyoshi SozakiKoji OdateFlight -FLIGHT-
Episode 82/25Sakura, clock and kakurenboMasashi KojimaMasayuki IimuraYuko Yamamoto, Fumi Nasuno3 (11,12)Transparent -LUCID-
Episode 93/4Sakura's pounding aquariumTetsuo IchimuraChihiro Nishikawa, Izumi KawadaKunihiko Hamada3 (12,13)Spiral -SPIRAL-
Episode 103/11Sakura and sleep labyrinthYurie KuniyukiToshiaki KambaraKen Obata, Konomi Sakurai3 (13)
4 (14,15)
Fall asleep -SNOOZE-
Labyrinth -LABYRINTH-
Episode 113/18Sakura and upside down penguinsShingo NatsumeSatoru KikuchiMariko FujitaReversal -REVERSAL-
Episode 123/25Sakura and ice ball game tournamentHideki HosokawaShiho Tanaka, Kunio KazukiSmall Hail -HAIL-
Episode 134/8Sakura and I'm home with strawberry bellJunichi SakataMasaharu TomodaYuichi Yoshida, Hiroshi Numata-
Episode 144/15Sakura, shrine and zooMasashi KojimaTakashima DaisukeYasuyuki NodaPhantom -MIRAGE-
Episode 154/22Appreciation party with Sakura's feelingsYurie KuniyukiKuniyoshi WakabayashiNobuyoshi Sozaki, Shinichi Yoshikawa-
Episode 164/29Sakura and strawberry bell friendsOhara MinoruMasayuki IimuraYuko Yamamoto, Fumi NasunoSwing -SWING-
Struggle -STRUGGLE-
Episode 175/6Sakura and funny sweetsJunichi SakataYuki NishihataKaori Yoshikawa,Hiroyuki Horiuchi4 (16,17)Revelation -APPEAR-
Episode 185/13Sakura, flame and water birdSeiko SayamaTetsuo IchimuraIzumi Kawada, Chihiro Nishikawa4 (18,19)Flame -BLAZE-
Episode 195/20Sakura and Aio's lullabyYurie KuniyukiAkira KatoShiro Shibata, Yumiko Kinoshita-
Episode 205/27Sakura, rainbow and grandfatherJunichi SakataNaoki HishikawaEmi Kojima, Daisuke Saito5 (20,21,22)-
Episode 216/3Sakura, the mirror, and the key to memoriesSeiko SayamaHideki HosokawaShiho Tanaka, Nobuyoshi Sozaki5 (22,23)Mirror image -MIRROR-
Episode 226/10Sakura's transparent cardJunichi SakataKuniyoshi WakabayashiKunio Kazuki, Shinichi Yoshikawa5 (24)-

Broadcasting station (clear card edition)

Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[84]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [85] Remarks
20181/7 - 6/10 Sunday 7:30-7:55 NHK BS Premium All over Japan With repeat broadcast
20184/4 - 8/29 Wednesday 19:25-19:50 NHK E Tele All over Japan
All stationsSubtitled broadcastingCorrespondence.
Internet broadcasting in Japan / Broadcast period and broadcasting time[86]
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site
20181/10 - Updated Wednesday 18:00
Wednesday 18:00-18:30 AbemaTV New TV Anime Channel
Wednesday 21:00-21:30 Nico Nico Live Broadcast
Unknown Unknown


rollRelease date[87]Recording storyStandard product number
BD first editionDVD first edition
12018/5/9Episode 1-Episode 310007108101000710818
22018/5/30Episode 4-Episode 610007108111000710819
32018/6/27Episode 7-Episode 910007108121000710820
42018/7/25Episode 10-Episode 1210007108131000710821
52018/8/29Episode 13-Episode 1510007108141000710822
62018/9/26Episode 16-Episode 1810007108151000710823
72018/10/31Episode 19-Episode 2110007108161000710824
82018/11/28Episode 2210007108171000710825
BS2"Satellite animation theater" Tuesday 18:XNUMX
NHK education Saturday late 18:XNUMX
Previous programProgram nameNext show
Card Captor Sakura
NHK BS Premium Sunday 7:30 --7:55 frame
Card Captor Sakura
Clear card edition
NHK E Tele Wednesday 19:25 --19:50 frame
The Thundermans
(Move to the same time on Friday, Season 3)
Card Captor Sakura
Clear card edition
(Anime frame from here)

Anime movie

Movie version Cardcaptor Sakura

Audience mobilization recorded more than 50[88].. 4stAnimation kobeReceived the Best Picture Theater category. The simultaneous screening work is "clover"(Clover).

