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🎥 | Johnny's Shuffle Medley is back in "THE MUSIC DAY"!Music announced

Photo "THE MUSIC DAY" broadcast on July 7 – (C) NTV

Johnny's Shuffle Medley is back in "THE MUSIC DAY"!Music announced

If you write the contents roughly
"Hug me TONIGHT" "Gingiragin casually" "Masquerade" "Glass teen" "DAY BREAK" "Yozora no Muko" "AMBITIOUS JAPAN!

"Johnny's Shuffle Medley" is back on "THE MUSIC DAY" (Nippon TV) broadcast on July 7nd ... → Continue reading

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Day break

Day break (daybreak) is in English夜 明 けA word that means.

TV/Radio programs
  • --American folk band.
  • DAY-BREAK -Japanese band.
  • zeroと流華A female professional wrestler unit formed by. Formed on June 2005, 6, it was virtually dissolved after the death of Ruka on September 4, 2005.
  • --2008 Filipino gay movie)

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Masquerade(Kamenbutokai) ismaskIt is done by putting on and hiding the identityDanceThat.Masquerade(British: masquerade) AndBar Maske(Buddha: masked ball) Also.ヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アIs the origin.In addition, many works such as music and literature are titled "Masquerade" and "Masquerade".

Fancy-dress parade and masquerade ball

A masquerade is an event such as a ball held by participants wearing masks.The origin of these gatherings is中 世Late europecourtThere is a magnificent procession in allegorical and elaborate costumes, a proud procession to celebrate the wedding, and other flashy events and entertainment in court life.To be representativeCostume ball (Morisco, morisco).

As a famous tragedy set in a costume ballCentennial warPeriodFrancekingCharles VIWhat happened in the era of "Bal des Ardents"(" Le Bal des ardents ").QueenIsabeau of BavariaCelebrate the wedding of one of the maids13931/28Held a large-scale costume ball in Japan.Charles VI and the five aristocratsflaxとRosinI tried to do "Bal des sauvages" (barbarian dance), which I covered my body with and dressed as a barbarian in a hairy forest and chained each other to dance.TorchThe costumes burned too close to, and Charles VI was saved, but four people were burned to death.Charles VI is alreadyEnglandI was shocked by the defeat against the army, but after that I quickly became ill (this incidentエ ド ガ ー · ア ラ ン · ポ ーIs the source of the short story "Jumping Frog").The ball in these costumesDuchy of BurgundyIt was a luxury event held on a special occasion at the court.


Based on these events and marches15st century OfRenaissancePeriodItalySo, a public festival was held in which participants dressed up and attended (Masquerata in Italian).masqueradeWas called).These are elaborate balls that are generally held for upper class members, especiallyヴ ェ ネ ツ ィ アThen, "Wearing a maskVenice CarnivalIt became popular because it was linked to the tradition of ".

17st centuryから18st centuryThe Venetian masquerade became popular in courts throughout the European continent.The masquerade was so popular that it was the main cause of disturbing the morals.Maria TheresiaThere was also a person who issued a ban as represented by.The masquerade was also often the stage of tragedy.SwedenkingGustav VI The1792, A nobleman dissatisfied with his rule during the Kamen ButohJacob Johan Anchor Srem Assassinated with a pistol by (Jacob Johan Anckarström).This caseEugene Scribe OfOpera"Gustave III" andGiuseppe VerdiOpera ofMasquerade』It is the subject of.

In the UKHenry VSince the time of the era, masquerade has been held as a pleasure for the upper class. The masquerade ball held in London in the early 18th centuryチケットIt was a system, and if you didn't have a weapon and wore a mask, the general public could participate.You can dress freely,Cross dressAnd the dressing of the proletariat by the upper class people became popular.Upper class people had detailed interpersonal norms and etiquette set for each class, and during the masquerade, they were able to deviate from their oppression by masked anonymity.[1].Henry Fielding"Masquerade" andJoseph addisonIn "Spectator", the state of the masquerade ball at that time and the psychology of the people who missed it are depicted.

Many criticized the masquerade ball for unscrupulous acts and fornication, such as bold inward vomit and open communication.[1]. Johann Jacob Heidegger The1710Venetian masqueradeUK OfHaymarket Opera HouseIt was held at.Heidegger became a celebrity under the name of "Count of Switzerland"18st century OfUnited Kingdom, And masquerades were all the rage in the North American colonies.On the other hand, masquerade and Heidegger, who introduced it, were criticized by various circles for paralyzing morals and ethics, and opposition movements also took place.William HogarthHas published prints that satirize the rise of masquerades and Heidegger, and writers who oppose the existence of masquerades (including Henry Fielding) have been immoral and "in the UK." He criticizes the masquerade ball as spreading the "adverse effects from overseas."They persuaded those in power to oppose the masquerade, but the force of the means to ban it remained distracting.

The masquerade was sometimes held as a game between invited guests.The masked customers dressed so that they couldn't tell who they were, and played a game in which they guessed each other's identities.Due to the influence of this game, masks that are more humorously devised to confuse the identity of the person have appeared.

Masked balls are still held all over the world today, but the atmosphere of the party was emphasized.Ballroom dancingPart is less emphasized.More crushedHalloweenSuch costume parties carry on the tradition of the once suspicious masquerade ball.The typical masquerade that remains today isUniversity of ViennaBall "Rudolfina" by alumni ofRudolfina Redoute) And so on.

Since the masquerade is a very picturesque event, it has been the subject of literature and music.Edgar Allan Poe's short story "Masque of the Red Death], A person wearing an ominous mask reminiscent of a patient with red death appears at a masquerade held by aristocrats who escape the plague of red death and stay in the monastery.Hermann HesseThe autobiographical novel ofSteppenwolf』, Zurich's masquerade will be an important stage.Also, many romance novels set in the upper class of 18th century England are set in masquerade.plotIt can be a tool for advancing.

Works with the titles of masquerade and masquerade


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