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🎭 | "Odd Taxi Kongoishi won't hurt" On the first day, Chiakiraku will be delivered on FOD PPV!


On the first day of "Odd Taxi Kongoishi will not be hurt", Chiakiraku will be delivered on FOD PPV!

If you write the contents roughly
However, the hot-selling producers who are supposed to provide music are not always motivated, and the disturbing SNS behind the scenes spits out information that only each other knows.

At FOD's PPV (pay-per-view), the stage "Odd Taxi Kongoishi (diamond) will not be damaged" ... → Continue reading

 Fujite Review !!

A medium that provides entertainment information from the "Fuji TV perspective". Under the theme of "There is a continuation in that flower," we will deliver "intelligence that only the staff can know" and "the real intention of the performers" in text and video. It is full of information other than TV such as entertainment, fashion, gourmet, outing, and beauty.

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