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📺 | [Latest information on overseas dramas] "Heartstopper" cast participates in the pride parade


[Latest information on overseas dramas] "Heartstopper" cast participates in the pride parade

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Marvel Cinematic Universe works such as "Falcon & Winter Soldier" are being distributed on Disney +.

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    Disney +

    Falcon & Winter Soldier

    "Falcon & Winter Soldier(The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) is an American mini-television series produced by.Marvel comicsCharacter,Sam Wilson / FalconBucky Barnes / Winter SoldierIs the original.Marvel StudioProduced byMarvel Cinematic UniverseIn the first TV series of (MCU), the movie "Avengers/End Game』(2019) is set in the stage.Spellman is the script,Kari SkoglandServed as the director.Sebastian StanAnthony MackieReplays the movie series Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, respectively.Wyatt Russell, Erin Kellyman, Danny Ramirez,Georges Saint Pierre, Adepero Odue,Don Cheadle,Daniel BrühlAre appearing.


    "Avengers/End Game』Six months later,Steve Rogers / Captain AmericaSam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, who inherited the shield from, will fly around the world in a tag team, and their abilities and patience will be tested.


    Main cast

    Sam Wilson / Falcon / Captain America (3rd generation)
    Performance- Anthony Mackie, Japanese dubbing- Daiki Hamano
    Original to make full use of high-performance wing packParatrooperAnd “ア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズ"A member. Appears as the leading role in this work. He was a close friend and companion.Steve Rogers/Captain AmericaAlthough he once let go of the trademark shield inherited from, through the battle with the Flag Smashers led by Kali, "captain AmericaThe process of officially naming "" is depicted.
    James Buchanan "Bucky" Burns / Winter Soldier / White Wolf
    Performance- Sebastian Stan, Japanese dubbing- Mitsuru Shiraishi
    Second World WarMissing inside, the assassin of the same organization by Hydra "Winter SoldierSteve's former companion and best friend from childhood, who was remodeled and brainwashed into ". He appears as another protagonist in this work. While showing off the uneven combination with Sam who was supposed to form a team as a matter of course, he throws himself into the battle with Flag Smashers.
    Sharon Carter / Power Broker
    Performance- Emily VanCamp, Japanese dubbing- Yuko Mikutsu
    Was Steve's loverPeggy CarterNiece grandson. “SHIELD"orCIAWas a former agent of"Avengers Civil WarHelped Steve and others during "As a result, he was chased by the US government and was forced to hide underground.And now, with revenge on his homeland and world domination, he is in control of the underworld of his hiding place, Madripoor.Power broker"I'm dying for criminal acts[Annotation 1], Hiding his back face and cooperating with Sam and Bucky who reunited to chase after Flag Smashers who escaped by stealing superhuman serum from under himself.
    John Walker / Captain America (2nd generation) / US Agent
    Performance- Wyatt Russell, Japanese dubbing- Suzuki Tatsuhisa
    US GovernmentHas been nominated as the new Captain America,US ArmySoldier.He is directed by the government to fight the Flag Smashers.
    Kali Mogensou
    Performance- Erin Kellyman, Japanese dubbing- Kobe Mitsuho
    The leader of "Flag Smashers", the main villain of this work.Relief refugees who are being treated coldly,The BlipRepeat terrorist activities to regain the world of those days.
    Helmut Zemo
    Performance- Daniel Brühl, Japanese dubbing- Uchida evening
    Once created the impetus for the dissolution of The AvengersThe man of the mastermind.He is a former royal family with the title of Baron, and despite being imprisoned in Germany, he still has wealthy assets.He hates superhumans like heroes with his own ideas, and although he is not a hydra-related person, he is familiar with hydra and the world behind him, so he will escape from prison and accompany Sam and Bucky.

