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🎥 | Yuri Nakamura as wife of Goro Inagaki "At the window" Tina Tamashiro, Mirai Shida and others


Yuri Nakamura as wife of Goro Inagaki, Tina Tamashiro, Mirai Shida and others appearing in "At the Window"

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In the movie, although he himself is a distressed person, he plays the hero who accepts the feelings of various characters and snuggles up to him in a really attractive way, and I also felt healed.

An additional cast of the movie "At the Window" (released in November) starring actor Goro Inagaki was announced on the 11th, Yuri Nakamura, ... → Continue reading

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    character(Origin: character)Novel,Comic,movies,Anime,Computer games, AdsSuch asfictionAppear inpersonOr animals, or the character of those charactersnatureThat. Also, through its characteristics, it is a general term that gives readers, viewers, consumers a certain image and enhances the effect of attracting products and companies.[1].


    A human,AnimallikeBiology Or imitating a living thingMech robotNot limited toTools, Sometimes biologicalorgan,,element,Furthermore感情,NATURE,CountryAnd so onconcept ThePersonificationDeformationIt can be made into a character by going through. For shortCharacterIt is also said.

    The English word for "character" is "characterThe original meaning of the word "" is "feature" and "property", and the original etymology is the Greek word "engraved sign, symbol". As an example in that sense, let's say that there are multiple people with similar characteristics in a social group.CharacterIt may be described as "gaburu". In addition, when a person is meant, it is not always a fictional character, and even in Japanese, CM characters and the like often refer to real people.

    In Japanese, the word "character" that refers to a fictional character isthe 1950sToデ ィ ズ ニ ー OfAnimated movieThere was in the contract offanciful characterWas born when "was translated as "fantastic character"[2].

    Character as a character

    It usually refers to the characters who are positioned to compose the story.Not involved in the storycrowd(Mob character) And passers-by are often called characters. Appearance and internal characteristics (specifically, physique, clothes, occupation, background, special skills, defects, habits, etc.) are set for the character as necessary.

    When gaining widespread popularity, the character redefines the general image of the group to which it belongs[3].Sherlock HolmesThe detective image associated with so-called famous detectives such as, is a character image that is different from the actual detective in the early 21st century.In addition, even when a work is created based on an actual person, a person who is far from the actual person may be widely recognized to a greater or lesser extent.For exampleMusashi Miyamoto or Ryoma SakamotoThe general image ofEiji Yoshikawa,Ryotaro ShibaIt is strongly influenced by the novel work of. Also, there are many cases in which talents, actors, and models used as advertising models for broadcast commercials and poster media of companies are introduced as "(product name/company name) image characters."

    Characters and characters

    Cartoon criticTsuyoshi ItoIn his book, "Tezuka is Dead," is reminiscent of "a kind of personality" drawn as an iconography, and he can leave the work and become autonomous.CharacterAnd as a base that makes you feel life and life behind the textcharacterAre used properly. And, for example, ""NANAThe character's strength is not the same as the character's strength.” The character stands in the sense that it seems to exist inSecondary creationIt is considered that the strength of the character is low in the sense that it exerts its presence in an environment different from the original through.[4]

    This "character" and "character" are often used properlyCritics OfHiroki AzumaPresented byDatabase consumptionIt is referred to in connection with.Toshiaki EndouAccording to the database consumption theory, the level of the story is "character" and the level of the database is "character".[5]. Furthermore, as a pseudo virtual personality in the real worldCharacterWhen discussing about, Ito's usage of "chara/character" may be used[Note 1].

    Character product development

    Excellent characters are very popular,Plush Doll,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIt is not uncommon for products such as toys and figurines, clothing printed with characters, daily necessities, and stationery to generate more sales than the character's original work.

    Print characters such as cartoons and TV on products and improve the image of the companyAdsIf you use it for TV commercials, you will have to pay a license fee, but the cost will increase, but it is an effective way to improve the image of the company and sales promotion, so companies and groups that are focusing on character creation and copyright Many.

    In addition, even in a company that manages public transportation, you can make characters with vehicles owned by the company and put company uniforms on anthropomorphized animals, etc., and use it as related facilities or tickets. I am printing it and promoting the image.CapitalIn the case of"Mr. ETC],Tokyu Railway (Tokyu)In the case of"Norunuru"Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau (Fukuoka City Subway)In the case of "Chikamaru-kun",Keihan Electric RailwayIn the case of"KeihanThere is an image character called ".

