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🎥 | Former Nogizaka46 Sayuri Inoue, reminiscing about her elementary school days as her first teacher "Like a boy.

Sayuri Inoue attending the photo event [Photo: ENCOUNT editorial department]

Former Nogizaka46 Sayuri Inoue, reminiscing about her elementary school days as her first teacher, "Like a boy.

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Inoue, who appeared in a pure white dress, said, "I was able to celebrate this day with the support of the local people of Saitama, including Iruma City."

The starring Keito Akutsu was "already a big actor" Sayuri Inoue, an actress, was held at Cine Libre Ikebukuro in Tokyo on the 2nd ... → Continue reading


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Iruma-shi(Irumashi) isSaitamaLocated in the southwestern part ofCity.

The population is about 14.Sayama13th place in the prefecture after.Sayama teaIt is known as the main production area of.


In the southern part of the citySayama HillsThe rich nature of the area spreads out.


Nara periodIn front of the kiln,Heian periodIsSue wareKiln traceThe group of Higashi Kaneko kilns (including the Maeuchi kiln as a group of kilns) was in operation.Among them, the Yawata-mae kiln ruins and the Araku kiln ruins not only widely supply Sue pottery to the villages in the southern part of Saitama prefecture, but alsoMusashiKokubunjiIt was producing roof tiles for rebuilding the tower.Was the core of the cityOgimachiya shopping streetOnceNikko Waki ​​Traffic-Hachioji Street Mt. Ooyama RoadIt is a remnant of the prosperity of the post town.

  • 1938(13)Army Aviation Academy(CurrentJapan Air Self-Defense ForceIruma Base) Is established.
  • 1945(20) The Imperial Japanese Army Air Academy was postwarTroopsIt was requisitioned in 1946 and named "Johnson Base" in XNUMX.
  • 1956(31)9/30,Toyooka Town,Kaneko Village,Miyadera Village,Fujisawa,SeibumachiPart of (oldHigashi Kaneko Village) Merged and became the predecessor of Iruma CityMusashi TownLaunched[1].
  • 1958(33)10/14,Former Sayama VillageMerged part of.
  • 1958(Showa 33) The Air Self-Defense Force Iruma Air Base is established.
  • 1966(41)11/1, MusashichoIrima-choWas renamed[2]Same day city system enforced above[3].Iruma-shiBecome
    • The place names of Iruma and Sayama became intricate.Then in Sayama City2009Old in April to avoid confusion of place namesIrima VillageThe area name "Iruma district" derived from "Iruma district" was changed to "Iruma district" derived from the village name before the establishment of Iruma village, and the name of "Iruma district" in Sayama city was officially abolished, and now some autonomy It only remains in the name of the association and the business operator.
  • 1967(42)4/1, Merged with Seibumachi.It will be almost the current city area.
  • 1978(Showa 53) Johnson base is fully returned.
  • 1983(58) On April 4, the boundary with Sayama City was changed to become the current city area.
  • 1987(62) Land readjustment project around Musashi-Fujisawa Station is started.In addition, due to this land readjustment project, residents will be charged a settlement fee of up to 2020 million yen in October 10, and net news[4],weekly magazine[5],TV set[6]became news.A total of XNUMX settlements were paid to citizens, amounting to a total of XNUMX billion yen.[7].
  • 1991(3)8/9,Disaster prevention administrative radioOperation started.
  • 2014(26) April 4, disaster prevention administration radio broadcasting, etc. changed.
  • 2020(Reiwa 2nd year) On April 4, the disaster prevention administration radio evening chime will be changed from "sunset small burn" to "where did you come from?".
  • 2021(Reiwa 3rd year) On September 9th and 11th, Iruma City held its first attempt, the “Iruma Dock”.The mayor of Iruma City, Iruma City officials, local government officials and administrative experts from other cities, and citizen judges randomly selected from within the city participated in the public project selection, and 12 projects were selected over two days. .This time, a separate teenage frame was set up for citizen judges, and one high school student participated this time.Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it was held without an audience and was streamed live on the city's official youtube.Of the 2 projects, 10 projects were judged to require improvement, and 10 project was judged to be a national/prefectural/regional (implemented) project.[8]

Origin of city name

ancientRitual systemThe county name since the enforcement of the national county systemIruma-gunDerived from[9].

