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🎭 | Kiyoshi Hikawa The concert video of the stage being performed will be distributed from July 7st. 1 songs including "Gunsei no String"

Photo Kiyoshi Hikawa, who delivers a video of the concert part of the performance starring Meijiza

Kiyoshi Hikawa will deliver the concert video of the stage during the performance from July 7st, 1 songs including "Gunsei no String"

If you write the contents roughly
He sings 18 songs such as "Ultramarine Strings", "Breakthrough x Survivor", and the theme song "Eve of the Revolution" of the first part (play) that plays the main character who travels back in time to France in the 1th century.

Singer Kiyoshi Hikawa (44) is performing the concert video of the second part of the stage "Kiyoshi Hikawa Special Performance" being performed in Meijiza, Tokyo ... → Continue reading

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    14 songs

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      革命 前夜

      "革命 前夜』(Kakumeizenya) is a Japanese novelistShinobu SugabyNovel.

      18 timesHaruhiko Oyabu AwardAward-winning work[1][2].文藝 春秋Issue of "Bungei BungeishunjuWill be serialized from the May 2013 issue to the July 5 issue.The book was published on March 2014, 7.文藝 春秋Published by[3]..The paperback edition will be available on March 2018, 3.Bunshun libraryPublished by[4]..The paperback edition is by Akiko Okubo, and the design is by agoera.[5].

      The author, Suga, said, "Until nowSecond World WarI've only written up to, so I decided to write a modern one.He was the most impressive to me1989I decided to write. "[6].


      Mayama Hiiragi lovesBachIn the air that nurturedPianoTo devote to1989,East Germany-DresdenDresden Karl Maria von Weber College of Music (de: Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber Dresden) To study abroad.One day, Hiiragi becomes acquainted with the practice of Wenzel Lakatos, who has the skills to take second place in the violin section of the International Bach Competition.Meanwhile, Hiiragi meets the organist Christa Tetgez, who plays wonderfully, and Jenz Strich, who is said to be a talented person along with Wenzel, at the former court church.And in Hiiragi, CrystaStageKnow that he seems to be being monitored by (Ministry of National Security).

      Main characters

      Mayama Hiiragi
      Japanese international student.
      Lakatos Wenzel
      HungaryInternational students from.
      Jenz Strich
      ViolinDepartment student.
      Crysta Tateguez
      Organ player.

      Book review

      NovelistRyo Asai"The knowledge and the ability to collect information based on interests are wonderful, so just reading it will stimulate your intellectual curiosity."[7]"Especially after the middle stageMysteryThe development continues, and the fun as a story increases dramatically. "[8]It is described as.Of the writerAsayo Takii"I am overwhelmed by the precise performance depiction that the song seems to be heard"[9]Is described.


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