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🤖 | "Shall we guide you ...?" Naomi Majima shows off her beautiful body and training wear


"Shall we guide you ...?" Naomi Majima shows off her beautiful body and training wear

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Mashima tweeted, "That .. let's guide you ...?" And showed off a beautiful body shot wearing training wear at a sports gym.

Gravure idol Naomi Majima updates her Twitter and shows off her training wear shots on July 7rd ... → Continue reading

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Training wear

Training wearIs mainlySports,Trainingto wear whenSportswear (Sportswear)so,Jersey,Windbreaker,sweatIs the main. Widely used in sportswear.


Training wearSportsButCompetitionNot worn during practiceclothesBy that, temperature changes such as temperatureSun lightIt works to protect the body from. In particular, it is a lightweight and flexible material that covers the whole body except the head, and care is taken not to interfere with exercise. Below thisSweatshirt,Gym clothesEtc. Water absorptionHygroscopicIt is a prerequisite to wear sportswear made of excellent materials.

They are worn during training or while waiting in line at competitions, but their main purpose is to protect the body from temperature changes. While wearingPreparatory gymnasticsIt is also used when warming up such as, so that the athlete can go to the competition while preserving his physical strength.

In sportssweating,dustClothes often get dirty due to such things, but most of the training wearChemical fiberMade of, repeatWashingIt is easy to maintain hygiene.

In addition, outdoorsrunningReflective materials are sewn on the items to be worn on general roads at night to improve visibility.Traffic accidentThere are also products that try to prevent. It has been popular in Japan since the 1990sWalkingThere are many products for the market that take into consideration night visibility.

Training shirt

Training shirtIt is,polyester,cottonMade ofJerseyThe material of the garment is elastic.

With long sleevesTraining pantsMany of them are up and down, and are designated as a school in winter.Gym suitIt occupies the mainstream as. mainlylandSuch as outdoorExtracurricular activitiesTo wearWindbreaker shirtAlso included in the training shirt.

Commercially available products are front-opening type and chucked. When the chuck is hooked upturtleneckIt becomes like.School designated gym clothesFor those fortrainerThere is also a half-zip type that wears and chucks like this, and one that does not have a chuck and has a V-neck shape and a collar in front. Many types have lines on the sleeves and collar, and some schools have lines on the collar and collar.

There are two types of hem, one is squeezed and the other is not. Most of the cuffs are squeezed.

Training pants

Training pants(Japanglish) Is for exercisePants, Or shorts. So-calledSports type pantsIt is also said to be. In generalcottonWith the systemJerseyMaterialThere are two types of systems.

Fabric cotton type

It is generally made of white material. Subon itself has poor elasticity, but the fabric is strong and has a particularly strong property against friction, so until the jersey system became widespreadprimary school,Junior high schoolSuch asGym clothesIt occupied the mainstream as.Long pantsGenerally, trepan,ShortsTheShortsThat is. The jacket was made of the same material as the jersey.


stripeMost of the designs are inclusive.polyester or NylonMade ofJerseyMaterialAnd it has elasticity. There are shorts and long pants, but usually shortsHalf pantsBecause it is called, it means long trousers. Mainly for long pantslandSuch as outdoorExtracurricular activitiesTo wearWindbreaker pantsIs also included.shirtMany of them are up and down.


WaistTherubberTie with and squeeze furtherstringThere are many things that can be adjusted by tying, but there is also a type that opens with a front zipper on both sides and the back part with rubber specifications.

The hem is squeezedHopping typeAnd openStraight typeThere is.

For straight typetightslikeSlender typeThick likeLoose fit type, There is a regular straight in the middle, and it hooks on the sole of the footFootrestIt may have a zipper or a zipper to make it easier to put on and take off.

There is also a fully open type of basketball that allows you to fully open both the left and right sides by removing about 10 snap buttons on the side. It seems that this is to make it easy to put on and take off the basketball shoes without taking them off.


Many types have stripes or cut-backs. Thick line on the surface, thinpipingThere is something called. Above allア デ ィ ダ スThe three lines ofJ LeagueAt the start of the season, soccer taste became popular and became a staple.the 1980sIsPumaTwo-color piping,Super star(MizunoThe gradation line made by the manufacturer and currently discontinued) was popular, and many counterfeit products were sold, and it was bought by elementary school students and middle-aged and older people in rural areas who are not familiar with brands.


The type on the side of the crotch in the front two places, the backAssThere is a type with only one part or a type with both. Most of the branded and expensive items are attached to the sides of the crotch in the front two places, and the ones attached to the buttocks are attached to cheap items and school-designated items for business use. I can say that. In addition, some have fasteners to prevent the contents from falling, and some have vertical fasteners.


It is mainly used to "keep the body cool", but since it is also a simple garment, it is often used as everyday wear.ParkerAnd windbreakersAmerican casual,Hip hop fashionYou can also look into one end of the face.

Although it is training wear that keeps the body cool, it keeps it warm excessively.sweatingIt is also used to encourage. Is a specialized garment for such uses,dietIt is used together with gymnastics for. Also,boxingAthletes train by layering training wear, due to sweating and fat consumptionWeightMake adjustments.

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