    Subcast guest

    Hoakin Torres
    Performance- Danny Ramirez, Japanese dubbing-Kazuhiro Fusegawa
    Lieutenant of the US Army, a friend and collaborator of Sam. He supports Sam in the fight against LAF and Flag Smashers.
    Georges Batroc
    Performance- Georges Saint Pierre, Japanese dubbing- Yamagishi Haruo
    Arrested after fighting SteveFrench Algerian mercenary.In this work, he appears as the leader of the crime group LAF and develops a fierce battle with Sam.
    Performance-Miles Brew
    Captain of the United States Air Force.He is captured by Batroc, but rescued by Sam's success.
    James "Rhodes" Rose / War Machine
    Performance- Don Cheadle, Japanese dubbing- Kosuke Meguro
    US Air ForceColonelso,"Warmachine ArmorA member of The Avengers wearing "Attend Captain America's donation ceremony by Sam and interact with him.
    Christina Reiner
    Performance- Amy Aquino, Japanese dubbing- Naoko Koda
    A counselor in charge of Bucky's therapy.
    Yori Nakajima
    Performance-Ken Takemoto, dubbed in Japanese- Shozo Sasaki
    An old Japanese-American who lives alone in a room in a Brooklyn apartment.He is also Bucky's neighbor and of his sonRJHave a lost past.
    Performance- Miki Ishikawa, Japanese dubbing- Hitomi Raw
    A woman working at a sushi restaurant visited by Bucky and Yori.
    Sara Wilson
    Performance- Adepero Oduye, Japanese dubbing- Aya Shida
    Sam's sister who runs the Wilson family fishing in Delacroix.During the five years of The Blip, she kept her family business with one woman, protected the Wilson fishing boats, and raised her two sons.
    Olivia Walker
    Performance-Gavriel Bindros, dubbed in Japanese- Hirano Natsuko
    John Walker's wife.
    Remar Hoskins / Battlestar
    Performance- Cle Bennett, Japanese dubbing- Taichi Takeda
    John Walker's best friend and companion, "Battle star"American Army Master Sergeant with the codename. Supports Walker as an understanding person.
    Performance- Desmond Chiam, Japanese dubbing- Kenji Fukuda
    A strong long-haired young man who is a member of the Flag Smashers.
    Performance-Dani Diete
    A woman who is a member of the Flag Smashers.
    Dee Dee
    Performance-India Bushy
    A woman who is a member of the Flag Smashers.
    Performance-Renez Rivera
    A shaved-headed giant who is a member of the Flag Smashers.
    デ ィ エ ゴ
    Performance-Tyler Dean Flores
    A man who is a member of the Flag Smashers.
    Performance- Noah Mills
    A man who is a member of the Flag Smashers.
    Performance-Ness Bautista
    A man who is a member of the Flag Smashers.
    Isaiah Bradley
    Performance- Carl Lumbly, Japanese dubbing- Houki Katsutoshi
    An elderly black man living a secluded life in Baltimore.Korean WarHe has a history of fighting Bucky / Winter Soldier as a superhuman soldier in the U.S. Army, but its existence has been erased from history due to its racist background.
    Eli Bradley
    Performance-Elijah Richardson
    A teenage boy who is the grandson of Isaia.
    Performance-Neil Kodinsky, dubbed in Japanese-Haruo Yamagishi[1]
    A man living in Munich who supports the Flag Smashers.
    Performance-Imelda Corcoran
    The late shop that owns the "Brass Monkey Saloon" in Madripoor.
    Wilfred Negel
    Performance-Oly Haskivi, dubbed in Japanese- Miichi Sato[2]
    A scientist who reproduced superhuman serum in Madripoor.
    Performance- Nicholas Praia
    An old butler who serves Jimo.He accompanies a private jet on his way to the reunited Lord Madripoor and Riga.
    Donnya Madani
    Performance- Veronica Falcon
    Kali's foster mother, who was at the center of the refugee community.
    Performance- Florence Kasumba, Japanese dubbing- Yukari Oribe
    One of the members of Dora Milaje in Wakanda.He once helped to unravel Bucky's brainwashing.He chases the jailbroken Jimo and asks the Buckies to hand him over.
    Valentina Allegra de Fontaine
    Performance- Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Japanese dubbing- Takako Fuji
    A mysterious Countess who gives her nickname "Val".She contacts Walker, who is disappointed when she is sentenced to dishonorable discharge.
    Islay Perez
    Performance-Jane Lumbauer
    GRC's Filipino representative female member.


    Number of stories
    titledirected byscriptrelease date
    1"New World Order"
    "New World Order"
    Kari SkoglandMalcolm Spellman2021/3/19 (2021-03-19)
    2"The Star-Spangled Banner"
    "The Star-Spangled Man"
    Kari SkoglandMichael Castellain2021/3/26 (2021-03-26)
    3"Power Broker"
    "power broker"
    Kari SkoglandDerek Kolstatt2021/4/2 (2021-04-02)
    4"In the whole world is watch"
    "The Whole World Is Watching"
    Kari SkoglandDerek Kolstatt2021/4/9 (2021-04-09)
    Kari SkoglandDaran Musson2021/4/16 (2021-04-16)
    6"One world, one person[3]"
    "One World, One People"
    Kari SkoglandMalcolm Spellman Joseph Sawyer2021/4/23 (2021-04-23)


