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🎥 | Start tonight!What is the cast and synopsis of "Old Rookie" starring Go Ayano?

Photo Go Ayano – (C) TBS

Start tonight!What is the cast and synopsis of "Old Rookie" starring Go Ayano?

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The theme song "Ametan" will be unveiled for the first time on the first broadcast.

The TBS-based Sunday Theater "Old Rookie" starring Go Ayano will be broadcast today from 26 o'clock on the 9th (first time ... → Continue reading

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re-airWhat is (Saihoso)?

  1. Japan OfBroadcasting lawThe heading of Article 11 is "OtherBroadcaster OfbroadcastTo receive and send within the business area. "Under the previous broadcasting-related laws and regulationsRetransmissionWas also used,2011(23)6/30[1]It was unified to rebroadcast.Derived from hereCable television broadcastingIn terminologySimultaneous rebroadcast,Obligatory rebroadcast,Designated rebroadcaster,Rebroadcast outside the areaThere is.See each item for details.
  2. Television broadcasting-Radio broadcastIt is to rebroadcast a program that was once broadcast.The opposite words are "main broadcast", "first broadcast", and "first broadcast".Professional channelAnd so onrepeatbroadcast", In some cases"Encorebroadcast[2]Also called.
  3. Receive and amplify radio broadcasts on the roadtunnelWithinInduction radioBy etc.Car AudioTo rebroadcast the radio for such purposes.Radio rebroadcast equipment in the tunnelSee.

This article deals with 2.

re-airIn a narrow sense, (saihoso) refers to rebroadcasting a program that was once broadcast on its own station, in this case.A TV scheduleIs marked with a mark indicating rebroadcast, and basically even the first broadcast is not regarded as a "new program" in most cases.

In a broad sense, it also refers to broadcasting a program that was once broadcast outside the own station in the same broadcasting area and has never been broadcast at the own station, but in this case, for a newly broadcast station, the main broadcast (first time (Broadcast) (No rebroadcast mark in the program guide[3]).However, since it can be said that it is a de facto rebroadcast for viewers in the same broadcasting area as before, "re-airIs often called.In a broader sense, it is a program on the national network and there are no affiliated stations in your prefecture.Delay netAlthough,Spillover,CATV OfRebroadcast outside the areaIn an environment where you can watch on the net at the same time due to such reasons, programs that are delayed on the net at broadcasting stations in your prefecture are also "re-airSometimes called[4]..Of course, even in this case, the rebroadcast mark is not attached to the program guide.

Types and times of programs to be rebroadcast

Programs that are often rebroadcast on television in Japan are mainlyPrime timeWas broadcast onTV drama-Entertainment shows-Travel program-documentaryprogram·Television AnimationAnd so on.Program counter quiz planning program etc.Special programMay be rebroadcast.On the other handMidnight programThere are few reruns.RebroadcastKey stationSo-called nationwide net programs produced by each station, so-called in-house produced by each stationLocal showAll of them are targeted.In Japan, it is rare to rebroadcast during the golden time,NHK Educational TV (NHK E Tele)Then,SundayAt 20:XNUMXSunday MuseumIs being rebroadcast.AmericaThen, golden timePrime timeRebroadcasts such as dramas are being carried out.

At the time of rebroadcast, a note regarding the end of application acceptance at the program viewer present corner (example: "Please note that we are not accepting applications at this time" etc.) and the station at other times during the main broadcast Of the program broadcast onProgram advertisementAnd the content that was supposed to be at the time of the main broadcast, such as quiz problems, was not at the time of the main broadcasttelop[5]Is often given by.Next notice in serial drama[6]May be cut.This is due to organizational reasons (because the broadcast time is short and to secure the CM time), but sometimes the address of the program official website is written (the 2000sAlthough it is written from, the program site at that time is often already closed.For this reason, at the time of notice, the address part may be blurred or another telop may be added, or the next notice itself may be cut and displayed as "●● (program name) / end" due to rebroadcasting. be).Also, in the serial drama, a single picture such as "This work is fiction" may be written in the next notice on the blue background after the ending, and a single picture that was not in the main broadcast in the Fuji TV drama work. (Or end cards that include it) are often newly created.alsoAsahi Broadcasting TV,Seto Inland Sea BroadcastingIn the rebroadcast of some serial dramas, a telop saying "This work is fiction" is inserted at the ending (because the telop is inserted in the next notice that will be cut in the rebroadcast).