1966(41)11/1 OfMunicipal systemThe city name was solicited from the general public for enforcement, and the number of applicants was 2332, and the number of applicants was 297.[10]The 3rd place "Iruma" was selected from among them.[9]..By the way, the first place is Higashi Toyooka City (Toyooka(I named "East" to distinguish it from), and Musashi City was in second place.[9]..Regarding the reason for selection,

  • This area has long been called "Irumano"[11], The word "Iruma" is commonly used for products made in this area.
  • The letter "Iri" stands for "rich income" and the letter "ma" stands for "living a peaceful life around the sun."

It is assumed[12].


Merger plan with Sayama City

The Sayama City-Iruma City Merger Council was established and was considering a merger with Sayama City.The merger date is20061/1The merger method will be a new (equal) merger, the new city name will be "Sayama City", and the new city hall will be the current Sayama City Hall.However,20051/30In the same year, the merger council held a large number of opposition to the merger in the questionnaire to the citizens compiled in the above, and a large number of opposition to the merger in the referendum.2/3Dissolved.


Population distribution of Iruma, Saitama, Japan.svg
Iruma City and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Iruma City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
Purple-Iruma City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Iruma City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan
  • On December 2003, 12, it was reported that the registered population exceeded 16, but it has been declining since then.
  • The population in 2021 will be about 14.


Town name

In Iruma City, in some areasAct on Residential Displaybased onHouse displayIs being implemented.

Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
XNUMX-XNUMX chomeAzumachoApril 1968, 11Ogimachiya, Zenzo Shinden, Kurosu, Shimofujisawa
On August 1982, 8, each part of Ogimachiya and Zenzo Shinden was incorporated into Higashimachi 1-chome.
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeOugidaiApril 1982, 8Each part of Ogimachiya and Takakura
Large printOgimachiyaOugimachiyaNot implemented
OgimachiyaXNUMX to XNUMX chomeOugimachiyaSeptember 1966, 11 (1-XNUMX)Each part of Ogimachiya and Takakura
November 1968, 11 (five)Each part of Ogimachiya and Koyata
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeKagiyamaSeptember 1966, 11 (1/XNUMX)Each part of Oaza Kurosu and Oaza Takakura
November 1968, 11 (three)Each part of Oaza Kurosu and Oaza Takakura
XNUMX and XNUMX chomeKasugachoApril 1966, 11Part of Oaza Kurosu
KawaramachiKawaramachiApril 1966, 11Part of Oaza Kurosu
XNUMX to XNUMX chomeInariNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
Large printKurosuBlackNot implemented
KurosuXNUMX and XNUMX chomeBlackApril 1966, 11Part of Oaza Kurosu
KoyodaiXNUMX and XNUMX chomeLike thisNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
Oaza Zenzo ShindenZenzoshindenNot implemented
Oaza TakakuraTakakuraNot implemented
Takakura XNUMX-XNUMX chomeTakakuradate
Toyooka XNUMX-XNUMX ChomeToyokaSeptember 1966, 11 (1-XNUMX)Each part of Ogimachiya and Oaza Kurosu
November 1968, 11 (1)Each part of Ogimachiya and Takakura
Miyamae TownMiyamaechoApril 1966, 11Part of Oaza Kurosu
Higashi Kaneko地区
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Oaza ArakuCoarselyNot implemented
UshizawachoUshizawachoApril 1968, 11Part of Oaza Koyata
Uegoyata XNUMX-XNUMX-chomeUegoyatadate
Large printKoyataKoyataNot implemented
KoyataXNUMX to XNUMX chomeKoyatadate
Oaza SayamagaharaSayamagaharaNot implemented
SayamadaiXNUMX-chomeRed sea breamNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Kaneko ChuoKaneko ChuouNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
Oaza KamiyaganukiKamiyaganukiNot implemented
Oaza ShimoyaganukiMistNot implemented
Oaza teradakeTera onlyNot implemented
Oaza NakagamiNakagamiNot implemented
Oaza NishimitsugiNishimitsuNot implemented
Oaza NegishiGreen onionsNot implemented
Oaza HananogiHananokiNot implemented
SayamadaiSan-chomeRed sea breamNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
MitsugidaiMitsudaiNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
Oaza MinamimineMinamimineNot implemented
Oaza MokurenjiMokurenjiNot implemented
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Large character KomagatafujiyamaKomagata FujiyamaNot implemented
Oaza SayamadaiRed sea breamNot implemented
SayamadaiXNUMX and XNUMX chomeRed sea breamNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
Oaza TakaneTakaneNot implemented
Large character NihongiNihongiNot implemented
MiyaderaMiyaderaNot implemented
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Large character KamifujisawaKamifujisawaNot implemented
Shimofujisawa XNUMX-XNUMX chomeShimo FujisawaNot implementedTown name lot number implementation area
Large character ShimofujisawaShimo FujisawaNot implemented
Higashifujisawa XNUMX-XNUMX chomeHigashi FujisawaNovember 1987, 11 (1-XNUMX)Each part of Oaza Shimofujisawa and Oaza Kamifujisawa
October 1990, 10 (1-XNUMX)Each part of Oaza Shimofujisawa and Oaza Kamifujisawa
Town nameTown name readingHouse display dateTown name just before the display of the residenceRemarks
Oaza ShinkoRainbow troutNot implemented
Oaza Nodaの だNot implementedImplementation of lot number arrangement in some areas
Large BushiBushiNot implemented


