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🎥 | Broadway musical "Pippin" starring Win Morisaki & Yu Shirota's song as Pippin at the premiere ...


Broadway musical "Pippin" starring Win Morisaki & Yu Shirota's song as Pippin at the premiere ...

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Kiyotaka Imai, Hiromu Kiriya, Ryosuke Okada, Mie Nakao, Bibari Maeda and other talented actors will continue to cast.

Broadway musical "Pippin" will be performed in Tokyo and Osaka from August 8st. First in 31 starring Yu Shirota ... → Continue reading

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    Bibari Maeda and other talented actors

    Ryosuke Okada

    Ryosuke Okada(Ryosuke Okada,19832/16 -) isTokyoFromAn actor.K-dashBelongs. Height 176 cm.Blood Type TheO.. Real name,Ryosuke Ito(Ito Ryosuke).



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    • SHOBI original musical "Reunion / In the Sparkling Time" (February 2001) --Starring
    • SHOBI original musical "Scrap Blues" (March 2002) --Starring
    • Musical "PURE LOVE" (September 2003, TennoshuArt sphere) --Shingo
    • Musical "Jeanne d'Arc" (April 2004,Shin-Kobe Oriental Theater) --The role of Noel
    • Romeo and Juliet(October 2004-March 12,Nissay Theater Others)-The role of a young man in the Capillette family
    • Cinderella Story(April-June 2005,Le Theater Ginza Others) --Guards / Coachman / Ball guests / Townspeople
    • "GOD SPELL" (September 2005-October, 9Tokyo Metropolitan TheaterMiddle Hall) --Ensemble
    • "Bambino" (March-April 2006,Theater Sun Mall) --Several horses
    • Shiki Theater Company Musical "Mamma Meer!(June 2006-November, Osaka Shiki Theater)-Ensemble 6 frames (guest performance)
    • "Bambino +" (December 2006,Theater apple) --Several horses (video appearance)
    • Shiki Theater Company Musical "Mamma Mia!" (December 2006-February 12, Osaka Shiki Theater)-Sky (guest performance)
    • "Bambino 2" (May 2007, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, etc.)-Several horses
    • Shiki Theater Company Musical "Mamma Mia!" (June 2007, Fukuoka Shiki Theater) --Sky (guest performance)
    • "Bambino + in YOKOHAMA" (December 2007,Yokohama BLITZ) --Several horses
    • "Bambino 0" (May 2008, Theater Apple)-Several horses
    • Smiley musical"DEAR BOYS vs. EAST HONMOKU ”(July-August 2008,All labored hall space zero) --The role of Yuito Hoshina
    • "Contrail-With love from DJ to special attack corps-" (September 2008, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Small Hall) --Masato Nakahara
    • "Bambino + in apple" (September 2008, Theater Apple)-Several horses
    • Recitation drama "Letter of Complaint" (February 2009,Ginza Museum)
    • Musical One on One 19th note "Aiz" (February-March 2009, IkebukuroTheater greenBIG TREE THEATER)-Harumi Takeya
    • "Bambino 3 & +" (August-September 2009, Theater Sun Mall, etc.)-Several horses
    • "Contrail 2009 Flowing Clouds-With Love from DJ to Special Attack Team-" (September 2009,New National TheaterSmall theater)-Masato Nakahara
    • Maria Magdalena returns to Japan "Magdala Maria-Maria dies about twice! Oriental Sunshine Express Murder Case-" (November 2009,Sunshine theater Others)-The role of Hercule Apollo
    • Shiki Theater Company Musical "the wicked(February 2010, Osaka Shiki Theater) --Fiero role (guest performance)
    • Maria Magdalena's performance in Japan "Magdala Maria-Maria's dream opens at night! Devilish Naked Shop, finally opened-" (August 2010,Umeda Arts TheaterTheater Drama City / Sunshine Theater)-The role of Hercule Apollo
    • Tokyo midnight stage7th Performance "Punched Ranker" (October 2010, Atelier Fontaine)
    • Musical One on One 22nd note "ROOM Closed Door" (April 2011, Akasaka RED THEATER) --Youth role
    • Nico Nico Musical "DEAR BOYS-Double Revenge" (April-May 2011,Theater 1010) --The role of Yuito Hoshina
    • Shiki Theater Company Musical "Wicked" (June 2011,Canal City Hakata) --Fiero role (guest performance)
    • Musical "Romeo & Juliet" (September-October 2011,Akasaka ACT Theater) --The role of Paris
    • Shiki Theater Company Musical "Wicked" (March-April 2012,Shin Nagoya Musical Theater) --Fiero role (guest performance)
    • "Bambino Final ~ Final Chapter ~" (June 2012, Theater Sun Mall /Sankei Hall Breeze) --Several horses
    • Maria Magdalena special performance in Japan "Magda Live !!" (June 2012,SHIBUYA-AX) --The role of Hercule Apollo
    • Tokyo midnight stage9th Performance "Nine Hymns. And the Cross. Sometimes Sunny" (July 2012, Akasaka RED THEATER) --Kita Kiritani
    • Tip Tap presents "Count Down My Life" (August 2012, Nakano The Pocket) --Youth role
    • "abc ★ Akasaka Boys Cabaret Spin Off "Bottom of the 3rd!"-Win by giving yourself a whisper!-"(September 2012, Theater Sun Mall) --Kenta Akaishi
    • "Star tour song(December 2012,Tennozu Galaxy Theater) --Mr. Maruta / Mr. Tamotsu / IT man / Brother role (4 roles)
    • "Miracle of Lourdes" (December 2012, Theater 12) --The role of Antoin
    • "ZANNA ~ a musical fairy tale ~" (February 2013,Theater CLIE) --Tank role
    • Maria Magdalena's special performance in Japan "Magda Live !! 2013" (June 2013, SHIBUYA-AX) --The role of Hercule Apollo
    • Musical "Romeo & Juliet" (September-October 2013,Tokyu Theater Orb) --The role of Paris
    • "Legend of the Galactic Heroes Chapter 2013 Clash Eve Eve ”(November-December 11,Tokyo International Forum) --As Mittermeyer
    • Shiki Theater Company Musical "Wicked" (December 2013-January 12, Shiki Theater "Umi")-Fiero (guest performance)
    • "Music museum" (April 2014, AiiA Theater Tokyo)
    • Broadway musical "Peter Pan" (July-August 2014, Tokyo International Forum, etc.)-Starkey
    • Improvisational play x immediate preview "potluck 6 night" (August 2014,Harajuku Astro Hall)
    • Musical "WAIST SIZE STORY" (September 2014, Theater Sun Mall) --Suzuseido
    • Off-Broadway musical "bare" (December 2014, Nakano The Pocket)-Peter
    • score produce "sign" (March 2015, Theater BONBON)- Yumeji Takehisa Roles, etc.
    • Broadway musical "Peter Pan" (July-August 2015, Tokyo International Forum, etc.)-Starkey
    • AKA Company 1st performance "tick, tick ... BOOM!" (February 2016, Theater Fushikaden) --Michael
    • "1789 -Lover of Bastille-" (April-June 2016,Imperial Theater/ Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall)-The role of Turnuman
    • Off-Broadway musical "bare" replay (June-July 2016,Theater Sun Mall) --Jason
    • "BEFORE AFTER" (February 2017, NakameguroKinkelo Theater) --Ben
    • Musical "Flowerspoppy(July-September 2017,Akasaka ACT Theater/Aichi Prefectural Art Theaterlarge hall/Morinomiya Piloti Hall)- 樊噲(Hankai) Role
    • Live spectacle "Naruto-Naruto-" - Yakushi Kabuto Role
    • Original musical "Department Store" (November 2017,Mitsukoshi Theater) --Iggy
    • Theater Creation 10th Anniversary Performance "TENTH" Part 2 Gala Concert (January 2018,Theater CLIE)
    • "1789 -Lover of Bastille-" (April-June 2018,Imperial Theater/New Kabukiza Theater /Hakataza) --The role of Turnuman
    • Broadway musical "GOD SPELL --Kamino Mikotoba-" (September-October 2018, Rikkoukai Hall) -Jesus
    • "Bird Bathing" (February 2019, Shinjuku Theater Miracle) -Frankie
    • Broadway musical "PIPPIN(December 2019,Tokyu Theater Orb)-As Lewis
    • "Gutenberg!The Musical! 2019 ”(August 2019,Shinjuku Kakuza)-Producer role (daily guest)
    • "FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUSTHE MUSICAL (March 2020,New coronavirus infectionThe general performance was canceled due to the influence of the fashion.Delivered only for non-audience performances) --Jake
    • Musical "Kuroshitsuji" ~ The Secret of Boarding School ~(March 2021 --April, Tennozu Galaxy Theater / Melparc Osaka / Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City) --Soma Asman Kadar[1]