If the drama or animation is rebroadcast in golden time, the program commentary, new scenes, original author, etc. will be titled "~ Summary", "~ Complete Edition", "~ Encore Special", "Drama Legend ~", etc. Of the performersTalk, New drama of related works or theatrical version may be broadcast after adding notices. (As a special example, animationPop Team EpicIn the 2021 rebroadcast, a "remix version" was created that shuffled the number of episodes in charge of the cast voice actors and re-recorded the voice. ) Even in NHK, when performing an encore broadcast of past broadcast times, "●● (program name) / selection" may be displayed without using the rebroadcast mark.Also, especially on E-Tele, although the rebroadcast mark is written on the newspaper program guide,EPGSome programs are not listed in (School broadcast,Educational program,Anime showSuch).In addition, variety shows may broadcast tales and talks that were broadcast in the past as a collection of famous scenes.New year three dayThe variety special program that will be broadcast during the golden time of the year will be rebroadcast from early morning to afternoon at the end of the same year.[7]Sometimes.This often doubles as an advertisement for the latest work that will be broadcast on New Year's Day the following year, and even if it is marked as rebroadcast, an advertising telop such as "Broadcast from 6 pm on the first day" is displayed in the main story. There is a notice at the beginning of the commercial and after the commercial.In the case of golden time, it will be broadcast as a special project, so there will be no rebroadcast mark on the program guide.Credit providedDisplay of sponsors byTerrestrial wavebroadcast·BS broadcasting / CS broadcastingIn many cases, it is not done in any of the above.

Key stationThe program that was broadcast onLocal bureauSome people misuse the fact that they are delayed on the internet as "rebroadcast".[8]Depending on the environment in which simultaneous network stations can be received, it may be a de facto rebroadcast.

Due to cost reduction due to business deterioration2009Since then, the number of rebroadcast slots has been on the rise.2015Until springTBS series-Fuji TV seriesMost of the stations used about 14 hours around 00:16 on weekdays--around 50:3 for rebroadcast slots.note that,2014From April to December,TV Asahi seriesThen,Wide! ScrambleDue to the reorganization, many stations were rebroadcast for about 13 hours from 05:4, but it was shortened to around 10:14 --00: 16 by reorganization from October.note that,2015From spring, rebroadcast slots have been significantly reduced for both Fuji TV and TBS.

On the other hand,NTV seriesThen at 13:55 --15:50, "Information Live Miyaneya』Because it is broadcasting, rebroadcast frame[9]Will be after that.Also in the local stationEvening wide programThere is also a station that broadcasts at 16:10, and in this case, there will be no rebroadcast slot at that time (25:11 --25:XNUMX in the morning or if it is a rebroadcast slot on Saturdays, Sundays, and afternoons). There is also) of the key stationNippon TV Of2014From winternews every.』The rebroadcast frame on weekdays disappeared due to the time expansion.Fuji Television Network, IncThen Saturday 15:30 --17:30 ("Saturday wide]),TV AsahiIs Saturday 10:00 --17:25 (News,Mini showThere is a rebroadcast frame in).GolfrelaySuch asSports broadcastMay enter.

the 2000sIt is a drama produced after that, and at the time of the main broadcastSubtitled broadcastingThe work that has been done may be compatible with subtitles even if it is rebroadcast.HoweverMetropolitan area OfTerrestrial waveThere are many stations that do not support it in rural areas.

Like 15:55Flying startOrCMMay be broadcast 5-6 minutes longer than the main broadcast.

NHKof"Continuous tv novelAnd 'Chico scolds me!], There are also programs that have regular rebroadcast frames.

At NHKBSThe program that was popular inTerrestrial wave OfLate nightIt is often rebroadcast in the frame, but what is "popular" in this case?Audience ratingIs not expensivecritic,JournalistRefers to programs that have been well received (as of 1998)[10].