19998Release. In the story between the 1st and 2nd term, Sakura and others are in the winter vacation of the 4th grade.

In addition, a revival screening has been held since January 2017, 1. The distributorShochikuからWarner bros moviesIt has been changed to, and it will be screened independently without any parallel films. Revival box office revenue is 3800 million yen[89].

  • Original: CLAMP
  • Director: Morio Asaka
  • Character design: Kumiko Takahashi
  • Screenplay: Nanase Okawa
  • Guest character design / costume design: CLAMP
  • Animation directors: Kunihiko Sakurai, Kumiko Takahashi, Hitoshi Ueda
  • Art Director: Katsufumi Haryu
  • Color design: Madoka Katsunuma
  • Director of Photography:Hisao Shirai
  • Music: Takayuki Negishi
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
  • producer:Kazuhiko Ikeguchi, Tatsuya Ono
  • distribution:Shochiku(At the time of the first screening) / Warner bros movies(At the time of revival screening)
  • Animation production: Madhouse
  • Produced by: Bandai Visual, Sheltie, Madhouse
  • Theme song:In this distant city
    • Lyrics / Composition / Song:Naomi Minatani, Arrangement: Yuji Toriyama
  • VHS-LD-DVD-BD(Bandai Visual)

* DVDs include all three theatrical versions recorded as HD remastered versions.2007It has been released in.


Sakura and others are on winter vacation. Sakura and Tomoyo had no plans, but Sakura won a special trip to Hong Kong in a lottery held at the general store Twin Bell. Inviting Yukito instead of his inconvenient father Fujitaka, Sakura leaves for Hong Kong with Momoya and Tomoyo.

Sakura rejoices when Hong Kong reunites with her hometown of Syaoran and Strawberry Bell, but begins to dream of a mysterious mage. Syaoran's mother points out that she has a Clow Card and tells Sakura that the danger is imminent.

Sakura feels a strange sign, and when she opens a book in the store, she is drunk by the water overflowing from the book and meets a dream mage. Sakura, whose brother and friend are captured, fights against a mage in Hong Kong. There was a sad past with Clow Reed.

The Clow Card sealed at the beginning of the movie is Arrow.

Movie version Card Captor Sakura Sealed card

Received the 5th Animation Kobe Best Picture Theater category.

2000Published in July. The second movie version. From the final episode of the anime to the story after that, Sakura and others are in the sixth grade of elementary school during the summer vacation.

performance incomeIs 5 million yen[90].

A revival screening is taking place on December 2017, 12. As with the previous film, the distribution has been changed from Shochiku to a Warner Bros. movie, and it will be screened independently without any parallel films.[91].. Box office revenue is 3700 million yen[92].

  • Original: CLAMP
  • Director: Morio Asaka
  • Screenplay: Nanase Okawa
  • Guest character design draft / costume design: CLAMP (Mokona Apapa)
  • Animation director:Hisashi Abe
  • Animation directors: Kunihiko Sakurai, Masaru Kitao, Satoshi Tazaki, Katsunori Kimitsuka, Hiroyuki Kasugai, Kunihiko Hamada, Mariko Fujita,Hiroyuki Horiuchi
  • Storyboard: Morio Asaka,Yoshiaki Kawajiri,Yoshinori Kanemori, Hisashi Abe, Junichi Sakata, Kazunori Mizuno, Shigehito Takayanagi
  • Art director:Yuji Ikeda
  • Color setting: Madoka Katsunuma
  • Director of Photography:Hisao Shirai
  • Edited by: Harutoshi Ogata
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
  • Music: Takayuki Negishi
  • Producers: Takashi Yoshida, Koichi Tsurunari, Shinji Komori, Tatsuya Ono, Kazuhiko Ikeguchi
  • Distribution-Shochiku (at the time of the first screening) / Warner Bros. movie (at the time of the revival screening)
  • Animation production:Mad house
  • Production: Kodansha, Shochiku, Bandai Visual, Sheltie, Madhouse
  • Theme song: Melody for tomorrow
  • VHS-LD-DVD-BD(Bandai Visual, rental version VHSShochiku Home Video)