Zip Code

Until March 2007Iruma Post OfficeWas engaged in collection and delivery work, but now the Sayama Post Office has jurisdiction over Sayama City and Iruma City.

post office

  • Iruma Post Office
  • Iruma Ogimachiya Post Office
  • Iruma Bushi Post Office
  • Iruma Kurosu Post Office
  • Seibu Iruma Pepe Post Office
  • Iruma Araku Post Office
  • Iruma Kamifujisawa Post Office
  • Iruma Shimofujisawa Post Office
  • Seibu Post Office
  • Kaneko Post Office
  • Miyadera Post Office

Phone Number

Area code etc.

  • 04-200x, 290x, 292x ~ 296x, 299x-TokorozawaMA(Iruma City, Sayama City, Tokorozawa City)

Residential estate

* Listed for 50 or more units.

  • UR (Urban regeneration mechanism
    • Iruma Kurosu (Kurosu 1)
    • Iruma station square plaza (Koyodai 1)
    • Iruma Toyooka (Toyooka 1)
  • Municipal housing
    • Ikenoshita housing complex (large character Koyata)
  • Prefectural housing
    • Iruma Koyodai House (Koyodai 1)
    • Iruma Shimofujisawa Housing (Shimofujisawa)
    • Iruma Kamifujisawa Housing (Kamifujisawa)
    • Iruma Mukaihara Residence (Ogimachiya)
    • Iruma Higashikubo Housing (Higashimachi 4)
    • Iruma Kasagawa Residence (Toyooka 2, Ogimachiya 2, Takakura 4)
    • Iruma Noda Housing (Noda)
    • Iruma Miyanomori House (Noda)
  • Detached house for sale
  • Condominiums for sale
    • Higashimachi housing complex (Higashimachi 5)
    • Iruma Ogimachiya housing complex (Kubo Inari 1)


  • Mayor - Riichiro Sugishima(Riichirou Sugishima,202011/18Inauguration)
  • Deputy Mayor-Atsushi Hamakawa (Inaugurated on May 2021, 5, 1st term)

Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationMichio Miyoshi196611/119763 period
2 feeNihei Mizumura197611/18199211/174 period
3 feeHiroshi Kinoshita199211/18201211/175 period
4 feeTanaka Tatsuo201211/18April 2020, 112 period
5 feeRiichiro Sugishima202011/18Incumbent


Financial condition is good, 2005-2009Local allocation taxIt was a non-granting organization.