Main reasons for reruns

The rebroadcast is "Expense"Reduction" "Past dramaRemakeOr when making a sequelPropaganda"Broadcast the previous work of the new program" "NoonSpace betweenframeFill in the holes "" PowerfulBack programThe main reason is "avoidance to", but some programs are rebroadcast at the request of the viewer.[11][12]..Also, if a TV drama is made into a movie, the drama will be rebroadcast before the movie is released.[13]It may be done.

In addition, this broadcast is in the middle of the program, such as an earthquakePress special program,Sports broadcastIt is sometimes called rebroadcasting to be replaced in a hurry and broadcast to the end again.In this case, it is often broadcast on the next broadcast day, but in the case of a special program or due to the convenience of the broadcast schedule, it was broadcast at another time zone.[14][15]There is alsoEven if it is broadcast to the end,Broadcasting accident, only some Internet stations have stopped broadcasting, long delays and interruptions,L-shaped screenIf it is affected by such things, it may be rebroadcast on a different day.

Golden time programs may also be rebroadcast.They are "the show's steepCensored"There is a problem with the content of the broadcast, so we voluntarily cancel the broadcast.[16]"Performers andVoice actor"Convenience" "LargeEarthquakeLarge scale such asdisasterIf the production of the program was not made in time for[17]For reasons such asConnecting programWhen rebroadcasting as.Also, exceptionally, "SazaeIs19754/1から199711/18Until[18]Golden timeTuesdayIt was rebroadcast from 19:00 to 19:30 (OP,EDIs a newly produced one, and has been renamed to "Manga Masterpiece Theater Sazae-san").At the beginning, it was a network sales frame,1985ThanLocal sales quotaHas moved to.Also,"Pokemon"Also1999から2002As "Pokemon Encore"Secondary audioEnglishIt was broadcasting with additional broadcasting.2009Also"Hikaru no Go"ButMondayIt was broadcast from 19:30.

In addition, the special drama that was broadcast in the past on the Fuji TV series is "Drama legend specialIs being broadcast with the label ""HERO』Like highAudience ratingSome were recorded.This is a rare example of a special drama that was broadcast in the past, which was broadcast on the national network and multiple times, and even had a unique label name.

In addition, those that have problems with broadcasting ethics are often edited to the extent that there is no problem with the main story.On the contrary, it may be broadcast after displaying a telop such as "Currently, it contains unfavorable expressions, but we will respect the original of the work and broadcast it as it is."The same program may be broadcast repeatedly.CS broadcasting channel for commercial broadcasting key stations (TBS channel,Fuji TV TWO,TV morning channelIn the rebroadcast of), CM cuts are broadcast, and all episodes of drama programs are broadcast at once.Also, due to rights (such as Western music being used in the theme song)DVDIn many cases, works that are difficult to soften or distribute online are also rebroadcast.In the case of a drama, the ending scene may be cut to "END", and the theme song may not be heard.

In the case of dramas, when broadcasting on affiliated stations, rebroadcasting is also included in the contract.

In sports broadcasts, if the broadcast time is midnight due to broadcasts from overseas, it may be broadcast again all day, and these are "Recorded broadcastAlso called.

If a writer / movie director or actor / actress diesMourning featureThe works of the author, the works of the director (movies and dramas), and the works of actors and actresses (movies and dramas)Regardless of terrestrial, BS, CS, Realre-airIt may be done.Also, talk shows may be rebroadcast for the same reason.[19].

Also, animePop Team EpicThen, there is a production in which almost the same video is used in the first half part and the second half part, and the second half part is called "rebroadcast" and the voice actor and detailed production are changed and broadcast.

Trend etc.

the 1980sMain until the first halfKey stationでeveningHad monopolized the time zone ofAnimeBroadcasting at key stations is decreasing, declining birthrate,Cram school,Club activitiesDecrease in home rate due toGameSuch asplayDue to the diversification ofthe 1990sSince then, it has decreased significantly[20].

In recent years, drama reruns have replaced anime.News program-Evening wide programIs increasing ("Wide show of news programsSee also).