Sakura who became the sixth grader. Sakura was still unable to reply to Syaoran. Sakura's class is supposed to perform a play at the Nadeshiko Festival, a festival held in Tomoeda-cho during the summer vacation, and while practicing the play, at the Tomoeda amusement park built on the site of Eriol's house. , Encounter Syaoran and Strawberry Bell. In fact, this reunion was planned by Tomoyo and Ichigo Suzu by exchanging emails. Strawberry bell gives Sakura an opportunity to confess, but it is difficult to reply.

Around that time, a strange phenomenon was occurring in the town where something disappeared one after another. The phenomenon extends under the cherry blossoms, and the Sakura cards that they have begin to disappear one after another. It was the work of an unnamed Clow Card = The Nothing Card. Sakura tries to stop the incident, but Eriol, who consulted with him, tells him that in order to seal the Nothing card, he must pay for the "feelings for his loved one" of the person with the greatest magical power at that time. Sakura, who is upset, consults with Syaoran, but is worried because she is told that there is no choice but to do so. However, the Nothing card was beginning to show its power every moment.

And on the day of the Nadeshiko Festival.While the play is in full swing, the Nothing card begins a full-scale attack, erasing the people and space of Tomoeda-cho one after another.In addition, the remaining cards, Tomoyo, Strawberry Bell, Cerberus, and Yue will be stolen one after another.The little wolf realizes that the card made by Crow doesn't work, and confronts the nothing card alone.The reading was hit, but it disappeared from the front of Sakura due to the counterattack of the nothing card. Sakura, who is alone, uses all the cards she has, while confronting the empty card while being robbed of the card.In fact, the series of turmoil of the Nothing card came from the loneliness that had been left alone until now.However, Sakura advises him to seal himself.When she finally decides to seal her, Sakura consolidates her determination that she couldn't convey her feelings for the little wolf, but her "feelings for a loved one" The target of the consideration was directed to the little wolf who followed her. Sakura, who used many cards a day, was because her magical power was weakened.However, this fact was prepared by the little wolf from the beginning, and it seems that she had a strong belief that Sakura's most important thoughts could not be erased.When the price of her seal is finally lost, she activates Sakura's unnamed card.Here, the card without her name and the card without her name are combined into a "hope" card.Sakura finally conveys her feelings to the little wolf who is said to have lost her feelings.However, Hope's card allowed the little wolf to respond to her Sakura's feelings and share her feelings without sacrificing her precious feelings, which became her both feelings.

Leave it to Kero-chan for the movie!

Simultaneous screening of the movie version "Cardcaptor Sakura Sealed Card". A short gag story with a screening time of about 10 minutes, featuring Cerberus (Kero-chan) and Spinel (Suppy). In addition, Yamazaki is the only person whose face is reflected in the work other than Kero and Suppy (others are distant view, back view, and limbs only).

Suppy came to Sakura's house with Eriol. Sakura during a chat with KeroTakoyakiOf two peoplesnackBring as. At first, Suppy was confused, but he was delighted with its deliciousness. However, he confronts Kero over the last one.

  • Supervision:Masayuki Kojima
  • Composition: Morio Asaka
  • Screenplay: Nanase Okawa
  • Animation director: Norimitsu Suzuki, Atsushi Hasebe
  • Art director: Sawako Takagi
  • Color setting: Madoka Katsunuma
  • Director of Photography:Hisao Shirai
  • Sound Director: Masafumi Mima
  • Music: Takayuki Negishi
  • Edit:Yukiko Ito
  • Producers: Takashi Yoshida, Koichi Tsurunari, Shinji Komori, Tatsuya Ono, Kazuhiko Ikeguchi
  • Animation production:Mad house
  • Production: Kodansha, Shochiku, Bandai Visual, Sheltie, Madhouse
  • Theme song: "Funny song"
    • Lyrics: Aya Hisakawa, Composition / Arrangement: Takayuki Negishi, Song: Kero & Suppy (Aya Hisakawa &Touma Yumi)