    "Mickey MouseIs one of the characters that succeeded both commercially and globally, and many character products are on sale. It was a hidden character in the gameSea urchinAlthough the original work was not well known, there are cases where it gained popularity through commercialization. Also,"Hello Kitty""Barbie""MonchhicMany characters have been devised to be products such as, and some of them do not have a background story.


    Before the 70s, children were the main targets for product development using characters,Tokyo DisneylandSince its opening, it has spread to adults as well, and in the 80s, the robot anime boom began to increase the product development targeting adults. In recent years, the target is expanding to a wide generation due to the trend of animation.

    For example, bankTo use existing characters in a unified manner to present goods to depositorsCash card,passbookIn a broad sense, we want the fans of that character to become customers by drawing onAdsThe method is widely adopted (Mitsubishi UFJ BankDisney characters in,Yokohama BankInTom and jerrySuch). In addition, in recent years, targeting anime fans and others, product development using characters has also been mentioned (SaitamaKuki(OldWashinomiya Town)・Satte CityInLucky ☆ StarAppointedTown revitalization,AkitaUgo TownInNishimata AoiCharacters and other products).


    Product development using characters is deeply penetrating in Japan, but there are also the following criticisms and problems.

    • Because the character is old, childish, or unsuitable for the times, it may be thrown away and turned into garbage regardless of the life of the product itself.[6]"Super squadron seriesAnd 'Precure seriesSuch asAnime for children-Special effectsSome of the toys, stationery, clothing, food products andMidnight animeLike stationery products, the supplier side (producer, copyright holder, maker (sponsor))cool(= 3 months) -It is noticeable in character products that change frequently in a short period of one year.In addition, inventories held by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers may be forced to be sold at low prices in order to organize them.If unsold, if the price cannot be reduced, food, etc.Expiration dateIf a short product is unsoldGeneral waste,Industrial wasteCould be[7].

    Market size/actual situation

    Character product retail market scaleChanges (in Japan, XNUMX million yen)[8]

    1995: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG10.pngG05.png 17500

    1996: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG05.png 16500

    1997: G100.pngG50.pngG30.pngG05.png 18500

    1998: G100.pngG50.pngG30.pngG10.pngG03.png 19300

    1999: R100.pngR100.pngR05.pngR01.pngR01.png 20700

    2000: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.png 16800

    2001: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG03.png 16300

    2002: G100.pngG50.pngG10.png 16000

    2003: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG10.png 17000

    2004: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG03.pngG01.png 16420

    2005: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG01.png 16100

    2006: G100.pngG50.pngG10.png 16018

    2007: G100.pngG50.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 15936

    2008: G100.pngG50.pngG03.pngG01.png 15406

    2009: G100.pngG50.pngG05.pngG03.png 15770

    2010: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG01.pngG01.png 16170

    2011: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG01.png 16060

    2012: Y100.pngY50.pngY03.png 15340

    2013: G100.pngG50.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png 15700

    2014: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 16900

    2015: G100.pngG50.pngG10.pngG03.png 16300

    2016: G100.pngG50.pngG10.png 16000

    According to the investigation of1995Since then, the retail market (estimated) for Japanese characters has reached a record high of 1999 trillion yen in 2, and a record low of 700 trillion yen in 2012.

    BandaiAccording to a survey conducted by the Character Research Institute (now) in 2000, 60% of Japanese from the elementary school age to their 83.9s own some kind of character product.[9], The proportion of those who answered that they have favorite characters reaches 87.0%[10].

    Legal handling

    JapaneseCopyright lawAbove, for the characterCopyrightDo not admit[11]..A character is an abstract concept that can be called the personality of a character sublimated from concrete expressions such as manga, anime, and novels, not the concrete expressions themselves.Copyrighted materialIt is not decided.

    In the case of a character appearing in a manga, the "picture" may be protected as a copyrighted work, but the character (its character) itself is not protected. Supreme Court sentenced to Popeye Tie[12]So, according to this position,PopeyeThe character is not a work independent of the serial comics in which Popeye appears (the copyright of the paintings of Popeye has disappeared because the protection period of the 1st published comics expired).

    Mascot character

    Mascot characters are often used as a means of raising awareness of groups, products, and events. It is also called a character for short. Detail isマ ス コ ッ トSee section.



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    注 釈

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