In the rebroadcast frame of the drama, in the Fuji TV system2010From OctoberKorean dramaIs a unique frame for broadcasting "Hallyu α』Is installed, the rebroadcast of terrestrial drama has decreased, TBS system andBS Nippon TelevisionHowever, the percentage of Korean dramas being broadcast in the rebroadcast frame was increasing,2011The influence of the demonstration on Fuji TV's Korean wave bias ("Fuji TV protest demonstration(See), each station was forced to shrink, and in 2012, "Korean wave α" ended, and TBS's "Korean wave select" also2014Ends in March. As of 3, broadcasting is mainly on local stations (especially independent stations) and BS / CS broadcasting.Also,2012From around 4 pm, it will be rebroadcast from XNUMX pm "Partner』(TV Asahi) Has come to get an audience rating approaching double digits[21]..Because of that influence2013In the spring, NTV and Fuji TV often rebroadcast programs other than dramas.

Johnny's OfficeFor the drama in which the talent you belong to,Portrait rightDue to the handling policy of, it may not be rebroadcast[22][23][24]..However, many variety shows are rebroadcast.[25].

Regional differences

  • On Asahi Television Broadcasting, "PartnerSuch asWednesday night police dramaOr,Kasouken WomanSuch asThursday mysteryThere are many rebroadcasts.
  • Kansai area(EspeciallyTV OsakaとSun TV) Even now, mainly around 8 am and midnightTV Tokyo animeIs being rebroadcast and other series of anime are being broadcast relatively often.Also, especially Asahi Broadcasting TelevisionKansai TVThen, there is a tendency to reject simultaneous net programs of key stations and rebroadcast mainly during the year-end and New Year holidays.[26].
  • Kanagawalike,the 2000sbecomeLate nightIn some cases, the rebroadcast of the anime started to focus on the rebroadcast of anime.In addition, there are cases where the animation is rebroadcast at midnight,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series(TXNIn), there are cases where rebroadcasts are performed to fill in the empty animation frames.
  • Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefectureThen.2009Setonaikai Broadcasting in the same afternoonRSK Sanyo Broadcasting-TV setの3局が2時間サスペンスの再放送を行うようになり、そのうち前者2局では14時 - 15時台という時間帯に放送されていて、瀬戸内海放送では公式ホームページでサスペンス再放送枠の告知を行っていたが、2015年現在では、瀬戸内海放送が14時から15時台を連続ドラマ再放送枠に変更し、サスペンス再放送から撤退し、テレビせとうちは12:00 - 13:50での放送のため、再放送枠の競合は解消されている。連続ドラマの再放送は瀬戸内海放送とOkayama BroadcastingRSK TV may also be broadcast at irregular times.
  • Tokai TV(Nagoya) is made in-houseLunch DoraIs often rebroadcast. As of April 2013, it is being rebroadcast on Wednesday midnight between 4 and 2 o'clock.In the past"Drama 30Was producing a daytime drama seriesCBC TVThen,Kids war』Except for the series, almost no in-house produced drama was rebroadcast,2009Around that time, he started rebroadcasting drama 30 and so on.
  • Shikoku BroadcastingIn (Tokushima), in the 1990s, dramas from stations outside the affiliated stations were broadcast intensively on weekdays from 16:00 to 16:54.20114/8Until then, a rebroadcast frame for TV dramas produced and broadcast by other series was set up at 10 o'clock on weekdays under the title of "JRT Wife Theater" (including non-series net reception).In rare cases, reruns of TV dramas of the same series and programs of different genres (variety shows)mail orderIt was sometimes assigned to a frame, etc.). The drama broadcast frame as of 2015 is a regular drama on weekdays as of 10 because it is an irregular broadcast in the frame of 25:11 --25:2015 entitled "Morning Dora!" There is no rebroadcast slot.
  • Aomori BroadcastingThen,Iwate Menkoi TVIndependent production including the production "E5 Good Journey"Mini showUnless there are special circumstances, we will not rebroadcast in principle.However, variety programs produced by key stations in Tokyo (NTV, Fuji TV, TV TOKYO) may be rebroadcast due to the organization of the key stations.[27], Aomori Broadcasting is connected to the production committee on the stage of Aomori Prefecture.Flying Witch] Was also rebroadcast.

For anime

If a TV station is involved in the production of animation, the station has the right to broadcast twice in two years, and can rebroadcast once in addition to the main broadcast.[28]..After that, the rights are transferred to the production company, and the TV station signs a new broadcasting contract with the production company and rebroadcasts.The period is 2 years and there is no limit on the number of times[29].