Wide area administration

Some office associations
  • Saitama Prefecture Western Area Community Development Council-Hanno City, Sayama City, Tokorozawa City, Hidaka City, as well as exchange projects for citizens in 5 metropolitan areas (holding events such as lectures and walking competitions, issuing tourist brochures, etc.libraryAnd sports facilitiespublic facilityWe are studying for mutual use and wide area project implementation.The nickname for the concept and plan of this council is "Diaplan".
Wide area union
  • Saitama Prefecture Saitama Human Resource Development Wide Area Union-Saitama Prefecture and all prefectures市町村It is composed of, and is engaged in the affairs related to the development of human resources for staff, exchanges, and staff recruitment activities.
  • ――Composed of all municipalities in Saitama prefecture, excluding insurance premium collectionMedical system for elder senior citizensI am doing the office work of.

National facility

Prefecture facilities

City facilities



As of 2021, it has the largest population in the country as a municipality without a police station.

  • Sayama police station(Sayama City)
    • Musashi Fujisawa station square police box
    • Iruma City station square police station
      • Toyooka dispatch office
      • Kasugacho Liaison Office
    • Seibu police box
    • Higashi Kaneko police box
    • Miyadera / Nihongi police box
    • Kaneko police box


City council

House of Representatives

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisTaku Otsuka48LDP117,002 vote
Shinji Sugimura45Constitutional Democratic Party80,756 vote
Miharu Kanda67Japan Communist Party21,464 vote



Since the enforcement of the city system, it has been actively attracting factories and has become one of the prefecture's leading industrial cities.1966In (Showa 41), Musashi Industrial Park was created.further1993In (5), the Sayamadai Industrial Park development project was started in the Sayamadai district adjacent to the industrial park.1997Since (9), we have been attracting factories to the same area.

In addition to machinery factories, there are many food manufacturing factories that take advantage of their location in Tokyo, which is a large consumption area.

  • Fuji Bread Musashi Factory
  • Poplar company Iruma Logistics Center
  • NTTPrinting Iruma Factory / Sayamadai Factory
  • Shinko Industrial Area --Straddling Hanno City.
    • Teito Rubber Headquarters / Saitama Factory
    • Olympic Packing Headquarters / Shinko Factory
    • Okuigumi Co., Ltd. Headquarters
  • Tachikawa House Industry Area Central Factory
  • Yaskawa Electric Iruma Office (Solution Center) -Later, a part of the factory site was sold and turned into a former site.AEON STYLE IrumaWas completed.
  • Yamada Udon IrumaCentral kitchen(Yamada Food Industry Co., Ltd. Iruma Factory)
  • Sansui Electric Saitama Office (Business suspension)
  • TEAC Iruma Office / EMC Center
  • Sohshin Headquarters / Iruma Factory
  • Sankyo Radiator Headquarters / Factory
  • Koganei Seiki Seisakusho Headquarters / Factory
  • Mitsui Grinding Wheel Headquarters / Factory
  • Tachi-S Musashi Factory
  • Taiyo Stainless Spring Saitama 08st, XNUMXnd, XNUMXrd Factory, XNUMX Center
  • Osaki Engineering Headquarters / Technical Center
  • Ichiyanagi Headquarters / Factory
  • Micro Giken Tokyo Factory
  • Iriso Seimitsu Headquarters Factory
  • Funasaw Factory
  • Musashi Paint Manufacturing Iruma Factory
  • Sugiyama Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd. Headquarters / Factory
  • Matsuda Sangyo Musashi Factory and others
  • Children and Japan Iruma Factory- Seven-ElevenManufactures convenience store lunch boxes, sandwiches, etc.
  • First Foods Musashi Factory (Japanese millingGroup) -Manufacture of convenience store lunch boxes, etc.
  • Horiuchi Food Industry Headquarters Factory: Sugar-coated tablets,healthy foodManufacturing of
  • Nile Shokai / Indira Factory: Indira Curry, Spice Manufacturing
  • NakamurayaMusashi Factory --Sayamadai 234. Completed on July 2018, 7[17].. Factory tour facility in 2019Chinese foodMuseum[18]Opening[17].Otsuma Women's UniversityThe site of the Sayamadai campus.