WEB radio

  • "TV Anime Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Edition Happiness Memories ~ Happimemo Radio ~'[93]
    • A program that introduces the smartphone game "Cardcaptor Sakura Happiness Memories" and various information. It was broadcast on Hibiki Radio Station almost every other Tuesday from February 2019, 2 to May 26, 2020. The personality isTange SakuraIs. The radio corners are listed below.
      • Corner introduction
      • Happiness card, secure! !!
      • What is this? Hanyan?
      • Gather! Happiness! A pattern!
      • Gather! Happiness! B pattern!
      • Ordinary letter

Olive Related Products

Music cd

Theme song single

Character single

  • Cardcaptor Sakura Character Single --SAKURA (released June 1998, 6) VIDL-3
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Character Single --TOUYA (released June 1998, 6) VIDL-3
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Character Single --KERO (released June 1998, 6) VIDL-3
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Character Single --TOMOYO (released June 1998, 6) VIDL-24
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Character Single --YUKITO (released June 1998, 6) VIDL-24
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Character Single --SYAORAN (released June 1998, 6) VIDL-24


  • Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack (released July 1998, 7) VICL-23
  • Card Captor Sakura Original Sound Track 2 (Released on December 1998, 12) VICL-19
  • Card Captor Sakura Original Sound Track 3 (Released on December 1999, 6) VICL-23
  • Card Captor Sakura Original Sound Track 4 (Released on December 2000, 3) VICL-23
  • Theatrical version Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack (released August 1999, 8) VICL-25
    • Because of the content going to Hong Kong, the title and title of the CD are written in Chinese even though it is a version released in Japan.
  • Movie Cardcaptor Sakura Sealed Card ~ Original Soundtrack (Released on August 2000, 8) VICL-2

Vocal album

Drama album

  • Cardcaptor Sakura Original Drama Album 1 ~ Sakura and Mom's Organ ~ (Released on July 1998, 7) VICL-23
  • Card Captor Sakura Original Drama Album 2 ~ Sweet Valentine Stories ~ (Released on February 1999, 2) VICL-10

Other CDs

    • It was produced at a time when the production of the anime version was decided but the airing was undecided, and the preview element of the anime version is large. The voice actor in charge of the music by Nanase Okawa and Takayuki Negishi is the same as the anime version. It was later remade as the 23rd episode of the anime version.
    • Talking talk 8cm single CD of Sakura especially drawn by CLAMP.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card CD Set VOL.1 (Released June 1998, 6) VIZL-3
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card CD Set VOL.2 (Released June 1998, 6) VIZL-24
  • Seeds of kindness(Released on November 2013, 7)
    • A character song mini album by Junko Iwao.

Consumer games

Handheld games

  • "Cardcaptor Sakura-always with Sakura-chan" (Game boy-Gameboy colorBoth correspondence,MTO) (Released on May 1999, 5)
    • Pocket printerCorrespondence. A map-selectable adventure game that deals with episodes 1 to 25 of the anime from the perspective of Cerberus. It has a built-in clock and features an event that occurs when the time of day (and weekdays or weekends) matches the story. Therefore, the order of the stories is not always the same as the animation, and it may be slightly different. The ending is said to be "Part 25 End" when Mizuki appears at the end of the 1th episode of the anime, but the sequel has not been released.
    • As a "bonus" that has nothing to do with the main story, "Hasa de Kurutu" from the beginning (Othello) ・ "Narube Pon" (Tetris) ・ "Hotcake Hot" (サ イ モ ン) And three types of mini-gamesFortune-telling using the built-in clock(Love, money, health) are prepared. Also, as a "print play", characters and arbitrary characters can be output to a pocket printer.
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura-Sakura and the Mysterious Clow Card-" (Wonder Swan,Bandai) (Released on May 1999, 12)
    • An adventure game consisting of a Clow Card edition and an original story. Collect all 47 Clow Cards in battles with cards, and finally defeat Yue even once to see the ending. There are several types of endings depending on the conditions.
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura-Tomoeda Elementary School Athletic Meet-" (Game Boy Color exclusive, MTO) (released October 2000, 10)
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura Card de Mini Game" (Gameboy Advance,TDK core) (Released on May 2003, 12)
    • It is a mini-game collection that follows the 24th episode of Sakura Card, but the BGM is unique except for "Platinum".
    • At some stores, a clear type of Sakura's commercial Gashapon figure was included as a reservation privilege. The figures vary depending on the reserved store, and there are several types.
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura <Sakura Card Edition> -Sakura and Cards and Friends-" (Game Boy Advance, MTO) (released April 2004, 4)
    • A game version of the Sakura Card edition, with a composition that mixes the settings of the original and the anime version. The ending changes depending on the player's choice.GAs it has a lot of capacity, the lines picked up from the voice of the animation[Note 6] And some short movies are also included. The opening movie reproduces the platinum image of the third period of the animation.

