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🎥 | Mysterious phenomena are happening one after another ... The movie version of Koji Shiraishi's new horror movie "Welcome to the Occult Forest" has been released!

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A series of mysterious phenomena ... The movie version of Koji Shiraishi's new horror movie "Welcome to the Occult Forest" has been released!

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Set in a forest of tatari that connects to a different world, five people led by Koji Kuroishi escape from the looming fears and sometimes confront them.

Welcome to the new movie "Occult Forest" directed and edited by Koji Shiraishi such as "Impossibility" and "Sadako vs. Kayako" TH ... → Continue reading

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Alien world

Alien worldWhat is (squid)?A humanIs around世界Outside the world to which they belong (recognize) when classifying[1]..Different world.


Recognize the other worldmain bodyOften assumes a group rather than an individual.FolkloreIn society,soulGoPassage(Afterlife), Including their own社会It means the world that extends outside.The other worldSpacetimeOn the other hand, the other world is rather空间Can be caught in.For exampleApparitionThe world in which he lives is a different world and is a posthumous existence.幽 霊Is distinguished from.modernIn society, the space of a different society seen from a specific society is sometimes called a different world (in this case, it is not a folk vocabulary but an analytical concept, and it is also a modern buzzword).[1].

The word alien world is used by humansSortWhen creating a systemConstructionIt is related to the theory.Our egocentricView of the worldBinary inside and outsideConflictThe latter is an alien world.So to varying degreesrealmThere is a different world across.For example, outside the house for my house, my ownvillageThe outside of is a different world.In other words, the other worldNestingThere are many in the structure[1].

Residents of another world

Different from the inside societyAppearance,CustomsHuman beings are inhabitants of another world,StrangerIs called.Foreigners are not only foreignersEntertainmentpeople·Mountain peopleIncluding people who visit from the outside, sometimesApparitionBe seenDiscriminationWas done.In a different worldIdeaIs "realmIs deeply related to the idea of.bridge-Slope-Pass-A streetBoundary places such as to another worldcircuitIs an ambiguous space[1].

Spirit world

The world after death (that is, the other world in the original sense),soulWorld is the spirit world[2].


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