    • BARABAN Night (September 2008, 9, Harajuku Astro Hall)
    • BARABAN Night (September 2012, 5, Harajuku Astro Hall)
    • "Count Down My Life ~ Road to NY" CDML Overseas Performance Support Live 2nd (July 2013, 7, SOUND CREEK Doppo)
    • Ryosuke Okada Talk & Live (October 2014, 10, Shiodome BLUEMOOD)
    • Reunion ~ Alumni Association ~ Talk & Live in Tokyo (February 2015, 2,Yakult Hall)
    • Ryosuke Okada &Kousuke Kosuke Talk & Live (March 2015, 3, Shiodome BLUE MOOD)
    • Rie Imaizumi Solo Live "Palette Cafe Vol.Vl ~ Birthday ~" (April 2015, 4, HEAVEN Aoyama) --Guest
    • One on One Reading Musical "Looking for Your Left Hand" After Live (April 2015, 4, Shibuya Gallery Le Deco) --Daily Guest
    • Kota Someya-Talk & Live (June 2015, 6, Shiodome BLUE MOOD) --Secret Guest
    • Showbiz "Musical Talk & Songs vol.4" (July 2015, 7, Akihabara Handlet Square Club)
    • Ryosuke Okada Talk & Live vol.2 (November 2015, 11, Shiodome BLUEMOOD)
    • Haru Kasamatsu"Birthday Live Event 2017" (January 2017, 1 night performance, Shiodome BLUEMOOD) --Guest
    • CHAIR02 "Side B" Ryosuke Okada ・Kousuke Kosuke・ Yuna Taniguchi LIVE (August 2018th and 8th, 18, Akasaka Graffiti)
    • Shinichi HashimotoFirst LIVE "S-LIVE vol.1" (September 2018, 9, Tennozu Isle KIWA) --Guest
    • Rie Imaizumi Produce Live "Takarabako Nozokou" ~ Azusa Fujikura's music and words. ~ (October 2018, 10, Kagurazaka The Giee) --Guest


    • Flowing clouds ~ With love from DJ to Kamikaze ~ (August 2009, 8) --Masato Nakahara



    • Music video appearance Woman and Children "Only your X'mas" (December 2014)
    • Kousuke KosukeBirthday Festival ~ Whale Japan Emergency Convocation ~ (September 2017) --Part 9 Guest


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