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🎭 | The next hunting stage is Finland! "TheHunter: Call of the Wild" latest ...

Photo The next hunting stage is Finland! "The Hunter: Call of the Wild" latest DLC "Revontuli Coast" released

The next hunting stage is Finland! "TheHunter: Call of the Wild" latest ...

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In this area where the largest number of creatures appear in the reserve, you can enjoy not only hunting but also the northern lights that illuminate the night sky.

Expansive Worlds is an open world hunting simulation "theHunter: Ca ... → Continue reading

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    Nature reserve

    Nature reserve(Shinhogoku) isEcosystem,terrain-Geology-Water sourceIt is an area provided for the conservation and recharge of such things.In general, areas with some characteristics related to the left are often provided to regulate artificial development for the purpose of preserving the characteristics.Nature reserves have various names, names, and forms depending on their purpose and whether they are public or private, but the main ones are explained in detail below.


    The first nature reserve in the world3th century BC OfSri LankaMet[1].

    Due to overfishing of animals and plants, development brought about by human life, dumping of waste, etc.natural environmentSince recent years when the disturbance of nature has progressed, the need for nature maintenance has been recognized, and19st centuryStarting with Europe and AmericaNational parkIt came to be protected by the system.Currently, the largest national park in the world1974Set toGreenlandNortheast National Park (972,000)km2).

    Recently, in addition to the natural environmentEcosystemIntegrally protectbiodiversityThe importance of conserving nature reserves has come to be recognized, and the nature reserves that once focused on the ban on the capture of wild animals and plants will change.for exampleGalapagos IslandsIn some areas, the entire area is functioning as a nature reserve due to activities such as strict quarantine of islanders to prevent the introduction of alien species and the request of tourists to attach a guide.

    International nature reserve

    Ramsar Convention

    Ramsar Convention(—Joyaku) isMarshlandWas signed to preserveInternational treaty.waterfowlThe main purpose is to conserve the habitat of the designated wetlands, which are required to be properly used and conserved by the Contracting Parties.

    Marine protected area

    Marine protected area(Kaiyohogoku) is a general name for nature reserves aimed at preserving the marine ecosystem.Fishery:Overfished orEcosystemIn many cases, the main objectives are the conservation of marine organisms that are threatened with extinction due to the destruction of their habitat and the conservation of topography such as breeding grounds for fish.

    If it is within the territorial waters of a country / region, the competent government will be responsible for fishing and marine development (Landfill,Underground resourcesExploration / mining, etc.),ShipAlthough it is established by restricting the navigation of marine protected areas, there is no law that clearly defines marine protected areas in Japan.In addition, since there is no international treaty, there is currently no means to establish a protected area on the high seas (the sea that is not governed by any country or region).

    Incidentally,2006Held in FebruaryConvention on Biological DiversityAt the 8th Conference of the Parties (COP8), discussions are being held on the establishment of marine protected areas on the high seas.

    world Heritage

    world Heritage(Mr. Sekai) has universal value in the worldUNESCOAreas, topography and natural environment registered by the World Heritage Committee.Natural heritageIn the case of, the actual survey / evaluation isInternational Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN) does.

    By being registered as a World Heritage Site, development activities in the target area are not directly regulated, but it is also judged that the protection management etc. necessary for the area to be inherited in the future is done. In many cases, the area registered as a World Heritage Site is practically some kind of nature reserve because it is used as a material.

    Nature reserve in Japan

    Wildlife reserve

    Wildlife reserve(Protected area) is(I.e.beastTo protect and breedWildlife protection lawIt is a district set based on.All birds and beasts are banned and in special protection areasLandfill-ReclamationLogging, installation of structures, etc.Wild animalsPrior permission is also required for acts that may interfere with the habitat of.In the old hunting law, it was called a "forbidden zone",1963Was revised to.

    Natural environment conservation area

    Natural environment conservation area(Shinkankyohozenchiiki) isnatural environmentFor the purpose of preservingNature Conservation ActIt is an area designated by the national government (Minister of the Environment) or the prefecture (Governor) based on the above.In principle, development activities are regulated in designated areas.

    nature Park

    Natural Parks ActDesignated by the national government based onnature ParkAs (Nature Park),National park(Kokuritsu Koen) andNational parkThere is (Kokuteikoen).In Japan, following the systems of other countries 1931Was established inNational Park LawUnlike the natural environment conservation area, the natural park aims to promote the use of the natural environment in addition to the conservation of the natural environment.

    Habitat reserves

    Habitat reservesIsAct on Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Flora and FaunaBased on, when it is necessary to protect the habitat and habitat of domestic rare wild animal and plant species for the preservation of those speciesMinister of the EnvironmentIs a protected area designated by.

    Nature reserve

    Nature reserveIsCultural property protection lawbased onNatural treasureIt is one of the certain areas including natural monuments.

    Wild bird sanctuary

    Wild bird sanctuary(Yachohogoku) isNature conservation organizationProvided by, etc.Wild birdIt is often used as a name for a private nature reserve whose main purpose is to conserve the habitat of the area.

    The most active areWild Bird Society of JapanIs.The association purchases places that are not publicly protected, such as habitats of specific rare wild birds, in order to prevent the transfer of ownership to developers, etc., or conserves them by concluding an agreement with the landowner. ing.1987ToHokkaidoNemuro OfJapanese craneHabitat 7.6haWas the first to be purchased and preserved by the association, and since then the number and area have been expanded to 2010 locations as of the end of 32, for a total of 2870.8.haThere is a protected area.The resources for the acquisition areDonationEtc.

    Also, other similar activities are being carried out. NPO corporationThere are local governments, etc., and although there are no detailed regulations, it is a district that is established with the main purpose of almost the same conservation.When local governments participate, it is often used as a park after being designated as a wildlife sanctuary.


    SanctuaryIs a "sanctuary" (sanctuary), It is mainly used in Japan as a nature reserve.

    The main ones are as well as wild bird sanctuaries.Wild Bird Society of JapanThere is a district that is purchased and preserved.Primarily aimed at preserving the natural environmentWild bird sanctuaryUnlike the ones on the left, there are nature observation paths and a nature center that serves as an activity base, and it has the characteristic of functioning as a natural park.1981Was opened inHokkaidoLake UtonaiSanctuary is the beginning and the association is recruitingDonationThere are directly managed facilities that are operated with resources such as, etc., and facilities that are operated by consignment of areas maintained by local governments, etc. As of 2005, there are 12 locations throughout Japan.Bird sanctuaryIs maintained and operated.

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