Therefore, the old animation may be broadcast on a broadcasting station different from the main broadcast.For example, Fuji TV (FNS) Broadcasted on "Urusei Yatsura"ofTOKYO MX-ChibateleSuch asIndependent broadcasting station,NHK BS-2Broadcast on Fuji TV, "touch] OrNHKWas broadcast onFuture Boy Conan』Broadcast on Nippon Television.At this time, the credits of TV stations outside the company's affiliate may be deleted.[30][31]..Also, "" broadcast on Nippon TelevisionKinnikumanIs a series CS channelNippon Television PlusAfter being broadcast onFuji TV 739 (currently ONE)And then after thatTV morning channel 2It has also been broadcast on other CS channels.On the contrary, animation broadcasted by commercial broadcasters will be broadcast on NHK-BS.[32]There is also.

Also"Kindaichi Shonen Case Files"Gintama"("Yorukiki Gintama]) In the case of long-term works of one year or more, it may be broadcast halfway, or only a few episodes selected in particular under the titles of "masterpiece selection" and "best selection" may be broadcast.

In this broadcast, works that were discontinued due to low audience rating etc. regained popularity due to rebroadcast, and sequels were madeRemakeIs often done.For example, "Lupin IIIAnd 'Space Battleship Yamato], [Mobile Suit Gundam] And so on.Among them, TV TOKYO was broadcast on the Nippon TV series.Original Genius BakabonWas rebroadcast to raise the audience rating, and on Fuji TV, "Heisei Genius BakabonThere is also a case that was produced.

From the production company for rebroadcastWriters Guild of JapanBelongs toWriterとJapan Actors UnionBelongingVoice actorThe usage fee is paid to[33].

New works that are often broadcast at midnight after the 2000sUHF anime(Midnight animeIn the case of), the rebroadcast is often a one-time broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting due to the convenience of mainly CS broadcasting, but late-night animation broadcasted on TOKYO MX after the 1sWOWOW animeIn some cases, rebroadcasts such as are being carried out.Also,2008There is also a program that broadcasts two times each in the main broadcast and repeat broadcast in some new animations. Since the latter half of the 2s, video softwareBlu-rayIn some cases, it will be rebroadcast as a promotion when the version is released.In addition, the 2012 broadcast "AKB0048] Is a terrestrial network station, when broadcasting in 2 cools, the rebroadcast frame of the 2st period is set in the 1nd period broadcasting period.Also, in this case, depending on the producer, rebroadcast may be performed on a station different from the main broadcast as in the old animation.[34].

Nationwide in TV TOKYO seriesSimultaneous netThe anime is often rebroadcast on.For example, "Anime 530'[35]Then,Card Fight!! Vanguard] OrSaturday morningof"Yu-Gi-Oh series] And so on.Depending on the work, there are some cases where OP / ED different from the one at the time of the main broadcast is produced.

In overseas anime broadcasts, the original opening and ending are cut and replaced with Japanese original ones, or simply omitted, but sometimes they are not cut.What is cut

  • INCOLOR-An eye catch that indicates that it is a color broadcast.Most of them display a stepwise spectrum that images the three primary colors and the rainbow.
  • Theme song and opening
  • stuffed roll
  • Broadcast Network Logo and Theme Song-Animation and music to match the logo of the broadcaster that aired the original version.
  • Production and publisher logos and anime
  • Eye catch before and after CM
  • Product Placement-The part where the character of the anime promotes the sponsored product.

Specifically, in the Warner Bros. intro, replace it with the program title logo for terrestrial broadcasting (eg, ""Tom and Jerry Tales』).In some cases, endings used overseas are cut in Japan (there may be no staff rolls, and there are no voice actors or staff notations).

For radio

Focusing on strip programming,NHK・ Commercial broadcasting stations ・Community broadcastingWill be rebroadcast.

Also, for long-time wide programs, only one corner or free talk part in the program is excerpted, edited and rebroadcast.[36]In some cases, only the parts that correspond to past information such as news and weather forecasts are cut and most of them are rebroadcast.[37].