Video games

  • "Animetic Story Game (1) Cardcaptor Sakura" (PlayStation,Arica) (Released on May 1999, 8)
    • A quarter-view adventure that is a game of the story that corresponds to the first half of the first period. A set of 2 discs. Although the progress is slightly different from the animation, it is a full-length full voice by the same voice actor as the animation. There are graphics and music that faithfully reproduce the original, and a part of the main animation video is played. The title says "(1)", but (2) has not been released. Mini-games are also used in the events of each story, and after clearing the relevant story, you will be able to play the mini-game alone.Pocket StationIt also supports, and you can save and exchange voice data during work.
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Magic" (PlayStation, Arica) (released January 2000, 1)
    • The main story is an action puzzle that uses Clow Cards, but there are also full-voice explanations of Clow Cards and Clow Card fortune-telling.
  • "Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura Eternal Heart(PlayStation, Arica) (Released on August 2000, 8)
    • Corresponds to the Sakura Card edition. As the title saysTetrisThe game progresses by. The graphic gallery can be enriched according to the grades.
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Tomoyo's Video Daisakusen" (Dream cast,Sega Rosso/Sega) (Released on May 2000, 12)
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Play with Sakura-chan! ((PlayStation 2(Eyeoydesignated),NHK software) (Released on May 2004, 12)

Electronic educational toys

  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Sakura's Clow Card Collection" (Mobile Note Club, Bandai) (Released around 2000)

Mobile games

Mini games
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Solitaire" (Apps(Mobile phone(Exclusive), Space Out) (delivered on June 2003, 6)[94])
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Puzzle Candy Edition" (app (for mobile phones only),Jujube) (Delivery on July 2003, 7[95])
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Puzzle Clow Card Edition" (App (for mobile phones only), Natsume) (delivered on July 2003, 7)[95])
social game
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura-Sakura and the Mysterious Card-" (Mobage(For mobile phones only), Arica) (delivered on December 2012, 12[96])
  • "" (Hapimemo) (for smartphones, Bushimo-BUSHIMO-,Bushiroad,Monstar Lab) (Delivery on July 2019, 10[97][98])

Experience-based game

  • "Cardcaptor Sakura x Real Mystery Solving Game Beginner's Birthday Daisakusen" (7 stores in 21 areas nationwide, NAZO x NAZO Theater Company) (March 2018, 3-May 21, 5)[99])
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura x Real Mystery Solving Game Advanced Edition Mysterious Picture Book Mystery" (7 stores in 21 areas nationwide, NAZO x NAZO Theater Company) (March 2018, 3-May 21, 5)[99])
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition Kids Mystery Solving Audio Guide The Mystery of Closed Presents" (Mori Arts Center Gallery Venue, Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition Production Committee, NAZO x NAZO Theater Company) (October 2018, 10 --January 26, 2019 Held on Sunday[100])
  • "Real escape game× Cardcaptor Sakura Escape from the Labyrinth ”(Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya / Sapporo / Fukuoka area 5 store venues,SCRAP)(東京:2020å¹´7月2日 - 8月30日、大阪:同年7月17日 - 8月23日、名古屋:同年7月10日 - 8月30日、札幌:同年7月10日 - 8月2日、福岡:同年7月31日 - 9月27日[101])


