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🎥 | [Latest information on overseas dramas] Baz Luhrmann makes the movie "Australia" into a drama!  


[Latest information on overseas dramas] Baz Luhrmann makes a drama of the movie "Australia"!  

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HBO "Westworld" creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Geneva Robertson-Dwallett ("Captain Marvel") and others will be executive producers.

Introducing the latest news from overseas regarding overseas dramas!Today, the movie "Oh ..." directed by Baz Luhrmann → Continue reading

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West World

"West World』(Westworld) Is1973 OfAmerican movies.. 『Medical record of five peopleThe novelist who is the author ofMichael CraitonThe first director's work. From 2016, based on this work ``Drama series"ButHBOIt is being broadcast on.Made with the latest scienceTheme parkCryton later said, "Jurassic Park』Developed to.


Giant built in the desertamusement park"Delos". ThereAmericaWestern pioneer era OfGunman,中 世EuropeanknightAndImperial RomeIt was a world of dreams where you can experience three things as a hero.

Peter Martin, a lawyer in Chicago, came to the amusement park with his friend John Brain, who had previously visited Delos. Brain and Martin have threeTheme parkBecome one of the long-awaited western heroes in one of the "West World", as an attractionandroidShootouts againstWomenI really enjoyed the romance with.

But of the robotRattlesnakeAttacks the resting brains, and the brains are bitten.Engineers concerned about the "breakdown" of the robot, which should never hurt customers, recommend "temporary closure of the facility", but senior management refuses to do so.

The next day, the robot "Gunman 406", which should have been defeated repeatedly, appeared in front of them and applied for a duel.Robots do not shoot humans, humans are free to shoot robots.Brains naturally take it because it is a game that they can definitely win.However, Brain is shot and killed.Feeling dangerous, Martin escapes from the spot and heads for the management room.

On the other hand, in the control room, the door did not open because the main power was turned off, and all the engineers were suffocated.

Martin is cornered by Gunman 406 many times, but he responds desperately with his wits.

Martin was cornered to the management room, but finally defeated Gunman 406.Then he crouched down and regretted visiting Delos.


Various robots are operating in Delos. They look like humans, are designed to be harmless to humans, and to some extent are self-reliant, but basically operate according to a central computer scenario. There is no palm print on the palm of the robot so that humans and robots can be distinguished visually.

There are three areas in Delos, and the following times and stages are set. The cost of staying per day is 3 dollars.

  • Ancient Rome-of a city at the height of the Roman EmpirePompeiiAnd you can enjoy the sensual world.
  • Enjoy the world of queens and the knights who serve it in the Middle Ages-13th century European world.
  • West World-In the western pioneering era of the late 19th century, you can experience gunmen and sheriffs.

The human guest's gun has a built-in temperature sensing device and can only shoot anything other than a robot.


Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
Fuji Television Network, IncVersion
Gun man
Gunman 406
Gun slinger
Yul BrynnerOsamu Kobayashi
Peter MartinRichard BenjaminMaeda Masaaki
John BrainJames BrolinTetsuro Agawa
Medieval knightJunpei Takiguchi
Chief administratorAlan OppenheimerKyoji Kobayashi
Queen of the Middle AgesRihoko Yoshida
engineerSteve FrankenTamio Ohki
bunkerDick Van PatternToyama Kei
Miss CareyMagel Barrett
DaphneAnne Randall
OtherAkio Nojima
Mikio Terashima
Koji Yada
Hiroshi Masuoka
Tokumaru Kan
Tatsuyuki Ishimori
Yasuo Muramatsu
Toshiya Ueda
Shunsuke Shima
Mine Keiken
Hiroshi Fujishiro
ShowEtsushi Yamada
翻 訳Yamada Minoru
AdjustmentTaihei Yamada
CommentaryTadao Takashima
ProductionChiyoda Productions
First broadcast1978/1/6
"Golden movie theater"
  • Yul BrynnerIsSeven in the wilderness』The Chris is reminiscent of Chris has appeared in the standing. There is also a scene where Martin and Brain talk lightly about the fanning shot that Chris showed in the same work.

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