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🎥 | Hokuto Matsumura & Nana Mori, W starring movie safely cranked up! "Desperately from now on"


Hokuto Matsumura & Nanana Mori starring in a movie that cranked up safely!

Hokuto Matsumura of the idol group SixTONES and Nana Mori of the actress starring in the movie "Liar x Liar ..." → Continue reading

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Movie starring crank up safely!

Mori Nana

Mori Nana(Morina,2001May 8[1] -) isJapan Ofactress.OitaBackground[1]..Affiliation office is →HurbleSony Music Artists(Agent business alliance[3]), The label you belong toSony Music Records.


In 2016, at a store in Oita prefecture where I went out to eat with my family during the summer vacation when I was in the third year of junior high schoolHurbleWas scouted by the manager of[4].

September of the same year,Isao YukisadaTaken the megaphoneNescafeStarted performing arts activities with WebCM[4].

2017 year 6 month,Amazon Prime VideoDelivered inSonoko OnsenOriginal drama "Tokyo Vampire Hotel] Debuted as an actress[1].

In July of the same year, the movie “My heart wants to scream.The first appearance in the movie[1], Nippon TV series drama "Oct.I was just bornThe first appearance in a TV drama[1].

Published in August and 8Shunji IwaiMovie byLast letterWas announced to appear in the movie, which was held in December of the same year.Xin HaichengAnimated movie byWeather childIt was revealed at the production announcement press conference that he was selected as the heroine Hina Amano.[5].

May 2019,Nikkei Trendy』(Nikkei BP)'S next year's face[6].. Same month,The 98th National High School Soccer ChampionshipFifteenth generationSupport managerAppointed to[7][Note 1].. In the program on the day before the final, he participated in the tournament as a representative of OitaOita High School[Note 2]Announced that he is in school. The soccer club manager of the school was a close friend, and when he was in the first year of high school, the dream of "meeting at the national competition as a participating school and a support manager" was held by two people, and it was broadcast that it was realized[8].

As a singer who sang the theme song "Kaerunouta" of the movie "Last Letter" in January 2020,Sony musicMade a major debut[9].

March 3th, same yearVoice actor awardWon the New Actress Award[10].. In the first half of the same year,Ale』I played the role of the heroine's sister and said that it was a dreamNHKContinuous tv novelFirst appearance in[11][12].

September of the same year,Otsuka Pharmaceutical"Oronamin CThe song "" used in the commercialSmile"Hoff DylanProduced and covered, and released for distribution only[13].

"Started in October of the same year"Will you warm up this love] (TBS) starring in a serial drama for the first time[14].

On January 2021, 1, "Nana Mori" was deleted from the talent list on the site of the agency Able, and Instagram (15 million followers) operated by the office staff and updated daily from the debut date was also closed. Was done[15]..Then from the arbleSony Music ArtistsThere is a report that there is a possibility of transferring to (SMA)[16], On the 24th of the same month, it was announced from the official website that it had entered into an agent business alliance with SMA.[17].

Opened a new Instagram account on March 3th[18].


Oita High SchoolA graduate of the commercial department[19].

HobbyMovieMake,ダンス,ピ ア ノ[1].. Special skill isイ ラ ス トdraw[4]..Left-handed[20].

WriterYuji SakamotoI am a fan of and go to talk shows and autograph sessions.[2].. Among the Sakamoto works, my favorite drama is "Quartet], [Someday I will remember this love and I'll surely cry], [Woman]. In interviews, he often replied, "To appear in Yuji Sakamoto's work" as a dream for the future.[2][21].

What's your favorite movie"Halfway], [Earthworm], [Hot love to boil hot water』.

My favorite novel is a twistChinen Mikito,Keigo HigashinoRead carefully.

The actress you admireMitsushima Hikari,Fumi Nikaido,Sugisakika[22].

Also, to my favorite actressHirose TinNamed, "Last letterWhen I co-starred in the movie, I handed over a letter and received a letter from Hirose in return.[23].







Feature film

Short film

tv set

TV drama

MC / Navigator

  • Mori Nanana's High School Soccer Soul (December 2019, 12-January 29, 2020, Nippon Television)-MC
  • ZIP!(August 2020th-8th, 7, NTV)-Monthly Friday personality[54][55]
  • NHK Special"" (January 2021, February 1, 9, NHK General TV) --Navigator[56]
  • Chest Kyun Test! (February 2021, 2, TBS) --MC (CandyAnd in charge)[57]

Music specials


Delivery drama

Theater animation


  • Let's go all over the country!Reading Journey "Reading" -Yuji Sakamoto's words and Hikari Mitsushima go on a reading journey- (November 2019, 11, Ehime, EhimeUchiza





Music video



  • Mori Nanana Calendar 2020 (November 2019, 11, Hagoromo[83][84]

Photo album



Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberHighest rankRecording album
1st2020/1/15Frog noutaCDSRCL-1133926 bitUnpublished

Delivery single

Release datetitle
2nd2021/1/20Smile -WINTER MIX-

Tie-up list

Appointment yearSongTie-upImage
2020Frog noutaTohoDistribution movie "Last letterTheme song[9][86][87]
2020SmileOtsuka Pharmaceutical "Oronamin C"CM[13][88][89]


注 釈

  1. ^ Appointed from the third gradeAragaki YuiIt's been 13 years since then and the second person.
  2. ^ At the time of the announcement of the appointment of the forest manager, the Oita Prefecture convention is being held.
  3. ^ "3rd Year Group A-From now on, you are all hostages-』And the same role.


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