OnceMinaminihonhosoThen use the vacant frameLongevity programWas rebroadcasting around until the next program started[38], Because it is broadcast as a connecting program, in principle, it is a no-sponsor, even though it is an in-house produced programCM fillerWas included. Due to the generalization of radiko's time-free listening, no such measures have been taken, and it is the same as other stations.Radio shoppingIs mainly organized as a single program.

"Telephone life consultation』Also, the rebroadcast of the past broadcast times of personality and respondentsMourningTime and production bureauNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.If the broadcast is off and only the internet station is broadcast, it will always be done.

recentlyCopyrightOnly the processed part of the broadcasting stationWebsiteToUploadIs a retransmission service via the InternetradikoIn many cases, most of the programs can be listened to after the broadcast ends (time-free function), which is one of the options for rebroadcast requests.

In the case of a crowned program, if the program MC cannot appear on the program for some reason (except due to scandals), the past program may be rebroadcast.[39].

For CS broadcasting

In addition, broadcasting stations called new channels such as CS broadcasting are overwhelmingly called "repeated broadcasting" (repeat broadcasting) and emphasize rebroadcasting and repeat broadcasting rather than main broadcasting.In addition, a program that broadcasts subtitles, which was not available at the time of terrestrial broadcasting (on the TBS channel, "Mito Komon] Etc.).

This is to allow viewers who subscribed from the middle to watch from the beginning, and there is a request from existing viewers to see it again (so-called ""Catch-up broadcastKind of[40]), Also because of the nature of satellite broadcasting(I.e.-thunderstorm-(I.e.It comes for reasons such as consideration so that it can be seen again even if it becomes difficult to receive due to bad weather such as[41][42].

In other cases

At local stations, there are most examples of filling in blank frames.Indie program (some of themKBS Kyotoof"Poji positive eggThere are also places where live wide rebroadcasts are performed, such as ”, but this is the same as the repeat broadcast of CS broadcasts.

BS-TBSof"Yoshida's tavern wanderlust],Spin-offThe program "Woman bar wandering record] Is currently being broadcast in four 15-minute programs in an hour frame, with only the first one being broadcast and the remaining three being rebroadcasts.Overlooked free distribution is also available only in this broadcast version.

BS SKY PerfecTV!Also of anime song related titlesPV (promotional video)I have a program that broadcasts a digest ofM-on EntertainmentOperation ・MUSIC ON!Is also producing repeat broadcasts).Independent broadcasting stations also fill in the gaps and broadcast PV digest programs (such as "MUSIC BRAKE") in the form of mini-programs or 30-minute regular programs.also,WOWOWIn many cases, theatrical feature-length anime works broadcast on BS SKY PerfecTV! And BS SKY PerfecTV!"Movie only ion!""child chasing star"[43]Such)

TOKYO MX "TOKYO MX NEWS→news TOKYO FLAG』は平日の17時59分 - 18時25分にMX1で放送したものをMX2で同日の23時30分から23時56分に再放送している(重大なニュースが入った時にはLive broadcastReplace with).Even when the station opened, the news was rebroadcast from 22:26 for 45 minutes from XNUMX:XNUMX.Nippon Sea TVThen, a program called "NKT Pickup THE DAY" was once broadcast, but this program is about the straight news part of the evening wide news, and the lead part that the announcer appears is displayed as a blue background subheading in 15 minutes. It was edited and broadcast, and is a de facto rebroadcast. It is a rare case that a news program is regularly rebroadcast on terrestrial broadcasting other than CS broadcasting.In radio, in the 1980s, radio protein (currentlyRadio NIKKEI) Was broadcasting "News All Night』(Live broadcast only for the first hour, then repeat the same broadcast unless sudden news comes in).

NHKThen live broadcastNews program,Information programIf you want to rebroadcastE TeleWelfare program ("Heart net tvAnd 'Barbara”, Etc.), a correction is made to delete the“ LIVE ”telop on the screen.On the other handGeneral TVRebroadcast of news and information programs ofKuro Gen +Selection ”etc.Local information programIn many cases, the telop is not corrected when broadcasting nationwide at a later date.[44].