  • "Cardcaptor Sakura CLAMP Newly Draw Clow Card Set" (Kodansha August 1999, 8 First Edition 25st EditionISBN 4-06-336308-2)
    A card set that reproduces 52 Clow Cards. Comes in a vanity case that imitates a "Clow Card book".
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Clow Card Fortune Book" (Kodansha March 2000, 3 First Edition 24st EditionISBN 4-06-334298-0)
    A fortune-telling book using the above Clow Card set (playing cards can be used instead). Explains the card illustrations and names, and their meaning in fortune-telling.
  • "Fun Bayer Cardcaptor Sakura Piano Solo Album" (Sheet music released on December 1999, 12)
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Piano Solo Album" (combined with fun Bayer) Minoru Saito Yukiko Kiyono (Sheet music released on December 1998, 12)
  • "Cardcaptor Sakura Original Soundtrack Collection" (Sheet music released on January 2000, 1)
  • "Easy Piano Piece Theatrical Version Cardcaptor Sakura" (Sheet music released on November 1999, 11)
    • Both scores are currently out of print.
  • "Gameboy color Cardcaptor Sakura Limited Color Version (White & Pink) ”(released March 2000, 3)
    • Limited model with Sakura's illustration and logo on the surface of the main body.Ito-YokadoとMesse SanohLimited sale only at.

Related works

  • Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-
    • Star systemWorks using. Characters corresponding to Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Momoya, Yukito, Fujitaka, Nadeshiko, etc. of this work have appeared. All the voice actors in the anime version have been changed, only Cerberus (appeared in the 18th episode of the second period of the anime version only in a temporary figure) is the same as this workAya HisagawaIs in charge. Sakura Kinomoto (junior high school student) of this work appears in the 27th volume of the book. In addition, Cerberus (true figure) and a person who seems to be the moon have also appeared only in silhouette, which is very similar to the scene of "Crow and Cerberus-Moon farewell" drawn in this work. The original DVD animation "Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONSIn the third episode, a person who seems to be Sakura Kinomoto (elementary school student) appears. "Tsubasa TOKYO REVELATIONS" is not sold or rented as a single DVD.
  • Kobato.
    • Toya Kinomoto appears as a guest character in Volume 3 of the book and Episode 22 of the anime version. He is the same person as this work, and Tomokazu Seki is in charge of the voice actor in the anime version as well as this work. Also, in the 4th volume of the book, Crow appears as an image picture.
  • Soel and Larg Mokona-Modoki's Adventure
    • Crow, Cerberus, and the moon, who are the same characters as this work, have appeared. Only one episode has a conversation that leads to this work.
  • Cardcaptors
    • Items about the North American broadcast version of "Cardcaptor Sakura".
  • Galaxy angel
    • The anime version is from the same producer and animation production company, and was sometimes labeled as "a gift from the staff of Cardcaptor Sakura."
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Original Painting Exhibition
    • なかよし創刊60周年・CLAMPデビュー20周年を記念して、2014å¹´12月27日 - 2015å¹´1月4日に東京、2月26日 - 3月3日に名古屋、3月21日 - 3月29日に大阪で開催された。
  • Granblue Fantasy
    • A collaboration event will be held in October 2017.Sakura appears as a playable character.
  • Sanyo Electric Railway 5000 series
  • Kyoto Tower,Hirakata Park[104]
    • 2019June 6-The exhibition "Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition-Enchanted Museum-" will be held at Hirakata Park on September 8 of the same year.
    • Prior to that, on April 2019, 4, "Cardcaptor Sakura Exhibition Commemorative Sakura-chan's Birthday Light Up" was held at Kyoto Tower to coincide with Sakura Kinomoto's birthday. At the same time, a commemorative photo was taken with a greeting from Cerberus (Kero-chan).
  • TOMOYO Linux
    • Linux kernelInstalled as standard since 2.6.30LinuxSecure module for.The name of the module is named after the character Tomoyo Daidouji, with the hope that everyone will know the world of "Cardcaptor Sakura" and be happy. "[105].


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