    Tool item

    Captain America's Shield
    A circular shield that is a trademark of the hero who bears the name of "Captain America".It became a key item in this work and is used for Walker and Sam who became Captain America.
    Falcon equipment
    High-performance wing pack “EXO-7 Falcon (Made by Mark 3 and Wakanda)","Smart goggles","Red wing"Equip and make full use of such things.
    Equipment of Winter Soldier
    Left prosthesis "Cybernetic arm (made by Wakanda)"And a special uniform,SIG SAUER P226 SCTEquip and make full use of.
    John Walker's equipment
    Equip and make full use of special uniforms, STI Perfect 10, and self-made shields.
    Superhuman serum
    A chemical for strengthening the human body reproduced by Negel.When the completed 20 ampoules of serum are administered to key members of the Flag Smashers, the surplus ampoules of serum are taken away by Kali et al.
    Kimoyo beads
    A vibranium gem worn by the Wakanda people on one arm as a bracelet.Ayo winds two pieces around the town of Riga to summon Bucky.
    Vibranium spear
    Ayo and the others Dora Milaje's main armament, the long spear.
    Smoke grenade
    A palm-sized grenade provided by Batroc to the Flag Smashers.
    Special electronic lock
    The circular shape that Batroc provided to Flag SmashersElectronic lock device.

    Organization / illegal forces

    Established after The BlipInternational organization..The official name is "Global Repatriation Council ”(World Resettlement Council). With the slogan“ Reset, Restore, Rebuild ”, nearly 30 billion refugees who have returned from decimation have citizenship, social security and health care. With the aim of revival, we support the return to home and work and the adaptation to laws and borders, and manage the financial resources and supplies for that purpose, aiming for the smooth revitalization of the transformed world.
    The gang to which Batroc, who was jailbroken by a power broker, belongs.
    Flag Smashers
    A terrorist group led by Kali.The aim is to carry out terrorist attacks to rob refugees one after another in order to save refugees who are being treated coldly, and to "recover" the world to the borderless world of The Blip.

    Nation / region / facility

    The United States of America

    Smithsonian Museum
    Washington DC OfNational mallMuseum in.Sam's donation ceremony for the captain's shield is held.
    New York State
    GRC conference hall
    New York metropolitan areaGRC conference hall set up in a skyscraper.
    Bryant Park
    マ ン ハ ッ タ ンThe park in.Kali and his colleagues meet here with Batroc and his supporters to prevent the GRC's parcel decree from being passed.
    One of the major districts of New York.In this film, Bucky lives in a corner of his hometown of the district because of his atonement for Yori.
    MarylandIndependent city.In the shantytown here, Isaia lives with her grandson Elijah, and Sam and Bucky, who are later expelled from his house, argue about Isaia and become police officers.
    De La Croix
    Wilson siblings have their parents' homeLouisianaTown.Wilson's younger brother and sister, whose parents are married couples, are familiar to many because the deceased fishermen's couple, Paul and Darleen, have been devoted to the town for a long time.
    In this film, Sam returns to his parents' home and lives while supporting his sister and two nephews. At the end of the story, a barbecue party is held throughout the town to celebrate Sam's "Captain America" ​​name.
    Paul & Darlene
    Wilson family fishing boat.bridgeThe ship is an important memory of Wilson's siblings, as many photographs of the family are pasted on it, but it is so old that it can no longer be sailed properly, and it is repaired directly from the Wilson family's household problems. There is no money left to do, and the de la croixFishing portIt has been moored for a long time.
    Sarah made a tough decision to mortgage the ship because she had no income for five years and her household was tight, but Sam's enthusiasm touched her and gave up.Sam then called on the townspeople to raise money and repaired the ship with Bucky.Although there was no depiction of the ship being completely repaired and activated in the play, the ship's repair work is part of deepening the relationship of trust between Sam and Bucky.
    Custer's Grove High School
    GeorgiaJohn Walker's alma mater in.


