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🎥 | Gekisha Movie version "Nyan Journey Railroad" commemorative photo session The model is the leading role in the movie!Cat stationmaster, love


Gekisha Theatrical version "Nyan Tabi Railroad" commemorative photo session The model is the protagonist of the movie!Cat stationmaster, love

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The movie version of "Nyan Tabi Railroad" will be held at Koriyama Theater on Friday, 22nd of this month, and Forum Fukushima and Town Pole Iwaki on Friday, 29th of this month.

Gojitere Chu!In commemoration of the movie adaptation of the familiar "Nyan Tabi Railway", a photography course for the cat stationmaster "Love" was held ... → Continue reading

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    Town Pole Iwaki

    Town Pole IwakiIt is,FukushimaIwakiflat1-15 Shiroganemachi, located in the World Pavilion BuildingMovie theater(Mini theater).

    It is managed by Revival House Co., Ltd.JRIwaki StationLocated in the former World Pavilion Building.In the Pole Pole Iwaki era, there were a total of 7 seats on 674 screens, but since the town Pole Iwaki, there have been a total of 2 seats on 114 screens.

    In 2018AEON MALL Iwaki OnahamaPole Pole Cinemas Iwaki Onahama, which also involves the Revival House Co., Ltd., opens.At this time, Pole Pole Iwaki was reduced from 7 screens to 2 screens, renamed to Machi Pole Iwaki, and reopened.


    Sekaikan (1931-1969)

    It was founded in 1931 (Showa 6) by Torajiro Suzuki, who was said to be a famous man of Taira.The name of the building at the time of opening isVoiced seatAnd soonSekaikanRenamed toDaieiIt became a movie theater.

    Sekaikan Building era (1969-)

    In August 1969 (Showa 44), the Sekaikan Building was built at the current location and opened with a three-screen system of Daiei, Apollo, and Toho.After that, the Jurakukan and the Hirana Revival House were added to create a five-screen system.

    After that, the management changed due to the move-out of the entertainment company, and in 2008 (Heisei 20), the owner of the building changed the screen name.Flat TheaterAnd continued business.

    Pole Pole Iwaki Era (2010-2018)

    On July 2010, 22 (Heisei 7), it was reopened to a 10-screen system and opened.Pole Pole IwakiRenamed to[1]..At this time, he sang "the smallest cinema complex in Japan".Pole Pole TheSwahiliIt means "slowly" and "relaxing", and was selected from about 400 applications, as well as from Tokyo.Pole Pole Higashi NakanoIt is also distributed by.

    March 2011, 23Great East Japan EarthquakeWas forced to close, but on March 3, it resumed operations on four screens.[2]..This is because we received a request from local governments to revitalize the city of Iwaki, and it collapsed in the earthquake.projectorThe employee repaired it himself and resumed business.Despite the sudden reopening, about 20 spectators visited on the day of the reopening.

    Town Pole Iwaki Era (2018-)

    In the suburbs on June 2018, 30 (Heisei 6)AEON MALL Iwaki OnahamaOpened, and Meigaza Co., Ltd. opened 9-screen Pole Pole Cinemas Iwaki Onahama as a tenant.Along with this, Pole Pole Iwaki has been reduced from 7 screens to 2 screens.Town Pole IwakiThe name was changed to, and it was converted to a screening hall for single-building mini-theater works.


    From 2010 (Heisei 22) to 2018 (Heisei 30), the ticket / food / drink section and cafe booth (historical) are located on the first floor of the five-story World Pavilion building.projector --MOTIOGRAFH ・Audio equipment --There was a VICTOR PHOTOPHONE SYSTEM / Altec Lansing A7 and a pamphlet exhibition of masterpieces), and there were 2 screens on the basement, 4nd, 5th, and 7th floors.

    Pole Pole Iwaki (2010-2018)
    • Screen 1: 192 seats
    • Screen 2: 100 seats
    • Screen 3: 168 seats
    • Screen 4: 74 seats
    • Screen 5: 50 seats
    • Screen 6: 60 seats
    • Screen 7: 30 seats
    • DLP: 35mm screening compatible
    • Supports 3D screening method
    • Digital 5.1ch sound
    Town Pole Iwaki (2018-)
    • Screen 1: 50 seats-Screen 4 of the Pole Pole Iwaki era.
    • Screen 2: 50 seats-Screen 5 of the Pole Pole Iwaki era.


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      Friday, 29th of this month


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