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📺 | "7 days of Papa to Musume" Surprised voice at remake "I was surprised that Gacky was 15 years ago"

Photo Yui Aragaki (taken in 2017) Crank-in!

"7 days of Papa to Musume" Surprised voice at the remake "I was surprised that Gacky was 15 years ago"

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It will be remade as a romantic comedy centered on Musume's romance.

The drama "Papa to Musume's 7 Days" (TBS series), in which Hiroshi Tachi and Yui Aragaki co-starred, will be remade for the first time in 15 years ... → Continue reading

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Love comedy

Love comedyIt is,Romantic comedy(British: romantic comedy) MeansJapanglish[1].. Abbreviation isRomantic comedy.

Etymology / term

"Love comedy" consists of love and comedy that expresses love and comedy, but in English, love is romance, which corresponds to "romantic comedy" in English-speaking countries such as Europe and the United States. Just as romantic comedy is used ambiguously, there are various types and forms of works called love comedy in Japan.note thatChineseThen romantic comedy (or romantic comedy) is called "love comedy".


Of the workGenreIs one of theloveWas the subjectcomedy(Comedy) A general term for story works with bright styles in Japan.Comic,Anime,Novel,theater,movies,DramaThere are romantic comedies in a wide range of fields such as, and they are often abbreviated as romantic comedies. TeenyouthThere are many things,high schoolWhen the state of school life in Japan (during class and returning home after school. In manga and anime, junior high school and college tend to be less than in high school), it becomes a "school romantic comedy".

The history of romantic comedy is long in the worldShakespeareIt has existed since the time of (1564-1616), and it is a classic genre in which stories are actively made with various creations even in modern times.In Japan, works on the theme of romance have gained stable popularity mainly in media such as manga and anime, and the terms "love comedy" and "love comedy" have been used since the 1970s.

Love comedy in JapanSituation comedyA case in which the elements of the protagonist are actively taken into consideration, a virtual situation is set that deviates from a part of the everyday setting that seems to be reality, and then the hero's romantic relationship is focused on and the surroundings are involved in different situations each time. And slapstick comedy (Slapstick comedy) Works with strong elements occupy the mainstream. The work originally called a love comedy, as it is called "comedy" (comedy)gagIt was a work based on a slapstick comedy or a situation comedy with a strong element, but in reality it was crossed with various other genres (#Classification ambiguity), The gag comedy element is widely called "love comedy", including works based on youth swashbucklers that are thin but bright and have a story.

Love and brightnessHappy endIt is common in that it includes such elements, and if any of these elements are included, it may be included in the category of romantic comedy.Some romantic comedies with a strong comedy element have a high affinity with parody.


JapaneseGirl cartoonIn the world of1969-1970The original was serialized in "18 years old』, But with a slapstick comedic elementLove cartoonIt is said that it was an early work and created a typical style.[Source required].

However, it was a little later that the Japanese-made English word "love comedy" became widespread.the 1970sFrom the end ofthe 1980sIn the first half ofWeekly Shonen Sunday"of"Urusei Yatsura(Serialized in 1978-87), "Shonen Big Comic"of"Miyuki』(1980 - 1984Serialization)Rumiko Takahashi,Adachi MitsuruWorks and "Weekly Shonen Magazine"of"Couple who flew』(Kimio Yanagisawa, 1978-81 series)Boy cartoonIn an era when an approximate method was established in the world of the world, it was widely established with the abbreviation "romantic comedy".Sunday (Shogakukan(Affiliated manga magazines) etc. will be described later in "touchThere are many romantic comedy works such as "Love comedy line", and the aforementioned "Miyuki" was called "Impact degree number 1 love comedy" at that time.[2], Actually, the word "romantic comedy" came to be used in the magazine.

Classification ambiguity

Depending on the workFighting-SportsOther elements such as "Urusei Yatsura" may be fused ("Urusei Yatsura" ("Urusei Yatsura")SFFusion of "and love comedy", "touch", "YAWARA!(Baseball, a fusion of judo and romantic comedy) and "Ranma 1 / 2] (Fusion of fighting and romantic comedy) etc.Both are serialized in the Shogakukan series).In addition, in works with other themes and works of other genres, romantic comedy elements may be brought in to give the work a bright atmosphere.

Even if there are few funny comedy elements, it is bright and light, and youth romance and sex appeal works with less serious style may also fall into the romantic comedy genre ("Weekly Shonen Jump"of"Kimagure Orange Road"Such[3]).On the other hand, even if the theme is romance, if it contains a few comedy elements, or if it is too thin, serious and heavy, it is basically a story.Love cartoonIt is classified as a romantic comedy, and sometimes it is not classified as a romantic comedy, and the genre classification of the work itself is ambiguous.

Work example

Only a part is illustrated (not exhaustive, in alphabetical order).

Japanese manga / TV anime

Japanese novel, light novel

Japanese TV drama

Japanese movie

Japanese games

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Remake(English: remake) Was produced in the pastmoviesA work that has been newly recreated or recreated.


Remake was originally a word for movies, but now it'sTV drama,Television Animation,Computer games,Music,FashionIt is also widely used in such fields.

Remake is to recreate the settings of the original work from scratch.Other than that, the basic remake work is made similar to the original work, although it depends on the work.The point of recreating the settings of the original work from scratchreboot-Re-imaginationAlso similar.

There are various reasons for remakes.