    A city in the Indonesian archipelago that was a pirate's den in the 1800s.In the two wards of High Town and Low Town, the citizensFinancial inequalityA polarized society has been formed in which differences in the urban environment are visible, and it is literally said that the smell of drugs is the smell of the city without complying with the delivery agreement with the United States. It is a lawless zone.
    Three people, Sam Bucky Jimo, visit the city in search of clues to superhuman serum.
    The area where the upper class, including Sharon / Power Broker, lives.In the play, a nightclub and Sharon's mansion decorated with stolen and sold art forgery appeared, the former portraying Jimo dancing awkwardly, and the latter Sam being the inquirer. Temporarily hide us.
    The lower layers, the mafia, the gangsters, and the killer are all bounty hunters.Slum..On the roadModified bikeRunMotorcycle gangA group like this is rampant, and in the cityJapaneseShining neon lights, signboards in various languages, and graffiti such as "POWER BROKER IS WATCHING" are mixed in, and those who break the rules in the city immediately become outlaws. He was wanted with a bounty, and as soon as he was found, he was attacked by the whole town.
    Sam dressed as a "smiling tiger" at the bar here, "Brass Monkey Saloon"Snake wineAfter being forced to fight with the power broker's entourage as Jimo's bouncer, Bucky got information about Negel from the Selby he met, but he was falsely accused of killing Selby, and all three of them got together. You become an inquirer and you will be chased by bounty hunters.
    container yard
    MadripoorMarine containerCollection site.One of the containers lined up here is a laboratory where Negel develops superhuman serum, and the hidden door inside the container is the entrance.
    Sam and his friends, who came here with the direct cooperation of Sharon, set foot in Negel's lab.[Annotation 2], Asks for information about serum by cross-examination, while Sharon responds to the bounty hunters who aim for Sam's life, but Negel is shot dead by Jimo and the bounty hunterGrenade attackThe lab container was also blown up.And Sam and others who are saved by Jimo when they are driven into the shooting of bounty hunters leave Madripoor.


    GRC resettlement camp
    A refugee detention facility set up in the ruins of the town.
    Jimo's Second House
    An apartment located at 23.Very wideリ ビ ン グThe window has a star shape to symbolize Captain America,"Red"-tag-whiteColored in 3 colorsStained glassThere was also a secret passage on the floor of the back room, and a bathtub was placed above the hole at the entrance.
    Jimo, who came to Riga with Sam and Bucky following the Flag Smashers, offered this condominium as a base.Later, in a skirmish between Dora Milaje and Walkers, Jimo escapes from a secret passage.


    Supply base
    VilniusA facility in which supplies for refugee support are stored.


    The capital of Germany.Jimo was imprisoned in the prison here, but he escaped from prison with the guidance of Bucky who met him.
    BavariaThe state capital in.Flag Smashers runs a truck loaded with stolen materials onto a mountain road here, where they play their first match against Sam and Bucky, who are chasing him, and Walker & Remer on the truck's container, repelling both pairs. ..


    Gasel Bank
    ZurichA bank in the city.Flag Smashers carry out a large-scale bank robbery that robs a large number of supporters around the bank during the night hours.Torres, who was undercover here, is injured by Dovic's counterattack.

    Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu

    The capital of Slovakia.Flag Smashers, who left under Rudy, transshipped supplies to an airplane at the airfield here, but were shot dead after Matthias stopped a follower who had been ordered by a power broker to take off Kali and others. To.


    Eastern EuropeA small country, the country of origin of Jimo.OnceA case of the battle between the Avengers and UltronSo, the nation itself is exhausted and invaded and absorbed by neighboring countries, and even the name of the country does not exist in modern times.


    North africaNation.In the early part of the story, the airspace of the home country and the Iwayama area will be the setting for the spectacular dogfight of LAF led by Sam and Batroc.


    AfricaA super-civilized nation located in the center of.Appears only in Bucky and Ayo's flashbacks.


    Raft prison
    Functions as a prison located under the seasubmarine.


    In June 2018,Marvel StudioFocuses on supporting characters for MCU movies such as Wilson and Burns.Disney +It was reported that they are developing a large number of limited series for[4][5]..It was also reported that this new series development aims to launch in the second half of 2019.[5].

    It turns out that the original Malcolm Spellman was adopted in October 2018[5].. Production was decided in April 2019, and Sco Grand was hired as the director the following month.[6]..Taken in October 2019Atlanta, GeorgiaBegins with[7]In April 2020Czech RepublicMoved to[8].Pandemic of the new coronavirusProduction was suspended due to, but resumed in Atlanta in September and ended in the Czech Republic in October.[9].


    It was scheduled to start distribution in August 2020, but it was postponed due to the above-mentioned interruption of shooting.[10][11]..After that, on December 2020, 12, the first US delivery date of the series was decided on March 11, 2021, and it was decided to deliver from the same day in Japan as well.[12].


    Review aggregator OfRIn 330 reviews, the approval rating was 87% and the average score was 7.35 / 10.[13].MetacriticThe weighted average was 32/74 based on 100 reviews.[14].


    注 釈

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    2. ^ Inside the labMel TomeThe song "Comin'Home Baby" was playing.


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