Despite being on the main broadcast since the 1990s (without waiting for the final episode), rebroadcasting the already broadcasted part in the evening, midnight, and daytime (CS broadcasting says "Catch-up broadcast”) Has also begun to take place[40].. 2012 anime "Super fast gyro setterIs limited to the Kanto area five days after the main broadcast (Tuesday evening) (Sunday morning), but it is being rebroadcast on terrestrial broadcasting.Also, in some dramas, past works and series were rebroadcast during the main broadcast.[45].

This is an attempt to bring viewers who did not see the first, second ... to the main broadcast in order to raise the audience rating of dramas and some new animations (Program advertisementIs a kind of).1995Was broadcast onStar gold coins』(Nippon TV), when the drama was rebroadcast before the end of the drama, the audience rating increased significantly (Star Gold Coin #Overview(See also), NTV Advertising Department commented, "The effect was as calculated."[46]are doing.

Every year on January 1nd and 2rd, broadcasting stations other than NTV may rebroadcast the drama all at once or rebroadcast as a omnibus of variety shows.This is broadcast on Nippon TelevisionHakone Ekiden relayIs an overwhelmingly high audience rating program, so it is difficult for other stations to introduce powerful counterprograms that can get a high audience rating, and TV station staff and entertainersNew Year's HolidayMany people take vacations and have to turn around with the minimum number of people,Homecoming,ShotoFor example, the rate of staying at home is low.

Various rebroadcast frames

● = Broadcasting as of January 2022.

  • Hey! Mangada Yo(Nippon TV)...the 1970sOn weekday mornings, he was rebroadcasting NTV anime special effects.
  • Manga Kid Box(Tokyo 12 Channel)… In the 1970s, I was rebroadcasting Western animation on weekday nights.Meiji ConfectioneryIt was provided by one company.
  • Kuni of manga(Tokyo channel 12)…1967から1980Until then, I was rebroadcasting Western animation on weekday afternoon.
  • Manga open space(Tokyo channel 12 → TV TOKYO)… In the back frame of the manga Kuni, I was rebroadcasting other series of anime made in Japan.The time frame varies depending on the time of year.
  • Manga parade(NTV) ... In the 1970s, the anime was rebroadcast on weekday mornings (later evening). XNUMX minute frame.
  • Encore Hour (Nippon Television) ... In the 1970s, NTV-affiliated Japanese and Western dramas were rebroadcast at 16:XNUMX on weekdays.
  • Angkor Theater (Fuji TV) ...1975から1978I was rebroadcasting Fuji TV dramas and anime around 16:XNUMX on weekdays.
  • Saturday Angkor Hour(TV Asahi)...1978から1979On Saturday afternoonWednesday specialWas being rebroadcast.
  • Saturday Angkor Theater (TV Asahi) ...1979For several years on Saturday afternoonSaturday wide theaterWas being rebroadcast.
  • Night screen (Nippon TV) ... In the 1980s, midnight moon on weekdays --- I was rebroadcasting Japanese and Western dramas of the NTV system on Thursday.
  • Wife theater(TBS)… 1970s-The TBS drama was rebroadcast around 2000 o'clock on weekdays in the 10s.For summer vacation etc.UltramanWe also rebroadcasted.
  • Anime Street(NTV) ... In the 1990s, the rebroadcast of the anime and the main broadcast were mixed and broadcast at 17:XNUMX on weekdays.
  • Channel α(Fuji TV) ... 2000-The Fuji TV drama was rebroadcast on a weekday afternoon in September 2013.afterwards"Dramatic αAfter October 2016, "Media mix α"●.
  • Anime Street(BS Asahi) ... In the 2000s, the TV Asahi anime was rebroadcast at 17:XNUMX on weekdays.Broadcast days are gradually decreasing and disappearing.
  • Telebi Fleak(Kansai TV)...2006から2019I was rebroadcasting a Fuji drama on a weekday afternoon.
  • Good morning! Historical drama● (TV Asahi)...2015From weekdaysearly morningThe TV Asahi historical drama is being rebroadcast around XNUMX am.
  • Afternoon rerun drama● (Kansai TV)…2019Is rebroadcasting a Fuji drama on weekday afternoons.Subsequent frame of Telebi Fleak.


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