  1. The production date of the preceding work is old,サ イ レ ン トthe work·モ ノ ク ロThe work, which was a standard size work, is renewedTalkie-An example of remaking with a color wide screen.Since cinematic innovation is a prerequisite, it will be held at intervals of several decades.In the list belowCecil B. DemillBy the directorTen Commandments] And so on.
  2. There is a difference in video technology from the time when the previous work was made, and it was thought that a new visual could be realized by recreating it.In this case, unlike the above case, the remake may be performed at relatively short intervals of several years or ten and several years.Another reason for computer games is that they can replace computers and game machines that have become platforms.Whether it can be called a remake is subtle, but "Star Wars"First workThe initial release version of and "special edition" are applicable.
  3. An example of expecting a certain amount of hits based on a well-established work.However, if a work with extremely high evaluation is used as a base, the project may be canceled because "it is impossible to exceed the previous work".example:"Roman Holiday』.
  4. An example of retaking a work that was mainly produced in a non-native language area as a native language work.A typical example is to remake a non-English-speaking work in an English-speaking world.The race of the characters may also change.As a typical example, "Shall we dance?"Such.
  5. An example of a proven movie director or actor trying to recreate his favorite work.It also includes an example of retaking one's old work.

The story and title often follow the previous work, but there are cases where this is not the case.For example, in an example where there is an original and a work that is made into a movie is re-produced, it may be made as a "remake of the original" without aiming at "a remake of the preceding movie", and in such an example, "a preceding work". And "latecomers" can be very different (in these examples, latecomers are often reluctant to be described as "remakes").

For stage productions, even if another member replays the same thing, it is not called a "remake".

Movie remake

In the case of a movie, "remake" is a work based on a previously made movie, and does not refer to a work that has the same original or has some references.It can be said that a remake movie has the right to remake all the works, or the original work is mentioned as the original plan.

For example, in 2001,Oceans 11Is the 1960 "Ocean's XNUMX companionsIs a remake of "", but in 1989, "バ ッ ト マ ンIs the 1966 "バ ッ ト マ ン』, Not referring to the sameOriginal comicIt's a movie, so it's not a remake.

Apart from some works, the characters, lines, and themes may change when making a remake version.For example, in 1968,The Thomas Crown AffairWas mainly a bank robbery, but in 1999, "Thomas Crown Affair』Has become an art thief. 1932 "Face of the underworldIsア ル · パ チ ー ノStarring in 1983, "ScarfaceIt was remade as, butProhibition eraIn the 1932 edition ofMoonshineHowever, in the 1983 edition,modernBecause it is still set incocaineHas been changed to.The remake version may be produced by the same director as the original work.for example,Yasujiro OzuIn 1934, the black-and-white movie "A story of floating grassWas directed, but in 1959 as a color movie, "Floating grass』Also directed.Alfred HitchcockAs a black-and-white movie in 1934The assassin's houseIn 1956, he directed the color version of the remake work "The man who knew too much』Is supervised. Michael manIsHeat” in the TV movie “Made in LA] has been remade as a theatrical movie.

Remake from TV drama to movie

"The Beverly Hillbills], [Wife is a witch], [My Favorite MartianPopular TV dramas such asSeriesIs sometimes remade as a movie, but there are few works that have been successful in the box office.Among them, "Addams familyAnd 'Mission Impossible] Etc. can be said to be successful works.

Music remake work

A remake in music is the re-recording and announcement of a previously announced and released song by the person or the same group (or a member of the previous group).However, in pre-launch promotions, articles and product headlines, "Self coverIs often called or specified.

Computer game remake

It's been a while since it was releasedGame softwareAndハ ー ド-Game software that has become difficult to obtain due to the discontinuation of software production and sales may be remade using the latest model as a platform.

For example, in 1993, onceNESReleased for "Super mario bros4 works in the series (1-3 and "Super Mario USA]) Was the latest model at that timeSuper NintendoAs a platformSuper Mario Collection] Was remade as one piece of software.

Also in 1993, likewise on the Family Computer"Dragon Quest" seriesThe first and second works of "" as software for Super NintendoDragon Quest I / IIIt was remade as.

After that, the "Dragon Quest" series and"Final Fantasy" series,"Pokemon Series"Past popular works such as are remade.

Even if you say "remake" in a bite, there are remake works that are relatively faithful to the basics (such as remakes of the "Dragon Quest" series), and there are remake works that greatly deviate from the original (""Splatterhouse Naughty Graffiti], [Romancing Saga -Minstrel Song-], [FINAL FANTASY III 3D REMAKE"Such).

When remade, it is not always reproduced with the graphic and difficulty level at the time of the original version release, but the graphicBrushup,MoviesAdditions, current game users (especiallyLight user) May be taken to reduce the difficulty level.

Also, when the initial work in one series work is remade, communication is impossible due to the difference in hardware such as incorporating the system of the current work to improve the efficiency of play or the difference in hardware like the "Pokemon" series. There is also the purpose of making the work that was just possible by remake.

In addition, I dare to remake the old look,Demake (demake)[1].en: Video game remake #DemakesSee also

Fashion remake

Remodeling fashionable items such as clothes and accessories is not just about re-sizing, but "used clothes are now in fashion.DesignRemake old things such as "to dress into one piece" to a completely new one.A new answer to the needs of the ecology eraFashionDesignGenre.Remade fashion (remade fashion).


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