And others.


"Sayama teaIs a special product and is still the main production area of ​​Sayama tea.Other specialty products include fibers and textiles.taro,Udo,Shiitake mushroomThere is.

In the past, mainly dairy cows and chickensAnimal husbandryIt was also popular, but it is steadily declining due to the progress of commuter towns and industrial urbanization.


In the commercial areaNational Route 16Mitsui Outlet Park Iruma / Costco Wholesale Iruma Warehouse is located on Yasukawa Dori, and Aeon Style Iruma is located on Yasukawa Dori.


Other companies

  • USSUSS Saitama Venue

Sister cities/partner cities


primary school

  • public
    • Iruma City Toyooka Elementary School
    • Iruma City Kurosu Elementary School
    • Iruma Municipal Ogi Elementary School
    • Iruma City Higashi Kaneko Elementary School
    • Iruma City Kaneko Elementary School
    • Iruma City Miyadera Elementary School
    • Iruma City Fujisawa Elementary School
    • Iruma City Fujisawa Minami Elementary School
    • Iruma City Sayama Elementary School
    • Iruma City Seibu Elementary School
    • Iruma City Fujisawahigashi Elementary School
    • Iruma City Fujisawa Kita Elementary School
    • Iruma City Bushi Elementary School
    • Iruma City Araku Elementary School
    • Iruma City Higashimachi Elementary School
    • Iruma City Takakura Elementary School

Junior high school

high school

Special school


  • private
    • Musashino College of MusicIruma Campus
      • It used to be used by undergraduate students in the 1st and 2nd years, but now it is using the Ekoda campus from the 1st year.

Vocational school

Various schools



Railway line

East Japan Railway(JR East)
Seibu Railway
  • Central station: Iruma city station

The railway that once passed

Bus route

Since the railway line runs along the northern city border, the residents on the south side mainly go to the station by bus or car.Most buses depart from Iruma City Station.

The bus I used to go to

Community bus


Taxi business area TheSouthwestern transportation area of ​​the prefectureso,Kawagoe-shi-Tokorozawa-Higashimatsuyama-Hanno-Wako cityIt is the same area as.


The development of city planning roads is progressing compared to the surrounding local governments.National Route 16The widening work was delayed due to the balance with the Iruma City Station North Exit land readjustment project.2017Construction was completed in March, and the section that was two lanes has been changed to four lanes.

General national road
Prefectural road


Person with connection

TaiziIs an energetic Iruma / Lively Achievement Award winner.


Art / cultural person
Entertainment / broadcasting world


Iruma Boys Sumo Club graduates

Honorary citizen

  • (Former Chairman of Saitama Prefectural Assembly)
  • (Mayor of Toyooka, Mayor of Musashi, Mayor of Iruma)
  • (Former Mayor of Iruma)
  • Hiroshi Kinoshita(Former Mayor of Iruma)
  • (Former Chairman of Iruma City Industry Association, Former Chairman of Iruma City Chamber of Commerce)


Works modeled on Iruma city

School lunch

We have a school lunch system.It is served cooked at the school lunch center or the kitchen attached to the school.

In addition, Sayama tea fried bread using Sayama tea, steamed tea bread, tea dumpling punch, etc. may be served as lunch.


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